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    And they're all wearing hoods.
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    The South Koreans were recording something like that a while ago because they were doing a decent level of testing. Germany is even lower? That’s still a lot higher than regular flu though. This virus is not closely related to the viruses that cause flu and probably should not be lumped in with them.
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    Today, pretty much everybody that are dying today are being lumped in with this so called seasonal flu bug virus deaths. Pneumonia deaths have dropped while the China virus has risen. Just a coincidence, right?
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    Let’s hope it works.
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    You're so afraid. It must be a terrible way to live. Have you considered counselling?
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    What responsibility, as long as we ensure that people are given equal opportunity, it's their responsibility to make use of it, and make the right choices.
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    Equality is about legal codes. Giving everyone the same rights means every Canadian can succeed if they make the right decisions. It's not up to Canadians or government to make sure you make the right choices, it's up to the individual.
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    Hydroxychloroquine has some unpleasant side effects. You’d want to be taking it for good reason. The evidence for HCQ in COVID is patchy at the moment. That French trial by Gautret which created such a stir was tiny and six patients involved were lost to follow-up, which further complicates the findings: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0924857920300996
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    That this virus is really good at exploiting humanity's greatest weakness, politics. It was clear to me back in early January that if authoritarian communism found it hard contain this virus that libertarian capitalism would find it just about impossible.
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    That is some good advice for you there Scibblet. Please take a look at Sweden, they are the polar opposite of most approaches, common sense freedom with no lock-downs. The fear can be all-encompassing, especially with today's media equating shock with revenue. Keep it simple, go for walks, say hi to the neighbors/plants/birds. Remember your humanity (like bush-cheney2004 talking to the lady at the store, it is beneficial to both parties) Who cannot help but smile at the words and the man that sang them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWzrABouyeE
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    That brought tears to my ears. Thanks I needed that.
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    Yes! It might not be an intentional goal of Twitter and other social media like Facebook (which I dropped out of early on) to try to put people together in likeminded groups who are assumed to have the same interests and want to share the same things. But the end result is giant hive-minds that divide into enemy camps and are often completely unaware of what the other side is talking about, or what information they might have that could be useful. ?? You should have watched the TV series "Mad Men," especially season one, when the shows were focused more on the nuts and bolts of the ad biz and how it was changing with the advent of television and hiring psychologists to study the motivations and reactions of test group consumers.....and make everyone filthy rich beyond their wildest dreams! See, what started happening in the 50's and thereafter, was marketers realized they weren't selling the product/they were convincing the potential buyer that they NEEDED the product! Thereafter both TV and magazine print ads started focusing on creating the want or the desire for the product. How many people buy stuff from bigger houses to new cars to new home entertainment crap, and have no practical reason why they bought it or even wanted it! Same with more mundane choices like: what kind of beer to drink etc.. And I would contend that both patriotism and religious faith have been subverted by capitalism in an age when wars are carried out for business interests looking to exploit previously unavailable resources, exploit people for cheap labour, and sell billions of dollars worth of weapons to carry out the job. Years ago, there used to be public tv and radio in the US, now it's all corporate sponsored and unable to challenge corporate ideology, like the virtues of free trade and globalization. Same here in Canada! I'm not sure what happened to the CBC in recent times, but it's not the same as it was 40 or 50 years ago, when both TV and radio would run some pretty radical, challenging content to the status quo. Those days seem to be long gone now. CNN and their adversarial "Crossfire" show is a good example of how a corporate-sponsored network frames and molds 'left' and 'right' within acceptable parameters. For example, show me the left side spokesperson on network TV who is anti-war? The debate is limited to 'how to conduct the war.'
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    In the future it will be less appealing to cram into big crowded cities and pay ridiculous money in order to do so. Especially in countries where there is plenty of alternative available.
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    Remember the lie which USA (and Canadian outlets) helped Dems tell, on U.S. President Trump, that Trump fired the USA's Pandemic Response Team in 2018 year? tsk tsk Dems Misconstrue Trump Budget Remarks By Lori Robertson Posted on March 20, 2020 After President Donald Trump said, “I don’t know anything about” the disbanding of a White House pandemic response office, the Democrats claimed that he “lied” and pointed to Trump’s earlier remarks about “some of the people we cut” as evidence. But those remarks were in response to a question about proposed budget cuts — not the anti-pandemic team in question. Several Democrats have criticized the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak by pointing to the dissolving of a team within the White House’s National Security Council dedicated to coordinating a response to a pandemic. As we’ve written before, in 2018, the administration did eliminate a key position that would have been involved in such a response — the senior director of the NSC’s Office of Global Health Security and Biodefense. But that doesn’t mean the responsibilities of that office were eliminated... https://www.factcheck.org/2020/03/dems-misconstrue-trump-budget-remarks/
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    Look....we have provided the "cites" that support airborne transmission. You have provided nothing but pretend expertise in viral transmission. I choose to believe common sense and published studies instead of your assertions to the contrary.
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    Then I must say that I am sorry for not getting the drift. It does happen to me a few times now and then. Age. Lol. Hey, even I am willing to admit that I am not perfect. Fauci is a short shit little fraud and he obviously works for the globalist elite and this "plandemic" and he knows a lot more then he will ever reveal to we the people. As I said in an earlier post the globalists billionaires, like Mr. Vaccinations Bill Gates who pretty much owns all rights to vaccinations being created in some globalist lab, attended a globalist meeting in 2019 in where else but New York City and the topic was all about "Global Pandemic Exercise". The word and clue here is EXERCISE? And what do we have happening today A global pandemic. Just a coincidence, eh? Even Netflix created a series called "Pandemic". Coincidence again? Fat chance, if you ask me. Indeed, there have been many viruses that have come along in the past several years but none ever got the treatment or the attention like this one is getting. This attempted lock down and denial of people being allowed to assemble is so communist in nature. I will never believe another politician or the lying media anymore. They like to fabricate stories and just plain tell lies. This constant over and over and over again about this seasonal flu bug has to be seen as a bit of communist like brainwashing going on here. That Asian woman health officer is driving me crazy every time I see her ugly leftist liberal lying face on TV telling me over and over and over again to stay home and wait to die. What surprises me most about all of this is why Trump is going along with this "exercise"? I am not getting it right now? Are you? I thought that he would be the last one to go along with this manufactured hoax by the globalists. I think that Trump is being given bad information about this hoax and he is believing what liars like Fauci and others are telling him. Indeed, there is something really going on here, and it ain't going to be good for you or me, pardner.
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    Put me down for a $2 bet on airborne aerosol.....I can afford to lose $2, but not my dear wife !
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    You can use a scarf. Next, read up on it. You sound scared. Education lowers the fear. You do not need a mask you just need to keep your distance.
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    1. I'm not sure how the platform itself would do this, but that does seem to be the result yes. 2. Well, many of us - present company included - have not had to use the reflection and thoughtfulness muscles until about 20 years ago when we joined online forums. The character of our 'public' life in N. America has been increasingly defined by commercial mainstream sources since the 1930s. These institutions are chiefly driven by advertising revenue and revenue-generating engines like Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, they have found that flattering the consumer helps achieve their goals. Nothing has replaced the old social necessities of patriotism and religious service in our public lives. For all of their flaws, those forces elevated selflessness in terms of challenging us to cooperate, to reflect and to improve ourselves... to the point of even sacrificing ourselves. I would say that we lost some good when we supplanted those facets of public life. Now we are Narcissus, looking at the beautiful image of ourselves as reflected in media streams. If liberal then they reinforce us as sensitive, caring souls who are rich in spirit. If conservative then they reinforce us as pragmatic and hard-working souls who drive our prosperity and the good life. What needs to happen is that those of us who recognize that those tropes are empty and false should reboot the idea of the public, of the commoner who can consider ideas on their own merits without having to ape a bunch of suited conservative and liberal proxies who argue, as on CNN's Crossfire.
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    Life & Death Plausible mortal peril You don't know if you will be KIA This is the fog of war You might die Worse, your woman might die All that matters is that you be there for your woman and fun for your kids, right now So f*cking romantic It doesn't get hotter than this, right now Tell her that you love her, you loved her from the moment you saw her, you will love her till the day you die Which might be tomorrow So better say it all right now, then f*ck like bunnies after It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times Who cares about the economy ? Live in the now, so hot, so passionate, warm it all up, everything you got, if not now, then when ?
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    Sun tans and big noses? Huh? In any case, the problem with immigration in cities/urban regions like Toronto and Vancouver is simply numbers. Canada now accepts roughly 320K immigrants a year (and growing), half of whom end up in Ontario and a majority of these end up in the GTA. Now, you take a city of almost 3 million and an urban region of 6 million, in each case with infrastructure and resources sufficient for two-thirds that many. And then you add roughly 120K newcomers to the region year after year, and you add hundreds of thousands of temporary workers and tens or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of foreign students, and, voila, you have a recipe for a lot of very unhappy people. I imagine that Vancouver and its urban region face the same population stresses. Is it any wonder that polling indicates that people in these two cities/urban regions are the unhappiest in the country? (See link to G&M article, below.) It's not rocket science. That nobody in officialdom seems to have figured this out is utterly beyond rational belief. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-why-are-people-in-vancouver-and-toronto-so-unhappy/
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    The God of the Hebrews is with you, always None the less, bunny f*cking is priority Without that, you got nothing John Rambo Jesus knows
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    That's the gameplan. So LOTM right now.


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