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    I'm shocked you guys haven't jumped all over this. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/pm-trudeau-s-mother-brother-and-wife-were-paid-to-speak-at-we-charity-events-1.5017697 The irony of getting paid that much, and giving that much taxpayer money (almost a billion) to promote volunteering is laughable. This is textbook corruption by the Trudeaus. Sadly with the country distracted by COVID and the Opposition without a leader, this probably won't effect him too much.
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    Remember Mike duffy and how the media kept that front page news for 3 yrs. The media is sickening in this country.
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    With all that has come to light about the shady dealings, financial irregularities, forced employee NDAs, firing of the chair and then the entire board by WE it is simply beyond belief that no one in the entire liberal government thought to simply google the so-called charity whilst doing their so-called 'due diligence'. If this is the way entities are investigated by this government, I wonder how many other under-the-table deals are going on right now with no oversight what-so-ever.
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    I didn't read the whole list but all of those things are several orders of magnitude below Trudeau's laundry list of actual scandals. Things Trudeau did that weren't even considered 'scandals' because no laws were actually broken are: ceasing the fight against isis, denying that islamic state was committing genocide, allowing terrorists to come back to Canada and re-branding them as 'fighters', intentionally spreading covid in our country (let's face it, anyone knows better than to leave the flights open from a pandemic zone - even the gov't of China restricted travel from Wuhan to the rest of their country), telling Canadians that our budget would eventually balance but racking up debts of $10B or more every year, giving away billions while telling our vets to kiss his ass, constantly denigrating Canadians and creating culture where it's ok to discriminate against police, 'white folk' and Jews, covering up for muslim terrorists attacks in Canada (the Danforth shooter was an 'incel' lol), attacking Canadian gun owners by using events which had nothing to do with our gun laws, etc.
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    On another note . . . . . Stephen Harper acted like a Prime Minister. He had the bearing, the education, the intelligence to speak with depth and clarity, knew how to dress and shave . . . . the list is long. What we have now is an uneducated, unqualified, inept little boy . . . despised by world leaders, seen as a joke and a fool where ever he goes, and an embarrassment to Canada. Not too proud to be a Canadian at the moment . . . .
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    Mysteriously, medical professionals have used masks for hours at a time and suffered no ill effects. This has been going on for decades. Your film is is a lie.
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    By the time covid is gone, the enduring legacy of it will be: 1) Massive carnage among small to medium businesses, while mega-corporations like Home Depot, FB and Amazon experience growth 2) Twice as many deaths as a regular flu season, but almost exclusively in the very elderly demographic. People of middle age or lower will have very few deaths, and there will be less than 1% of the deaths of a regular flu season among children. (Less people will die of covid in the US this year than die of medical mistakes every single year, and at the height of the covid 'pandemic' in BC, more people died of fentanyl than covid. Yet covid dominates 70% of our newscasts as if it's the biggest killer ever, and everywhere we go we are indoctrinated in the fear of covid) 3) The government has effectively used the MSM as a fear-mongering tool to exert a huge amount of control over us, possibly even forcing vaccinations on every single one of us, even though nothing that they have said and done during the Covid scare has made any sense. Remember that liberal politicians on both sides of the border did everything possible to kill people via covid at the outset - now they all act like they're the champions of the cause. They did things like oppose travel bans, encourage large gatherings in Feb and March, encourage rioting & looting (large groups of people in close proximity exerting themselves and looting buildings), told people NOT to wear masks, put infected people into care homes... (Honestly, lib sycos need to look over that list and try to find a single example of me not being 100% correct - and what I'm saying is = "Libs/Dems intentionally killed tens of thousands of people"). There's no room left for stupidity as an excuse, the overall pattern is too overwhelming. When you look at #s 1 & 3, you can see how covid has been a blessing to a small few elite companies, and how they could easily see the value of promoting C19 hysteria. FB and other social media, busier and more profitable than ever during covid, are all notorious for shutting down all talk of HCQ, and are pro-vaccination. Social media and the MSM are acting as the book-burners and brownshirts of the covid fascism. The government has even allied themselves with agents of social chaos/terrorism in Antifa and BLM. And at the end of the day, when you look at all the things that are wrong with fascism/communism/socialism, compare the actions of the liberal NA gov'ts with the rise of Hitler, Stalin, etc (dither about the differences between fascists and communists all you want, a lot of the evil things they did were achieved the same way) and you see a lot of similarities: The government is killing the entrepreneurial spirit of the country (more gently than true communists) and narrowing down the economy to fewer companies which all promote their screed, stripping away individual rights and freedoms, exercising extreme control over the main societal narratives through their modern-day brownshirts (FB, Antifa, BLM, state-controlled media, etc), pushing false narratives to divide the people, diminishing the power of legitimate policing, increased dependance on the gov't by citizens, etc. The attack on police, by malcontent losers and the liberal government, is outright disgusting. The complete frenzy that liberals go into when you say HCQ is very telling. They don't want a cheap, off-patent drug to protect us from the monster that is covid, which could eventually kill 0.05% of us if we're not careful. We will have our freedoms severely limited if we don't take their precious vaccine - no flights, can't visit or work in certain places, etc.
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    I think the planning and organization required to pull off a world wide pandemic in order to implement (Fascism? Socialism? Communism?) in Canada is well beyond the capabilities of our Government, or any government for that matter. Even if Canada isn't the sole target of this conspiracy, its hard to imagine that every government in the world agreed to this plan, allowing 100,000s of people to die and their economies to be severely impacted. This plot would require the active participation of tens of thousands of people, from government leaders, to scientists, doctors and the media. And for what, exactly? To make us wear masks and accept money to stay home.
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    Yesterday BLM protesters vandalized statues of Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada's first Prime Minister, and Egerton Ryerson, the founder of public education in Ontario. The basis of this destruction of public property and memorials to important Canadian public figures is a very narrow interpretation of these figures' careers for the role played in founding residential schools. There seems to be little understanding of the fact that there were no Indigenous schools before the first public schools in Ontario, which were founded by churches and government. Many small remote communities didn't have local schools and so attendance required residency near the schools, which is still the case today for Indigenous students from remote communities who want to attend an Indigenous run high school. No doubt there was mistreatment of Indigenous and suppression of Indigenous culture, but such ideas were considered progressive and civilizing at the time. Education was highly valued. Abuses happened commonly to non-Indigenous in schools until quite recently, yet only a fool would say that we shouldn't have publicly funded education because of those abuses. Allowing the great achievements of the founding of Canada and the public education system to be ignored and twisted by an overblown narrative about evil colonialism is a blatant misinterpretation of history and a degradation of the antecedent progressive steps that have built the great country we have today with our rights, freedoms, and protections for minorities. Games are being played by radical, ignorant activists who are refusing to leave police stations, even after they are released and charges are dropped, in order to draw media attention and public support, as Toronto Police Chief Saunders noted after yesterday's incident. Is it time to increase sentencing for vandalism of monuments? Is it time to declare destructive forms of protest as acts of terrorism?
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    All these people are assholes. Anyone marching around acting like he's on patrol in 'Nam needs some therapy. One of these days someone is going to make a mistake, and given these people are, as I said, insecure/poorly adjusted assholes, that's likely to cause a lot of damage. They are a product, all of them, of a media which thrills to violence and confrontation, and which seems to be doing everything in its power to cheer it on, and some crappy, stupid, self-centered politicians at all levels who care about nothing and no one but themselves. That mess in Portland was an excellent example of this. Trump sent federal agents in mostly to make himself seem like a tough, law-and order guy, instead of an incompetent degenerate. He prodded people - notably the unwashed herd of vacuous progressives in Portland - to treat them as his representatives. Of course that brought them all out baying and screeching. Then the morons from the Democratic Party joined in to urge on more violence, calling them 'gestapo' and 'secret police' and 'stormtrooopers' and saying the were 'occupying Portland' and violating the constitution. Everyone from the moron who's mayor of Portland, to the shrill, stupid governor of Oregon, to Nancy "they're stormtroopers!" Pelosi did their very best to provoke violence in hopes of profiting from it politically. Scores of federal agents have been hurt in the nightly melees outside that court house while the media and Democrats gasped in horror at the thought of "unmarked cars" as if every police department in America didn't have masses of unmarked cars and agents and police in plainclothes. The media and the politicians on both sides disgust me.
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    The problem is that anyone comparing Harper's government with what we see happening in the liberal camp these days do not think, NB. It is all about feelings with those types. Logic and facts have no place in their twisted ideology.
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    Pierre Trudeau was worth about 20 million when he died. He didn't do it for the money. His wife? She loves the limelight. His son? ===== To their credit, Lester Pearson, Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper, Pierre Trudeau managed to keep a federal state together without a civil war. Justin Trudeau has made Canada into a third world country: the family name.
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    Care to elaborate ? Please be specific.
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    My contempt for trudy and billy knows no bounds. Their supreme arrogance and sense of entitlement is absolutely sickening.
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    Winning!! Nick Sandman has settled his lawsuits with the fake newsers at CNN and the Washington Post. BREAKING: Washington Post SETTLES with Nick Sandmann in Covington lawsuit!
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    She was chosen because she has a vagina, is bilingual, and was an astronaut which apparently Canadians make a big deal about. Apparently nobody cared to check if she was bat-sh!t crazy.
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    Agree . . . . everyone is a 'victim'. A victim of bad personal choices, a victim of this or that. Everything that's wrong with you is someone else's fault. John A. Macdonald caused you to sit on your fat lazy ass and eat 3lbs. of Oreo cookies. Stephen Harper caused the fender to rust out on your '86 Oldsmobile Omega. Donald Trump caused you to not show up for work . . . . the list is long. Country of pussies and whimps . . . . no one's responsible for themselves.
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    I'm all for dialogue, but if you're condoning destruction of property as protest, count me out. I never said I was against all of the opinions expressed by the BLM protesters, and I strongly support their freedom to express their opinions. It's the method that's at issue.
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    No proof? It was his government that appointed that charity. He admitted himself that his part of the decision making process. That is absolutely all the proof that I need to make my point. Just because he’s busy running a country doesn’t mean that he’s not aware of certain, very basic things, like where his mom, wife and brother got $300,000.00 That’s not a sum of money that you can be unaware of. Even if they just earned $20,000 this would still be bad. He’s the Prime Minister of Canada, his family shouldn’t be getting paid money from a charity that he is giving taxpayer money to. He can’t just pretend to not know that either - ignorance is literally no excuse at all. I get that you love Trudeau no matter what he does, but what he did was inexcusable. It’s time to move on. This is a guy who called for someone to resign over buying a $16 glass of orange juice. This is like a $300,000 glass of orange juice.
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    His ties to this group are numerous and go back years. The leaders are his friends, and he has attended numerous of their cult-like gatherings, as has his wife and mother. Is he unaware of this? Yet he did not recuse himself when the vote came to award them a nearly one billion dollar contract. Neither did Morneau. Did Morneau not know his two daughters worked there? Do you really think it just coincidence that this group was chosen on a no-bid contract worth so much?
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    The liberals and business types United, years ago But you'd never know it happened From the fighting to and fro See it wasn't as John Lennon sang 'Imagine', no - no ma'am It was because some business folks Built some factories in Vietnam It drove the price of jeans down And helped the Vietnamese The stock market went crazy And everyone was pleased Until the laid off factory folk In small towns everywhere We're roiled that their old lifestyle Had vanished in the air Those leaders then remembered That workers votes still count They blamed the loss on foreigners And that's the current account
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    Keeping the U.S. Senate is more important to the GOP than President Trump getting re-elected. The Republicans actually gained two Senate seats after the 2018 mid-term elections.
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    Exactly. I come from a long line of people who worked hard and built this country and it's not ok for some mouthy losers to come along and act like they were some kind of troglodytes that we need to be ashamed of. My last name isn't Trudeau.
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    Too busy worrying about Trump. Besides, wouldn't this be Trudeau's 4th or 5th ethics violation with no consequences ?
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    Anyone who takes a payment from a charity just to speak at an event is a true piece of turd.
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    The cause has already been lost in nations that have so called "hate speech" laws and tribunals. Liberalism dies by a thousand cuts.
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    Anyone with a smidgen of sense knows how blessed they are to live in Canada. I'm also a dual citizen with Britain, but my first allegiance is to Canada, a very dynamic, safe, harmonious, and free country relative to most others. We're not staring in the rear view mirror imposing a class system or getting mired in conflict and violence. There's much to appreciate.
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    Nor does the Canadian public apparently.
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    Canada just basically deferred the pain. Economic pain now or economic pain later paying back the debt (with interest). People have to eat, but the full economic effects of this won't be felt for a long time. No matter what we do, this pandemic is an economic disaster.
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    Harper's scandals? I wish that is all we had to worry about. I would take Mike Duffy over this any day.
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    Honestly . . . . how can any thinking person compare Harper's government with the 'gong show' that's playing out daily in Ottawa now. Surely you jest.
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    He just keeps playing dumb. He’s one of the forum domestic chicken hawks. Advocating, defending and excusing violence while being completely free from any risk of it. Regardless, the only group of people creating their own country was the leftists in Seattle. The ones destroying property and physically attacking people.
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    So, Ottawa paid WE Charity $30-million to run student program up front, that 33 Mil up front to a company with no track record or assets . Who made that offer and who authorized that payment - and - did we get it back. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-we-charity-contract-came-into-effect-may-5-ottawa-paid-most/ Oh Boy: I think there's another 'teachable moment" coming - somebody's nose will grow https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/ts/politics/federal/2020/07/27/we-charity-started-work-on-justin-trudeaus-student-grant-program-weeks-before-cabinet-approval.html WE Charity started work on federal student grant program weeks before cabinet approval Liberal MPs are obstructing a Parliamentary Committee from doing its work of course, they must be hiding something.
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    LESLYN LEWIS! They're talking about her yesterday on CBC or CTV - apparently, she's been gaining momentum! Conservatives going to her are said to be non-social conservatives who just don't want either O'Toole or McKay. She's also endorsed by pro-life groups. Conservatives, don't waste votes on anyone else. Vote for Lewis! I'm telling you - she'll have the majority if she runs for PM.
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    Why have you not provided your self-proclaimed highly trained level of expertise on the technical issues you are raising to the WHO? Are you just shy or something? The Nobel Prize...millions in cash awards...a pile of panties that would make Steven Tyler blush...all are within your grasp and yet you waste your time in this dim internet back alley on a bunch of dummies with no appreciation for your greatness. Withholding your expertise on this pandemic is socially irresponsible enough to qualify as being criminal. It's like you're in a crowded burning theatre watching people die in an exit-less corner while not drawing their attention to the wide open exit you're standing beside in the opposite corner.
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    And the liberals have never like jews either. What is sad ,is if harper or any other con did any of this ,it would be over for them. The protest would be wild. Remember mike duffy? The media kept that on the front page for 3 yrs. Bev Oda loses her job over a $16 glass of orange juice. And what will happen here, the libs will be given a majority. This country used to be a hard working proud nation, now we are a nation of lazy whiners.
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    I work as a chef in a pub. We were actually busier when we were locked down and doing take aways only. We have only opened two days a week for food and are just losing money. Pre-covid Sunday lunch was 70-100 covers. During lockdown we were doing 45-50 take aways. Today we did 26 and only 10 of them ate in. The rush to open everything back up is pointless until confidence returns.
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    WE Charity was in financial trouble well before COVID. But even as they were in breach of their bank covenants, they flowed funds out of the charity and into the Kielburgers' for-profit company at a level Canada's charity watchdog had never seen before. Trudeau's Liberals filibustered the Ethics Committee preventing a vote on themotion to investigate Trudeau’s $900M Scandal. If they have nothing to hide, why are they doing this.
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    If you want real news . . . . you don't listen to CBC.
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    And with the willing aid of the media they are discrediting police and policing. Between them they have convinced a sizeable portion of people in both the US and Canada that the police are racist and violent towards all minorities, but especially blacks. Police are being attacked, being mocked, insulted and hounded wherever they go, and so many are pulling back, and leaving the streets to the crime gangs. There are still violent protests every day. Especially in the most liberal of cities, and the governments and local district attorneys of these areas are refusing to lay charges, even against violent protesters. The police arrest them and then they're released back onto the streets again.
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    LMAO. Talk about drinking the Kool-Ade. Trudeau's funnelling taxpayer money directly to his family's pockets and you think it's the conservatives making a fuss about nothing.... You think that the Bloc, Greens and NDP are ok with this?
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    I think that Dr Lewis will beat Trudeau like a rented mule. She just has to win the leadership race first.
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    Yes there's a lot of really stupid righties and lefties. I assume this is because there's a lot of stupid people in general.
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    They went bat sh.t crazy over that demanding her resignation, including trudea.
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    The Liberals got more upset over a $16 glass of orange juice.
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    Most likely - you're not either! How do you know your current polling are factual? Lol. Remember Hillary?
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    $2000.00 a month is not "well-provided for". Many people have monthly mortgage payments that are more than that, or rent that is half that and more. If their income has significantly reduced or disappeared due to Covid, $2000 a month might help them hang on a little longer, but thats about it. Ohhh, scary ... "downright" socialism! The bogeyman of the elite! The scourge of the massively wealthy! The great levelor of the politically powerful! No socialism allowed here, dammit!
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    What they do love is free money apparently. Canadians love to suck from the Queen's nipple.
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    This latest story tells me that Trudeau thinks he is above the rules and I would agree with that. His supporters,or perhaps more appropriately, his fan base, don't seem the slightest bit concerned about this newest apparent breach of ethics guidelines. Maybe they're not even aware of it. Let's face it,this story isn't going to get much exposure from the media. Think of how they covered Dean Del Mastro, for his campaign finance violation. Front page, in shackles. How about Liberal Marwan Tabbara? Assault and criminal harassment charges,barely a mention and nothing when it actually happened. The bar is set very low for Liberals isn't it?


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