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    It wouldn't be so galling that the Libs can't give the veterans a fair shake, but they give away a billion dollars left and right like it's no big deal. The Conservatives don't throw money around like it's burning a hole in their pockets but they can't seem to do right by veterans either. Obviously the greens would never give anything to them, and Jagmeet Singh can't be trusted to do anything decent, nor can the NDP, traditionally. "Thanks for your service, thanks for risking your life and losing a limb, too bad you had to see things that would give ambulance drivers nightmares. Carry on. Oh, and you get to live with returning islamic state terrorists too, but we call them 'fighters' now (just like you)."
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    Rex Murphy is one of Canada's most well-respected ivy-league commentators. Many see him as a east coast liberal, but he's also a economic and political pragmatist. He just wrote a piece in the National Post, letting us know exactly, what he thinks of Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-only-the-greens-and-separatists-could-find-opportunity-in-a-pandemic "There is the great number of people who leave their house every morning to put in an honest eight or 12 hours in a mine, oilfield or forest, and another set who tweet a lot, shuffle out grim press releases by the mile and stage gimmicky protests, all in an effort to stop the first bunch from having any work to go to. The hive of climate activists do nothing but sneer at those who keep the nation moving." "This latest battery from May reveals a cardinal element in the green world: environmentalism is a species of snobbery."
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    Another Red flag on veterans issues, you know it is getting bad when the chief ombudsman quits due to frustration the government is giving him , and vets.... why is it that a nation that prided itself on our military history, be it at war, or peacekeeping, but also known around the world as nice people, and we can't seem to treat our vets with any understanding, or funding...in todays world Justin has been throwing bils around like they were smarties, but not one red cent to our vets....like we can't even be bothered, they are not worth anything except disdain from the public which is mimicked by our governments...I really hope that one day this bites us all in the ass.. Sad really that these men and women have given so much for all of us , and we brush them off like they were 2 and rate citizens... https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/craig-dalton-veterans-ombudsman-1.5570532
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    They are farmers using peaceful means of protest. To be heard. Unlike your communist friends across the pond a little ways from you who silence people that dare speak out. People like me who can use a forum to speak truth to power.
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    Grain farmers are communists cuz they like cooperatives and protected markets. Just kidding. I agree with NWO. No one politician can say when it came to covid their governments knew what they were doing. They still can't with any certainty. I am like NWO... I consider any government suspect as I do any layered decision making institution..it is inherent with the nature of power..it corrupts and is corrupted ..if not held to accountability. Politicians are talking heads of complex layers of conflicting decision makers...so whatever they say is problematic. I think when it comes to Trudeau and Trump it's just dumb and dumber, Larry and Moe, Yosh and Stan Shmenge or Rick Flair and Adrian Adonis. I myself would have preferred Jesse the Body Ventura in the States and Rowdy Roddy Piper for Canada. You gonna walk the walk, you gotta swagger. Honourable mention to the Rock in the US and Maurice Mad Dog Vachon for Canada. Trump tries to be Rick Flair. Trudeau tried to be Miss Elizabeth.
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    The Grain Farmers of Ontario hammer Trudeau with an "American style" attack ad, starring President DONALD TRUMP. Note this is not the Conservative Party of Canada. Canada's Food Supply Chain Is Breaking
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    Correct me if I am reading this wrong... but ... crapping on Trump, because that person did not have a better plan, is worse than Trump? Trump would not even listen to his own health advisors. And the trend seems, anyone disagreeing with Trump, gets shown the door. No matter if they are right or not. Many world leaders failed, there is no way to defend any of their actions during this pandemic.
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    To be honest if I were to be brainwashed as a left winger and I took a look at Nancy Pelosi, Diane Fenstein & the elites in the entertainment as the leaders (and out of touch with the every day person) & combine that with listening to ugly conservatives like Limbaugh I would probably become a communist and support Bernie Sanders :))))) I empathize to where they are coming from but is sad because in the long run left wing idealists like @eyeball become slaves to a dictator that indirectly they create. Not to mention the reaction that they create after which innocent people suffer. There is even documentation from Germany that the reason the criminal SS was tolerated in the streets by middle class German citizens was because communist mobs were looting and causing trouble. So they kind of closed their eyes and sold their soul to the mafia. My biggest fear are not communists and fascists. they are a small minority of unsatisfied people that failed, and sometimes they failed because of bad luck and they are angry. My biggest fear is the average middle of the road person will be attracted by these messages and their numbers will increase which will lead to social disruption.
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    While I agree with you and admire your deep appreciation of wildlife I do not think the issue of gun control as Trudeau is doing makes sense. Also and I know you disagree, as much as I loath sport hunters, there are some who we should welcome as valuable allies in protecting conservation areas and tbey eat what they hunt and follow strict rules so I do not label them all as bad if we use that word. So while I deeply respect your love of the environment I think there has to be a proper way to deal with this than labeling people either way. There are respectful sport hunters. They are not the issue it's stupid people and stupid and people is redundant. Stupid is sufficient and we humans need to be taught at a young age to respect life and our environment in all its forms. We live in a world today where the majority of our citizens are detached from their environment glued to virtual reality apps. Also we have many new Canadians who come from cultures that were never taught respect for the evironment either. Between our born in Canada and coming to Canada people there is a huge education challenge. I think you and I need all the allies we can get and many of those allies will and do come from responsible gun owners and sports hunters.
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    Because they employee people the same people you want to all become employees of your state.
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    The U.S. has already been there and done that. Modern efforts for LFTR have scrammed for the usual reasons. President Trump is financially savvy enough to recognize another money pit. Ask Trudeau and Canada to lead the way instead....like CANDU. Joe Biden will not do it either....
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    Thanks, but even better, I am priveleged enough to be married to a woman of Norwegian decent. I'm decended from an Englishman. Everything you say about Norway is true. I was in Bergen visiting my in laws about twenty years ago and we were in the fish market. A fellow had a kiosk selling T shirts. I worked with a guy who collected T shirts so I bought two Ja Elske Bergen shirts. The vendor asked where I was from. Saskatchewan. He asked if we had any "red indians" there. He was thrilled when I told him the second shirt was for my work mate who is full Cree. Happy Victoria Day.
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    @Queenmandy85 I had to just now, usurp, the narcissism's trolling which came after I initially posted it above
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    If you are Norweigan that explains everything...your inetelligence...your fondness for ships...your viking savagery....otherwise oh just you know never mind I can always call you a vegetarian. I have been to Oslo. I found the country parts I saw clean. I like sardines, herring, pine trees and whatever it is they gave me on tap. Sailing and cross- country skiing and speed skating too. Its what I first think of Norweigans because of the olympics.
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    Just a couple of points to assist you with avoiding your own hypocrisy that many of you exercise onto my posts specifically: Your hyperbole namecalling Trump/pretending he is not educated as the leader of the free world, diminished your credibility weeks ago. The parroting of a silly propagandized script ie. ignore his great successes/play pretend he has phantom failures, gives the impression you are trolling which I, hope, is something you want to avoid. Try using respectful language toward Trump, before you correct me, yes then use etiquette for your own words to express what you would suggest about the President. But still, it is not your job, to have a positive impact on the people you are trying to communicate with ---because sometimes the truth is unkind, but that is usually not the messenger's fault. Some of you here, have a difficult time accepting that fact. lol Oh, and Happy Suten a Mai to you, as well. This week, of May, is national mental health week
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    Just a couple of points to assist you. Your hyperbole accusing the Democrats of hating the USA deminishes your crediblity. The parroting of a silly script ie. pre-Wuhan Virus/pre-Impeachment hoax economy, gives the impression you are trolling which, I am sure, is something you want to avoid. Try using respectful language and your own words to express what you would suggest the President should do. It may have a positive impact on the people you are trying to communicate with. Happy Suten a Mai everyone. The 17th of May is Norway's National Day.
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    President Trump could have initiated a new generation of nuclear power plants around the country to transition off fossil fuels, providing far more jobs than were lost by the Paris Accord.The rebuilding and electrifacation of the transportation system and developement of Thorium LIFTR reactors for domestic and export. I expected a financial savvy President would have jumped at a chance to make Americans rich.
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    Some of the points you make regarding the economy were made possible by running huge deficits, which now doesn't seem like a big deal. The withdrawl from the Paris accord was a tragic change in direction. We need to be doubling down on cutting greenhouse gas emissions as agressively as possible. This is what I meant by his lack of education.
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    False...as usual....Trump is already partnering with Germany, U.K., and Israel. Canada can stick with China and enjoy more deficits and coronavirus....Canada will learn to love China so much. China is the best supplier in the world...for viral pandemics.
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    Man made wars, just curios is there any other types of wars....your making this stuff up right ? hunting bear without a license is against the law, most hunters do not harvest bear for meat, maybe the pelt, or protection of live stock and family but not so often do they keep the meat....Its very greasy and very gamey, and disgusting if it's a dump bear.... and you do know why the province hands out licenses right, it is the preferred method of population control, and why is it important to keep the population in check ? not like you can hand out condoms right... or hunt them with sling shots and kitchen knifes...I would have thought for a guy that enjoys the outdoors as much as you say you do, one would think you would have known that already... A DNR buddy once told me a joke once , how he use to tell all the hikers in his area to wear lots of little bells on their shoes to ward of bears, the bears would hear the bells and move away from them it also warned them when hikers were in the area....the bells didn't really do any of that, it was a way for them to track killer bears , their scat smelled like pepper spray, and was full of little bells ...and only hikers went out unarmed, so it had to be a hiker....
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    Trudeau and Canada can put more faith in China to save the economy and stop ballooning deficits....it has worked so well.
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    This one below is from last year but the kid still speaks for me and hopefully answers your question as to why I would vote for Trump if I had a vote.
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    The United States has always been that way, from day #1. Even fought a civil war over it. Nothing special about Trump in this regard.
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    First of all I did not use the word follower as a bad word, any society has followers and leaders and second, I think it goes both ways, some of us followers would be crackpots if it wasn't for people with ideas better than ours. The 2 sides need each other to have a great system. And we have a great system contrary to what these union communists from this topic say.
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    After reading your posts I'm not surprised at all that it sounds like a plan to you. So what's next? Ban knives, stored gasoline? Or will you only be happy when we end up with this kind of stupidity?
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    You know Robinhood was armed right, with out his weapons' he be just another wingnut dressed up in green tights, living in the trees...
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    Thanks. Does that mean you'll start following me on twitter now instead of Rachel Maddow
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    No far from it. He came from a movement of Christians trying to promote what they saw as a political application of the gospel of Jesus. It was also based on the perspective of farmers who needed to help each other get their grain to markets. The classical example of populists in Canada were Marcel Duplessis, WAC Benett, Joey Smallwood. They used elaborate networks of patronage to keep them in power. Other than them if you mean pure ideology, maybe Louis Riel, Rene Levesque but their populism was limited. It's not how we work in Canada. Canadian politicians with big egos like Lougheed in Alberta, Mulroney, Pierre Trudeau had their share of haters. There was a brief period of Trudeaumania which was populist but it faded.
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    We already have governments at extremes. The federal government is a coalition government run by a group of people that admire the basic dictatorship of China (Trudeau's own words), praised Fidel Castro upon his death (Trudeau and Singh), make apologies for the Maduro regime in Venezuela (half the NDP), and had the leader of the Quebec Communist Party run as an candidate to be an MP (Bloc Quebecois). This coalition does not believe in constitutionally protected freedom of speech (which Canada does not have, see section 1 and section 33 of the charter) and want to silence whatever they deem to be "hate speech", does not believe in separation of media and state as a basic principle of democracy (see the never ending media bailout and ever increasing funding for CBC/radio-canada), instead they would like the government to determine what is "fake news" and what is not, and does not believe in equal application of law (compare the application of law to people that threw gasoline or burning tires on trains earlier this year to the application of law of excessive fines to people walking in a park or using public transportation). The government is out of step with other developed countries (Australia, Japan, US, Europe) in its desire to please the Communist Party of China and uncritical support of the WHO, which has Tedros Adhanom, a communist, as its head. Canada still fails to support Australia's bid for a full independent inquiry into the origins of COVID-19, and still fails to recognize Taiwan as a country, at the bidding of the Communist Party of China. This recent pandemic has helped to shed light on the authoritarian nature of some of those in power. Trump is another example of an extremist in power.
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    Super dumb. Like, so unbelievably fucking dumb. Its like you don't have a clue how illness works, or how it spreads, how some people never get sick, some get sick, and some die. Not to mention, people in Canada can go outside; we in BC can even go to stores and walk in parks - because our government got a small jump on this virus, and most of us, like most Canadians, have followed guidelines set out by experts, and most of us understand the basics of life, even if we're not experts in virology. Thank god you conspiritards are a minority. Please, all of you - head out and comingle closely in large groups. Darwinize yourselves.
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    People of Canada are in fact partially responsible for where we are now and the reason is very simple and clear APATHY , We as Canadians believe that the moment we exit the voting station on election day our job is done when in fact that is just the start. We should then watch everything that our leaders do and when we do not agree we should be writing letters ( they are free , no postage needed ) we should be Calling the toll free line to the PMO ,Faxing letters and E-mailing. But that is not what happens. People will go on social media and complain but that is where it usually ends.
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    Because you believe all the 'corrupt' commentators and scientists bleating about global warming whose entire livelihoods are based on that.
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    The problem is that these people who are pushing these vaccinations aren't exactly the paragons of honesty themselves. Therefore people have every right to treat them and their ideas with utmost suspicion.
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    All that is anecdotal, the fact is, the US is a republic and we are a still a monarchy. In the US they vote on issues -- gay marriage, drug legalization, judges, police etc. they vote on all social issues - we dont. Basically, the PM is a king. However, no PM has taken advantage of that fact until Trudeau.
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    Love The Third Man. I love old black and white movies. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Twelve Angry Men, The African Queen, Paths of Glory, etc. All have been on TCM recently.
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    If anyone has never seen The Paper, I highly recommend it. It's a rather unknown movie with a star studded cast, and it's really good. Michael Keaton, Glenn Close, Marisa Tomei, Randy Quaid, Robert Duvall, Jason Alexander, and Catherine O'Hara (1994).
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    Dude, it has very little to do with universal healthcare, and a lot more to do with population size, density, and mobility. At U.S. scale, Canada would have nearly 17,000 COVID19 deaths....better, but nothing to celebrate. Actually, it provides reasons for why gun control fails to stop criminals intent on mass murder, no matter where it is.
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    He's staying hiding because he doesn't want to answer questions, the same reason he doesn't want Parliament to convene, and he lied this morning as he tried to lay blame on the CPC about opening parliament 3 days/wk which is is not unreasonable (and not all members) No one is asking for a full Parliament everyday. The Liberas Party/Trudeau are trying to limit questions being asked of them by having only 1 day/wk. to avoid accountability. The vote of non confidence has to be when this is over, can't have an election now.
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    We live in a society where we have breakfast programs for students because some parents are too stupid or lazy to feed their children in the morning.
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    So you're saying Warren Buffett and Bill Gates don't give a shit about people? Oh ok. You just sound bitter because their lives are better than yours. Bill Gates has helped the lives of more poor people than you ever will even meet, let alone help yourself.
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    So, if we lived in a world where basic needs: food, shelter, healthcare were either free or cheap enough for the poorest people to afford.....that would be bad for people? Make them lose the incentive to work for something more or something better! I hate the rich/I don't resent them! They're pigs who are money-driven and don't give a shit about people....even the people in their own lives- family. Every relationship for the rich is monetized and transactional. So, they can't trust anyone around them, because they might fear they are just trying to steal their money!
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    There is no other kind of equality which can be achieved in a functional society. Equality of opportunity allows for people to rise on their own skill, effort and merit. The other sort of 'equality' is the equality of results, which allow the incompetent, the lazy, and the stupid to rise to levels beyond their capabilities, to rise above those with more ability, drive and skills. No society can sustain that in any great amounts for any great length of time.
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    There's nothing wrong with giving your children the wealth you earned throughout your life. Who do you think should get it? Government? Strangers like you & I who didn't earn it? If their parents did well and worked hard to give their children opportunities, what's wrong with that? If your parents suck, don't make much money, and don't instill good study or work habits in their kids and don't spend time helping them with homework it's not society's fault. One of the huge determinants in your socioeconomic success is your parental upbringing. If you or your parents make poor choices, it's not society's fault. I have a friend whose parents were refugees to Canada, they can't speak English, they live in a poor area of town and don't have much money. But they forced their child to read books instead of watch TV, and made their child bus across the city to the best school they could get them in, and made their child study hard. Their child got into the best university in Canada, then did their masters in a degree that would get them a good job. They'll be in some debt because of those degrees, but that was their calculated choice, they sacrificed for their child. Now their child makes 6 figures. That's equality.
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    Equality is about legal codes. Giving everyone the same rights means every Canadian can succeed if they make the right decisions. It's not up to Canadians or government to make sure you make the right choices, it's up to the individual.


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