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    Weird that the media doesn’t seem to be worried at all about these protesters lack of social distancing, like they were a couple of weeks ago with people protesting to open their businesses. Those people were vilified, and they didn’t harm one single person, or harm one single property.
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    This happens after a military member dies while on duty, opposition parties and selected media outlets do a story, just how old our military equipment is , people read it gasp say holy shit I did not know...then turn the page like nothing happened.... well here is another one of those stories, a similar story broke , the last snowbird crash, investigation found that the aircraft was to old and should be replaced, they were looking at running a purchasing program....but like everything else it was stuff aside for something else....today the Tudor aircraft is 57 years old bought when Diefenbaker was PM...anyone remember that guy.....parts for these aircraft are taken off old aircraft in storage, or made from scratch.... these aircraft are scheduled to fly for more years than we would like.... It is cheaper to bury soldiers than it is to buy new equipment.... how cheap do we have to be to put one of our own citizens lives in danger so we can save a few bucks... It's time to put these issues to the forefront, and on the election ballet, but they won't we will continue to bury our troops and act like we are all good with those decisions.... It must be a source of pride for a lot of you.... https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/commentary-snowbirds-face-an-uncertain-future-with-aging-planes-dwindling-budgets/ar-BB14j6gf?ocid=spartanntp
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    One step closer to that basic dictatorship Trudeau loves.
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    This forum is inclusive toward all types, not just the emotionally and intellectually mature. In fact quite the contrary.
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    I guarantee that for many of these rioters, the main idea was "I'm gonna gets me a new TV and a phat pair of kicks". As I watched the looting of a liquor store I was truly disgusted seeing these guys make off with cases of Bud Light....I mean really, don't these guys know the value of a good scotch?
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    Buddy, you need to wake the fuk up. This has nothing to do with any virus or health but more to do with changing how the world is going to be ruled and controlled by the deep state globalists in this new normal times. Sports events, concerts and huge gatherings will not be allowed anymore. The new normal is telling you that if you do not take your vaccine shot you will never be able to get back to the good old days. There is talk that if you cannot show proof that you are immune from the China virus or have taken your vaccine shot you will not be able to board a plane. One way or the other those globalists are determined to make sure that the whole bloody world will be vaccinated or else you can stay the hell at home. Probably that will even happen if you want to drive into America. Got your immunity ID vaccine papers, sir/madam? No? Turn around and go back to Canada. Stay home, social distance, and wear your masks are here to stay unless the trained Canadian seals out there say enough already, and tell the globalists and your politicians to take their China virus and shove up the you know what. I have already and many more have also. 5G is also something to think about. Everywhere they have been mounted those 5G towers people have been getting sick. In the UK they are being burned down buy the locals or having them removed. You need to start using the internet to further educate yourself about this hoax of this virus. How can you really say that the facts that you are reading are really honest to goodness well known and true facts? Scientists and experts have fukd up many times in the past or have even lied. Come on, man, use your brain. How does a virus get to shut the whole world down? How come the world never shut down when there have been other viruses that have come on the scene. If you are unable to see the bull shit in all of this, well one day you are going to make a great globalist comrade that is if you are not one already. Just wondering.
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    Except in Vancouver, where all it takes to get a large riot is losing a Stanley Cup hockey game 7.
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    Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has cost far more lives and economic impact than all of the George Floyd protests or riots in several U.S. cities over many years. Nevertheless, social unrest and rioting remains a very American experience going back to the Boston Tea Party. Race riots, 1960's riots, Rodney King in L.A., labour conflicts, anti-war protests, civil rights marches, etc. didn't have the relatively recent factor of dedicated anarchists hell bent on wanton destruction and chaos. Curfews mean nothing without enforcement and citizen support. Local and state government underestimated the threat and necessary deployment of overwhelming police forces in a timely manner. The "progressive" politics/leadership of Minneapolis and St. Paul vs. the governor and Trump helped to set the stage for an inadequate response. Minority owned and other businesses have been sacrificed for police and public safety...the cops even abandoned one precinct building which quickly went up in flames. The governor has admitted that he doesn't have enough police resources even with the state patrol and national guard. He may have to take Trump's offer of assistance from U.S. Army military police units to get enough boots on the ground. This is something that no "blue state" governor wants to do in an election year, but he has little choice as the pressure mounts to "do something" to restore civil order.
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    I believe that herd immunity begins at around 30%. So there’s no need to infect 26,000,000 people. Besides, if it’s low risk healthy people, hospitalization rates would be extremely low, so overwhelmed hospitals wouldn’t be an issue. However, you are correct that vaccines may be ready as early as September or October, so there wouldn’t be a point of pursuing herd immunity.
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    Probably just as you imagine. And to them, I would say: Are you not familiar with the splendid tradition of editorial cartooning? Nobody is immune, nor should they be.
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    Are you not familiar with the splendid tradition of editorial cartooning? Nobody is immune, nor should they be.
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    The mainstay of the RCAF is the CF18 which first entered service 37 years ago. There is no replacement on the horizon for at least a decade. At which point they will be 47 years old. For comparison purposes, the Spitfire, the famed fighter from WW2, was retired from the RAF in 1952, 31 years prior to the introduction of the CF-18. Imagine the CF-18 flying against the Spitfire? That is what our fighters are expected to do now - fly against fighters over 30 years newer and more modern than them. And by the time they are replaced? Well, imagine if Canada was till been flying the Spitfire in the year 2000. Because that is how old and obsolete the CF-18s will be.
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    Military procurement needs to be redone so gaining new and better equipment is done rapidly but no party really seems interested in tackling the issue.
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    Get real. It's been known for a long time that reserves that straddle the border are major smuggling routes. Your self righteous sarcasm and outrage are completely misplaced in this case.


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