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    I think they should riot, they should loot and they should burn their own community and businesses to the ground.
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    At least these protests are more important than a sports trophy.
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    And these guys say it with a smile. Sometimes when you can't do anything about it you just gotta laugh.
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    But these race-baited riots only seem to be happening in hubs controlled by what I'll call Progressive Socialist (or if you would prefer leftist) regimes. Coincidence, I guess.
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    So several days after the protests started turning into riots in Minneapolis, and AFTER the cop has been arrested, we see violent protests now erupting in cities across America. Does anyone really question the cause of this is the media narrative? The media's deep enthusiasm for exploiting and propagating stories which depict white racism has convinced what seems like the majority of Black Americans that the police are racist organizations which love to kill Black people. The evidence against that is virtually non-existent, but who's to question the evidence other than the media and the black activists who propagate the narrative? The ongoing media narrative, with one person after another decrying police racism and police violence against black people, replaying every story they can find about blacks unjustifiably killed by white police (but not by black police) and ceaseless interviews with angry black activists have driven more black people out into the streets in anger. By the way, one thing I've noticed over the years but which never gets mentioned in the media. Virtually every major city in America is controlled by the Democratic Party and has been for decades. Their police departments have engaged in relentless campaigns of affirmative action in hiring and promotion for decades, as well. And yet SOMEHOW we're fed the line that police everywhere are racist and out to kill Black people. And almost no one ever questions it.
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    WHO should have called China out from the start. But since they get a lot of funding from China .... They got the info and said 'ok china masters we will do thy bidding'
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    Cops appear to be more trained in escalating things instead of de-escalation. The police look and act more like jackboot thugs.
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    Now imagine what would have happened had Shaver been black. Police seem to be on a hair trigger these days, either terrified, or just poorly trained and disciplined. That man presented no threat, and yet the slightest move of his hand and a cop shot him dead. The same situation happened with Andrew Finch. Police gathered across the street, behind cars, wearing full SWAT gear including helmets and long guns, at night, with spotlights directed at this poor, confused bugger called out onto his porch. His hand moved in the general direction of his shorts, probably to pull them up and BANG dead. Wyatt Earp on his best day could not have gotten off a shot at the cops across the street, but still, these cops shot him dead. American police, and to much the same extent Canadian police, are poorly trained, poorly disciplined, and trained to an aggressive, militaristic response to all perceived threats. Think of those moronic cops holding the girl dressed as a stormtrooper in front of a Star Wars shop in Lethbridge at gunpoint a few weeks ago. One wrong move and she'd have been dead. It's not racism. It's incompetence and stupidity.
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    It's hard to understand how someone could have that much artistic skill and yet be such a child. The guy went to a lot of trouble to create a "cartoon". I hate Trudeau more than anyone else in Canada, and if I'm wrong then there's one sick bastard out there, but this is a childish/demented painting imo.
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    Is it even technically possible to ditch Biden as the nominee unless he dies or something? He clearly isn't in this world any more. He belongs to some retirement-home instead of the White House. If/when he still gets the nomination, the worst nightmare is that he nominates someone like Kamala Harris as VP-candidate. Biden wouldn't last 4 years as President. Kamala is horrible. Actually kamala means horrible in Finnish.
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