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    This wouldn't be as big an issue if Trudeau wasn't such a virtue signalling hypocrite, not only that he lied saying there were only 2 incidents, we now know there are 3 (that we know of). It's also about the Liberal tactic of digging up past Conservative transgressions which is coming back to bite them. Trudeau is a pathological liar. Live by the sword, die by the sword
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    Incredible how lowly considered is the free speech debate and freedom of journalism in Canada. The two main parties, Liberals and Conservatives, are actively, and using tyrannical ways, trying to impose a narrative to the population it sights to predate. Liberals and Conservatives are the enemies of the people, as well as the paid media shills.
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    Liberal MP are pressing to have Mad MAX kicked out of the debates because they might have a neo Nazi as a candidate….this coming from the party who has lost 3 party members due to racist remarks and mr dress up who not once but 3 times that we know off painted his face....how does a 29 year old not know that was racist.....thats not being privileged thats being retarded....
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    Liberals seem to be buying his shtick, they don't care especially in Quebec, if he wins re-election Canada will be the laughing stock of the world. Having said that, I'd give anyone else another chance as it was so long ago and he has apologized of course, however, Trudeau is such a semonizing self rightious holier than thou sermonizer who is pretty quick to call people racist when they disagree with him, that he should not be given a pass on this. Karma just ran over his Dogma.
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    We knew this would happen if our markets were increasingly dependent on China, eventually your chickens come home to roost. China uses its economic muscle to call the shots, and silence the critics. But we didn't do anything, couldn't, as we were too drunk on the easy money, selling our souls by the pound. Donald Trump is the only man today standing up to China. We need to elect more leaders like president Trump. Because only a SOB like Trump can say to China what he says, and stay the course and not give in. That is the way to get their attention. In fact one of the Trump administrations demands is that China do something about stemming the export of fentanyl which is coming out of China and flooding the whole world. Not a single other country/ leader has the gall to stand up to them.
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    He'll have China charmed with his 'yellow face' song and dance routine . . . . Early polls open tomorrow . . .
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    Turkish army has revealed to me that they will soon be employing a version of the Trojan Horse against the Kurds. Turks will be placed in teams of two and no one will be allowed to eat falafels for 48 hours before the mission, for obvious reasons. (Even the Turks don't like being hot-boxed.) Turkish army will "appear" as an unassuming and innocent caravan of camels just on their way to the oasis, only to unleash their secret weapon - the Turkiye 3000 Ultra Fighter, which is a lethal combination of buckshot and spitballs. The Kurds won't know what hit 'em. Remember, you heard it here first.
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    Syria is Russia's client state. Russia can save the Kurds. The US shouldn't be there...spheres of influence. It all started with the Percentages Agreement and grew from there.
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    Okay. I disagree She also thinks Sheer will never be PM. But she will? Is it her style also to apologize for her Christian beliefs? Because she just did that recently in an interview. I guess I don't like May's folksy charm and style.
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    This is an interesting read from a woman who married a Muslim man and spent years in a harem in Afghanistan. Her take on life in religious theocracies contrasts with her contempt for western feminists who excuse it even as they praise Margarate Atwood's Handmaids Tail. As Muslim women are being tortured, honor-murdered by their families, or stoned to death, sometimes for refusing to wear the veil, many Western multiculturally and politically correct post-colonial feminists are deconstructing and wearing the face veil and the head scarf as symbols of anti-racism and as a form of respect when they visit Muslim countries. Such feminists are also silencing and demonizing all other views in academic journals, in the media, and on feminist internet groups. https://quillette.com/2019/10/02/gilead-resembles-an-islamic-theocracy-not-trumps-america/
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    I served the free world, against the enemies of freedom, I needed to get paid so I could do the job, but I honestly would have done it for free when push came to shove.
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    Many of which are smuggled through reserves but no one wants to discuss that.
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    Police say criminals get their guns illegally most often, coming from the US. They aren't going to get drugs illegally through the US and then not get guns LOL.
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    Yes. I have never claimed any moral high ground....and this not about me. Personal attacks only weaken your position. Again, freedom of speech and expression are protected rights.
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    For the 'theater of your mind' . . . . . visualize Donald Trump, or Vladimir Putin, or Stephen Harper, or Boris Johnson, or anyone else who's a Caucasian leader dressed-up in 'black face' . . . How embarrassing to have this vacuous fool representing our country. How embarrassing to have him re-elected.
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    Hi. I rewrote my answer above. Please its not meant to tell others how to think only to say how I think. I am just expressing my personal opinion. As for what you said, here would be my answer. I believe much of what was written in the New Testament and for that matter Old Testament has to be questioned. It was written at a time and in a context where things we consider today as immoral were considered moral. I believe morality is an ever changing concept reflected in the writings of humans as it was at the time the passages in the Bible were written. Thus I would question much of what was written in the Bible. As a Jew we created a Talmud to give us a guide how to debate and continue to challenge each and every sentence in the Bible. We do not see any passage or set of words as having one fixed or literal meaning and that the purpose of the Talmud is to continue to come up with new meanings and applications of the very same sentences. So obviously I am not an Orthodox Jew. I am not a fundamentalist. I am very out there reform alternative in thought using many constucts from many disciplines like Taoism, Bhuddism, Hinduism, certain Existentialists and so on. I believe in many formal religions such as Christianity that there is still a prevalent belief your read the New Testament or whatever Holy Book it may be, literally, and so you can not question and most conform to and follow the literal meaning dictated to you by so called experts who are either clergy or missionaries or self-appointed preachers who believe it is their mission to convert you to their belief system because they believe if they don't you will go to hell. So I have a lot of issues and disagreements with many passages. I read the Bible and any holy book as I do Aesop's Fables. I believe they are supposed to provide parables to explain lessons on how we are supposed to behave if we are to repress our primal tendencies and be civilized. I believe religion is an exercise to control we primatesfrom killing each other. I believe it is a code of customs we created as primates (apes) so the pack we live in can be cohesive. I agree with Freud that if we do not repress certain primal tendencies such as anger, rape, murder, our societies can not develop and create civilized interactions So I probably would agree with every tenet you read and find immoral for the exact same reasons but would explain that the immorality arises when we humans apply words in a specific context and application to give them their immoral meaning. The BIble is written by humans. The New Testament is all heresay. It's all many times removed versions of what people THINK Jesus said. Me personally I believe the very exercise of writing the New Testament was political and used to head off a civil war between Pagans and Christians by mixing the two. I believe the creation of a physical house of worship and a confessional booth had nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with King Constantine creating an institution he could use to spy on people to see what they were up to and control them through clergy favourable to his biddings. I also read much of the New Testament in a positive way. I choose to recontextualize it as a code of civil behavior and lessons on positive behavior. I believe we all have the potential to be saviours and literally heal each other through positive acts where we expect nothing back in terms of reward or compensation. I believe when we do that we act morally. I think that was the pith and substance of not just Christianity but all religions but may get lost in the translation by people who miss the very simple meaning intended. That said I believe I know nothing more than you and would defer to your opinions as well if they work for you. In my scheme of things I a simple life form not wanting to harm other life forms and simply want to be a salient being whose interactions with other life forms is benevolent and symbiotic not parasitical. I claim no truth or wisdom just a source to generate discussions on spiritual concepts.
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    It is not only the dairy cartel, they are also tied to eggs, chicken, and a few other products, The government sells permits to the dairy industry, according to mad max numbers it cost 3.5 bil per year to almost 15,000 farmers . no permit no selling milk to the Canadian public, to put these into perspective in 1976 before the cartel moved in their was almost 95,000 dairy , today there is only less than 15,000 farming corporations....to pay for these permits farmers pass on the cost to consumer as additional protection the government imposes high import tariffs on all imported products. The tariffs range from 202 per cent (skim milk) to 298 per cent (butter) with cheese, yogurt, ice cream and regular milk within that range. once again to protect Canadian farming corporations . The government has been doing this for decades imposing high cost permits on a lot of resource we have, fish, dairy, chicken, lumber I'm sure there is a lot more...it is all control by a one cartel of sorts.So why is it a big deal, well with out dairy products would decrease by x3, chicken and eggs would fall in price as well, not to mention other things that are controlled by cartels... it would also allow the little farms a means to make extra money, with out having to pay huge amounts of money for permits... Todate the only one with elimination of the dairy, eggs and chicken cartels is Mad max.. Scheer has already come out in support of the cartels, Justin not on his radar, nor the other wingnuts.. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/canadas-dairy-cartel-vs-consumers https://nationalpost.com/opinion/dont-believe-the-dairy-cartels-dire-predictions-tariffs-can-be-ended-just-look-at-ontarios-wineries https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/wdb74z/blame-canadas-dairy-cartel-for-our-expensive-milk-and-cheese-867
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    Our trading with China enriches them and gives them access to more technology. They've used that wealth and that technology not only to improve their weapons systems but to improve their ability to control their people. Western companies like google work with them to censor all content for their people, while other companies help them enhance facial recognition systems and expand their video monitoring. This contact also poisons us by making companies beholden to China. And not just companies. Our academic community are whores, and eagerly assist China in technological development while keeping mum on anything which they fear might insult China.The so called 'china experts' in our universities never dare say anything bad or critical about China lest they lose their access to China. Universities restrict statements about China lest they lose those profitable Chinese foreign students. Everywhere China is active in the west, through sponsorship agreements, advertising or contracts you see Canadians frantically apologizing for them and trying to crush any criticism. See the reaction of Blizzard the other day, or even what happened last summer at an Ottawa dragonboat festival. Not to mention we have a CSIS report that almost all Chinese language media in Canada are now controlled by pro-China businessmen, as evidenced by what happened this week. Meanwhile China uses their free access to our markets to bribe politicians. Every Chinese controlled company in Canada and every company, large or small, which does a lot of business with China becomes complicit with them in helping to downplay human rights abuses while donating money to politicians so they can push the same message into their ears.
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    The Kurds are also terrorists to Turkey...don't you know anything ? The Soviet Union was an ally too during WW2.
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    We're special. Or at least we think we are as a nation....oh so much better & moral than YOU. Much like the Democrats.
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    It was a world war...so many different theatres and combatants. Will likely never happen again on such a scale. Too expensive....nukes are cheaper !
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    And you are obviously unfamiliar with Canada's withdrawal from the fight. That's OK.
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    Canada first removed a squadron of CF-18s, then removed all refueling and other air support to the ISIL mission. So why is it Trump's/USA's responsibility to stay and fight while Canada leaves ?
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    I have a friend in Ireland, they're quite upset there too: https://theliberal.ie/fianna-fail-td-proposes-irish-families-take-in-migrants-into-their-own-home-and-get-paid-to-so-by-the-irish-state/ "I'll take a 30 year old male posing as a 13 year old, please."
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    How many times does it need to be said it doesn't matter one iota if the Bidens are guilty of anything? Why should anything Biden's done excuse Trump from being subjected to impeachment?
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    Rebel media were a nuisance group which nevertheless served a purpose in pointing out things the mainstream press wouldn't. Then came Faith Goldey, who almost single handledly destroyed what reputation they had, and made everyone shun them as if a web media site controlled by a Jew was part of the 'alt-right' (which chiefly hates Jews). Even though they fired her immediately the Liberals have continued to use them as part of their narrative of the great and hovering menace of the massive army of white supremacists the Conservative party are fronting for. The Conservatives never confront that sort of narrative, but generally fall to their knees grovelling and sobbing their innocence. So they shunned The Rebel as they frantically tried to proclaim themselves free of the taint of the 'far right'. Want to give Andrew Scheer some exercise? Say to him. "Hey, isn't that Faith Goldie?" and watch him squeal like a little girl and run away as fast as he can while pulling his jacket over his head.
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    What did they say that was dishonest? You've already been told that this 'top prosecutor' was almost as lazy about corruption as Trump, and did nothing about it. That was why so many western donor countries pressed Ukraine to replace him with someone more energetic. You've also been told he wasn't investigating Biden or his company when he was replaced. Why do you accept the blatherings of FOX news guests as 100% factual without any evidence?
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    Why do people feel the need to brag about winning arguments when they're clearly not? Of course one or two individuals are not indicative of a whole group. But this kind of thing is happening in cities all across Canada and all across the US, violent mobs of black masked leftists attacking anyone they see as being further to the right than Fidel Castro. You can see similar videos of the angry, intolerant Left from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, not to mention across the US, from Portland and Seattle to New York and Chicago.
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    The worry is about our finances, not the fact that your grand kids meet with immigrants, who are mostly decent, normal people just trying to get ahead in life.
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    Precisely, so long as this is how you people play politics. You expect to be treated differently, why?
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    So the entire American right is to be held responsible for one nutty Nazi driving into a crowd, and then by inference the Canadian right as well? And at the same time tens of thousands of Muslim terrorist attacks are NEVER to be held up as something to blame Muslims for!
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    No, you don't get off the hook that easy. Screaming "Nazi !" like Antifa won't work. You asked for an example of previous influence and favour...boom !
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    If you can't see that extremists have hijacked the environmental movement, you aren't paying attention, or you're one of the extremists. Real environmentalists would be castigating the extremists using their cause for nefarious ends, not embracing them and their policy proposals while they undermine your efforts.
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    A lot of folks are missing the whole point in this latest Justin Trudeau blackface controversy. It isn't about racism. This is about character . The character of Justin Trudeau. Defined along this context (from Merriam): - the complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person, group, or nation (the character of the American people) - moral excellence and firmness (a man of sound character) The SNC-Lavalin scandal had shown us that he can indeed lie. He has no problem with that. This latest blackface scandal had clearly shown, he's good at it. This isn't a learned trait from being a politician. But, having been raised in politics - the art of lying, must've come with it. Having the skill at drama and acting (after all, he was a drama teacher), only makes that art of lying even more compelling and believable. It's been proven! He's a liar. He consciously lied. We have so many proofs! Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! Fool me THRICE............ what? We're the ones proven morons? We deserve what we get? Why should we believe and settle for a proven liar? How can one even believe anything that he promise? Lol. It's not even like we have an efficient leader at the helm! Look at all the fiascos he'd made one after another! From that India trip (surprising he didn't put on a brown make-up to go with that costume and dancing), to buying a used pipeline for billons of dollars.......... that we could've gotten for free! Not to mention, becoming an international HYPOCRITICALLY sanctimonious embarrassment...... of a huge calibre! Is this liar worth it? If you're so cynical to believe all politicians are liars anyway - well, I do suggest then - let's try another liar! Another liar, who may at least do something good for this nation.
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    Who are you to say they were? No one else is. I rely on facts. You can't just make up stuff and be taken seriously.
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    Once again talking about something you know nothing about...and it's shits like you that are having an influence on gun control today....
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    It's only a small benefit anyway. What was it last year? $12,000. The year before, 11.5. Expect it would have been 12,500 or so this year, so this adds up to an additional $2500 dollars tax free. So what. The income tax is about $500 - 700 dollars. Hardly a big yay.
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    The liberals will say anything and will suck up to any group of people that will listen too them just to get their votes. The liberals could careless about who you belong too. They will try to pretend that they are there for all the people and will fight against any kinds of prejudice or racism. Yet, we now can see today that it is all just liberal bull. The liberals are racist and prejudice themselves and do try to cause division to try and get the suckers that will listen too them to get their votes. Only fools will vote for a liberal party that has no problem with lying their asses off. There is only one true political leader that Canada has right now. His name is Maxine Bernier, and people would do well to go to his website and see what he has to offer that will make Canada great once again. Bernier is not politically correct and does talk about real issues that are affecting and ruining and destroying Canada today. The rest will not because they are all in the same leftist liberal boat together. They all want to turn Canada into a socialist third world country with no borders to try and stop anyone from coming into Canada illegally. All of them are avoiding the topic of multiculturalism and immigration. They all want more of those two, and not less. This next election can either be the beginning of a better and greater Canada or a country that will not look or be like Canada anymore in another two decades if those others gain power and control of Canada. If one wants to continue with more liberal socialist globalist programs and agendas then vote for any other but Bernier. It's up too you.
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    I find that in many cases, the fact checking sites need to be fact checked themselves
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    Yet, when its pointed out that it was the "far-right evangelicals" who went looking, you suddenly change your tune: Did you break anything, changing direction so fast like that? I mean, other than your credibility.
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    It was off duty, I didn't fraternize on duty, on duty is all business. Off duty at the bar I relax, but it's unprofessional to have a sexual relationship with a subordinate at any time or place. She was young, I was a larger than life NCO, you have to be protective of the young soldiers, their parents are trusting you to take care of them. Moreover it is corrosive to the morale, the female would be seen as sleeping her way into the good graces of her boss The male NCO would be seen as playing favorites.
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    This is just a statistic picked out by the climate fear mob to exaggerate our importance. We're a fully industrialized western country where it gets very cold. We're also a very large country as compared to our population. And we have a large oil and gas industry. Comparing our emissions per pop to the developing world is silly, just as it is comparing us to smaller countries with more moderate weather and more centralized populations. No, there is almost nothing we can do. Even if we completely bankrupted ourselves and eliminated ALL our CO2 emissions it would not be noticeable given the electricity ramp up of the developing world which is building literally hundreds of coal fired power plants each year. The world's emissions grew last year by twice Canada's entire emissions. If we'd eliminated all our emissions it would have been replaced in six months.
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    "It is a good deal to save all of humanity in the next five years," Well, that's that then! I can't imagine anyone voting for anyone else in the upcoming election. I mean, who wouldn't want humanity saved in the next five years?
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    I pointed out that unemployment rates are not unicorns and rainbows in all provinces...in fact in 3 provinces the unemployment rates have increased...Where harpers record comes in is in the interest rates, check the source, there is lots of them out there, interest has almost doubled, in Justins days, the how and why is mout, the fact is the have increased...by almost double GDP numbers have not been over 3.7 since jul 2017 check out the little chart.......last years GDP growth was 3.7 %, 2019 growth is only clocked at 1.6....here is an interest fact the Average growth rate is 3.14...if thats average what is 3.7....booming, don't think so....once again the numbers don't lie....they are not liberals. Under Harper GDP growth was 2.6 in 2014....under Justin in 2015 GDP falls to .9, 2016 1.5 and it has been climbing ever since, but those were different times hard to compare apples to apples.... everything taken into account nothing supports your position of a booming economy....better than average at most maybe.
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    Large groups of culturally homogeneous people, by definition called "nations" (like Quebec, a "nation within a nation"), naturally yearn for self-determination. They have their owns wants and desires, and to live how they want to live and enjoy and maintain their culture without government interference. When 2 or more large groups of cultures live within the same country and one of those cultures feels they lack this self-determination and feel they are being controlled by another powerful group, this group becomes disenfranchised and this often causes political/social conflict within countries and has caused many civil wars or threats of wars or separation, here are only some examples: - Quebec vs rest of Canada, aboriginals vs rest of Canada, Scottish and Irish vs Britain, the Balkans, Israelis vs Palestinians, Hindu Indians vs Muslim Pakistanis vs Muslim Bangladeshi's vs Sikh Punjabi's, Tutsis vs Hutus in Rwanda, Shia vs Sunni Muslims across the ME, US north vs US south (in 1800's), the Nazi holocaust, Muslim minorities in China, war in Darfur in Sudan, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Christians vs Muslims in Lebanon etc. People wanting to change our entire international system of sovereign nation-states, and have well-meaning but naive utopian dreams of a borderless world fail to understand these cultural power dynamics. Sovereignty and national self-determination is the entire legal basis of the international system of nation-states that was created with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, it's the fundamental basis for our international system. So much so that it's enshrined in the UN Charter. All countries are nation-states. Trudeau thinks Canada is first "post-national state", and is somehow be immune to internal cultural conflict (Quebec & aboriginals & Western alienation says otherwise). He dreams of a world & a country where all diverse peoples can get along and live peacefully with one another. It's an honourable dream, but given history and the different conflicts around the world & in Canada it is naive to think this way. That's why the integration of different cultures and migrants within Canada must be done VERY carefully, which it's not. A post-national state is a road straight towards the gathering of competing sub-national political groups (like Quebec), very dangerous for social cohesion. We all need to feel like we are all "Canadian", we all need to feel like we're part of the same "in-group" even if we have some differences, and we all need self-determination.
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    You’re either grossly misinformed or lying. The biggest emitters, India, China, have until 2030 to start reducing emissions. That’s hardly taking them on. Furthermore, there are absolutely no repercussions if they don’t.
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    Sealioning: The subtle art of trolling, involving bad-faith questions. To disingenuously frame your conversation as a sincere request to be enlightened, placing the burden of educating one entirely on the other party. If your bait is successful, the other party may engage, painstakingly laying out their logic and evidence in the false hope of helping someone learn. In fact you are attempting to harass or waste the time of the other party, and have no intention of truly entertaining their point of view. Instead, you react to each piece of information by misinterpreting it or requesting further clarification, ad nauseum.
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    You’re a pyromaniac in a field of strawmen. It’s obvious that you’re not interested in any real discussion.
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    You can't be serious. So let's not touch the Oilsands, and make a place with a horrible record of Human Rights abuses like Saudi Arabia pick up the slack.


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