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    I think the increasing media spotlight has a lot to do with it, it puts a ton of pressure on politicians and their families. What sane and reasonable individual would want to go through that? Put their families through that? First, the cable news 24/hr news cycle, and now the recent social media landscape is so brutal. Politicians are under constant scrutiny. 40 years ago that just wasn't the case. Even 15 years ago you didn't have daily twitter freakouts.
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    Been talking to a few people in RL about the lousy choices we seem to be offered for political leaders lately, here and elsewhere. We're a country of 37 million people, and it seems to me that none of the major politicians at any level are even people to be respected, much less admired. None seem particularly intelligent, honest or charismatic. None have any real leadership qualities, any vision or integrity, none seem very brave. There's no one on the federal Liberals' front bench that deserves respect. None of the Tories running for the Conservative leadership is more than a second rate or third banana. The NDP are led by a cretin who seems intent on making his already irrelevant party even moreso. Down south, I watched a Democratic leadership contest with two dozen candidates who had no clear vision, no ideas, were not brave, smart or charismatic (except for Sanders, who is a loon). What a dearth of talent. Mind you, it wasn't as bad as watching the Republican's last primary, when everyone involved except Bush was a laughable moron you wouldn't trust to walk your dog. In the UK, Boris Johnson seems like a breath of fresh air mainly because he's at least willing to brave the torment of the press and political correct in saying a few things he honestly believes in. A few of his party seem sane and sensible. Most of the rest of the leadership of the UK are nut jobs, especially in the Labour Party. France is run temporarily by an idiot amid the riots and soaring deficits. The EU is a collection of dull bureaucrats. There isn't one leader in the West that deserves the term. So how come? What happened? Why do we get such losers in politics? Why don't more talented people have any interest? Is it TV and its breathtakingly shallow imagery? The fact most people pay almost no attention to what's going on before voting? Do we blame the lumpen masses for chewing their cud while obediently voting for the usual crew? Is it the lack of time people spend on politics or that they have less time than was once the case? If the voters demanded better candidates would they get them? And what's a better way of indicating lack of enthusiasm about candidates than simply not voting, as more and more people have chosen?
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    We flattened the curve, and made sure hospitals weren’t overwhelmed. That was the point. It wasn’t shut down until there’s a vaccine. The goalposts have been moved. Btw, there might never be a vaccine. If you expect people to live this way indefinitely you’re insane. Especially for a virus that if you’re healthy and under 65, has a minuscule chance of killing you. The whole world has lost it’s freaking mind.
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    Democracy hasn't failed...it has been a victim of its own success. Ideologies, media access, and the messengers have been democratized by technology. So called leaders don't matter as much when the plebes can organize themselves. Economics has always been the foundation no matter what any government may promise you. That lesson is about to be learned...again.
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    The same reason economics failed - we satisfied our basic needs and now entertainment needs are paramount and politics has transitioned to serve those. We are unable to sacrifice, to reflect, to weigh options, to discuss trade-offs. It's our fault.
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    Exactly. Gerrymandering is done by both parties. Has been for decades.
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    Done, pre-Clinton borders then: The Democrats' gerrymandering adventures https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/aug/29/democrats-gerrymandering-adventures/ How Democrats Gerrymandered Their Way to Victory in Maryland https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/06/how-deep-blue-maryland-shows-redistricting-is-broken/531492/ but you have to take Romney back as a sweetner.
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    Just a thought. I'll swap you all the Democrat voter fraud for all the Republican Gerrymandering.
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    Memes - eye-catching, amusing, simple - perfect delivery method for us vs. them politics, misinformation and outright lies.
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    Oh wait...now you've got me looking I've got to show you this one, because it's funny.
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    I was thinking something along those lines, but my thinking hadn't got to the point where I could articulate it clearly. Thank you for putting it so well.
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    The criteria for determining someone's intelligence is whether or not they agree with me. I have to say, you are all doing very well today. Actually, for a politician, that is a valuable thing to know. When any of us listen to a politician, or anyone else, for that matter, when they say something you agree with, it is human nature to say that person is smart. This is because we all, inately, believe we are smrter than anyone else. I disagree that democracy has failed in Canada. It is true that the best and brightest are deterred from politics because of the gruelling attention from social and mainstream media, but the crew we have now is a good reflection of the country as a whole. I was a conservative activist for thirty-five years and I have to say there have been very few people in government who were better than what we have today. I remember the scandals in Mike Pearson's government, the half wits in the BC governments under Cec Bennett and the scarey days in Alberta under Aberhart and Manning. In Quebec we had the Levesque government where half the Cabinet were either informants for the RCMP or the CIA (Levesque himself). We had MacKenzie King who was PM forever, calling Hitler the "Joan of Arc" of Germany. So, while we do not have governments of great minds or outstanding integrity, they aren't that bad and they are a reflection of ourselves. That is what democracy is all about.
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    Even experts are saying it. We are infectious disease experts. It's time to lift the COVID-19 lockdowns https://nationalpost.com/opinion/opinion-we-are-infectious-disease-experts-its-time-to-lift-the-covid-19-lockdowns
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    Yes, that is 'elitist', especially coming from someone who regularly insists that those who disagree with him have the IQ of a gnat. My IQ has tested around 122, but because you don't like what I say, you'd have me down amongst the "stupid people who should be ignored". You have some kind of megalomaniac conviction that you are the sole arbiter of whether or not other people are smart, stupid, right or wrong, capable or incapable. What we need is to start teaching kids from grade school how to use logic, employ critical thinking and assess prospective leaders based on their actual policies and not which party they belong to. Or how well this guy would be able to "stick it" to the other side, and "make them cry". If we want better politicians, we have to be better people, imo. Also, kids should be taught money management and economics starting as early as possible.
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    He did have a vision; it involved giving everyone an equal chance to succeed - women, minorities, First Nations. Part of the vision was an election system where every vote counted, instead of only around 35%, which would have forced politicians to work together instead of the adversarial system we still have. Another part of the vision was that instead of rich people and rich corporations hoarding their money, they'd have to provide more back to the society which helped them amass their wealth. For the first year, maybe, Trudeau made some attempt to bring that vision to reality, but he gave up pretty quickly and now he's no more or less than any other politician. I even think it's possible that when he started, he really did believe these things were achievable, but reality is a harsh taskmaster and so, of course, he failed and the partisans are gleeful on the right side, and enraged on the left side. Just because you don't like someone else's vision, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And claiming you want a politician with 'vision', but then insisting that 'vision' has to be the same as yours ... well, you can see what the problem is, I'm sure.
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    More like no one looks long term. No one cares about what might happen in ten or twenty years. We live for the moment and want policies for the moment. Politicians won't embark on extensive changes like doing something about the mess natives are in, or the health care system, or the legal system because the mess is near-term and the political rewards long-term. Throw a little money at an issue to shut people up and move on.
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    Trudeau had charisma and presented a vision of Canada that won him many votes. Partisan conservatives resorted to making fun of his hair, insulting his choice of career and lying about exactly what he taught. These were not even important attributes, had nothing to do with the job of politician, or his ethics or honesty, yet were repeated ad nauseum. Why would anyone with vision, charisma or principles want to take on a job where people "in opposition" will use petty criticism, insults and outright lies to undermine them, based on nothing other than the party he or she represents? Why would anyone want a job where they can't make make even a little mistake, or change their direction based on new information without having their character shredded? Where even the tiniest hint of human imperfection results in screams of outrage? Only an idealist or a narcissist, imo. And the idealist would soon have their idealism shattered as the realities of lobby groups, money and backroom deals became apparent. If we lack good, honest, visionary potential leaders, maybe its because those people just don't see an upside to putting themselves out there. And maybe, even if such a person appeared, they wouldn't be recognized because they're on the "other team".
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    Sure....but Crossfire was late to a media game that was already changing. Broadcast networks already has a legacy of such formats (Firing Line, Point Counterpoint - 60 Minutes, etc.). Going to cable was just another step in technology that eventually exploded with the Interwebs. There are no more gatekeepers, and the political class has to adapt or become irrelevant. Some have and some haven't. It has been said that "democracy" requires more participation by the electorate...be careful what you wish for.
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    Maybe the issue is that there's too many dumb-ass partisan voters.
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    Ok - if you want to make this partisan: Trudeau is a flea on history. He's a non-factor. Mulroney and Martin made some big changes but the others have been caretakers. And... the Chicago School of Economics extolled selfishness, and it sort of worked for awhile but we need politics that thinks about the greater good. Ronald Reagan needs to be dug up, loaded into a cannon and shot into a burning tire fire.


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