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  1. Joe Biden **so far today**: ▶️Forgot which state he was in. (Tweeted that he was in Pennsylvania when he was actually in Ohio) ▶️Forgot Mitt Romney's name and instead referred to him as "a Mormon." ▶️Forgot which office he was running for. https://t.co/wxgMfpdq0B
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  2. Voting fraud is acceptable in Canada as long as Liberals win.
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  3. Joe Biden's drive-in rally shown on CTV - I don't know if there are even 50 cars in there. The honking doesn't sound a lot, either. Youtube video of the rally doesn't even show the lot! There's nothing to show! Compare: Hahahahaha Covid 19 gives Biden a good excuse! Hahahahaha
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  4. A conservative was just gunned down in the streets by ANTIFA and not a single “mainstream” news outlet has asked Joe Biden to condemn the organization he called “just an idea” We don’t have a media in this country anymore. We have activists posing as journalists. Charlie Kirk He's right... The Denver shooter who killed a Trump supporter: -is a registered Democrat -was a part of the occupy protests -followed radical far left politicians on twitter -followed accounts against cops & an accoun
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