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    And we now have this racism bull crap going on along with this hoax of a virus bs too add more fuel to the fire. These demonstrations appear to be more about BLM demos of burn, loot, and cause mayhem rather than about trying to stop racism. If anyone now dares to try and criticize the BLM program and agenda , one can now be considered a racist. Some people have even lost their jobs because they dared to question BLM. The leftist Antifa/BLM comrades among our midst appear to be only able to cause mayhem and chaos, and nothing more. How can anyone in a state of a sound mind not see all of this looting and burning and mayhem as a peaceful way of trying to stop racism? This has more to do with the promotion of communism and nothing more. Just my opinion of course.
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    How does that work going from Doug ford, to Justin I can't fathom the thought process here. Unless drugs are involved ?
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    The first cop did not have everything under control . . . . the chief was in and out of the vehicle multiple times, could have emerged with a weapon, took his coat off indicating a possible assault on the cop, and he invited and resisted arrest. The chief is a dickhead.
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    Lol, damaging to its reputation, my foot! That's funny! Everyone knows the reputation of the CBC! What CBC is to Liberals is CNN to Democrats! It's a freakin Liberal propaganda mouthpiece - funded by taxpayers!
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    Because it implies he was harmless as he ran away, not halfway turned around and firing a tazer at police.
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    Expired plate . . . . expired insurance? How would you like the chief plowing into your vehicle full of family members? There ain't no 'healing circle' gonna fix that . . . the 'chief' is a dickhead.
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    Hold it, stop everything. How dare anyone question anything that little commie brat has to say these days. When she speaks we all must listen with adoring and loving ears and hearts. Climate Barbie has all the answer to all of the world's problems. We must all now bend the knee to miss climate Barbie highness. Lol. I would like to book her, Danno. Lol.
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    I really could care less if I were on your ignore list. But only those wimps and cowards will run away from wanting to debate, discuss, and argue with others here whom they do not like, and thus they are put on their crybaby ignore list. why are they here anyway? I am not afraid to debate, discuss or argue with anyone here, and I will never put anyone here on an ignore list. I am here to talk to anyone here who wants to talk to me. I am not here to run away from talking to anyone here. I wonder if I am on the teacher's ignore list? Aw well, what more can one expect from those crybaby losers.
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    I always get suspicious when people use an odd time frame. Forty months? That's a time frame designed to support his point. In truth, no one can point to anything Trudeau has done to improve the economy. His actions have instead been designed to discourage the resource economy, while increasing taxes on everyone else. Canada's economy expanded due to American expansion, which is the norm for us. I might add that our unemployment rate was considerably higher than the US rate. Shitloads of government spending will do that for you. But as debt mounts we're looking at a very uncertain future. Stability? Meaning they're doing anything useful. In past years most of my stocks were Canadian. The last year or so I've found almost nothing in Canada worth investing in. The TXS has not exactly impressed. No, more like transitioning to a country living on borrowed money. Technology juggernaut? Seriously? If that were the case we wouldn't have to underpay workers in our technology sector in order to compete. We underpay them so much compared to what the US pays that we have to import thousands of third world workers while ours flood south to work in the US technology sector.
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    Yes, in the back. Where is the lie you're talking about btw?
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    Obviously you don't have my posts blocked, as I don't have yours blocked. I do enjoy your pretentious posts. I'm easily amused. Carry on . . .
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    There's no doubt the Chief behaved poorly and stupidly, but then the second officer's reaction was heavy-handed and the punch from above to the side of the chief's head, after he was down and being held by TWO much larger men was excessive. This appears to be a case of the officers getting frustrated and taking it out on the man, rather than being an appropriate response. If the training supports that use of force - for tackling a man to the ground and then punching him in the face because he's acting upset and not calmly accepting have his arms twisted behind his back, then that needs to be changed. The punch while the guy was down seals is what really frames the whole interaction. You could even argue that the tackle wasn't that bad, and they tripped up with each other when they went down. The punch is what makes it look like the second cop was out for trouble.
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    A complete course of the drug costs around £5. Good news for some of the less developed countries which are now starting to see a rise in number of infections. Probably be hundreds of quid in the US though, got to keep those profit margins up for the insurance companies.
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    What you suggest is already being done. The issue is also the behaviour of the civilians. We seem to completely detach their behavior from the response it triggers and live at a time when we ignore the behaviour of the individual who gets into trouble that may have contributed to the reaction they triggered. This shooting will be questioned. Whether the civilian had his back fully turned or not when he was shot remains to be determined. This is not a Floyd case where the civilian was cuffed and subdued. There was a crime in progress. In the heat of that moment reflex behaviour from adrenaline kicks in. Without knowing more the choice to shoot may have been premature but the tape shown is not clear as to the angle of the civilian. I am not excusing the choice of force just saying it requires more analysis because unlike Floyd this was not an immobilized cuffed man. The Floyd incident has everyone seeing Floyd in all police actions now.
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    Suck it HDQ! Life Saving COVID-19 Drug
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    In the end it is, and that's exactly why he needed to be shot. But before that was an opportunity to avoid that level of conflict altogether. That is where the focus has to be, moving forward. Officers need the right to shoot to kill to defend themselves, without a doubt. What could be improved on is some more emphasis on de-escalation and defence, in the moments leading up to his arrest. Why arrest at all. He could have been let go, brought home by the cops and his vehicle impounded. Prisons are full, court cases totally backlogged by lawyers and bullshit, and they need to bring this man in. He was fully cooperative. Maybe other things could be done. Warning, ticket, vehicle impounded. Bring him home and see what's going on there, etc. The new police should first and foremost seek ways to de-escalate and avoid the need for detainment. The hotel is full, can't rent out any more rooms. But I suspect this cop felt a little too empowered at the moment he decided to arrest. So, disempower the police maybe.
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    I get your point, and it seems accurate, but I'm not sure radical will do it. They'll just whistle and walk past it like "you can't be talking about me." I don't mind what classic Liberals like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Dave Rubin call them - 'The regressive left.' I personally like 'prog.' It's just a diminutive of progressive, of course, but used with judgement in the right spot it has power. First you have to get them used to being outed under the "progressive" label though.
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    But that is what happened isn't it, in addition to all the other stuff they reported?
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    The big anti-Sir John A. movement relates to his statement that government shouldn't be feeding and housing indigenous. This is taken out of context to try to pin some form of genocide on him, when all he was saying is that it's a moral hazard for government to feed, house, and clothe people. It's a basic debate about whether people should be responsible for themselves and have to work for money to pay for things versus the state taking care of people even if they don't work. The verdict was settled decades ago that creating a culture of dependency is bad for everyone involved, the recipients and the taxpayers. Generally the peoples who have been the recipients of such programs have not faired well over time. One only has to look at the reserve system or public housing to see the truth of this, which isn't to say that a public safety net isn't necessary. We don't let people starve or die in the streets today, and the decision to provide such a safety net evolved over many decades, especially after the Great Depression. Egerton Ryerson, the founder of public education in Ontario, has been another target of protest, based on the idea that he is the founder of residential schools. Of course without the churches and taxpaying public building these schools and providing public education, there would be no public education. Indigenous didn't run schools then. Residential schools were where people who had to leave their communities in order to attend school went to school because there were no local schools. This is still true today when students from the far north leave their communities to attend high school in places like Thunder Bay when there are no local high schools because their home communities are remote and tiny. The main difference today is that now most of these schools are indigenous run and the students are staying with indigenous families. Yet depression, suicide, and substance abuse-related deaths exist today. Read the Seven Feathers about the high school in Thunder Bay. It may be easier for us to look for scape goats to blame for the all the social problems in the world today, and no doubt there were many past injustices. How accountable are present generations for the sins of past generations? This is worth considering as calls for reparations and recriminations abound. Do we seek refunds from the Americans who seized land from the Loyalists who came to Canada? Are the descendants of the first French settlers who lived somewhat peacefully alongside the Algonquins responsible for the various inequities over the subsequent centuries? There is value in reform and it's important to get a fair perspective on past historical figures, but let's make sure we look at the context in which those figures lived and look at multiple viewpoints instead of jumping on a reactionary/revolutionary bandwagon stirred by anger rather than facts.
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    Free trade is more of a right-wing thing actually. The left has done plenty of good for the economy. Things like universal health care and education are great for the economy, and are absolutely a reason why companies set up shop in Canada. Not having to provide comprehensive health benefits is a fantastic incentive, as is having a skilled and educated workforce. Conversely, the "right" has caused all sorts of damage to the economy. The financial crisis was a result of poor regulation and unchecked greed, and it certainly wasn't university professors and SJW's that caused that. Both sides have demonstrated good and bad. The danger is discounting one side altogether as bad, and deciding that the other is defacto "good". That's a recipe for brain-dead politics.
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    Language like "stunned and stupid Liberals" is foolish, as it leaves virtually no room for intelligent conversation. It's not much different for JK Rowling getting piled on for saying "people who menstruate" is her definition of "woman". Nobody cares what she's actually saying, and would prefer to label her as a bigot or, at best, out of touch and foolish. Both sides are are guilty of this, though obviously one side is getting more media attention than the other.
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    “the republic will not erase any trace, or any name, from its history … it will not take down any statue.” - Macron
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    At some point people need to take responsibility for their actions. This instance isn’t even close to being in the same ball park as George Floyd. But the world continues to have lost its mind, abandoning all logic and reason. I’m hoping this will pass soon.
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    It doesn't really matter what it started out to be. Once the chief started acting like Jean Claude Van Damme it was about something else entirely.
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    Free trade was a big one. Are you saying that Free Trade came from the political Left? Have you heard the name Brian Mulroney before? The other things you listed would fall into the category of the social safety net.We certainly need a social safety net of course but not the parts that almost encourage people not to contribute to society. I'm not saying that there have never been big,beneficial initiatives from the Left either. I'll even give you one, from the Chretien/Martin government. They aggressively balanced the budget and were able to do it mainly through deep cuts in spending. Because they were Liberals they had a certain degree of immunity from criticism from the media,but that's another topic. What has Trudeau done that has been as big and beneficial to our economy that compares to Free Trade? Energy? Nope. Debt reduction? Nope.
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    The chief threatened violence against the cop a couple of times, he went into a karate stance twice. He also forcibly grabbed the cop off his wife. The 1st cop didn't have much he could do until backup arrived. He seemed to have patience but he was actually just stalling for backup to arrive. Then the chief resisted arrest. The 2nd cop came in too aggressive, the force was a tad excessive but the chief needed to be subdued. If you resist arrest expect to get hit. If this were a white person nobody would bat and eyelash. Politicians have to say omg how terrible or wingnuts will call them racist.
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    I think a lot of police officers will stop caring and the crime rate will go up. These police officers have families too, their job is stressful enough, do you think the average cop will risk enforcing the law to the full extent knowing that some member of the stasi might be around the corner with a camera ? This is what happens when unions are allowed to run things, like the police union, that rotten cop in the States should have been fired a long time ago if it wasn't for incompetence and stupidity. Because of that now society is affected with stupidity from the other side, low intellect anarchists.
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    Charlie Adam is an actor. He put on a show once before for what I'll call a Soros production. https://torontosun.com/2014/01/17/first-nations-chief-received-55000-from-tides-foundation/wcm/e63d8d29-9c48-4db6-ba64-9c782fb886f2 Would you like to see how phoney this guy actually is? You've seen the video with your own eyes. Read the description from the left wing Huffington Post on what he and the progs of huff po say happened then all you have to do is ask yourself what you believe - next year's Oscar nominee's performance or your lying eyes. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/adam-allan-rcmp-beat_ca_5edc16fcc5b64a0af20f21c0
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    I disagree. I suggest you and hubby watch it again. The first cop had decided to arrest the chief. He grabbed his wrist and the chief was pulling back and cursing him. The second cop came rushing in and "tackled" the chief (not smashed him in the face), bringing him to the ground, which is standard police tactics for a suspect who is resisting arrest. The chief brought it on himself.
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    I don't think the second cop should've thrown that punch. however, the Chief was aggressive, he took his coat off ready to fight. All he had to do was stay inthe car, but he chose the aggressive, confrontational route. T cops could not allow him to drive the truck with expired plates but he thought the law didn't apply to him.
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    Yeah. That's what hubby explained to me. The first cop got everything under control - it was the second one that came rushing in who smashed the face of the chief.
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    You are not. Police are not taught to stand by passively while a civilian initiates a move to invade another police officer's safety zone and then resist arrest. They err on the side of caution. In a situation like that a gun or weapon can be grabbed off the police officer to kill him or once close attack is initiated it may be too late to prevent harm. In this case the police officers acted as per their training. The only infraction was the intervenor using the term phacking . The Chief actually should be charged we with disorderly conduct, assault uttering a threat. This was a routine stop forcing expired plate. Chief Adam over-reacted. Had he stayed in the car, they might have only given a warning on the expired plate. All the people filming I guarantee you won't have the full episode. One of the reasons the police car is parked as it was is to enable the car camera to record the stop. The only reason this is in the news is because of Floyd. Now in every incident of any will have everyone comparing 8t and claiming 8tsxanother Floyd if the person detained is non white. This trivializes what happened to Floyd and other issues of abuse. Most people have no clue shat a safety zone is or whatbhappenxcshdn you penetrate it.
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    The 'chief' is a dick . . . .
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    Yeah you missed where the 2nd cop showed up and escalated things for no good reason and without so much as a moments thought.
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    What is the goal of the people(large numbers of them)doing the rioting and the looting?What they all have in common is that they would all identify as progressives. They have no intention of waiting until all the facts come out on this case. It's difficult to disagree with anyone on the left because of the inevitable cries of racism.
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    Or in other words, if one is white you are privileged. Seeing that North America was founded and settled by white people, why would they not pretty much have all of the jobs? Although today in North America it will be nonwhite people that are starting to become the privilege ones. Don't believe me? Just wait and see. And the more new immigrants coming from nonwhite countries the worse it will get for white people. Believe it or not. Racism appears to be now against white people. Prove me wrong if you can? The floor is yours.
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    I had to backtrack on this thread to find out what it was actually about. Near as I can figure the one above was the last on-topic post. I think he has a point. In fact if you look around it's almost like the progressive left is hijacking religion. There are all kinds of treatises online about how Global Warmists are like religious Zealots. I think novelist/Doctor, Michael Crichton had some good ones about that. The Pope is a total Progressive. Religion in general is rejecting traditional values to shift more to social justice warring and less about God and spirituality. Marx said religion was the "opiate of the masses." The progressive/neo/cultural Marxists of today seem to be about foisting a new drug on the masses. And if you don't agree you're a heretic. You need to be attacked until you're submitting on your knee.
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    POEM Author: Unknown Monk 1100 A.D. When I was a young man, I wanted to change the world. I found it was difficult to change the world, so I tried to change my nation. When I found I couldn't change the nation, I began to focus on my town. I couldn't change the town and as an older man, I tried to change my family. Now, as an old man, I realize the only thing I can change is myself, and suddenly I realize that if long ago I had changed myself, I could have made an impact on my family. My family and I could have made an impact on our town. Their impact could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world.
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    The "Employment Equity Act" forces systemic racism in Canada because it requires employers in Canada to discriminate on the basis of race when making hiring decisions.
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    So ... you're suggesting taking away constitutional rights of freedom of expression, association and assembly? Or that are they only for white people? Clarify ... ?


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