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    There's no doubt that you can argue in favour of trans women in sports - the fact that they're allowed to participate makes that explicit. What's not so clear, however, is the ability to argue against it without being labeled as transphobic. The pile-on of Martina Navritolova is a good example of this, and far from the only one. Though Martina ventured a little too far into rhetorical scenarios when she originally spoke out (and gave ammunition to her critics), her argument was pretty straightforward and clearly demonstrated the unfairness of the current environment. If transwomen are not allowed to compete in women's sports, there's certainly a question of where would they compete, but then there's also the question of why should their feelings and needs take precedence over the women in sports that they displace or unfairly compete against?
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    Try to disagree on much of social media - which is the new public square - and your accounts will be immediately banned. Try to give a talk in real life where you disagree and angry mobs will show up to silence you. People will call your employer and try to get you fired. You'll get death threats. Try to disagree in the UK and you'll find the police at your door. This is not about arguments. This is about threats, and about a belief by the the most influential elements of the Left that their social views have the status of sacred texts and anyone who disagrees is not simply wrong, but literally evil. You cannot have a dialogue with people who are filled with hate for anyone who disagrees with them. Just ask Meghan Murphy - a far left feminist who is now constantly threatened and de-platformed and accused of being a Nazi because she opposes the trans agenda activists. When that advocacy involves threats and determined efforts to silence opposition it's considerably more than advocacy.
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    I think the belief is implicitly "promulgated" by the continued participating of trans-women in female sports. It does seem to be a point that the right-side of the debate really hones in on and exaggerates, but don't be disingenuous and pretend it's not happening. That it's unfair to have transgender men clobbering female athletes in competitions is obvious, so the arguments supporting their inclusion are ideological whereas (in a real twist) the arguments against them are both scientific and objective. Regardless, you really, really don't have to look hard to find examples of LGBT advocates piling on to people who speak out against trans men participating in women's sports. "Transphobia" is the usual rallying cry.
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    CNN reported on claims that Jussie Smollet made. They reported on his story of what happened to him, which is all they can really do and then they roasted him after it turned out HE made it all up. I'm right with you in that I think CNN (and other outlets) were overly quick to grab on to this story and promote it, but this is an issue of editorial bias. They reported the information they had and were clear about where it came from. Misinformation is something altogether different. This is the deliberate spread of fake stories, claims and theories in an attempt to persuade (primarily) gullible people. The Seth Rich conspiracy falls into that category. There was no basis for the story whatsoever. It came out of thin air. Going back to Facebook and other social media, the insidious thing about these platforms is how they can be so successfully micro-targeted towards dumb and ignorant people and how there's no accountability for it. At least Fox News or CNN can be sued for deliberately promoting slander/libel. When a purpose-built shadow-corp is promoting conspiracies on Facebook, nobody can do much about it. Unfortunately there are a lot of uneducated and loudly opinionated fools that get their news from Facebook, so there's an obvious problem there.
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    Why do you continue to play dumb? Does it help you feel better acting like a child. Advocacy journalism isn’t a new concept. It happens all the time, through the segments that networks decide to air, or the guests they decide to have on, to the stories or editorials picked to run in newspapers. Grow the fuck up already.
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    1. Asking her name. 2. Waiting for her to ask you. 3. Brushing your teeth and showering and getting all your shots before 1 and 2. 4. Identifying and successfully treating any usual growths, lesions, wounds prior to 1 and 2. 5. Making sure you are wearing clean underwear. 6. Cutting your finger and toe nails. 7. Avoiding the use of these words: lpork, kant, puh-c. 8. Cutting your nose hairs, ear hairs, cleaning the skunk from your eyes and belly button and between your toes. Clear up all acne and fungi. Rocket science Cougar. Sheer rocket science. For Gawd's sake man buy a bottle of wine, some candles, and try Gato Barbieri's Last Tango in Paris or anything Marvin Gaye, Midnight At The Oasis by Maria Muldaur, ( all classic make out music). Geezuz man some breath mints too. I had no idea you needed dating tips. I myself find holding doors open, kissing hands, offering roses, avoiding at picking or grabbing or scatching at any of your body parts as well as not burping, passing gas, helps as well. You also may want to leave the trailer. Maybe splurge and rent a room at Motel 66.
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    After Harper lost this was portrayed as an indictment of his government, his style, and his foreign policy by Liberals, including Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Michael Ignatieff, as well as the NDP, of course, and much of the media. Trudeau made it the central plank of his foreign policy, so much so that he bragged "Canada's Back" to an adoring crowd of Foreign Affairs bureaucrats and to the UN, as if the 'bad' days of Harper not doing our traditional role of always avoiding taking a stand on anything was now over and the world would love us again. Unfortunately for him he then went on to mismanage almost every important file through his endless virtue signalling. He made a fool of himself in India, and then blamed the Indians. He was all-but booted out of China when he tried to lecture them on womens and labour rights. The US government treats him with barely concealed contempt. The Russians laugh at him. The Saudis hate him. He pissed off everyone from Vietnam to Australia and Japan with the stunt he pulled at the TPP signing. What a joke this guy is.
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    A study of gun control measures in Canada shows no impact on the number of homicides or suicides. Shocker. Dr. Caillin Langmann, an emergency medicine professor at Ontario’s McMaster University, has completed a very thorough study of gun controls and their impact on crime dating back to the 1970s. His conclusion: “No beneficial association was found between legislation and female or male homicide rates.” Nor was there any connection between “firearm prevalence rates per province and provincial suicide rates.” The biggest factors for suicides in Dr. Langmann’s study were “rates of low income, increased unemployment, and the percentage of aboriginals in the population.” The biggest impact on homicide rates came from youth gang involvement. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/columnists/gunter-gun-controls-hardly-accomplish-what-its-advocates-think/wcm/1fcbb340-4b32-4298-95c8-5b2875b466ac/
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    But liberal across the country love him for some reason.....just goes to show you if you got good hair , whacky socks and like the works uhhhmmm and aaahhhh, lets not forget a constant lying, loves to deceive people about anything and everything, loves to sign agreements and then tell the world we are not going to do that ….and somehow he will find a reason to blame all of this on Harper....it's not Justin it is all of his followers....that are the problem....


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