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    Not so, even Trudeau admitted that the majority of crimes were committed with illegal guns Liberals know their gun ban won’t work -- from their own study of the issue last year which concluded: “The vast majority of owners of handguns and of other firearms in Canada lawfully abide by requirements, and most gun crimes are not committed with legally-owned firearms. https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/cnslttns/hndgn/index-en.aspx Not too mention, the Chilean mortar m57 was never imported to Canada but made the liberals prohibited list, just more deception/ Matt Gurney, writing in the National Post, said the Liberal legislation “banned” some guns, ignored others and called it a day, without making Canadians any safer. Exactly.
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    And you can't? Apparently you can't do geography either.
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    He's waiting to get his next script from his bosses in the party before he can respond. Maybe his immediate handler died of Covid. Chinese communist party members die from Covid or henta virus too you know. Or maybe he was called back and is being replacd by another spokesperson. You may have exasperated him. Also CTV news has run the news story two days in a row.. now that Asian orange head hornets are headed to Canada to eat up all the honey bees. Is that a code for something? Sounds like Trump is responsible. the name orange head gave him away.
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    The World Health Organization now points to Sweden as the model to use.
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    Perhaps cottage cheese or some other fromage has contributed to Marocc's endlessly annoying 'persecution complex' issues . . . . hoping he/she get's well soon.
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    Trudeau doesn't want the lockdown to end as he can continue to usurp democracy, accountability and Parliament. Questions only allowed from from his bought and paid for unelected fawning media.
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    Stop destroying your, brain, by listening to deceitful Dem news outlets. 29Jan Trump launched COVID 19 Taskforce feat. Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci, etc 31Jan Trump restricted flights from China ---against wishes of Dumb Dems early-Feb Trump gave USA private sector (Pharma) legal permission to start on a vaccine go to whitehouse.gov and you get a realtime lineup of analysis each day action was taken since 29Jan ... there's loads of stuff I didn't mention here, from February. You are hurting your intelligence by experiencing Dem's deceit.
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    The internet is an archive. So the articles and videos are an accumulation of coverage from CBC. It's not about coverage "now". Overall, the CBC, both in articles and in video coverage, covered SNC 5 times more than Duffy. This is significant and it is the opposite of what you have been thinking. I just wanted to show you that sometimes, what you think might be the truth, is not the truth. I believe that your mistaken thought that CBC covered Duffy more than SNC is a product of the limitations you have put on yourself in learning about certain stories. You've probably surrounded yourself with people and media outlets that preach to the choir. Your 'hate' for Trudeau has gone to an unhealthy level, where everything Trudeau does is wrong.
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    Maybe it's just you that's inundated. Our networks seem just fine and appear to have their own reporters and cameras and everything. Then there's all sorts of international channels to choose from. I think Canadians have a far more cosmopolitan perspective than you're allowing for but like I said maybe you're limiting yourself to one or two inundated channels and as such your perspective is too.
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    Why accuse me of "can't discuss it" when you just said you didn't read my post where I DID actually discuss it? You don't read them because I copy & paste? Why not? We are supposed to add link and quotes to our posts, some topics have been deleted here because they DON'T contain enough information. How do you know it was nothing but "ignorant talk" when you didn't read it? Go away now, troll.
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    Here is why....Canada is only one of two G20 nations without a federal vaccine injury compensation (VIC) program. Quebec has one. https://canvax.ca/brief/overview-vaccine-injury-compensation-programs
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    Some are quite different than that, like the black Muslims in the United States. They go way back, before the Al-Quaeda BS. We all know that Mohammad Ali aka Cascius Clay was a Muslim. He was probably one of the greatest inspirations of my life as a human being. Black Islamic leaders in America were/are Elijah Mohammad and Loius Farrakhan. They may not be your favourite persons, but they don't threaten to impose Sharia on anyone nor run people over on sidewalks. These are American Muslims.
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    Why? I mean, the police would like it, but the government rarely cares what the police want.
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    We can never expect our governments to enact decent privacy laws against tech companies. It's not in the government's interests. They want access to as much mass surveillance as possible.


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