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    You guys can send all your "gay loonies" to me. I'll spend them.
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    I am now about to remake our immigration system. Here are a few of my likely policy changes. Immigration numbers will be cut back to 200,000 Family immigration will be eliminated except in humanitarian cases. Investor class immgiration will be eliminated entirely. All potential immmigrants must pass basic language tests given at the embassy or consulate. All potential immigrants must have a job offer for a job which cannot be easily filled by Canadians in order to immigrate to Canada (which is the requirement in the US) The requirement that immigrants attest to their desire to reside in Canada will be reinstated. The period of residency before acquiring citizenship will be raised back to 5 years. All potential immigrants will be interviewed, which will allow an immigration officer to assess their language skills as well as their personal suitability and willingness to adapt and assimilate into Canada. They will also be required to answer, in writing, a series of fairly routine questions related to the profession they claim to be a member of in order to weed out those with fake documents and degrees. They will also be given a version of the 'personality' tests Canadian business routinely use to assess people's values and beliefs to see if they will fit in. In addition for a potential immigrant getting points for language ability, education, job skills, etc., the potential immigrant's spouse will also be able to add points to his score if he/she also has language skills, education and job skills. Canada will prioritize immigration from countries and areas in order to prevent the build-up of ethnic ghettos in Canada. For years Canada has taken a large number of immigrants from certain countries and areas which has supplied a continuing stream of that group to help enlarge and sustain such ethnic communities. Changing the focus of our immigration will allow those ethnic groups to more readily assimilate. This would mean targeting places like South America and Europe which have supplied minimal numbers of immigrants over the past few decades and which, consequently, do not have large ethnic communities here which retain the values and beliefs of their homeland. Every refugee applicant will be kept in custody pending their hearing. Every refugee applicant's story will be checked out by the embassy/consulate in the country where they reside (Which means if you claim to be persecuted because you're gay your family and friends better know about your being gay). Canada will only grant temporary asylum for a perdiod of five years. After which the condition of their country or situation will be reassessed to see if they can return home. Canada will adhere to the UN definition of refugee. This definition does not consider people living in a war torn counry like syrian (except minorities being persecuted) as refugees. Nor does it consider poverty, ie, Hait, to be a justification for asylum claims. Nor would it allow women who claim their husbands beat them to make asylum claims. Immigrants/refugees who have met the residency requirements and wish to apply for citizenship must pass language tests (more than basic) and must demonstrate the efforts they have made to assimilate, as well as having been self-supporting and having no criminal record. (this is the case in most western countries). Citizenship will be automatic only to those born to Canadian citizens. It will not be granted to those who happen to be flying overhead at birth, or to people who come here to give birth, or to visitors or refugees or students (except in the case where the resulting offspring would otherwise be stateless). If refugees become Canadian citizens then any child born to them in Canada automatically becomes a citizen.
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    Did you really think it would be anything else? Did anyone think that this hundred million dollar waste of time would challenge any of the progressive narratives or cast any shade on the natives themselves for their behaviour? Of course not! It's all the fault of those evil white people! We're committing genocide by... letting native men kill native women... Not that we're exactly letting them. Investigations into the murders of native women are just as intense as those of white women, and the solution rates are virtually identical at 88% for natives vs 89% fo white women. Oh, and by the way, native men are murdered at a much higher rate. But the inquiry wan't concerned with them. Men, even native men, are of little concern these days. So they want there to be harsher penalties for anyone who harms a native woman than one who harms a white woman or man. As if native women were some kind of special group placed on a podium to be protected above all others. How this is supposed to gel with the demand for lower sentences for natives offenders is never gone into. Are they to get longer time in front of the healing circle if the person they kill is a female native? The inquiry was only supposed to look into the violence perpetrated against native women over the last thirty years, but you knew it wouldn't confine itself to that. And you knew our craven, spineless prime minister would get on his apology stool again and accept full blame on our behalf. Instead he was quick to say the justice system has failed them - without explaining how. The inquiry report uses the word 'genocide' dozens of times, and the lead progressive in charge stated baldly "This report is about deliberate race, identity and gender-based genocide," Which, of course, is so much bullshit. I think most Canadians will hear this and shake their heads in contempt at the idea that we're committing deliberate genocide on anyone, much less native women who are being killed by their drunken, drugged up spouses and relatives. I know Scheer won't have the balls to say anything about this, but I wonder what Bernier's response will be. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-inquiry-on-missing-and-murdered-indigenous-calls-on-all-canadians-to/ https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-violence-against-indigenous-women-and-girls-is-not-a-relic-of-canadas/
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    I don't know if it's a single click of the mouse or if you were up all night fending off demons but either way, I appreciate the effort you make in keeping this place going.
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    "Politics of fear" is one of those shallow come-backs from the Left - and especially our rudderless Liberal Party led by Captain Clarabell. Canadians are not "afraid". There is no "fear". There are only very real - and very immediate concerns about this government's uncaring and mismanaged refugee policies. Sorry to be so negative but Trudeau and his government have been such an utter disappointment to those who care about Canada that we're running out of descriptors.
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    From the article above: “If your political party has been caught obstructing justice — as the political party led by Justin Trudeau assuredly was, in the SNC-Lavalin scandal — what’s the one thing you need to avoid, at all costs? Getting caught obstructing justice again, of course. And that’s what the Trudeau regime’s prosecution of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman would have exposed: Senior Trudeau government officials, implicated in a scheme to use the criminal justice system to punish an alleged whistleblower. In this case, the second-highest-ranking officer in the Canadian Forces.” The Liberals are pure scum, top to bottom. It’s bad enough that they need to move shipbuilding contracts to their SNC-type buddies, but they were actively destroying a man’s life to punish him for exposing their corruption and greed. Lmao at all the SJW types who think of the Liberals as knights in shining armor for everyday Canadians. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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    Okay., During this last 30 days, there were 99 Islamic attacks in 20 countries, in which 701 people were killed and 697 injured. I'm not worried about right wing extremists. There aren't enough of them in this country to fill a school bus.
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    Trudeau and his ilk live in a closed bubble where their enthusiastic progressive beliefs gets echoed back and forth to each other. He has no idea what ordinary people think because he never hears it. He presumes that if you don't share his earnest open armed feeling towards migrants and immigrants you must be an evil person. And imagine thinking about cost! What kind of a person puts any thought into what anything costs anyway!?
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    There is no comparison to be made here. I respect the right of people to kill themselves. I don't believe, however, that they have any moral or practical right to kill others. I also suspect that it's very common for people who have another serious illness to suffer depression and/or other mental illness. Some kinds of cancer, for instance, can generate mental changes as a result of a condition called paraneoplastic syndrome. Few kills others, whether or not they display overt symptoms of mental illness. I believe Robin Williams was suffering a serious and degenerative physical/brain illness (Parkinson's) prior to his death. In such cases, suicide can be a rational choice. But in my opinion to compare such a situation to the case of a mass shooter and/or killer is repugnant. You should be ashamed of yourself for even alluding that such an analogy might apply.
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    An interesting story in the Post today in that it encapsulates all that most of us despise about so-called progressives. A Quebec environmental bureaucrat wrote a letter to his federal counterpart on upcoming legislation. The letter, sent last month from a Quebec environment official to one of his federal counterparts, does not seem all that inflammatory. The Quebec official notes that proposed federal legislation requiring that traditional Indigenous knowledge be taken into account when assessing environmental impacts permits a “very broad” definition of such knowledge. And, he adds, the bill should be clearer about how traditional knowledge is to be weighed against scientific data when deciding whether a project should proceed. How could anyone be upset about this? Clearly it's simply warning that science, and not the undefined term 'indigenous knowledge' should guide environmental assessment. Yet two cabinet ministers had to apologize amid the 'outrage' over the disrespect to natives. I think this just goes to show how lost to reality progressives are in their fanaticism at appeasing and pandering to every single minority identity group. You can't question the 'wisdom' of indigenous people, despite the fact they had zero knowledge of science and were basically a bunch of tribal hunters restricted to small geographic areas. Even suggesting we should promote science instead an endanger your career as the hysterical progressives start calling you names. And yes, of course, the progressives have already started crying racism. It's what they do, after all. http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/quebec-deputy-minister-gets-pushback-after-questioning-place-of-indigenous-traditional-knowledge#comments-area
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    https://www.spencerfernando.com/2018/02/26/report-justin-trudeau-appoints-former-omar-khadr-lawyer-canadas-federal-court/ What is wrong with our leader, he just loves anyone or anything that deals with his buddies the terrorists. This is sickening.
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    Do you have to bring politics to everything???!!!!. Can we just wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving without being blamed for the mess that these Arabs have been creating for themselves past many centuries? And for eveyone else by their invasions and exporting terrorism. Happy Thanksgiving.
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    About a dozen Moroccans were involved in the mass murders in Spain last week. Now police in Finland have arrested more Moroccans. Which brings to my mind the question of why all these Moroccans are in Europe in the first place. Why are they not returned to Morocco? And why are they murdering people in Europe? The liberal narrative with regard to refugees is one of hand-wringing guilt that we are so much better off than they are combined with a desperate need to prove how much they love diversity and hate racism. So the definition of what constitutes a 'refugee' continually expands in order to assuage western liberals' sense of ideological guilt. Canada, like Europe accepts tens of thousands of so-called refugees each year who are nothing of the sort. They're simply poor migrants, most from the Middle East and North Africa. Even if we know they're not refugees we're too busy wringing our hands and too guilty to actually get rid of them. The Germans and Swedes say they will get rid of migrants who are not legitimate but no one believes that. The first task of a government is to, in essence, protect the people, to keep the barbarians from getting over the wall, so to speak. We are the first generation which has put in place a political class without much interest in protecting the people. Indeed, who are more than willing to accept a certain number of casualties in pursuit of their diversity agenda and to assuage their self-loathing and guilt. The European people overwhelmingly disapprove of how their governments are handling the migrants, but, as in Canada, the liberal press heaps scorn and abuse on anyone who questions the government on this issue, accusing them of racism and heartlessness while streaming cheery pictures of happy, smiling refugees (and ignoring the sullen, violent ones). But make no mistake, those people who died in Spain, and in Finland were murdered by Muslim terrorists, but the Finnish and Spanish governments were complicit in their deaths. The government of Finland and Spain most certainly knew that the more Muslims you bring in the higher the certainty of terrorist incidents killing some of their people. They simply did not care. Any more than Canada's government, which knows terrorism and social disorder is inevitably going to come of bringing in massive numbers of Muslims. The idea that this won't happen in Canada, despite it happening in every single country which has accepted Muslim migrants is absurd and no serious person believes it. Therefore, we know the Canadian government is aware it is no more immune from terrorism than Spain or Finland or France. But if a few Canadians, or a few dozen, or a few hundred die because of bringing in massive numbers of religious fanatics, well, that's something the Left is more than willing to accept. The victims are only Canadian, after all, and the Left feels no particular national attachment to them. Besides, they can simply replace them by bringing in more immigrants and refugees...
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    Your a dick.....she lost her husband, her children lost their father, who was serving his country, as a medic I might add....Omar and his family has been nothing but a burden to the country, soaking in free medi- care for wounds received while committing terrorist acts in Afghanistan, and fighting against a coalition that included Canadian soldiers .and now you've claimed she should be ashamed....It is funny that the entire country is fallen in love with this terrorist, totally forgetting he was a terrorist, that has admitted to placing IED's on road networks in Afghanistan.....I country I might add that classifies him as a foreign terrorist, a Canadian citizen I might throw that in as well....A traitor to his own country, not to mention the crimes committed by the entire family....and some how he has become a poster child for Canada.....the only ones that should be ashamed is those that hold him in such high regard....
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    He should be in prison for life. The notion this piece of garbage gets any money makes me puke. This is an unrepentant terrorist with a family who endorse and support terrorism and he's given an obscene amount of money while the children of the soldier he killed suffers. Ths glorification of terrorist scum makes me puke. That is all he is scum. This crap he was a victim child is everything wrong with this country's inability to grasp a world outside privileges and rights where everyone is entitled to something. I love all the liberals who prop him like some cuddly teddy bear trendy cause. How many Canadian soldiers have been forsaken since they came back from Afhanistan and they have the nerve to hand him this amount?
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    Genocide is the intentional mass murder or elimination of a people. Calling Canada’s treatment of Indigenous peoples genocide is a lie.
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    Well, you're entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is. Given the alternative, another four years of Trudeau, Scheer stands head and shoulders above him. Then again, a radish would make a better PM than Trudeau.
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    No, he's too arrogant, too self-centred, too stupid to see the writing on the wall.
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    The Liberals have been imposing carbon tax on all provinces, despite push-back from several Premiers, who says that the feds have no business imposing this on their province! As a rebuttal, how many times have I heard Catherine Mckenna - the Minister of Environment and Climate Change - say on tv.... ....."CLIMATE CHANGE KNOWS NO BORDERS!" well, duh? Obviously, THIS climate change, does respect borders! Canada warming at twice the global rate, leaked report finds https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/canada-warming-at-twice-the-global-rate-leaked-report-finds-1.5079765 Lol, it's just in Canada! It doesn't say.......North America. It says, CANADA! is it happening on the US side of the border? Nope. Only in Canada! This report proves Catherine Mckenna is either lying when she said, climate change knows no borders, or it does (as this report proves). Of course, it's highly likely, they're both full of............. s***! Boy, just like SNC-Lavalin....the Liberals can't get their story straight!
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    Real women don't need to hide behind some 'feminist' banner, taxme. Real women tend to stand on their own and value the contributions of men. Real women can think for themselves - unlike so-called 'feminists' who depend on slogans and newspeak but when faced with intelligent logical questions are at a total loss as how to respond.
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    In plain English. "I can't stand the stench of corruption emanating from this government anymore." So who's next?
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    You find it credible when someone who is supposed to be politically neutral engages in politically partisan criticism? You find it credible for someone who should not have a political opinion to incite and inflame the public making idiotic comments about assassination? You call that credible? If this idiot thought there was an imminent threat to the public he would no the last thing he would want to do is fuel it or incite it by speaking about it. An idiot would understand that, this pea brained moron did not. His comments were out of order and show him to be an opinionated, arrogant, above the law, fascistic creep who bristles at anyone elected or otherwise who disagrees with him. His comments were absolutely unacceptable of any civil servant let alone the Chief civil servant. He has no right or business stating any political opinion which he did. He made numerous legal pronouncements as to the conduct of Trudeau and Butt posed as absolute legal facts when they were not and were simply his subjective political views. Whether Butt or Trudeau or anyone else crossed the line legally he has no authority to say. He has no status to render legal judgement as to any influence peddling. The law is clear, if there is even an appearance of conflict or undue influence, the discussion should be referred to the Ethics Commissioner for screening not this sphincter muscle of a Privy Council head who is clearly partisan in favour of Trudeau and a passive aggressive weasel. He will when all is said and done be fired. He has made his job impossible to perform and I think he clearly came out in favour of Trudeau as he will not be around after the next election and this was his last fart at the wind.
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    I'm surprised there isn't a discussion on this or maybe I missed it. Either way even though most western countries are not signing on, Canada is and IMO, we should not. What is very alarming is the intent to define criticism of migration as 'hate speech' so would become a criminal offense. “Media outlets that give room for criticism of migration,can be shut down.“ https://www.spectator.co.uk/2018/09/the-war-of-the-world/?fbclid=IwAR3CYLDBEhqxZ_cghgQX_WA_KR3jKvNNdtPJnC8lcqpQHofxHFv9lvO2Ooc To properly understand the trend of world political events in recent years, it is essential to appreciate that a titanic struggle for supremacy between two implacably opposed ideologies is raging right across the Western world. It is an undeclared war waged largely behind the scenes. The attackers are powerful globalist and multi-national interests such as the EU and the UN, supported by many leftist groups funded, paradoxically, by mega-rich financiers. Their ultimate aim is the abolition of borders, migration between countries at will, the dismantling of national identity, the transfer of power to supra-national bodies, and eventually the imposition of a post-democratic unitary world government. The defenders are those who believe that Western-style democracy based on the nation-state remains the least-worst way yet devised of safe-guarding the life, liberty and prosperity of its citizens. Public awareness of the struggle is almost non-existent because, with very few exceptions, the free world’s mainstream media long ago aligned themselves with the globalists and have shamefully failed to Dutch politician and European Parliament member Marcel de Graaff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lORLGL2no_U
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    R.I.P. President George H. W. Bush
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    Sorry, but this would only be another emotional response with little impact...same as boycotting Heinz ketchup. Scream and shout in anger as needed, but it is better to get through the five steps of grief as soon as possible and move on....this is not the first plant closure in Canada. The underlying fundamentals of high labour costs, high energy costs, and taxes caused the loss of far more automotive jobs and plant closures long before today's GM announcement. Ontario has been bleeding away automotive jobs for at least 20 years.
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    Dream on. GM is restructuring and the cost of doing business in Canada/Ontario is too high. No number of boycotts will change their plans. Expect more GM plants to close.
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    They can't seek asylum if they have refused asylum offered by Mexico..
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    I just wish the media would expose the fallacy of our sentencing. Sentences in Canada are already notoriously light - but it's actually much, much worse. If someone is sentenced to 12 years in prison - Statutory Release means they have to be released after serving two-thirds of their sentence (8 years) unless there are very compelling reasons to the contrary. The default is they get out. Full parole, if granted is given after one third. Don't get me going on early Day Parole. So - a sentence of 12 years is actually 4 to 8 years. Like in the US, the sentence should be publicized as "they are serving 4 to 8 years. A sentence of 6 years is actually 2 to 4 years. For gang members and hardened criminals, these wrist-slaps are just the "cost of doing business". The public are being grossly misled. Not Fake News - it's Censored News.
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    That's rich, coming from you. No, you googled til you found an example of a Canadian to prove that we are exactly the same as Pakistan, to apologize for Islam, to minimize what Muslim countries are doing. Except your example doesn't do any of that. You're an apologist for Islam, who doesn't want what goes on in Islamic countries discussed because you feel that if even one Canadian does something that Muslim countries do, then we don't have any right to call them out on their barbarism. You want everyone to shut up about Islam? If we did that, people would still believe the earth was flat, witches would still be burned at the stake, black people would still be slaves, Jews would still be burned in ovens, women would have no equal rights and gays would not be winning their own equality. (Actually that sounds like most Muslim-ruled countries) Should I continue? Or just shut up now and let you continue to be an apologist?
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    What's that you say? You were not one of the lucky 500,000 Canadians picked by the government who will access your personal banking information without your permission. Don't worry, your turn could come next year...or the year after....or later. https://globalnews.ca/news/4608105/trudeau-defends-statistics-canada-move-to-collect-banking-info-of-500000-canadians/ How will knowing how much you paid Visa or your bank balance help develop federal programs? Trudeau isn't saying, except to criticize the previous Conservative government. I guess he's ignoring the fact that the Liberals are at the helm and he needs to step up with answers for concerned Canadians. Canadians should be leery of this government intrusion into their financial affairs. It's also just one other central source of information to be hacked into by criminals and those playing around for their amusement. In addition, I do not believe that 100% of Stats Can employees are above selling said information. Trudeau and his government, at your service.
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    If you look at things in the UK, backbench MPs have considerable more freedom to speak their minds, including publicly opposing government policy and speaking against ministers and the prime minister. Both the Conservatives and Labour party have ongoing issues with backbenchers publicly criticizing the party leaders, and I think that openness is good for democracy.
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    It's never been about 'racism', that's the narrative the Liberals put forward to deflect from their own incompetence and ineptitude.
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    I believe Bernier's comments over the past few days reflect a growing if often politically unrecognized view held across a broad swath of the Canadian population that our immigration, integration and multicultural policies aren't working. A 2016 CBC Angus-Reid poll indicated that 68 percent of respondents believed that "...minorities should be doing more to fit in with mainstream society instead of keeping their own customs and languages." (See link below.) I suspect that our mainstream parties are aware of the high levels of discontent and will probably treat Bernier like a skunk at a garden party for breaking from their clique. But I think this topic must be addressed. If Bernier is turfed from the CPC caucus any new movement/party that might form should be called something like the Popular Action Party. I'd likely vote for it. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/poll-canadians-multiculturalism-immigrants-1.3784194
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    One has to wonder whether young women who choose to wear face coverings in places like Canada are mainly doing so as a political statement rather than out of religious belief. Perhaps it's become a form of fashionable self-othering? But it also raises the question of whether these women truly understand the Islamist ideology they so openly appear to espouse? The most vocal critic of female Muslim religious wear I ever met was a women with whom I worked when volunteering a couple decades ago who'd fled post-revolutionary Iran. She vociferously criticized fundamentalism and its manifestations as being inherently inhumane. So, the fact that younger women in the West are choosing to adopt these habits, and that self-styled progressives are willing to champion this trend, seems even more problematic than many analysts seem willing to admit. To me it's not a manifestation of "freedom" but instead seems to represent a reactionary form of sentimentalist self-delusion. I guess we're all free to delude ourselves but to assert face covering as amounting to progressive accommodation is so 'unwoke' as to make rational beings cringe.
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    I'll eventually get to the Trudeau government with a point - but some background first. Saudi Arabia is a very complex case - but over the past year, with the new Crown Prince - Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) at the helm - the Kingdom has been making clear signs and policies that this new leader is indeed trying to move Saudi Arabia to a more moderate Islam. Complex - because changing history and culture in a Wahibi dominated country is like trying to turn around the Queen Mary. And remember - the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Iran is a Saudi enemy. Iran's radical theocracy is a sponsor of terrorism - hence Saudi's involvement in Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Yemen. Diplomacy is tricky because one has to put water in their wine to accept the small steps (big ones for the Kingdom) that are being made by MBS. One could fill up our board with past criticisms of Saudi Arabia - but we should be cautiously hopeful that MBS will continue with reforms - slow though they may be. Power and Politics had a couple of interesting commentators who indicated that the $15 billion Lav deal was not really that important to the Kingdom. It was meant to be the start of a trading relationship that the Saudis were willing to build with Canada. Because of some negative press on the Lavs, the Liberals dropped much of the building of that relationship and put the Saudis on the back burner. The Saudis felt betrayed and Freeland's tweet was the last straw. The Trudeau government has ruined just about every relationship they have been asked to manage - most of the TPP partners but especially Japan, India of course, Belgium, China - and now Saudi Arabia. They have little or no Foreign Affairs strategies and quite frankly, our allies have shown little interest in dialogueing with our shallow Prime Minister. That's probably why allies have not shown any support for Canada's virtuous ramblings. The relationship looks unsalvageable - but a silver lining might be that it's a good opportunity to re-engage on the Canada East Pipeline Link: https://www.timesofisrael.com/saudi-arabia-a-year-of-change-with-a-new-crown-prince/
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    You have to wonder why this has happened? What do the authorities not want us to know and why have mainstream media outlets for the most part been so docile in not apparently seeking to obtain, much less reveal, details concerning the investigation? The incident has virtually been buried and we know little more than we knew the day after the shooting. I can't think of another instance in this country nor in any other Western democracy where such an incident has been handled in this manner. This is serious stuff that calls into question the essence and efficacy of our democracy and institutions.
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    Very satisfying to watch the Liberals getting their ass handed to them after comparing Doug Ford to Donald Trump. Ford nation !
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    Voting requires a level of life experience and maturity that teenagers have not had the opportunity to acquire. I'm not certain people under 25 have either. Once you grant the vote, it is very difficult to go back if it is a mistake.
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    The noise you hear is Trudeau's head being sucked up his buttox. Its so firmly wedged up there at this point that he is unable to see anything but his own legacy of crap.
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    Trudeau skipping QP today, needs a personal day to consider the meaning of friend. Also cos he doesn't have the gonads to stand up & be accountable for his actions, including sending out a bureaucrat to lie for him.
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    This PM is such a loser. A terrorist loving cos-play actor. What else is there to say?
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    On the other hand it could be great for the country. If he goes too far down that particular rabbit hole he could be removed. That would be a win win for Canada.
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    It seems unusual that out of all those potential jurors, the defense was able to find 12 racists and the prosecution agreed to all of them.
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    True, he may not have been drunk. Inebriated is another story. Lately he does seem to be losing the thread, even more so than his usual state of confusion.
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    BREAKING NEWS: The Chicago Police Dept has replaced all sirens with the National Anthem, to force suspects to stop running and take a knee.
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    See now my view last night when I was reading that stuff was, assuming the person was real, here is someone from India or whatever and he wants to speak out. He should be allowed to say what he has been feeling. That way we can all hear it. Besides, it could be useful to have some Muslims on here to give their voice. Real Muslims, not a pretender who might be from another board, which the name shall not be revealed, who came here to flame us because he is banned and cannot log in anymore, because he tried to delete all his posts.
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    I don't consider it racist but it was wrong posting the picture of a girl (or a boy), you know they will be harassed and demeaned.
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    I think you should run on over to Smallc's new website and report on this in a thread titled "thread drift". That would be a scoop. As you are well aware (since you post there) not so kind comments are made about a number of MLW posters. And to think you and members on that site would not be aware that those insults would get back to MLW members. Now I ask you, who are the children and the "mentally challenged", as you put it?
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    It is not only the cost to consider but cultural incompatibility caused by the inflow of aggressive war torn people some with unCanadian culture which stands for oppression of women (or the belief that women are inferior) who pose a danger to Canadians and its culture. Canada has no fault in creating refugees and Canada does not belong to Trudeau to make such promises.
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    Why don't you just stop responding to my posts since all you ever do is whine about how they don't meet with your approval? Face the fact that my posts, coming from someone a little to the right of centre, are never going to make a far left progressive SJW like yourself anything but angry. Until Greg gives you permission to ban all conservatives from the site, though, you'll just have to put up with me.


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