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    So the Trudeau government is set to ban a bunch of macho-looking rifles in Canada, even though they really don't do anything a lot of other rifles do, and even though everyone involved in policing recognizes that almost all illegal firearms come across the US border anyway. The cost will be $250 billion up front and another $150 million a year for for years. But we all know it will be a lot higher. It always is. And the reason for this billion dollars is not really a reduction in crime or the illegal use of firearms, it's to buy popularity for the Liberal party among urban progressives who know nothing about firearms except they don't like them. The government is exploiting the Nova Scotia tragedy for crass political gain despite the fact the killer had no license and used illegal weapons which can be easily obtained because the government refuses to do anything about weapons smuggling, or the illegal sale, purchase or ownership of firearms. Remember this government passed more gun control legislation in 2018 and still hasn't' implemented it because the point was to be seen to be passing the legislation. They know the legislation won't do a thing anyway, but they got the good publicity for passing it, which is all this style over substance government ever cares about. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-ottawas-gun-ban-to-target-ar-15-and-the-weapon-used-during/#comments
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    Take a look at the Tdot Godzilla threads. Take a look at the starter headlines and responses. Same scripts. I urge everyone to ignore them and watch how fast they will repeat with a new name. Also take note of the new posters who come on their threads then vanish.
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    And 9 billion to buy the young vote again. And it will work. Canada is doomed and will be a failed state if we do not get rid of him.
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    I think the increasing media spotlight has a lot to do with it, it puts a ton of pressure on politicians and their families. What sane and reasonable individual would want to go through that? Put their families through that? First, the cable news 24/hr news cycle, and now the recent social media landscape is so brutal. Politicians are under constant scrutiny. 40 years ago that just wasn't the case. Even 15 years ago you didn't have daily twitter freakouts.
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    The only reason the nonsensical farce about 'missing and murdered indigenous women' became a thing is the cowardice of politicians, especially Trudeau, and the racist far-left ideological views of the media. The narrative they've tried to put out is of an uncaring white society which ignored the murders and sexual assaults on native women, which indeed, was responsible for such murders and needs to make restitution for them. Rarely did anyone in politics or media have the balls to point out it was native men who were responsible for the murders and sexual assaults of native women. Nor was it ever part of the narrative that the solution rate for the murder of native women was almost identical to that of white women. Instead we get these bleeding heart narratives all over the media and from activist groups which do nothing but play into the victimhood cult that so many natives have now embraced.
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    Rex Murphy is one of Canada's most well-respected ivy-league commentators. Many see him as a east coast liberal, but he's also a economic and political pragmatist. He just wrote a piece in the National Post, letting us know exactly, what he thinks of Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-only-the-greens-and-separatists-could-find-opportunity-in-a-pandemic "There is the great number of people who leave their house every morning to put in an honest eight or 12 hours in a mine, oilfield or forest, and another set who tweet a lot, shuffle out grim press releases by the mile and stage gimmicky protests, all in an effort to stop the first bunch from having any work to go to. The hive of climate activists do nothing but sneer at those who keep the nation moving." "This latest battery from May reveals a cardinal element in the green world: environmentalism is a species of snobbery."
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    I usually fish this time of year and usually catch fish. But not this year. Few fish left for a variety of reasons. Garbage along the highways, however is in abundance. And I discovered that I do not care much if I have a fish at the end of the line or a soiled diaper at the end of my litter picking stick; both are a measure of success. My rough estimate for our "virgin" Northern British Columbia roads running through what used to be breathtaking scenery is that you can fill up a bag every 50 to 100 meters doing both sides of the road. If you see 1 item, you find at least twenty items when looking around. The most common items are beer cans, followed by McDonalds cups with a plastic lid, straws, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, cigarette boxes, plastic bags, auto-parts, tires, container lids, lunch boxes and trays. Diapers are not that uncommon; found 3 of them today; I sometimes catch 3 steelhead on a good day. Went up along a forestry road in the middle of nowhere in the Nass valley and in the 2km I still found two bags of plastics, cans and other garbage! You'd think if this is a result of a few bad apples, the rest of us, the cautious ones will be able to clean after them and live in a tidy place. Since this is not the case, I have to assume that the majority of our population are bad apples with just a few good ones here and there who are drowning , like me, in this crap. Since fish are disappearing (surprise surprise), I am convinced that a day will come when those morons chucking their garbage where they see fit, will be served that soiled diaper for dinner and that old bottle of engine oil for a drink! In the past two weeks I have removed over 12 bags full of garbage. Still a drop in the sea!
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    Everything China has exhibited to the world shows it as being far more vicious and brutal to its own people than the US has ever dreamed of doing. Further, while the US once threw its weight around more freely throughout the world, particularly in the third world, they were restrained by a free press and democratic values. Their actions abroad were subject to being reported back home, making the voters unhappy and giving ammunition to the other party. China faces no such restraint. It has total control over its media and no opposition politicians. It can threaten, bully and overthrow local governments all its wants without hesitation. Which is probably part of the reason why they're building a bunch of aircraft carriers, to project their military strength abroad. It is already bribing government leaders into signing on for government loans which can't be paid back, then seizing ports and airports in those countries as recompense. And a government willing to roll tanks over its own students is not going to be the least bit restrained in doing it to other nations and their people.
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    Been talking to a few people in RL about the lousy choices we seem to be offered for political leaders lately, here and elsewhere. We're a country of 37 million people, and it seems to me that none of the major politicians at any level are even people to be respected, much less admired. None seem particularly intelligent, honest or charismatic. None have any real leadership qualities, any vision or integrity, none seem very brave. There's no one on the federal Liberals' front bench that deserves respect. None of the Tories running for the Conservative leadership is more than a second rate or third banana. The NDP are led by a cretin who seems intent on making his already irrelevant party even moreso. Down south, I watched a Democratic leadership contest with two dozen candidates who had no clear vision, no ideas, were not brave, smart or charismatic (except for Sanders, who is a loon). What a dearth of talent. Mind you, it wasn't as bad as watching the Republican's last primary, when everyone involved except Bush was a laughable moron you wouldn't trust to walk your dog. In the UK, Boris Johnson seems like a breath of fresh air mainly because he's at least willing to brave the torment of the press and political correct in saying a few things he honestly believes in. A few of his party seem sane and sensible. Most of the rest of the leadership of the UK are nut jobs, especially in the Labour Party. France is run temporarily by an idiot amid the riots and soaring deficits. The EU is a collection of dull bureaucrats. There isn't one leader in the West that deserves the term. So how come? What happened? Why do we get such losers in politics? Why don't more talented people have any interest? Is it TV and its breathtakingly shallow imagery? The fact most people pay almost no attention to what's going on before voting? Do we blame the lumpen masses for chewing their cud while obediently voting for the usual crew? Is it the lack of time people spend on politics or that they have less time than was once the case? If the voters demanded better candidates would they get them? And what's a better way of indicating lack of enthusiasm about candidates than simply not voting, as more and more people have chosen?
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    This happens after a military member dies while on duty, opposition parties and selected media outlets do a story, just how old our military equipment is , people read it gasp say holy shit I did not know...then turn the page like nothing happened.... well here is another one of those stories, a similar story broke , the last snowbird crash, investigation found that the aircraft was to old and should be replaced, they were looking at running a purchasing program....but like everything else it was stuff aside for something else....today the Tudor aircraft is 57 years old bought when Diefenbaker was PM...anyone remember that guy.....parts for these aircraft are taken off old aircraft in storage, or made from scratch.... these aircraft are scheduled to fly for more years than we would like.... It is cheaper to bury soldiers than it is to buy new equipment.... how cheap do we have to be to put one of our own citizens lives in danger so we can save a few bucks... It's time to put these issues to the forefront, and on the election ballet, but they won't we will continue to bury our troops and act like we are all good with those decisions.... It must be a source of pride for a lot of you.... https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/commentary-snowbirds-face-an-uncertain-future-with-aging-planes-dwindling-budgets/ar-BB14j6gf?ocid=spartanntp
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    Not sure what you mean by "the first story was the good intention"....the suspect died while in police restraint/custody despite numerous pleas for help and obvious respiratory distress. Criminal charges are usually not filed against police for on duty actions until an investigation is completed, grand jury convened, etc. Civil liability and a large settlement from the city/insurance are presumed. The police chief and mayor should also be held accountable for the actions of these officers. The female perp in Central Park didn't commit any crime unless the police cite her for a false 911 report and/or animal abuse because of the way she was handling her dog on and off leash. Two crazy events...one much more serious than the other.
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    Sitting hear giggling to myself. Cougar put this vision in my head of him gamboling about under the mountains, along the rivers, harvesting his mushrooms and berries when he runs into a grizz. And he's thinking to himself 'you know what would come in handy right about now? What Justine calls an assault rifle.'
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    The British parliament is still in operation. Australia's parliament has not shut down. The US Congress is still functioning. The French National Assembly continues to operate as does the Italian Parliament. Why is Canada's parliament shut down? Because the Liberals like it that way.
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    Art portraying controversial imagery? Whatever shall we do? It's basically an editorial cartoon. I don't know why he apologized.
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    First rule of CT is that somebody involved in a conspiracy will be incapable of keeping their mouth shut. David Brooks has covered VP Biden for many years and he believes he is a man of integrity.
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    That opinion seemed to me to be nothing more than the malicious spew of someone who does not like gun owners, does not like what he presumes their culture to be, and feels comfortable in denouncing them for it. He never even tries to justify his beliefs with the suggestion this would do anything about crime. Never even mentions hunters. To him, people with guns are just bad, and besides, they won't vote for his political party, so the hell with them. Take away their guns and (he repeats this) put in place heavy prison terms for any who dare to refuse! Notice he never mentions actual violent criminals shooting up cities, as if they're not important. Then in a throwaway line at the end says "oh, and uh, step up border controls to keep American guns out" as if that was even remotely possible. This is just a lefty who hates gun owners and like a lot of the left, feels perfectly comfortable in his hate and contempt, and in having the government punish those who deviate from his own views. There is no acknowledgement that compromise is the basic building block of a democracy, just a zealot's uncompromising disdain for those who think differently.
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    People of Canada are in fact partially responsible for where we are now and the reason is very simple and clear APATHY , We as Canadians believe that the moment we exit the voting station on election day our job is done when in fact that is just the start. We should then watch everything that our leaders do and when we do not agree we should be writing letters ( they are free , no postage needed ) we should be Calling the toll free line to the PMO ,Faxing letters and E-mailing. But that is not what happens. People will go on social media and complain but that is where it usually ends.
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    ..and you see no legal, privacy, civil liberties, freedom issues with your suggestion?
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    https://dailycaller.com/2020/05/08/supreme-court-ruth-bader-ginsburg-encouraging-immigration/ And "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal stalwart of the bench, wrote the high court’s opinion." She pretty much wagged her finger at the left-flavored 9th circuit and chastised them hard like a 90 year old dominatrix. That was odd...I think. I wonder how this affects the idea of sanctuary cities. Having a law like this in Canada might be something to think about. Have to wait for the next administration though.
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    One of my offices is in WY, and we have assets scattered all over the place in remote areas. They simply don't get bothered by criminals. When someone first gets there, they are given the instruction to call out to an invader - so they will look at you. You are advised to put a round right between their eyes. You can legally kill someone in self defense, but there needs to be evidence that they are coming towards you rather than away. The placement of the shot is so you don't have to waste any time with cops and lawyers. Since nearly every adult male is carrying (and a significant number of females), seldom does anyone provoke a response by trying a criminal act. The remote areas? I assume even the bad guys know that if you do a nasty, someone, somewhere in the state is going to catch up with you and the consequences will be severe. Here is SK, we have an area around the Battlefords that is the highest crime rate in Canada. A few years back, someone people came into the farm yard of the Stanley farm, armed and inebriated and began stealing vehicles and accosting family members. The driver (who had a loaded rifle) was approached by Mr. Stanley with a handgun and in the ensuing scuffle, the gun accidentally discharged and killed the driver. After an armed conflict, it took the police well over a quarter hour to respond. SO, what was he to do? Watch his property and family suffer at the hands of the armed, drunken criminals or try to do SOMETHING to stop the attacks and theft. The law is AT LEAST 15 minutes away. Ask the criminals to wait??????? (BTW: spare me the violins from the Liberal talking sheets - you weren't in the interview room or courtroom to hear the whole story). In a rare instance of judicial clarity, he was found not guilty of second degree murder. I don't like the idea of a bunch of weapons in every household, but I like even less the idea that the virtue signalling politicians will take away the rights and privileges of millions of law-abiding Canadians to buy the votes of the politically correct set while doing NOTHING to protect the citizens from actual criminals. When the consequences of getting caught are essentially nothing at worst and getting sent to a rest home to get a good education in how to commit more and better crimes while furthering your criminal network we are going in the wrong direction. BTW: I caught a guy who had broken into one of my trucks a few years ago, and held him physically (until his accomplice arrived and helped him get free, grabbed him again and once more he managed to slip out of his jacket and with help of second guy got away. I was sorely, sorely tempted to pound the living crap out of him when he was alone and even more when his backup arrived, but a little voice in my head said: "you are in Canada and can NOT afford a charge of any kind that would screw up passport, etc.". We are in a small city, I live three blocks from the cop shop and it was almost a half hour before they got here. The only thing that saved the day was that when I was holding the thief down against the seat of my truck, his wallet slipped out of his back pocket and the RCMP found it burried in the snow. The little bastard snowed the courts and some kind of feel-good group who seemed to think that all he had to do was apologize to me and I would show up at his sentencing and put in a good word. When I pointed out that the little bastard was a career criminal in an organized crime spree who did NOT give up his accomplice, her response was that "there was no accomplice". She was so frigging stupid as not to realize she was speaking to the one of two people who knew with absolute certainty there was a second and critically important person (his handler - kid was a juvie, other was not). RCMP told me in no uncertain terms they would have charged me with a crime if I had tuned up either one of the pricks. We will move out to our farm in the future, and you can believe I will keep a really mean dog or two and any threat will be met with canine violence that the perpetrator will NEVER forget.
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    I can guarantee you that not only will a significant number of dissidents not comply, they will develop networks and methods to undermine the gubmint's attempt to confiscate all banned firearms. Hell, the gubmint couldn't even confiscate all the banned firearms before the latest mass shooting. The fun and games has already started for modification kits, parts changes, records obfuscation, sales & transfers, "collectors", etc. Last time I checked...heroin was illegal in Canada too.
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    Not so, even Trudeau admitted that the majority of crimes were committed with illegal guns Liberals know their gun ban won’t work -- from their own study of the issue last year which concluded: “The vast majority of owners of handguns and of other firearms in Canada lawfully abide by requirements, and most gun crimes are not committed with legally-owned firearms. https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/cnslttns/hndgn/index-en.aspx Not too mention, the Chilean mortar m57 was never imported to Canada but made the liberals prohibited list, just more deception/ Matt Gurney, writing in the National Post, said the Liberal legislation “banned” some guns, ignored others and called it a day, without making Canadians any safer. Exactly.
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    You do know we have a dictator....right?
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    Some are quite different than that, like the black Muslims in the United States. They go way back, before the Al-Quaeda BS. We all know that Mohammad Ali aka Cascius Clay was a Muslim. He was probably one of the greatest inspirations of my life as a human being. Black Islamic leaders in America were/are Elijah Mohammad and Loius Farrakhan. They may not be your favourite persons, but they don't threaten to impose Sharia on anyone nor run people over on sidewalks. These are American Muslims.
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    I guess that's why they said assault "style" weapons, to get rid of the wannabe lookalikes. Makes sense to me. That's a testosterone binge itself for the "yahoos" spoiling for a fight for the rights of the far right and spitting mad with isolation anxiety. That's an immediate problem. And the increasing trendiness of assault "style" wannabe rifles is a problem in itself. If it looks like one, now you can be charged as if it is one? Just like replica handgun gets you an armed robbery charge. Makes sense to me.
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    The fact they had to reach back 30 years ago, says a lot in these new ambitions, not to mention as the vice PM as said she linked domestic abuse to assault wpns as well , abuse of women and children all linked to this country having assault looking wpns…. Bill Blair states that Canada is being militarized....by having these wpns… well it's not because we are spending money on defense thats for sure.... I would not even try to reason with any lying liberals, if SNC and the countless other scandals have taught us anything people who vote for the left, honesty is not a trait they are looking for, in fact they don't give a rats ass, it's become a trait they look for... The next question is when are the conservatives going to get their shit together, and get a leader that can lead...then get rid of these pieces of garbage, that we are stuck with now.... I don't own any of these wpns, but i'm sure they are not cheap, last time I checked they with all they attachments 5they run about 5000.00 to some fetching 14,000 I wonder what fair market value is going to be.... and how much will the buy back program cost.... and would all this money not be spent fighting illegal guns...say at the borders and through theft . or is this just something to take our minds off that they had spent over 250 bil fighting the virus in the first phase....I wonder how much the 2 and or 3 rd waves are going to cost.
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    Trudeau and Blair used the terrible tragedy in N.S. which was committed by an unlicensed criminal with illicit firearms, to push through a non evidence based law by by-passing democracy and Parliament. Yes other leaders have used an O in C for other legislation, but this is a minority gov't exploiting a tragedy and pandemic resulting in Parliament not sitting. Non evidence as they have not provided us with a shred of evidence that this will stop criminals from using illegal guns. Even if you are no fan of guns, every Canadian should be outraged that our democracy is being subverted and that their government is lying to them about what their actions will accomplish. Why is the gov’t stating that military grade firearms are available in Canada legally when they are not, automatic weapons as used by the military are allready banned. The magazine size and capabilities of military weapons are allready prohibited in Canada.
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    And his sudden interest in blaming China is coming about because HE is being blamed for screwing up the pandemic response and can't figure a way to blame the Democrats. God knows he has to find someone to blame because Trump has never taken responsibility for anything in his life. Action against China needs to be taken by a united West, but Trump has spent the last three and a half years attacking and insulting other western countries and leaders. Instead of involving the rest of the West in a united effort to force China into obeying international trade rules he flailed about wildly at every single trading nation from Canada to Europe to South Korea. Yes. China and Russia have moved swiftly to increase their influence around the world while Trump has still not even filled the vacancies at the State Department left when Obama's appointees left, including a quarter of ambassadorships.
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    The Auditor General's office has been begging for more funds for quite some time now, not much given the hundreds of billions the Liberals are tossing out the door, just $10 million. The Liberals have refused to address his request, and refused to answer any questions from the opposition about it. The AG has had to put off five audits his office was scheduled to do, and now they're so short of funds it will be impossible to probably examine where the Liberals are directing all that money supposedly intended to fight the economic malaise caused by the Covid19 virus. Given the way the government is acting on this file that appears to be their intention. Masses of money are going out the door in every direction and parliament is closed down for some reason, which makes it very convenient for the Liberals. Even more convenient if a party known for its corruption has no AG oversight. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-the-opposition-asks-the-liberals-do-not-answer?video_autoplay=true
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    We flattened the curve, and made sure hospitals weren’t overwhelmed. That was the point. It wasn’t shut down until there’s a vaccine. The goalposts have been moved. Btw, there might never be a vaccine. If you expect people to live this way indefinitely you’re insane. Especially for a virus that if you’re healthy and under 65, has a minuscule chance of killing you. The whole world has lost it’s freaking mind.
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    It wouldn't be so galling that the Libs can't give the veterans a fair shake, but they give away a billion dollars left and right like it's no big deal. The Conservatives don't throw money around like it's burning a hole in their pockets but they can't seem to do right by veterans either. Obviously the greens would never give anything to them, and Jagmeet Singh can't be trusted to do anything decent, nor can the NDP, traditionally. "Thanks for your service, thanks for risking your life and losing a limb, too bad you had to see things that would give ambulance drivers nightmares. Carry on. Oh, and you get to live with returning islamic state terrorists too, but we call them 'fighters' now (just like you)."
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    I go easy on David Suzuki. He's worked extremely hard to teach science on the Nature of Things, and some of the programming is just fascinating. He does better when he doesn't sensationalize environmentalism. I went to one of his speeches and he screamed out at the audience. "If you drive an SUV, you don't give a shit about the environment". He needs to learn not to shot himself in the foot. He also said that he told the natives on the Queen Charlotte Islands, they don't need forestry jobs... Just so they can buy worthless junk like "Madonna records and Nike shoes". He says they have peaceful communities, so they don't need capitalism. It's the disdain for the people who want to work, that drives me crazy about environmentalist. It's one thing to go after the corporations, it's another to be condescending towards to blue collar worker.
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    This was the same doctor that Youtube took down and banned his video. Youtube CEO said that it pretty much violated some Youtube policy. Basically, it is a censorship policy of Youtube that says that they will not allow anyone to have a different point of view to that of the deep state elite big pharma globalists Gates policy. Gates to hell and fraud Fauci must be the only ones to be believed and heard. All others, like the doctor above, are considered nothing more than a bunch of medical quacks and who are out to try and sell their snake oil. The real quacks and snake oil sales people are the likes of Gates and Fauci. Those two fascists needs to be ignored and censored themselves. They can only offer we the people doom and gloom. It's doctors like the one in the video are the only ones who can offer us hope.
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    That smacks of ethnocentrism. Who are we to tell other countries how to govern themselves? I say we stay out of other people’s businesses, and they stay out of ours. Your ideas are a soft from of neoconservatism. Like Jeffersonian democracies will sprout up all over the world if only we did things differently. History says otherwise. Learn from it.
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    I do not believe a damn thing China says. Get me some proof Spanky.11 million. Pretty ambitious. That is a hell of a line up. Kind of like Tim Horton's before the quarantine.
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    This is the kind of attitude the government wants. Compliant non-questioning people that lack critical thinking.
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    If you are fine with using a tracking app then go for it. Make it voluntary and there will be much more compliance, supporting the actual tracking goal. Force people ("mandatory") and there will be far more pushback.
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    If the government wants phone information from the people, then it should ask people individually for consent, and financially compensate them. If a government were to explain well their reasons for wanting this information, then most people would gladly consent, especially if they get free money out of it. An authoritarian approach to obtaining such tracking information is not necessary.
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    Yes, and his shtick is also scoring mega brownie points with the anti-Tdot whiners here lol but hey since it's clear that they need me to login and control their, emotions, then I refuse to let them down.
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    Interesting how Maduro wants to talk about the Bay of Pigs but not his fellow drug pushers like Noriega or El Chapo. I'm thinking if America really wanted him he'd be sharing a cell in supermax with one of those guys.
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    That is what Doug Ford has said, and vowed to ensure.
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    Just like the abortion debate has lost all sense of reason at both of the far ends of the spectrum, the gun debate lacks a lot of sense at both ends too. - Leftists are correct - a 30 round mag is not necessary, especially in Canada where armed militias aren't a part of the constitution. They haven't been for a long time though (if they ever were) and this round of legislation had nothing to do with that. - Leftists are correct that assault weapons should be illegal, and they already were, long before last Friday. Leftists never thought about the fact that when criminals know that people may or may not have guns in their homes, it makes them less likely to commit home invasions. If there were no guns in Canada then home invasion would be a huge problem. Basically any dude over 250 lbs with reasonable low body fat could go home to home with impunity, armed with just a bat. There are a lot of homes with just seniors, or just a woman and her kids, or a small guy from accounting who can't bench 100 lbs.... The fact that there are 10M homes in Canada with guns in them is a HUUUUUGE deterrent to home invasions.... far more than police. People never shoot home invaders here either. It's never necessary. No one ever wants to get into a gunfight so that they can steal or protect a tv. - Gun owners are right: the NS shooter had absolutely nothing to do with gun control laws. - Gun owners are right: legally-owned guns are an extremely low risk to Canadians, probably 20th on the chart of murder weapons. - Gun owners are right: there are lots of ways to kill a bunch of people, and truck attacks and bomb attacks have had far higher body counts than guns. Trudeau doesn't have a clue wtf is going on. He's just pandering to the group of people who were brainwashed by American propagandists (who probably have a far more reasonable case than our anti-gun crowd does).
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    I agree more with: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." and by doing that I found out it works better for the individual when you think about something bigger than yourself.
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    I defer to all Godess's comments. I believe how women should be dressed is an issue for them to decide as individuals. As a man I will dress the way I want. I do not go about naked out of a basic decency for my fellow homo sapiens who do not need such a sight. On that note it is absurd for Maroc to call anyone racist and then exhibit intolerance to others and perpetuate concepts based on sexual identity needing to be repressed with attire. Thank you I do not need a burkha to help me control my penis Maroc. Some of us have evolved past that.
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    "Nothing" is the appropriate answer. The Liberals might have a minority but the Left has a majority. The other parties would be thrilled to ban any and all firearms in Canada, and would do so with a great sense of glee and without regard to the cost or effectiveness. The Liberals have done this now because with a 250 billion dollar deficit, eh, what's another billion or so? Also, with no house of commons they won't face daily questions from the Tories revealing just how useless this move would be. Trying to explain why Rifle A is banned while Rifle B is okay, when they do and perform exactly the same way, can be uncomfortable. They certainly don't want to have to admit the ban is based purely on how macho the gun looks. Nor do they want the Tories pointing out multiple times every question period that almost all gun crime is done with illegal firearms and that they are doing nothing about that.
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    Do you believe we should be bringing in more deadbeat dads who abuse their wives and daughters? According to the last survey 62% of Muslim women now wear some form of head covering in Canada. That number is up from 52% ten years earlier. Wearing this religious gear is, to me, a repudiation of everything secular, a statement made by the wearer that they are a Muslim first, and adhere to conservative Muslim teachings. And nothing we know about conservative Muslim teachings is good. Most of it is extremely hostile to us, our values and our beliefs. So it is not the actual garment that I don't like. It is what it says about the person wearing it and their beliefs and values.
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    No, I don't find headscarves threatening. I've stated many times that they can be a cultural thing and in that sense, can be quite pretty. I don't agree with young girls being forced to wear them. They are not making the choice and I don't agree with forced wearing of them - husbands and fathers who don't allow their daughters and wives to go to school, university, have a job or leave the house without them. Yes, the niqab I view as barbaric. My views on headcoverings match quite closely to Marina Lazreg's thoughts in the book "Questioning the Veil". She's a Muslim woman, well-traveled and I defer to her insights on the topic of "choice". (I started a thread based on the book and quoted portions of her essays, if you care to read them.)
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    There are a few really good choices on the Conservative side. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candice_Bergen_(politician) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelle_Rempel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Wong


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