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    Well-well-well. Just what I suspected and expected. I am surprised that not one member here went about wishing everyone to have a happy Canada Day? And why is that? All the leftist liberals here all think that Canada is such a great and wonderful multicultural country and is supposed to be full of happy Canadian people who say that they love their Canada but yet would not celebrate it here by saying to us all to have a happy Canada Day. Why is that? I can easily say without regret that I can not celebrate Canada Day anymore because the old Canada is no more. I think that I know why this may be so? Nobody really gives all that much of a crap about Canada anymore. I guess that we can thank all of our dear wonderful political leaders in Canada who have been trying to eliminate as much of the old British/European Canada and culture for decades now and who were the ones responsible for making Canada great at onetime. Today, it is not about the old Canada anymore. It's all about the new Canada and the rest of the world now. Canada has and is still being flooded with millions of way too many incompatible cultures that look at Canada today as a place where I can immigrate too, and take advantage of all of the free goodies that Canada has to offer. They like to pretend that they are Canadian, but in reality they are just empty words. If they loved their new home, called sucker Canada, then why do they start up a business in Canada and put their own foreign language on their business signs? Should those signs be in English only? Indeed, they should be. It's called assimilating into their new country and culture. The language of this country is English, not some other foreign language. On Canada Day approx. 1000 Canadians marched to the American Embassy in Ottawa, and started to shout "We Love Trump" on Canada Day of all days. WTH? I guess it is probably safe to say that those in that march in Ottawa do not much give a crap all that much about Canada or celebrating Canada Day anymore in Canada. I cannot blame any of them. But thanks to those two globalist comrades, old man, and young punk Trudeau's, they are the ones that started Canada on the road to ruin. They both have tried to make Canada a multicultural hodge-podge of a way too many cultures country, and they both have pretty much succeeded. Canada is not Canada anymore. It has now become a new Canada where the rest of the world and their foreign born cultures has become more important than our own Canadian culture of the old Canada itself. I am not sad to say that I am one with those protesters who have appeared to have had enough already of this globalist comrade Trudeau, and his continuous destruction of what was once a great British/European nation called Canada. So long old Canada, it's been good to know you.
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    Donald Trump has never been charged with a criminal offence. If he did we would have heard about it a million times by the commies in America and here in Canada also. On Canada Day, of all days, approx. 1000 Canadians marched to the American Embassy in Ottawa and shouting "We Love Trump". I guess that those Canadians preferred to want to support and celebrate Trump rather than celebrate Canada Day. But why bother celebrating Canada Day anymore anyway? Canada died long ago thanks to those two comrades old and young punk Trudeau's who have pretty much turned Canada into a communist like country. If young comrade Trudeau had his way, this website forum would be gone. The young punk hates freedom of speech unless it is his version of freedom of speech. I was happy to see and watch that video of so many Canadians marching for Trump. There would probably have been more but I guess that not too many people were able to get there because of distance.
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    I agree. Polanski should have been extradited to face justice decades ago. Failing that, he should at least have been shunned by Hollywood.
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    Why? It's like a disease and it keeps spreading.
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    No cites for most of this, and the single cite is misrepresented by you in your summary. My thoughts are that alt right hysteria is a thriving cottage industry.
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    Donald is that you ?
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    1. This is not evident. I seem to recall strident positions against conservative views about several topics, from climate change to firearms regulation, to the point of not respecting such views, let alone protecting them. Perhaps you are making a finer small c conservative distinction now. 2. I think that is the issue...the American framework invites conflict by design, something that Canada abhors..."peace, order, yada, yada, yada". Many leftists no longer tolerate opposing views that clash with their "values", including hate speech, "microaggressions", abortion on demand, gender identity, etc. to the point of seeking to silence others as peace. The American narrative has a different set of rules that are not so easily reconciled in a Canadian context, despite drinking from the fire hose that is American news and social media platforms. It is too volatile and dangerous for the Canadian palate, but many like to watch.
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    He could, but statute of limitations is running out, especially if he gets re-elected. Just trying to get Trump on something will probably not fly, and his attorneys would just strike a deal for anything that sticks. MUST...GET...TRUMP !!!
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    I think one of the mistakes people make is believing there is any leadership in the LGBTQ and other communities. There isn't. No one is chosen as representatives of Blacks or Gays or Transgenders or Indo-Canadians or 'the left'. What we see, what we hear are activists, who by their nature tend to be shrill and extreme. I remember seeing an interview with Douglas Murray a while back where he laughed at the very idea there even WAS a LGBTQ community, as if they all hung around together and had the same beliefs. They don't. Gays and lesbians, he said, have never really thought much of each other, both are suspicious of the BIs, and they're quite divided on the Ts. None of them chose the 'representatives' who purport to speak for them. Similarly, groups like BLM do not represent the Black community. They're a radical left activist group which by its nature attracts people with extreme views.
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    Dr Tam obviously tries to evade saying wearing a mask helps lessen the risk of acquiring and spreading the virus (and she goes on the usual talking point of physical distancing and washing your hands).....and yet, she emphasizes that asymptomatic people can spread the virus! I feel like I'm being fed bull! Here's the question: If you don't have the symptoms, how would you know you don't have it? HOW THE HECK DO I KNOW IF SOMEONE IS ASYMPTOMATIC? For all we know.....I COULD BE CARRYING THE VIRUS (ASYMPTOMATIC), AND I WOULDN'T KNOW IT EITHER! If the virus can hung in the air (from someone's breath), and you can possibly get it by inhaling that invisible breath - what good is washing your hands? You ALSO need a mask! The mask is there to protect me. Why should I leave it to faith that everyone will cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze? The mask is there to protect others (just in case I have the virus)! If they're worried about people rushing to buy medical masks - why don't they just say so, and keep reminding people to leave the medical masks alone for frontline workers? Tell people they need to have a face covering, for heavens sake! Be it a home-made face shield, a scarf, a balaclava......or, even a BURQUA!
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    Better late than never. Betsy, I unreservedly and unequivocly apologize. You were right about masks and I was wrong. I dip in and out of DP from time to time.
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    I'm sad for the people lost, and hardships suffered by so many. I'm glad our leaders paid attention to experts, including changing their response and advice as more was learned about this virus. I've no doubt mistakes, large and small, were made by people in leadership roles, individual healthcare workers and citizens across the country and the world. With rare exceptions, I do not believe mistakes were made through maliciousness or because someone didn't care. I remain grateful that Canada has fared relatively well and that few people can answer "yes" to the question "Do you know anyone who has Covid-19."


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