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    Didn't check this over the long weekend...oops. I already mentioned "mainstream" wasn't a great choice of words. While I'd agree with you that Peterson doesn't have "mainstream" support, I'd also argue that his opponents are almost just as far from the mainstream as he is. If there's any "mainstream" in the "culture-war" as you call it, it's the intellectual path of least resistance. By that I mean that most people want to avoid confrontation and will do what they can do to not ruffle feathers. When a teacher or someone posts a link to a Toronto Star article lamenting how they have to buy craft supplies for their Kindergarten class, or how Doug Ford didn't want to attend the Pride Parade, woe unto anyone who brings up an alternative viewpoint. What you end up with is a vocal left proudly proclaiming their ideology, fighting against only the most absurd idiots on the right who feel it's worth jumping into the mud to get skewered. The middle ground and even the mildly-right stay far away. Those poor naive souls who do try to pipe up innocently are sent back with their tails between their legs (and maybe onto 4dchan or some other troll site). Nowhere is this phenomenon more obvious than in North American universities, except here it's formally institutionalized and given money and authority. It's easy to dismiss Lindsay Shepherd's case as one of "mishandling" by the school, but she's far from the only embarrassing example we've seen in recent years. I'll go through a list if you need me to. The real mistake is to assume that mainstream academic thinking is the actual mainstream - and this thinking has led to unfortunate consequences. The combination of the politicization of research funding with overt censorship on campuses has raised fair criticism of echo-chamber thinking and this is the last place we want that to be happening. Much of the criticism for academia is well-deserved, though I think it's worth noting that even at WLU a faculty petition to protect free speech was signed by around 50% of members (IIRC).
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    I suspect what was seen in New York would have repeated had Social Distancing not happened. It can't be proven, but Europe is a good example of how it would have happened. And just because you died from a complication related to Corona, doesn't mean you didn't die of Corona. No one dies of AIDS, they die of complications associated with AIDS.
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    You forgot to mention the primary reason for harvesting wildlife . . . . food! Did the first European settlers carry a supply of Kraft dinner, were they vegans? They killed wildlife just like the Indians did. Both white/natives still hunt.
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    This one is from an American gun site but it links to New Zealand media: NZ Gun Crime Rates Soar Following Gun Bans https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2020/05/18/nz-gun-crime-rates-soar-gun-bans/
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    Daniel Horowitz has one where he lists 6 facts he claims change everything we know about SARS-CoV-2. 1. About a quarter of the American coronavirus deaths weren't actually caused by corona. 2. States with longer lockdowns had worse results. 3. Outside nursing homes, the fatality rate never warranted such action, even if it would work. 4. Outside New York, this is barely worse than bad flu seasons 5. Excess deaths are from the lockdowns, not the virus. 6. Social distancing was invented by a high-school kid and politicians, not scientists. He offers support for these 6 claims at the link. https://www.conservativereview.com/news/horowitz-lied-6-facts-change-everything-know-sars-cov-2/
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    So Trump is taking hydroxy because he has the virus or because he wants to sell hydroxy to his dumbest supporters?
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    What are your thoughts on the topic? Since you are clearly, pro-Dem, then let us know how you feel Trudeau has handled things? You loving his and Parliament's idea of using COVID 19 to keep the Yukon "frozen" in Time lol? As we wait for Globalism's leaders to give Trudeau/Pelosi/Schumer the green light to reopen North America. Let us know your thoughts here on how the Wuhan Virus has changed Canada ---and btw, yes indeed, you are very successful so far in making sure all members realize your peculiar, public focus onto my account exclusively. skinny: Enjoy!
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    No, Putin and Erdogan tricked Trump into pulling out and then divided the place between them.
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    Thank you for the support. thank all you guys for the support.. Yes but when they returned they got poetry and arts and crafts classes, and how did we treat our own, well, the Canadian sniper from the PPCLI ,who broke a world record for the longest kill shot at over 2430 meters, he was also given a bronze star by the Americans while deployed with them as sniper support. Canadian Government delayed the Americans from giving him and his teams their medals due to an investigation. well we the Canadians put another sniper det on trial it seems the other det assigned to the same op had killed a Taliban insurgent, they had put a death card on his fore head " playing cards normally ace of spades with their unit or platoon id or logo on it, it was a way to tell the other bad guys who killed their buddy" and then they took a picture of it , somehow it got out to the public and poof an investigation….any ways long story short he was not treated very well after his fame...the Americans loved him , our own HQ's not so much....he released from the forces with no arts and crafts or poetry courses.......Then they come home and have to take our own government to court to receive medical benefits that most Canadians already have similar to workman's comp...that and dozens of other things, There is a Maj in the Ottawa area who lost both of his legs during an IED attack, every year he must prove to the government his legs have not grown back , so he can continue to receive some of his benefits.... .Lots of stories with the same type of outcome you could fill a book on just these alone... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rob_Furlong
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    Grain farmers are communists cuz they like cooperatives and protected markets. Just kidding. I agree with NWO. No one politician can say when it came to covid their governments knew what they were doing. They still can't with any certainty. I am like NWO... I consider any government suspect as I do any layered decision making institution..it is inherent with the nature of power..it corrupts and is corrupted ..if not held to accountability. Politicians are talking heads of complex layers of conflicting decision makers...so whatever they say is problematic. I think when it comes to Trudeau and Trump it's just dumb and dumber, Larry and Moe, Yosh and Stan Shmenge or Rick Flair and Adrian Adonis. I myself would have preferred Jesse the Body Ventura in the States and Rowdy Roddy Piper for Canada. You gonna walk the walk, you gotta swagger. Honourable mention to the Rock in the US and Maurice Mad Dog Vachon for Canada. Trump tries to be Rick Flair. Trudeau tried to be Miss Elizabeth.
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    Nuclear energy isn't the be-all, end all. Or maybe it is: Nuclear plant accidents and incidents with multiple fatalities and/or more than US$100 million in property damage, 1952-2011[10][25][27] Date Location of accident Description of accident or incident Dead Cost ($US millions 2006) INES level[28] September 29, 1957 Mayak, Kyshtym, Soviet Union The Kyshtym disaster was a radiation contamination accident (after a chemical explosion that occurred within a storage tank) at Mayak, a Nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in the Soviet Union. Estimated 200 possible cancer fatalities[29] 6 October 10, 1957 Sellafield aka Windscale fire, Cumberland, United Kingdom A fire at the British atomic bomb project (in a plutonium-production-reactor) damaged the core and released an estimated 740 terabecquerels of iodine-131 into the environment. A rudimentary smoke filter constructed over the main outlet chimney successfully prevented a far worse radiation leak. 0 direct, estimated up to 240 possible cancer victims[30] 5 January 3, 1961 Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States Explosion at SL-1 prototype at the National Reactor Testing Station. All 3 operators were killed when a control rod was removed too far. 3 22 4 October 5, 1966 Frenchtown Charter Township, Michigan, United States Meltdown of some fuel elements in the Fermi 1 Reactor at the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station. Little radiation leakage into the environment. 0 132[31] January 21, 1969 Lucens reactor, Vaud, Switzerland On January 21, 1969, it suffered a loss-of-coolant accident, leading to meltdown of one fuel element and radioactive contamination of the cavern, which before was sealed. 0 4 December 7, 1975 Greifswald, East Germany Electrical error in Greifswald Nuclear Power Plant causes fire in the main trough that destroys control lines and five main coolant pumps 0 443 3 January 5, 1976 Jaslovské Bohunice, Czechoslovakia Malfunction during fuel replacement. Fuel rod ejected from reactor into the reactor hall by coolant (CO2).[32] 2 1,700 4 March 28, 1979 Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, United States Loss of coolant and partial core meltdown due to operator errors and technical flaws. There is a small release of radioactive gases. See also Three Mile Island accident health effects. 0 2,400 5 September 15, 1984 Athens, Alabama, United States Safety violations, operator error and design problems force a six-year outage at Browns Ferry Unit 2. 0 110 March 9, 1985 Athens, Alabama, United States Instrumentation systems malfunction during startup, which led to suspension of operations at all three Browns Ferry Units 0 1,830 April 11, 1986 Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States Recurring equipment problems force emergency shutdown of Boston Edison's Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant 0 1,001 April 26, 1986 Chernobyl, Chernobyl Raion (Now Ivankiv Raion), Kiev Oblast, Ukraininan SSR, Soviet Union A flawed reactor design and inadequately trained personnel led to a failed backup generator test. This test led to a power surge which overheated the fuel rods of reactor no. 4 of the Chernobyl power plant, causing an explosion and meltdown, necessitating the evacuation of 300,000 people and dispersing radioactive material across Europe (see Effects of the Chernobyl disaster). Around 5% (5200 PBq) of the core was released into the atmosphere and downwind. 28 direct, 19 not entirely related and 15 minors due to thyroid cancer, as of 2008.[33][34]Estimated up to 4000 possible cancer deaths.[35] 6,700 7 May 4, 1986 Hamm-Uentrop, West Germany Experimental THTR-300 reactor releases small amounts of fission products (0.1 GBq Co-60, Cs-137, Pa-233) to surrounding area 0 267 December 9, 1986 Surry, Virginia, United States Feedwater pipe break at Surry Nuclear Power Plant kills 4 workers 4 March 31, 1987 Delta, Pennsylvania, United States Peach Bottom units 2 and 3 shutdown due to cooling malfunctions and unexplained equipment problems 0 400 December 19, 1987 Lycoming, New York, United States Malfunctions force Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation to shut down Nine Mile Point Unit 1 0 150 March 17, 1989 Lusby, Maryland, United States Inspections at Calvert Cliff Units 1 and 2 reveal cracks at pressurized heater sleeves, forcing extended shutdowns 0 120 March 1992 Sosnovyi Bor, Leningrad Oblast, Russia An accident at the Sosnovy Bor nuclear plant leaked radioactive iodine into the air through a ruptured fuel channel. February 20, 1996 Waterford, Connecticut, United States Leaking valve forces shutdown Millstone Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 and 2, multiple equipment failures found 0 254 September 2, 1996 Crystal River, Florida, United States Balance-of-plant equipment malfunction forces shutdown and extensive repairs at Crystal River Unit 3 0 384 September 30, 1999 Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan Tokaimura nuclear accident killed two workers, and exposed one more to radiation levels above permissible limits. 2 54 4 February 16, 2002 Oak Harbor, Ohio, United States Severe corrosion of reactor vessel head forces 24-month outage of Davis-Besse reactor 0 143 3 April 10, 2003 Paks, Hungary Collapse of fuel rods at Paks Nuclear Power Plant unit 2 during its corrosion cleaning led to leakage of radioactive gases. It remained inactive for 18 months. 0 3 August 9, 2004 Fukui Prefecture, Japan Steam explosion at Mihama Nuclear Power Plant kills 4 workers and injures 7 more 4 9 1 July 25, 2006 Forsmark, Sweden An electrical fault at Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant caused multiple failures in safety systems that had the reactor to cool down 0 100 2 March 11, 2011 Fukushima, Japan A tsunami flooded and damaged the plant's 3 active reactors, drowning two workers. Loss of backup electrical power led to overheating, meltdowns, and evacuations.[36] One man died suddenly while carrying equipment during the clean-up.[37] The plant's reactors Nr. 4, 5 and 6 were inactive at the time. 1[38] and 3+ labour accidents; plus a broader number of primarily ill or old people from evacuation stress 1,255–2,078 (2018 est.)[39] 7 September 12, 2011 Marcoule, France One person was killed and four injured, one seriously, in a blast at the Marcoule Nuclear Site. The explosion took place in a furnace used to melt metallic waste. 1 The scary thing about all of these accidents (27 of them already, and there are only 440 nuclear reactors on the planet...) is that they're not happening in backwards countries with shifty dictators and high illiteracy rates. They're happening in highly-developed countries like Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany and the US. Another thing, the initial death toll and the accumulated death toll from radiation is completely downplayed. I watched a documentary about Chernobyl and they said that 100s of miles away there were towns where several kids were known to have multiple forms of cancer. Severe birth defects are also common and not even mentioned on this list. We've all seen the sad pictures of birds covered in oil, only the Simpsons cartoon really touches on the subject of the effect of nuclear reactors on wildlife around nuclear reactors. How many birds and other animals do you think died around Chernobyl, Fukijima and all of these other places? Terrorism hasn't been a big concern in those countries in the past, but the number of muslims, in France and Germany especially, means that terrorism is an ever-growing concern: .
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    It's the freedom to do something you'd be arrested for in the US. But there's lots of freedoms and protections the US doesn't have. For example, the state (or city) can expropriate your property not merely for some public works project like a pipeline or road, but to give to a developer who wants to use it to make money with a shopping mall or some other development. That's pretty wacked, I think. Other than the freedom to walk around carrying a gun I'm not sure where the US qualifies as 'most free'.
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    Tell that to the thousands of poor blacks who are forced to plea bargain and in some cases plea guilty to crimes they didn’t commit. Tell it to the thousands of victims of gun homicides. The Prime Minister has one vote. It’s true that he can whip a vote of support from the members of his party, but that can be quite a gamble at future leadership votes. Also, if the PM acts against the public interest, he or she can be removed through dissolution of Parliament by the Governor General. Federal US laws restricting weed mean that your property can be confiscated. If you have more than a certain amount of money on you, it can be confiscated. Law enforcement is generally more brutal and incarceration rates much higher, yet so are crime rates.


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