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    This risk is overblown and appeals to an unnecessary sentiment. Monuments are not history in and of themselves and nothing is being forgotten. Tearing down statues commemorating individuals who wound up being on the wrong side of history do not erase history and individuals in the present have the opportunity to learn from those who didn't have the wisdom to choose the right side in the past.
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    You know I certainly have no desire to truck or trade with China's dictatorship but this sounds a lot more like our inabilities than China's ability. It also sounds relatively easy to substantiate with evidence of some sort. The numbers of people required to conspire in a coordinated manner to achieve this kowtowing must be large enough to have produced by now a few whistle-blowers or disgruntled employees motivated by politics so where are they?
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    I just googled CTV National News for June 13th and this came up: https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1970845 You have to watch 3 thirty-second commercials every time you go into their vault and I'm not here to make money for CTV so I won't be watching any more of their videos, but the headline segment here is a good example of how intentionally ignorant & inflammatory their news coverage is. "Killed after falling asleep at a drive-thru" is their entire opening comment about the Brooks shooting at the beginning of this newscast. Then they go a voiceover of "We, as a country, can't breeeaathe anymore" while they're showing some footage, and then there's an angry black man jabbing his finger at the camera saying "Black lives matter! They alwaayys matter!", as if that's supposed to be news. They didn't start with "killed after punching a cop, stealing his taser, and shooting it at the officer". Not even "Killed after passing out drunk at a drive thru and getting into an altercation with police", they just open with their blatantly misleading & inflammatory quote. CTV is pure filth. You can mange mange mange all you want. It will tickle your hate bone and get you all fired up to go chase some windmills. If you want to find the quote I mentioned earlier, you can wade through their feces and watch their commercials, the fact is that it's it's there. Your comment above is just stupid. CTV carefully phrases their opening monologue, and it is never a casual mistake that it is the exact way that it is. They neglected to mention all of the key elements of the event, and their coverage paints a grossly misleading picture of what happened. If that's good enough from one's perspective, that explains why so many people have such a limited/backwards understanding of most news events.
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    Why do you guys seem to think conservatives posses an ability to agree that the left doesn't? Look at the different conservative factions we have in Canada that always seem to be attracted to he strongest looking populist that's edging farther to the right. The same thing is happening in the US with the GOP and its Ross Perot, and Tea Party etc and even Trump isn't right-wing enough according to pundits like Ann Coulter. It seems the times have been revolutionary for some time now and across a much broader spectrum. I like to think what's really driving the divisiveness is a more fundamental struggle between those who govern and those who are governed. Recall that question in the Political Compass quiz, In a civilized society, one must always have people above to be obeyed and people below to be commanded. It's not just a yes or no answer given the room left for the counter question why? There are anarchistic desires on both the right and the left and if they ever manage to overcome their partisan differences we could see a new ideology and alignment of interests develop. I'd argue we're seeing this same development struggling to emerge on the governing side as evidenced by the greater respect and accommodation being afforded dictatorships by democracies. Governments are not exactly birds of a feather but they don't mind flocking together. Governed people need to start doing the same.
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    Where do you start. Lavalin you bet Trying to lecture the world on feminism, climate change, yes. Trying to suck up to the UN by taking passive shots at Trump didn't work. His inept handling of disputes with Russia, China and Saudia Arabia, of course. His under-funding in NATO, yes. We have unresolved conflicts with Brazil and Iran. He pissed off the 5 eye allies New Zealand, Australia, and Britain over his approach to giving Hua Wei a contract in Canada that would have given them access to sensitive military information. His support of Kurds in their war against Iraq alienated Turkey. As far as I am concerned none of it really matters but only some deluded narcissist after alienating that many nations would think he could perform oral exercises on remaining members to get on the council. More to the point the council is a flaccid body. Not even Justin's famed oral abilities could get it excited.. . I am sure Justin still dreams of a Nobel Peace Prize on the toilet every night. That is the only throne he will sit on. Besides he can continue to exercise his talents with his best buds Billy and Seemus now that he has ceded the day to day matters to the PM in waiting Ms Rosedale Hedge Hog. My prediction is he does not run again. He will let Ms. Hedge Hog run against Pistol Pete sensing defeat. Ms. Hedge Hog v.s. Mr. Anteater Face. It will be a wonderful election.
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    Obviously it's not overkill. If it were overkill, you would have gotten the message. But you still think it's safe to travel to the shytehole U.S. and bring back the virus with you. So you obviously need to hear the message some more.


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