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    F*ck Black Lives Matter.
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    We can agree Hitler was far more racist, given what he did, but Churchill’s many imperialistic statements have not aged well. From that viewpoint, Churchill was a man behind his time, a 19th century figure who lived to see his beloved empire destroyed and Britain become a very junior partner in the so-called special relationship with the US. Anyway, I don’t know why we are so concerned about the presence or absence of any racism at all rather than overt racist acts. We are all racist to some extent, all tribal. The trick is to control that tendency.
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    Not sure if anybody took the time to watch it last night , it was short and sweat, actually impressed it was fairly controlled, no cat fights, yelling or scream, people talking over one another etc....maybe because CBC did not officiate ….it went well much better than the French debate which was more like the traditional political debate we have seen... https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/conservative-leadership-candidates-direct-jabs-squarely-at-trudeau-liberals-in-second-debate-1.4989357 I was watching the morning news on CTV, and was puzzled by their take on the debate, they framed mr Mackay as the winner because he had the best answer to systemic racism....which was one of dozens of topics during the debate. In my opinion , in todays world this topic is NOT the number one issue, nor should it be the key to framing the debate....one would think how are we going to get our economy up and running after covid 19, and creating more jobs, and how are we going to tackle the debt....but also finding solutions to some of the issues highlighted during the pandemic, like supply chain problems with key pieces of medical equipment, PPE, critical medications...what is going to work going to look like , child care, etc... and what about our Seniors homes, what improvements are we going to make in that area....and some where in all of that we have to look at the accusations of systemic racism in all our governmental policies, and departments....but is it really the number one problem here in Canada....
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    I watched it a few days ago, but I didn't see him turn. Well, he turned his head, but his feet kept on running. He turned to look behind him as he ran away, if I recall. Then pointed the taser behind him and fired, but he wasn't looking at the target when he fired the taser gun, and the shot went way off. The whole even is both stupid and unfortunate, but you have to put the onus on the police for what happens. They already presumed control over the civilian when they stopped him, did the test on him. He was in their detention at that point if you will, although not yet arrested. It's easy to pass judgement from here and hindsight has 2020 vision, yes I know. But I am not a cop. I don't have their training, I don't know what they're supposed to do in cases like this. It just seems to me, as a professional in a different industry, I take authority over situations I am responsible for, as an expert. As a police officer I would think handling a dumb, unpredictable goon in a parking lot with two officers on site would be one of the first items on my training to-do list. I have no opinion whether they should go to jail or not. Plenty of things can be changed, training, blah blah blah but the essential recipe for social violence is still there.
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    OK, I see you are incapable of civil debate. Rather than report you to the mods I think I'll just put you on ignore and it'll be just like you never existed. Bye y'all.
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    Jimmy Kimmel feeling the blackface heat...takes summer leave. https://thehill.com/homenews/media/503540-jimmy-kimmel-announces-summer-leave-after-blackface-controversy
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    I cannot see where the cop kicked the guy. I only see a still photo of the cop apparently standing over the guy. I need to see a video of him kicking the guy. Until then, this is just more leftist liberal anti-white bull going on here. Just saying.
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    Now progressives are getting relatives of police officers fired from their jobs. Atlanta officer involved in shooting mother in law fired from the mortgage company she worked for. These people are sick and disgusting and are destroying our society.
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    Your transferring most of the problems that they are having in the US and slapping them on Canadian police departments, such as police unions do not have the same power as they do in the US, Rayshard was an American , living in the US, those cops are American and has nothing to do with Canadian policing at all. Most Canadian police found guilty of offenses are generally dismissed from the force ,... Problem with body cams is a tech thing, they are big and bulky, they can be turned on and off because the memory is that that large, and problems with clarity as well they are not built as well as most cell phones...and they are expensive, that is not a police department problem but rather those that are funding them....including our government....and they are talking about defunding.... Most of our nations police officer are doing excellent jobs, and the few that are not can't hide any more...you can't have results like 99.9 % of inter actions have a positive outcome and have a department full of bad cops....I think their record speaks volumes.....we are debating this topic because of special interest groups feel the need to transfer a US problem here to Canada...It has already been shown here that more white people are killed by police than any other minority and yet there is a systemic racist problem in our police forces. From 2007 to 2017 there has been 461 fatal shootings recorded by all police departments.... it does not say out of how many inter actions but just the RCMP has 2.7 million in one year, so im guess well over 40 to 50 million nation wide over a 10 year period, and only 461 ended in a fatal shooting, you calculate the odds of getting shot by a Canadian cop....I think you got more chances of winning Lotto max....I think we the people have to come to terms that cops may not be the only problem, maybe it's us because some of us are just assholes.... https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/longform-custom/deadly-force
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    Indeed...the entire video of the encounter was pretty typical and friendly...until he grabbed the taser and ran....and shot it at the officers.
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    Here, check this out. It's a documentary about Spengler's views on culture and civilization, etc. About 24 minutes long.
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    Perhaps we could get officers Friday and Gannon to give those Antifa kids a talking to.
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    Canada has a strong economy too. Canada, US, Germany, China, UK, France, Bangladesh - all of them have different economies with their own unique challenges. Economics apply to all of them equally. We're not losing the oil sands, and I don't think you even really understand what bitumen is or what it's used for. A lot of Canadians seem to think we're pumping thick, sandy tar out of the ground and sending it to Houston to be refined into gasoline or something. It's too expensive to refine for that, so unless we go back to the absurd prices we saw back in 2008, it's mostly not worth pumping for combustible fuel. In reality, it's mainly used as a binding agent and most of it gets used for stuff like asphalt or reservoir linings, for which it's fantastic. If Alberta continues to struggle fiscally, they can do what the rest of Canada does and implement a sales tax. You'll not find a lot of sympathy from the rest of Canada for crying about budget deficits when you don't tax as much as the rest of the country. It's the same reason why much of the rest of Ontario gets frustrated with Toronto for whining about their deficits (their property tax rates are lower than everywhere else). Anyways, the oil market's collapse is a good example of why you don't make your economy a one-trick pony. For the record, I'm strongly in favor of pipelines and the Alberta oil industry, and also get frustrated how the rest of the country (BC and Quebec in particular) are being obstinate with them. From how much you were focusing on this, it seemed like you thought I was bashing it or something.
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    Pierre Trudeau statue's face painted black...is Justin jealous ? https://www.cp24.com/video?clipId=1980271
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupy_Wall_Street This is probably a safe prediction for what will happen with these protests, ie. what happened with Occupy.
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    1. So I got you to NAME them. I looked them up and they support Democrats. You say "it doesn't matter - they are Communists". Do you have any evidence of that at all ? I am really tired of asking for you to back up your assertions. 2. No, I will accept evidence. You are wrong on that, and labelling me doesn't help. I identify as conservative, sorry. 3. No, it's anecdotal as you admit. You are showing a handful of examples. 4. LBJ was a racist, and I know this rom reading many books about him. 5. Right. But they do matter and you have provided two outliers. 6. Oh, FFS. You don't "see" any blacks... don't give me that. Anyway, I will be ignoring you from now on. You are getting high on your own supply, which is only interesting when I am very very bored. Calling Democrats "Communists", supporting wild-eyed black idiots who love slavery, claiming black people will flock to Trump. It is very crazy and retarded thinking IMO. You should trumble on to where the other tumbleweeds agree on crazy sources like BlazeTV and comfort each other with your beguiling stories of the 20% black vote that Trump is getting
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    Both parties have had successes and failures with strong mayoral and police partnerships in the U.S....examples would include Daley in Chicago, Rizzo in Philadelphia, and more recently, Guliani in New York City. Aggressive policing, incarcerations, carding, etc. were supported decades ago. Hell, Democrat Joe Biden wrote the 1994 Crime Bill that put 100,000 more police on the streets with more firepower. Those models won't work anymore because of other pressures and priorities on top of pre-existing social and economic conditions. Democrats are hell bent on keeping political power in urban zones, while Republicans have staked out the suburbs and flyover country. Most of America's largest cities are now firmly under Democratic control, and they are not doing well. Sanctuary cities have become the latest fad to undermine old fashioned law and order. King Solomon never had to win elections.
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    1. I googled the 3 people singled out in the article. 2 have openly endorsed Democratic party candidates in recent election so you are at least 2/3 wrong about them being Communists. 2. Ok well the public thought otherwise. 3. You are picking off strange extremist viewpoints in the black community that don't seem to have any influence. You can stop using 'Communists' now - see #2. 4. Not a prediction, this: "The beginning of the black anti Democrat groundswell on the other hand was already much bigger than that when this BLM,/Antifa push towards the November election began with the Floyd case." You said WAS. Show me any evidence of a groundswell that excededs... anything. 5. You said THIS "Go ahead though, don't believe your lying eyes." So what was I supposed to be seeing Let me guess: A GROUNDSWELL OF BLACKS RAGING TO SUPPORT THE BLACK GUY WHO THANKS GOD FOR SLAVERY ?!? 6. It's NOT becoming more possible every day, it's going the opposite way. Well the polls you picked are outliers and don't even agree with each other. The article supporting one of them actually says "Another Rasmussen poll found that one out of four black voters agreed with Joe Biden’s statement that a black voter who votes for Trump isn’t really black." I'm so disappointed. It's on you now to admit there is no groundswell, although you may be hoping for one.
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    I'm not Jewish enough to use Yiddish, meaning 'not at all'. Feel free to be my proxy though. I'm waiting for that groundswell and saddened that politics has now become people quoting back their street-pamphlet-level ridiculousness...


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