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    You're just making excuses for bad behavior. The city of New York declared an emergency on March 7th, and restricted public gatherings on March 12th. At the same time members of the municipal government were downplaying the virus, and encouraging people to go out to public gatherings. Make up your mind on whether politicians should've acted sooner or not. You can't pick and choose with your bull crap excuses.
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    Trudeau suggested that Canada was not on the same trajectory as the US because it had acted sooner. But the fact of the matter is – on several issues, Canada trailed behind the US by several days or even weeks. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/national/the-road-to-canadas-covid-19-outbreak-timeline-of-federal-government-failure-at-border-to-slow-the-virus/ When asked if he now regrets not tightening travel screening earlier in the pandemic: Trudeau replied: “I think there is going to be lots of analysis after the fact about what happened when, what could have happened a few days earlier, what only needed to happen a few days later" So – no regrets even knowing that Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore started restricting travel and screening inbound passengers in early January as they cared more about their citizens than getting a UN seat. Don't you love the CBC's euphemism for ignores and refuses to answer questions: "in his responses to reporters at these morning briefings, he still sometimes floats above the questions asked" https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-pandemic-covid-coronavirus-media-1.5516383
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    There is no law for the above...and you project fabricated fears on Fox...you engage in wishful thinking where you control what the world must believe...lead by example...stop writing such nonsense...
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    It began spreading long before March 10th. The NBA and NHL postponed their season on March 12th. Stop making excuses for bad behaviour. It’s unbecoming. Regardless, the real lawsuit should be filed against China for gross negligence.
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    Part of why it’s more deadly is because it’s more contagious. I’ve posted that it’s more contagious in other threads. I’m sorry you didn’t see them.
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    Can you imagine the crying if Canada had stockpiled masks/ventilators/scrubs/etc a few years ago? The same people currently complaining that "we should have been prepared" would have screamed about wasting tax dollars on "non-essentials."
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    Which is what makes it worse. Yes misinformation has played a role throughout history since the dawn of man. But today it is so huge. So fast. The misinformation goes around the world in seconds and reaches way more people. The whole lot of you are now under its spell. That's why you're mesmerized chicken shit go wash your hands, it's been more than 5 minutes. And remember to wipe everything down again and again, and... again
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    You see, it's not about racism. It's about taking precautions toward countries who happen to have a pandemic. If you make the association between defending borders, keeping social distance and racism, I'm sorry, but you're far more dangerous than the basic far right zealot in his mom basement browsing hentai in between two videos of Alex Jones.
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    Yep. Nobody's been more negligent than China. Look it up. Stop making excuses for bad behavior, and stop running defence for a communist dicatorship. You're carrying water for them.
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    No, you made excuses for the mayor of New York, and some of his cabinet members. Apparently some dangerous rhetoric you're fine with, depending who it comes from. That's pathetic.
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    Starting to see more and more articles now about the eficacy of masks, but I don't expect the Trudeau government to change its tune until some outside authority, like the WHO or CDC formally pronounces on it. The message to Canadians over the last few weeks has been clear: Don’t buy face masks. Personal protective equipment is in short supply. Priority must go to frontline health workers, our best line of defense against the virus — and the most vulnerable to catching COVID-19. Most people are unlikely to wear a face mask correctly anyway. And masks only protect others, not the wearer. So why did Dr. Bruce Aylward, one of the leads on a WHO-China Joint Mission on COVID-19, wear a face mask during a recent presser — despite the fact that the WHO says healthy people only need masks if they’re taking care of someone sick? And why have the governments of Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia decreed mandatory mask-wearing for anyone who leaves their house? China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong have also recommended citizens wear face masks. Germany and South Korea have banned face mask exports to prioritize it for their own populations. https://ottawacitizen.com/diseases-and-conditions/coronavirus/not-all-face-masks-are-created-equal-what-you-need-to-know-to-help-prevent-covid-19/wcm/ef26f373-768d-4a89-b1e6-7bb58d3db91d/
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    I have no difficulty with any of this. But then I'm semi-old. I grew up in a pre-Liberal Canada, before Trudeau senior opened the floodgates to immigrants and then set about deliberately destroying our traditions and institutions because they were too closely related to Britain and he wanted to assuage Quebec. The 'multiculturalism' bullshit helped with that because it was only ever applied in English Canada, never in Quebec. We were told that we couldn't do this or say that and that this and that had to be changed so as to not offend newcomers. And the more newcomers we had which had no part of our traditions and values the more this argument was used. Now we have Trudeau the shallow proclaiming that Canada is a 'post-nation state', ie, not even a nation, and has no core identity, and saying it PROUDLY, as if this is a good thing! Mind you, he'd cut his own tongue out before saying anything like that about Quebec.
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    That is our fault, and the fault of a supine media who don't challenge politicians who do this. How often do you hear a reporter listen out some long, weaselly answer and then come back with "But you didn't answer the question", and then repeat it. I've seen it done, but only rarely and never against a Liberal minister or PM. The only time the media seems to get their back up and challenge a politician is when the politician is a conservative.
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    The internet is now a big liability when there is an emergency, as we see today. Not only does it spread false information without controls, inciting panic in some cases, apparently it has the ability to sway the out come of elections. If we depend on the internet as a medium for communicating vital information in an emergency, it becomes difficult to do so when traffic itself is incredibly high, as it most certainly will be. The increased volume of information leads to an overload that "swamps out" any urgent messages that need to be sent. Simple example- Charity groups and many other organizations that depend on donations are seeing complete downturn in financial support. Yet the problems they deal with continue, the virus does not give our society a break when it comes to these problems. There is no way in the current media frenzy for them to get a message out. The same would apply to other types of urgent situations.
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    Progressives believe they can run an economy on other people's money...until that runs out. Then the true authoritarian nature comes out in them. Wouldn't change anything....we already have plenty of lobbying video to see.
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    I like that you put me on the same level as the mayor of the largest city in North America. I’m flattered!
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    I’m guessing a lot of people might be scared. Including the bumbling buffoon New York has for a mayor. No wonder that city is having such a difficult time. Just like the common cold or flu!
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    True. There’s a U.K. study that suggests 95% of all of this could have been prevented if China had of acted properly earlier.
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    All sounds good in theory till the time you have to define what Canada is, who is Canadian, what our mutual goal is and so on. I have a very basic problem. I want to buy myself a good pair of winter waterproof hunting (muck) boots made in Canada for $50-$100 but guess what? They want to sell me a pair made in China for $200. Can you solve my problem?
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    That's not how I remember it. Progressives wanted more fair trade that treated people in countries we traded with like human beings and conservatives dismissed that as virtue signalling. Conservatives will spread their legs as happily as bend someone over.
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    What is the "economy" anyways? Just exploiting and destroying the environment to increase our numbers beyond the 8 billion mark at the expense of all other species? F* the economy!
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    No that is an assumption not based on objective fact. Many people could have been infected, recovered and never spread anything. We still need to properly investigate. You assume anyone with a virus spreads it to everyone. Common sense alone would tell you not all of us get the flu when others have it. The key is properly containing people in their contagious stage and engaging in proper daily protocols. In fact you engage in the very cognitive process people engage in and engaged in with aids, leprosy, the bubonic plague, tuberculosis. How about you just read the protocols when dealing with cholera. Using your assumption and simplistic cause and effect we would not have properly managed these diseases. You distort social distancing and its purpose. It's not a cure, it's an adjunct exercise to assist actual treatment plans..it is not a treatment resolution itself and it does not necessarily as you infer cause and end the virus. Think. You can not naturally isolate people. We are pack animals living on a planet necessarily interdependent with other life forms. No human can live disconnected from its external environment without dying.
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    I apologize, if you dislike where the truth/the facts come from. And as far as me not posting here? Too late for that. Especially, if it caused you to decide that now truths/facts should not be acknowledged ---whenever we don't like where the truth/the facts came from. And perhaps .......... Don't reply to my posts? That might make things a little easier for you here in a public forum. And if you disregard those Breitbart links, that is okay too, but hey you'll get the same concept of reality from the Twitter link I posted there as well ---tweets by U.S. Senator Tom Cotton.
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    They don't use "social-distancing" anymore. It's now, "physical-distancing."


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