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    Oh the Irony of Trump's act yesterday. You have an objectively peaceful protest outside of the White House. Then Tear Gas Trump has them violently cleared out so he can lie about valuing peaceful protestors and say that this is all about Antifa. Then says he'll have the US Military restore order. THEN!!! goes to a church to hold a Bible up. Doesn't go in, doesn't pray. It was just a photo-op. He put people's lives in danger to look tough then tries to appeal to his Christian base. The level of contradiction in all of this is astonishing. Does Trump have the stomach to order the US military to shoot US civilians in US cities? That's why the US can't win wars anymore. It's easy to dominate people, but restoring order and peace, that's the difficult part.
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    One asshole cop killed a black guy... Thousands of Wanksta's decide to burn down shopping centers. Why Are black people walking into the stereotypical label they need to escape? How does it improve race relations, when you go burn down businesses that have had nothing to do with Floyd's death. Some of them owned by black people? With 1000 people dying a day from Covid, we don't have time for this silly distraction.
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    Evidence of collusion - zero. Content of Steele dossier verified and/or corroborated - zero percent. Actual evidence of Popadopalous, Flynn, Manafort and or Carter Page colluding with Russia, or having any inappropriate contact with Russia- zero. FISA Warrants issued, based entirely on false evidence presented in the dossier, which the FBI lied about [17 SIGNFICANT errors and ommissions] - 4. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/doj-inspector-general-finds-17-significant-errors-or-omissions-in-carter-page-fisa-applications It has been made abundantly clear now, that at no point was there ever a shred of evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. Schiff routinely told the MSM that there was ample/damning/direct/clear evidence of Trump colluding on numerous occasions: https://www.google.ca/search?q=schiff+says+that+there+is+evidence+of+collusion&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwio_qTOhafpAhWX4J4KHSa4CscQ_AUoA3oECAsQBQ&biw=1252&bih=706 In case you're not aware, Schiff is the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_House_Permanent_Select_Committee_on_Intelligence Does that sound like a job for a man who played a central role in using the FBI to lead a smear campaign against a duly-elected POTUS? Make no mistake - Schiff directly lied to Americans on a weekly basis, and high-ranking members of the FBI actively lied to the FISA court and to the American people on a regular basis, and the whole Russian collusion was just a political smear campaign with lies, malfeasance and dirty tactics that would shame a banana republic. Schiff needs to be impeached and thrown in jail or the US is a banana republic. FBI members who "made 17 significant errors and omissions in FISA Court applications" need to go to jail like Flynn did, the only difference is that they're actually guilty many, many times over. The MSM outlets who knowingly disseminated false propaganda need to have their press privileges revoked. The media does not exist to spread lies against duly elected officials.
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    It isn't anymore, it can't be as the guy is up on charges. Someone is helping organize and leaving piles of bricks around, fanning the flames of insurrection and chaos. They used to shoot looters. It's not often one sees such blatant thieving criminality and without an ounce of shame, in broad daylight. Watching this criminal behaviour is particularly shocking because these people are so seemingly unaware of what morality is, that they are capable of repeating this action and possibly worse crime, with no sense that they have done anything wrong. They seem to think it's okay to kill a black police officer, beat up women and men trying to defend their businesses, torch a house with children inside https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/dallas-man-beaten-machete-riot-store https://www.kmov.com/news/retired-st-louis-police-captain-david-dorn-murdered-by-a-looter-outside-pawn-shop/article_327ce1e4-a4a9-11ea-8b67-ff8a3d5d9ab4.html who will protest in his name, cos you know - black lives matter Senseless brutality
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    It doesn't require them to shoot people. The military went into LA and put an end to the Rodney King riots just by their presence. The problem here is that the Democratic mayors and governors not only sympathize with the protesters they're desperate to be SEEN to sympathize with them. So they can't bring themselves to take the necessary action to end the riots and looting because that means ending the protests. Can't do one and not the other. The protesters are giving the looters the necessary cover. Since they can't crack down on the protesters, even after curfews, they're largely helpless, hapless and useless.
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    I sometimes get the impression that some don't know what I mean by media "race-baiting." Might as well offer up an example: https://www.lifenews.com/2020/06/02/cbs-news-claims-white-americans-have-contempt-for-black-life/
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    You'd especially expect inadequacy when the government's heart really isn't into handing out free stuff to people. Benefits seem adequate in Canada despite our large bureaucracy although there should be better support for small business' and people threatened by mortgage defaults. I don't see any reason to leave people behind. Front line workers who risked their health during the bleakest time should also be rewarded with a tax holiday and or bonus. History would indicate that opening early is the wrong thing to do. History also indicates countries that take a more cautionary approach save more lives and have better economic recoveries that remain apparent years later in terms of growth and GDP. I don't see much helping the US at all right at the moment. A straight up comparison seems to indicate that socialism is proving more effective at dealing with pandemics than capitalism. From here it looks like a government has to use just as much or more force to impose capitalism on a society as it does to impose socialism on people.
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    If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all...
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    Reporter: "Is that your bible" Trump: "It is A bible"
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    All of a sudden the coronavirus has become old news. Around this same time in 1992 there were the LA-riots. They started from a similar incident, lasted for a while and then the rioters got bored. This time it will be the same.
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    Bull, the action taken against those cops was as quick as possible. Unless there's smoking gun, an investigation has to be done. The president had given the case to the FBI and DOJ immediately. Besides, it's been 4 nights since the arrest. You have to be a fool to think any of this destruction and looting is about George Floyd.
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    I actually agree with you. The indefinite illogical stay at home orders created a tinderbox. Hopefully this is a good lesson for people in charge. You don’t purposely put tens of millions of people out of work for an extended period of time and not expect serious ramifications. I also agree that leaders should have been ahead of this. But particularly mayors and police departments of cities purposely refused to enforce the law and prevent the rioters from taking action. In some cases it was a let them release some anger strategy. It was as irresponsible as the stay at home orders.
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    It’s usually easier for progressive pukes to protest err riot because they don’t have to worry about missing work.
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    It didn't. The murder was monday, everyone...I mean everyone including Trump denounced it and called it an unnecessary killing immediately. He was officially arrested - as expected on Friday. That was 4 nights ago, before the major looting and before Antifa injected themselves.
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    Telling of what ? So called "progressives" are so much better at race baiting from across the border. Obama cop killings riots good...Trump riots bad ?
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    You can shrug this off as media hype if there were isolated protests and riots. They were protesting in Salt Lake City!!!! Dozens of cities participated. The media can't create a narrative about an obvious murder by cop caught on video. The reaction to these murders seem to be gaining traction. Revolutions are larger than the inciting incident. WW1 wasn't really about Franz Ferdinand.
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    But these race-baited riots only seem to be happening in hubs controlled by what I'll call Progressive Socialist (or if you would prefer leftist) regimes. Coincidence, I guess.
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    The pipeline IS indeed in the national interest. We need to make money so the Left can continue to spend it. There is no national interest in banning firearms or SOME firearms. It will not improve life in Canada, enrich us, or make us safer.


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