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    No kidding. Lol. CBC had that as "news!" I said that just before Trump won the presidency! Didn't I say that Trudeau will be on Trump's hit list? Did the book say why? I know why. It started with Trudeau's big mouth and being partial (if not openly supportive of the Democrats, touting his so-called bromance with Obama), with his bitchy drive-by potshots against Trump! Didn't Trudeau play that up that he became like a "rock star" to Dems ptsd and tds casualties? Lol. Trudeau has openly identified himself as siding with Trump's enemy - and now, it's news that Trump dislikes him? Get outa here! We saw the first obvious sign when Trump got Trudeau waiting outside for several minutes during Trudeau's first meeting with Trump at the White House. And ever since, Trump's been getting him with every opportunity he has! If Trump wins again - it will go on. It's been long too late for our PM to shut up. Trudeau - and Canada, along with him - will have to weather and endure Trump for another 4 years. Lol. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump has anything to do with Trudeau being denied the UN Security Council. Maybe, Trump was also busy calling up leaders, doing some anti-Trudeau campaigning. Who knows. Like him or hate him.................................... Trump's got some clout with foreign leaders. And, I suspect Trudeau is disliked by a lot of foreign leaders.
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    In revolutionary times is common for the members to turn on each other. Just look at the French Revolution. All they needed is: J'Accuse J'Accuse.
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    Now even that venerable old NDP warhorse Stephen Lewis is starting to feel troubled at the way angry progressive shut down debate and mob anyone who dares to disagree with them. Mind you, he seems mostly upset when they do it to other left wingers... I’m a boomer, and the circles I travel in lean pretty heavily social democratic. A lot of us are Canadians-for-Bernie types, readers of The Guardian and Vox, a bit ashamed about our fossil fuel consumption, enthused about long-overdue reckonings with racism, appalled by police brutality. Some of us march in Pride parades and donate to Médecins sans frontières. We are progressives, but I suspect that some would dispute that claim because our brand is insufficiently pure. I’ve about had it with the way too many progressives go about their business. Liberal democracies are admirable precisely because they are liberal, in the classic sense. Freedom matters, especially freedom of expression. I am a John Stuart Mill liberal: the silencing of an opinion – even and especially one without much merit – robs humanity of “the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth produced by its collision with error.” A sign that a movement has become sclerotic and dangerous is when it stifles debate and turns on its own. Totalitarians such as Stalin and Mao wrote the manual on silencing dissent and dissenters. The progressives have not sent Ms. Rowling to the gulag or Margaret Atwood to a re-education camp, but their hegemonic impulses flow from the same well. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-jk-rowling-backlash-shows-how-progressives-are-turning-on-their-own/
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    Your question is not logical. It presupposes to be Conservative one is against gay marriage or women having final say over what they do with their bodies. Neither issue is automatically rejected by one who would be Conservative and in fact under traditional Conservatism both could be defined as individual rights that the State should not decide for individuals. I think you need to revisit the labels people use these days when they call OTHERS conservative, liberal, progressive, racist, etc. Too much labeling and assuming what others think or believe without taking the time to ask them. Edmund Burke is often considered the classic example of a Conservative. If you find out anywhere in his writings he was anti abortion or anti gay let me know. As for me if you want a label, I like kosher doughnut ahole. Have a nice day. I love PEI. Viva Spud Island ( McCain Slave Colony)..
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    Lol. You can't cite it, huh? I know my Bible. It doesn't say anything about any sop. Okay. Get back to me if and when you find it. Happy searching. bye-bye for now.
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    Prove it, cite something. You know the drill, evidence is the responsibility of the positive claimant and your own subjective experience is just that, your own.
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    IMO the best of the bunch is O'Toole although I would prefer Leslyn Lewis but would like to see her as an MP first.
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    ...you know...from a comfy armchair mit der snifter of brandy.
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    It's always easy to say how YOU could have ended the Battle of Stalingrad six months earlier than the generals did.


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