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    I don't see you even mentioning the pandemic and unfavorable economic conditions in the past couple of years. What do you expect Trudeau to do; or you thought Scheer was going to do better ......for the imaginary country or its diverse citizens? Every country is going through the same thing, increasing their national debt, which begs the question who the debt is to. My guess? The Marsians. What is 343 billion? I can tell you exactly how much that is: 6,305 tons of gold. And the gold is in the ground like it never existed. Not a big deal. Get it out of the ground and pay the f* Marsians. This should somehow illustrate to you the pointlessness of your national debt worries.
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    Just a question to all liberal voters, are you voting liberal because it is a family tradition regardless of who the person is or do you vote on what their party platform is, does their personal character come into it.... Last question how many times does it take before someone calls Justin out on his third trip to the ethics commissar. CBC ran this story with a commentary from a liberal advisor this morning , he repeatedly said "this is nothing to worry about", and the conservatives are going to make a big deal out of it... Nobody in Canada's political history has ever gone before the ethics commission more than once, Justin has been there 3 times now with 2 convictions...and this is nothing to worry about....And still this guy is ahead in the polls, what does this say about liberal voters...
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    I think that one important factor is random drift of the first-past-the-post system. The first-past-the-post system encourages only 2 parties having power and representation, which creates polarization and feeds into tribalism. Also, by reducing representation of many political perspectives to zero, which is what occurs in a first-past-the-post system, bad ideas often go unchallenged and unchecked. If, let's say, the conservative party were to elect a hyper religious candidate, then this would encourage more hyper religious people to join the party and alienate non hyper religious people. This means that more of the party membership consists of hyper religious people, which increases the chance that the next candidate will be hyper religious. The same would be true if the conservative party elected a libertarian candidate, a crony-capitalism candidate, an anti-immigrant candidate, etc. It would be similar if the democratic party were to elect a centrist candidate, an environmentalist candidate, a socialist candidate, or a woke candidate. This mechanism allows mainstream political parties to drift significantly from the will of the electorate for decades. Because there is little competition between parties in a first-past-the-post system, this means that there is little electoral choice to keep random drift in check. In Canada and the US, we have randomly drifted to a place where there is essentially zero political centre. Also, in Canada's case there is zero political diversity within the parties in the house of commons. This is a result of having leaders such as Harper, Trudeau, and Trump and the direction they have taken things in. A slight change in luck could have resulted in a very different political landscape today. If you look at Australia or the UK, there is more of a political centre and more political diversity within parties, so what we are seeing in North America is in part bad luck and political drift. While this doesn`t explain all that we are seeing, any solution must involve the abolition of the first-past-the-post system.
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    What i mean is, Michael and other centrists aren't going around accusing everyone of being a racist white supremacist or telling immigrants to go back to their "sh!thole countries" etc., which is the type of rhetoric that gets headlines and reactions on twitter. Centrists with reasonable but not inflammatory arguments don't get the eyeballs these days in the current media landscape. It was a compliment towards you. Some people just don't believe in free speech unless they agree with that speech. The whole point of free speech is to put up with opinions you don't agree with. Preventing people from speaking their minds is a political act, it's about power and controlling the message. As I said, many of these woke types are mini tyrants in sheep's clothing. We're in a culture war, but always have been, it's just changing and in certain areas more conflict is arising. Demographics have and are changing dramatically as has technology, which is resulting in the current environment. IMO this is the new normal unless demographics and/or technology changes significantly again. When I say demographics, I largely mean a shrinking white population and a growing non-white non-western population. Conflict is inevitable, especially when whites (and straight cis white men especially) have dominated the pulleys of power for centuries in the west. The growing non-white population logically is fighting for their space and representation and wants to dismantle the white male historic power structure, sometimes in constructive and egalitarian ways I support, and other times in ways that shift the balance of power too far to their side which isn't equality but turns into another form of inequality. This is why the rise in white nationalism, and the opposite on the left. Since demographic trends aren't changing any time soon I expect this will continue for decades to come. I think it will be like a pendulum that keeps swinging, when real equality means the pendulum should stop in the middle, which is the centrist position. People on the far left and far right are at war with each other, culturally, & fighting for their own interests while often not empathizing with each other.
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    Most likely - you're not either! How do you know your current polling are factual? Lol. Remember Hillary?
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    So you're not basing your opinion on anything factual.
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    No I'm not, I addressed the point that your ignorance is your fault. The points you want addressed were addressed in the post you responded with when pointing out your ignorance. If you'd like to point out exactly what it is you don't understand I'd be happy to go over them again . Given your comprehension issues I'd need confirmation you actually know what hypocrisy means. Perhaps an example of where exactly you think I'm being hypocritical would help. Thanks.
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    I'm not sure what Trump has to do with this. He had nothing to do with the protests across the country. Every governor is telling people that while they've reopened, mitigation is very important. I guess if Trump had been more vigilant in his language about wearing masks, some people might have gone along with it. But many still wouldn't have. Trump has nothing to do with COVID policies in Florida, George, or California, or anywhere else.
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    The U.S. economy is rebounding faster than Canada's, which was already in trouble even before COVID.
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    $2000.00 a month is not "well-provided for". Many people have monthly mortgage payments that are more than that, or rent that is half that and more. If their income has significantly reduced or disappeared due to Covid, $2000 a month might help them hang on a little longer, but thats about it. Ohhh, scary ... "downright" socialism! The bogeyman of the elite! The scourge of the massively wealthy! The great levelor of the politically powerful! No socialism allowed here, dammit!
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    Yes. I was trained by medical professionals. And you... are trained by Google? Heh heh heh
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    It still doesn't change the fact that......Donald Trump Cheers US Economy After June Jobs Surge Despite Covid-19 https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/donald-trump-cheers-us-economy-after-june-jobs-surge-despite-covid-19-2256156
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    It still doesn't change the fact that...... Donald Trump Cheers US Economy After June Jobs Surge Despite Covid-19 https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/donald-trump-cheers-us-economy-after-june-jobs-surge-despite-covid-19-2256156
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    Under President Trump - it didn't take long for the USA to make a ROARING economic come-back! Donald Trump Cheers US Economy After June Jobs Surge Despite Covid-19 https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/donald-trump-cheers-us-economy-after-june-jobs-surge-despite-covid-19-2256156
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    Some stuff one doesn't need links for. One just knows. It doesn't matter whether of not we know how many degrees warmer the world will be in 2050, or when the Himalayan glaciers are finally going to disappear, or when various species will be done existing. It's intuitive that a planet of finite size with finite resources cannot sustain an ever increasing population without that population having a detrimental effect. You don't need links for that. You can get stuff from links. I'm sure NASA and the IPCC and the NOAA have got lots. Of course, if one is determined not to believe them, what good are they? Better just to go with the obvious.
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    Most of those on the political left don't give a rat's ass about being fiscally responsible . Just keep spending and borrowing,no real long term vision there. Most Canadians seem to be asking only what the government can do for them.
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    Progressives are losing their shit over a letter signed by 150 prominent people arguing against cancel culture.
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    No our national sports are: 1-complaining about line-ups at Tim Horton's; 2-complaining about the weather; 3-complaining about taxes 4-sending obese Quebec males in speedos to parade up and down beaches in Florida. Next may I say I love you and Ah Mare Eekah. Very nice country. Many guns. Much bad beer. Very nice country. Melania me love you.
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    This latest story tells me that Trudeau thinks he is above the rules and I would agree with that. His supporters,or perhaps more appropriately, his fan base, don't seem the slightest bit concerned about this newest apparent breach of ethics guidelines. Maybe they're not even aware of it. Let's face it,this story isn't going to get much exposure from the media. Think of how they covered Dean Del Mastro, for his campaign finance violation. Front page, in shackles. How about Liberal Marwan Tabbara? Assault and criminal harassment charges,barely a mention and nothing when it actually happened. The bar is set very low for Liberals isn't it?
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    Nor does the Canadian public apparently.
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    No cites for most of this, and the single cite is misrepresented by you in your summary. My thoughts are that alt right hysteria is a thriving cottage industry.


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