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    I am now about to remake our immigration system. Here are a few of my likely policy changes. Immigration numbers will be cut back to 200,000 Family immigration will be eliminated except in humanitarian cases. Investor class immgiration will be eliminated entirely. All potential immmigrants must pass basic language tests given at the embassy or consulate. All potential immigrants must have a job offer for a job which cannot be easily filled by Canadians in order to immigrate to Canada (which is the requirement in the US) The requirement that immigrants attest to their desire to reside in Canada will be reinstated. The period of residency before acquiring citizenship will be raised back to 5 years. All potential immigrants will be interviewed, which will allow an immigration officer to assess their language skills as well as their personal suitability and willingness to adapt and assimilate into Canada. They will also be required to answer, in writing, a series of fairly routine questions related to the profession they claim to be a member of in order to weed out those with fake documents and degrees. They will also be given a version of the 'personality' tests Canadian business routinely use to assess people's values and beliefs to see if they will fit in. In addition for a potential immigrant getting points for language ability, education, job skills, etc., the potential immigrant's spouse will also be able to add points to his score if he/she also has language skills, education and job skills. Canada will prioritize immigration from countries and areas in order to prevent the build-up of ethnic ghettos in Canada. For years Canada has taken a large number of immigrants from certain countries and areas which has supplied a continuing stream of that group to help enlarge and sustain such ethnic communities. Changing the focus of our immigration will allow those ethnic groups to more readily assimilate. This would mean targeting places like South America and Europe which have supplied minimal numbers of immigrants over the past few decades and which, consequently, do not have large ethnic communities here which retain the values and beliefs of their homeland. Every refugee applicant will be kept in custody pending their hearing. Every refugee applicant's story will be checked out by the embassy/consulate in the country where they reside (Which means if you claim to be persecuted because you're gay your family and friends better know about your being gay). Canada will only grant temporary asylum for a perdiod of five years. After which the condition of their country or situation will be reassessed to see if they can return home. Canada will adhere to the UN definition of refugee. This definition does not consider people living in a war torn counry like syrian (except minorities being persecuted) as refugees. Nor does it consider poverty, ie, Hait, to be a justification for asylum claims. Nor would it allow women who claim their husbands beat them to make asylum claims. Immigrants/refugees who have met the residency requirements and wish to apply for citizenship must pass language tests (more than basic) and must demonstrate the efforts they have made to assimilate, as well as having been self-supporting and having no criminal record. (this is the case in most western countries). Citizenship will be automatic only to those born to Canadian citizens. It will not be granted to those who happen to be flying overhead at birth, or to people who come here to give birth, or to visitors or refugees or students (except in the case where the resulting offspring would otherwise be stateless). If refugees become Canadian citizens then any child born to them in Canada automatically becomes a citizen.
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    This wouldn't be as big an issue if Trudeau wasn't such a virtue signalling hypocrite, not only that he lied saying there were only 2 incidents, we now know there are 3 (that we know of). It's also about the Liberal tactic of digging up past Conservative transgressions which is coming back to bite them. Trudeau is a pathological liar. Live by the sword, die by the sword
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    Blather. Harper did nothing whatsoever to try to ban abortions or bring back the death penalty. And unlike the Republicans he seemed quite fixated with fiscal conservatism and bringing the budget back into balance. Also unlike them he didn't seem much interested in a strong military. And Scheer so far seems to have less courage than Harper. If you want to know what Scheer will do just check the polls. He'll do what the polls say would be best to do.
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    Real women don't need to hide behind some 'feminist' banner, taxme. Real women tend to stand on their own and value the contributions of men. Real women can think for themselves - unlike so-called 'feminists' who depend on slogans and newspeak but when faced with intelligent logical questions are at a total loss as how to respond.
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    R.I.P. President George H. W. Bush
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    Dream on. GM is restructuring and the cost of doing business in Canada/Ontario is too high. No number of boycotts will change their plans. Expect more GM plants to close.
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    I believe Bernier's comments over the past few days reflect a growing if often politically unrecognized view held across a broad swath of the Canadian population that our immigration, integration and multicultural policies aren't working. A 2016 CBC Angus-Reid poll indicated that 68 percent of respondents believed that "...minorities should be doing more to fit in with mainstream society instead of keeping their own customs and languages." (See link below.) I suspect that our mainstream parties are aware of the high levels of discontent and will probably treat Bernier like a skunk at a garden party for breaking from their clique. But I think this topic must be addressed. If Bernier is turfed from the CPC caucus any new movement/party that might form should be called something like the Popular Action Party. I'd likely vote for it. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/poll-canadians-multiculturalism-immigrants-1.3784194
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    Voting requires a level of life experience and maturity that teenagers have not had the opportunity to acquire. I'm not certain people under 25 have either. Once you grant the vote, it is very difficult to go back if it is a mistake.
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    Trudeau skipping QP today, needs a personal day to consider the meaning of friend. Also cos he doesn't have the gonads to stand up & be accountable for his actions, including sending out a bureaucrat to lie for him.
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    Tomorrow is the Remembrance Day in Canada. Lets remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives all over the world in Europe, Africa, Afghanistan etc. so the we live in democracy. Lets not take our Western democratic system and freedom for granted. Many lost their lives so that we have what we have. Lets not jeopardize our democratic system either by going extreme and hence undermine sacrifices made or populate our land of freedom with those with do not believe in freedom and democratic values. God bless all those who made those sacrifices. May then rest in heaven and peace.
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    Incredible how lowly considered is the free speech debate and freedom of journalism in Canada. The two main parties, Liberals and Conservatives, are actively, and using tyrannical ways, trying to impose a narrative to the population it sights to predate. Liberals and Conservatives are the enemies of the people, as well as the paid media shills.
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    Liberal MP are pressing to have Mad MAX kicked out of the debates because they might have a neo Nazi as a candidate….this coming from the party who has lost 3 party members due to racist remarks and mr dress up who not once but 3 times that we know off painted his face....how does a 29 year old not know that was racist.....thats not being privileged thats being retarded....
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    Liberals seem to be buying his shtick, they don't care especially in Quebec, if he wins re-election Canada will be the laughing stock of the world. Having said that, I'd give anyone else another chance as it was so long ago and he has apologized of course, however, Trudeau is such a semonizing self rightious holier than thou sermonizer who is pretty quick to call people racist when they disagree with him, that he should not be given a pass on this. Karma just ran over his Dogma.
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    Large groups of culturally homogeneous people, by definition called "nations" (like Quebec, a "nation within a nation"), naturally yearn for self-determination. They have their owns wants and desires, and to live how they want to live and enjoy and maintain their culture without government interference. When 2 or more large groups of cultures live within the same country and one of those cultures feels they lack this self-determination and feel they are being controlled by another powerful group, this group becomes disenfranchised and this often causes political/social conflict within countries and has caused many civil wars or threats of wars or separation, here are only some examples: - Quebec vs rest of Canada, aboriginals vs rest of Canada, Scottish and Irish vs Britain, the Balkans, Israelis vs Palestinians, Hindu Indians vs Muslim Pakistanis vs Muslim Bangladeshi's vs Sikh Punjabi's, Tutsis vs Hutus in Rwanda, Shia vs Sunni Muslims across the ME, US north vs US south (in 1800's), the Nazi holocaust, Muslim minorities in China, war in Darfur in Sudan, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Christians vs Muslims in Lebanon etc. People wanting to change our entire international system of sovereign nation-states, and have well-meaning but naive utopian dreams of a borderless world fail to understand these cultural power dynamics. Sovereignty and national self-determination is the entire legal basis of the international system of nation-states that was created with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, it's the fundamental basis for our international system. So much so that it's enshrined in the UN Charter. All countries are nation-states. Trudeau thinks Canada is first "post-national state", and is somehow be immune to internal cultural conflict (Quebec & aboriginals & Western alienation says otherwise). He dreams of a world & a country where all diverse peoples can get along and live peacefully with one another. It's an honourable dream, but given history and the different conflicts around the world & in Canada it is naive to think this way. That's why the integration of different cultures and migrants within Canada must be done VERY carefully, which it's not. A post-national state is a road straight towards the gathering of competing sub-national political groups (like Quebec), very dangerous for social cohesion. We all need to feel like we are all "Canadian", we all need to feel like we're part of the same "in-group" even if we have some differences, and we all need self-determination.
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    The anti-immigrant sentiment has always been there through many waves of newcomers, but it is more viral and more virulent and does seem more manufactured now. I'm not really sure whose purposes it serves ... but I think it's very sad that some people spend their lives trying to make up reasons to hate other human beings. Hark! Here's one now. Lol
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    Ralph Goodale is a stupid man . . . whines because Britain outmaneuvered him and his dimwit leader.
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    Why doesn't AOC go to Mexico and complain to them about not accepting the Guatemalans, the Hondurans and other Central-Americans?
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    Fake Melania mystery from earlier may be example of Turkish face-swap technology in use! Prototype Fake Melania was quickly spotted by sharp-eyed patriotic Americans. More advanced version of face-swap technology may not be so easy to detect! Why would Turkey replace Melania with Fake Melania? What happened to real Melania during swap?? My sources tell me this could be project to build cyborg super-soldiers, similar to on Six Million Dollar Man TV program. Call him the Six Hundred Million Euro Man! Turkish cyborg super-soldier will be able to run very fast, jump over fences, and bend steel bars as well as other things. Project could work with Turkish 2400MHz microwave weapon, imagine a super soldier who can cook falafel with his bare hands. -k
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    The issue of the supply ship built by Davie shipyards continues to dog the Liberals. They tried to kill it, originally, apparently on the orders of the Irving family, who had won (bought) the rights to build the ships themselves ... eventually.. some day. Davie had a second ship ready to go but the Liberals, again, apparently on orders from the benefactors, the Irvings, said it was unneeded. Trudeau himself said they had done a study and it wasn't needed. He lied. He does that. All the time, apparently. This reinforces just how tight is the relationship between the Liberal party and certain of Canada's billionaire elites, like those who run Bombardier and Irving and SNC Lavalin. The Left has always tried to portray the Tories as the party of big business but it's really been the Liberals who have that relationship in Canada. Meanwhile the court games between the Crown and Admiral Norman's lawyers continue as he is was pushed out of his job and is being prosecuted (likely on the orders of the Irvings) for pushing the supply ship forward. Military assessment ruling out the need for a second interim supply ship doesn’t appear to exist Conservative leader Andrew Scheer questioned the Liberal government why it was not moving ahead with having Davie provide the second supply ship, the Obelix, to the navy. Scheer said the navy needed the second ship. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Scheer of playing “petty politics.” “The armed forces did an assessment,” Trudeau explained. “They don’t need the Obelix and for him to suggest that we should buy it anyway is pure base politics, the worst politics. We make our decisions based on facts. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/military-assessment-supposedly-ruling-out-a-second-interim-supply-ship-doesnt-appear-to-exist
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    It is hate filled people like you jacee that are actually the problem. The extreme left wing and all fringe parties need to be taken down a few notches. And it is happening as we speak ,no matter who you called a racist. Canadians are taking their country back. This is a revolution. Canadian style.
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    I don't like Sharia Law. I would suggest that doesn't make me a racist.
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    Do you mean like the Muslim women who are now in custody of Syrian free army or Kurds, most of them are saying openly that they agreed with ISIS and the killing, and all that goes with being a member of ISIS and now they want to come home so they can suck of the western tit of free things...so they can start preparing for the next Jihad......and yet many here in the west see those tears and ask why can we not bring them back" That is what sets my evil detector off.
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    Obviously Hannity, Ingraham and Carlson are bias - they don't hide it. Bream, Baier and Wallace are somewhat down the middle - In fact Wallace is pretty tough on the president. The problem with CNN and MSNBC is that they claim a non-bias - all of them. They claim they're just asking the tough questions - right there is the first lie. CNN and MSNBC are full on operatives for the democrats.
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    Interesting....reported: every Democrat senator who was up for re-election AND voted against Justice Kavanaugh lost....the one who voted to confirm...won.
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    Well, our little potato(head) is apparently at it again, essentially appearing to call all Canadians who are critical of his refugee policies racists. As polling suggests a majority disagree with his government's approach on refugees, isn't he really saying that most of us are racists? And in other news today, his government is increasing the number of foreign grandparents it will permit to immigrate to this country, who no doubt will add an additional burden to an already pathetically threadbare health care system. Is Trudeau for real here? Has he lost it and is he trying to force his party to replace him before the next election? The guy has got to be replaced. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-trudeau-defends-his-reaction-to-heckler-pledges-to-call-out-hate/
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    Don't worry. It will only mean an extra few billion a year in health costs. Well worthwhile if it helps the Liberals get ethnic votes!
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    Refugees shouldn't automatically get Permanent Residence status. That's absolutely ridiculous. There's areas in most major Canadian cities of ie: Somali refuges which are-poor & crime-riddled. Refugees should all be given temporary protected status. If after a certain # of years( 5 or 6? Depending on the home country situation), if it's safe to return home you should be forced to do so. And every few years the home situation should be re-evaluated. If you have done well in Canada over those 6 years, are employed, no criminal record, have learned English or french, then you could apply on a fast track to stay as a permanent resident before you're forced to go home. As of now, approved refugees automatically receive PR status, and there's no requirement for them to learn English/french, and many do not. As an aside, the rules are now (thanks to the Liberals new rules) that to become a Canadian Citizen, only people 18 to 54 have to pass a language test for English/French. What a bunch of BS. Absolutely 100% of new Canadian citizens should be required to be able to speak, read, and write english or french fluently, I don't care if you're 6 or 90. How are supposed to vote if you can't even understand the news or what the politicians are saying? How are you supposed to fit into Canadian society as a Canadian? NONSENSE.
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    Indeed, some people here in Finland say that we must get rid of the EU in order to restore sanity but unfortunately the problem is far wider than that. I wish it were so simple as that but it isn't Take Norway or Canada. Neither are in the EU but both are infected with the same cultural-marxist disease as any EU-country. I hate tin-foil hat theories but what is going on is too consistent to be co-incidental. Here in Europe there is clearly going on the implementation of the Coudenhove-Kalergi-plan which aims to destroy all the nation-states and build a European superstate.
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    It would be interesting to know what would have come out if this case had been argued in court, it's curious to wonder what the Trudeau Liberals are trying to hide by paying Omar off and trying to make this go away instead of putting certain people on the stand under oath and getting to the bottom of what he is really owed through the eyes of a court. Unfortunately, we will never know. This is nothing more than another Liberal Government trying to keep from shedding light on something they don't want to open up for public scrutiny. I don't buy for one single second that this is about Trudeau trying to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money and avoid a bigger payout if litigated, as he has said. Since when has Trudeau had any respect for taxpayer money? He just spent another quarter of a billion dollars on global family planning, including a fat 20 million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation of all things. It's painfully obvious this clown has zero problem throwing loads of money at whatever he feels like, the more the better. This lawsuit should have gone to court and been decided by a judge, even if it would have ended up costing twice as much.
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    Did they try to shut it down? A witness to the interaction says the men kept their voices down as the ceremony continued and left after about 10 minutes. FN have no more right to be free from peaceful counter demonstrations than the rest of us.
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    Well we had a long thread on Islamophobia. To this date the member of Parliament who introduced the bill doesn' define what Islamophobia is but gets down right rude and arrogant having to even consider defining it. Its still not defined and yet its specifically mentioned in her bill. Well we had the usual assortment of trendy leftists come to this law's defence. Where are they when Imams preach anti-Semitism in Canada? Where are they now? Will they accuse me of being an Islamophobe if I challenge a Muslim Imam for making anti-Semitic sermons and chastise leftist liberals for not calling him out? Will the MP who started this bill explain how it won't be used to coerce and intimidate silence and prevent the criticizing of this ugly bigoted Imam and more like him? Well? http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/montreal-mosque-facing-calls-for-investigation-as-video-shows-imam-preaching-anti-semitic-conspiracy-theories Think the above is new? http://en.cijnews.com/?p=213526 How about this? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ryerson-university-fires-ta-over-alleged-anti-semitic-statements-at-toronto-mosque-1.4004937 So where is the same outrage from the leftist trendy liberals on this board let alone on Parliament hill? Go on show me one sob in the Liberal Party who has spoken out against this Imam? Why the selectivity? Why the silence? Right we have Trudeau right on cue with his Canada stands with the UK speech but who him mention it was fueled by some idiot Muslim extremiust? Oh no We can't use the word Muslim when referring to the a-hole in Britain. It would be unfair. It would be Islamophobic. Where are the Canadian Muslim leaders to condemn this bigoted Imam? https://israelnewsonline.org/why-is-canadian-imams-prayer-to-kill-jews-met-with-silence/ I tell you where. Staying silent like Trudeau. Staying silent like Trudeau while shoving through a bill about alleged Islamophobia without defining it. Think that MP pushing the bill and all her trendy Leftist sob's will ever denounce an extremist Muslim/ Here look who Trudeau upholds as an ideal Canadian: http://www.therebel.media/trudeau_puts_extremist_omar_alghabra_in_charge_of_canadian_consulates Let's talk about Alghabra for a second to understand why the Liberal party is silent on anti semitic Muslims in Canada let alone in their pwn party: Go find out for yourself who this Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trudeau's advisor on the Middle East stands for. At a party that celebrated his being appointed Secretary to the Minister or Foreign Affairs, he felt it just fine to meet with his good buddy, Dr. Nazih Khataba, who is a board member of the openly anti-Semitic Palestinian House in Mississauga, Ontario where Alghabra was elected. Khataba is the editor of the newspaper called "Meshwar". In an editorial in this newspaper, Issue 146, December 24, 2015,on p. 6, Khatabi openly praised the Lebanese terrorist Samir Quntar who I have mentioned in other threads. Quntar for those of you who do not know in 1979 came into Israel across the border one night with some fellow terrorists. An Israeli father of a yog daughter and son had to make a quick choice and hid his wife and daughter in a small crawl space. The mother suffocated the daughter to death holding her mouth so she would not scream and give them away. Quntar later released to Lebanon for dead Israeli soldier bodies was hailed as a hero by a hero of Lebanon and Khatabi. Well sure. Why was he a hero? He tool the father and chopped him up slowly in front of his son but before he did that he made sure his boys ejaculated, urinated, excreted on the father so the 4 year old boy could watch. Then he personally smashed the head of the 4 year old on beach rocks and crushed the skull in with the butt of his rifle and then for good measure urinated and excreted on it. Yes sir. That is what Khatabi praised as a hero. This is the man Alghabra embraces. This is the man now advising Trudeau on the Middle East and you want to know why Trudeau won't say a damn thing about extremist Muslims? This is a man who has publically stated Hamas, Hezbolla and Al Asqua are NOT terrorist groups. This is a man who welcomed Al Jazeera into Canada and in the next breath said Fox News should be censored. Well let's look further at Allaghbra and Trudeau and the Muslim extremist connections. Omar Alghabra, ran the Canadian Arab Federation before getting ele ted. That lobby group claims that Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorists. Trudeau deliberately brought this guy into his party knowing what his views were to pander to the Muslim community just as he panders with appointing a Muslim Somali refugee Immigration Minister, appointing A;ghabra as his point man on the Middle East and welcomes a bill that singles out Islamophobia while he remains silent to Muslim extremism.. This is the same Justin Trudeau who of all the Mosques to choose to visit in Canada and who claims to be personal friends with the Aga Kahn the spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims didn't choose one of their mosques or to visit an Amidyyah Mosque consisting of Muslims who escaped Muslim extremism and openly denounce terrorism. No not Trudeau of all the mosques to chose he went to the Al Rashid mosque in Calgary run by openly anti semitic Imams including Imam Al Rashid who went back to Egypt to head the Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office, and was arrested for inciting violence against Coptic Christians. You ever seen Trudeau in a Coptic Christian church? Ever hear Trudeau talk about the attempted massacre of Coptic Christians in Egypt or the on-going genocide of Christians in Sudan or attacks against them in Nigeria? Who Trudeau? Trudeau went to this anti-Christian, anti-semitic, anti-Hindu, anti-Siekh mosque and met with Saima Jamal a lovely young lady who organized a pro-Hamas protest on the steps of Calgary’s City Hall that openly engaged in violence. Here is what this woman said on Facebook after finding out people were hurt in her violent protest: “Bahaha. After today they would be foolish to show up again in another protest in Calgary as long as they live.” No problem for Trudeau because this same violent anti semitic bigot who laughed at the violence she caused openly recruited hundreds of Muslims to jin the Loiberal Party. Did Trudeau even acknowledge a probkem. No not Justin who went on to campaign at Montreal’s Wahhabi mosque – another centre for extremist anti semitic,anti Western Muslims who the US State Department in 2008 stated was 1 of 9 nal Qaida recruitment centers in the world. Hey now, why stop there. Justin made sure the Muslim community saw him endorsing and taking his usual insipid photo ops with Imam Omar Subedar. In case you don't know who that man is this is the Toronto imam who published an article explaining to Muslims how to beat their wives. But hey Justin is a feminist you know. Now Aleghbra does not hide his views ever. In fairness to him, he does not couch or hide his biases. He is out and open with them. Also interestingly for a man who is as anti Israeli as it can get he openly condemned certain but not all members of the BDS movement as being anti semites. I have been to speeches where he has incited open hatred against Israel and anyone Jewish or not who supports Israel. On the other hand, like most trendy Liberals, he will claim this is perfectly trendy Liberal dogma that Trudeau supports. He does not feel Israel should exist as a Jewish state and calls Hamas and Hezbollah, Al Quaeda, Fatah. Al Asqua, freedom groups. Then there so Alexandre Trudeau who does not work for a living and lives on Daddy's trust fund in Montreal. To amuse himself, the brother of Justin makes documentaries. He's made two " "The Fence" and " The New Great Game", blatantly anti-Israeli pro-Iran Hamas propaganda tapes full of false references and quotes from classic anti-semites. Then again this is a Prime Minister who not so long ago issued a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement but did not think he needed to make any mention of Jewish suffering in the Holocaust. So I ask again-where is Trudeau when hateful Imams make hateful comments? Where is he? Where was and is he in regards to the poisonous hateful comments of imam Sayed al-Ghitawi who called on Allah and I quote to... “destroy the accursed Jews,” and “kill them one by one,” and “give victory to our brothers who engage in jihad for your sake everywhere.” Where was Trudeau and the MP so concerned about Islamophobia when this same Imam and other bigots at this mosque as well as Imam Wael al-Ghitawi stated that Jerusalem and I quote is.. “Arab and Islamic,” not to mention that Jews are and I again quote " descendants of “Mongols.” " Where is Trudeau openly condemning this Al-Andalous Islamic Centre? He's quick to encourage an MP to call out Islamophobia without defining Islamophobia but zero mention of bigoted Muslims. So? How do I criticize such Muslims without Trudeau and this MP calling me irrational and Islamophobic? I bring all the above up because the day after yet another terrorist attack by someone in the name of extreme Muslim terrorist beliefs and we have a Liberal government so quick to point out it stands by the UK when it does not. The current regime will not acknowledge Muslim extremism exists and now does what? It passes a bill that makes it possible to threaten and intimidate people for speaking out against Muslim extremism and its not just a slap against non Muslims, its a slap in the face of moderate Muslims Muslims who fled to this country to get away from the very Islamic beliefs Trudeau is courting and pandering to. Make no mistake Aleghbra's agenda is to advance what he believes is a specific agenda for MUSLIM Canadians and only MUSLIM Canadians who subscribe to his specific views. This MP is not inclusive nor is the MP who initiated the bill. They aren't interested in moderate Muslims in fact they are protecting the very Muslims in Canada trying o bully and intimidate moderate Muslims for not being fundamentalist and anti Western enough. These are the voters Trudeau courts. I got news for Trudeau and the rest of his trendy leftist two faced bigots, Canadians understand what is going on. We know a panderer when we see one. The attempt to pander to Muslim voters by siding with loud extremists in their community is going to back fire on him. The tokenism he is engaging in by choosing a Muslim refugee to be in charge of Immigration and Refugee policy, the crass tokenism in pushing through a bill a few days after a massacre of innocent Muslims designed to pander and divide Canadians from challenging extremist beliefs in Islam because of the dxeliberate ambiguous wording is a disgrace. His father would have never passed such a bill.His father never pandered to ethnics as he did. Trudeau Sr. could walk into a Church, Mosque or Synagogue and say what you want about his politics he did not pander. He did not pander to any one group. I saw him at rallies. He treated us all the same. He appealed to our intellectuality not our hatred. His son appeals to base, simplistic token stereotyping and shallow superficial feel good pablum. .
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    If that's the case the mods should present us with the MLW approved version of history so we can proceed from there. Otherwise they should follow or stay out of the way.
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    The irony of all this is that if the Mufti & crew had accepted the 1947 UN Partition Plan, they'd own Tel Aviv right now. But, no...the Mufti & friends were having none of that sharing with the Jews jazz. The pie was to be all theirs. They wanted Jordan too...but that's another tale. War was the answer. It's STILL their answer. These two terrorist supporters have no interest in sharing with the Jews, either. The "grandmother thing" pretty much proves Israel's point.
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    Argus is a communist. I'm gobsmacked. Who knew? I thought Argus paid more in taxes than anyone around here even earns.
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    Conspiritard drivel. The government spends twice as much per capita on natives as it does on anyone else, and natives, on reserves, pay no taxes. Do you imagine this money is looted from some imaginary first nation vault deep beneath Gringotts bank or something?
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    What should make you cry is we Canadians voted these pricks in to government in the first place, and in most cases more than once...
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    She would never do that. if the party had any brains they would move into damage control now and ask Trudeau to step aside Kudos to Philpott for showing integrity...who is next
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    “Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed. We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the Shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate,” I understand they were standing at the gate waiting for a plane to pull up when this tweet arrived. Nicely done! And with full media exposure too.
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    The most powerless and smallest minority group of all is the individual. Any individual who has been assaulted deserves the same response from the justice system against the perpetrators of the crime, whatever the race or gender of either victim or perpetrator. Any ideas that do not fulfill this basic reality are fundamentally unjust, because crimes are fundamentally committed by and against individuals. The individual criminals did the crime, and the individual victims were the ones targeted. Period.
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    But wait, the euros are gonna start their own army - hahaha! They are overrun with migrants, refuse to pay their debt to NATO and now want to start an army to protect against....the americans - WoW! I'm sure Trump would love to see NATO disbanded and put the money back into the US military. This is like a "Little Rascals" episode where alfalfa starts a new club because he and Spanky have a falling out.
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    The same people that talk endlessly about environmental problems (while opposing all existing scalable technologies to address the problems - hydro and nuclear), are also the people that totally dismiss environmental concerns and argue for more population. The number one driver of environmental damage is population, and yet we apparently need a vast increase of it. These are also the same people that talk about a "labor shortage" at the same time as they advocate for the need for a "guaranteed income" for everyone since most people will be left unemployed by automation. There's no consistency or logic or rationality, just a bunch of disjointed emotional feel-good ideas: "Open borders! Cut CO2 emissions (but don't use hydro or nuclear, do it by going vegan)! Robots will do all the work for us so we need free money from the government for everyone! But we need more people! Use all the wealth that's been created to lift people out of poverty! But capitalism (which creates the wealth) is evil! Islam is peace and Western culture is rape culture! Listen to the scientific consensus on climate change! But scientists are in the pockets of big agriculture and they're all lying about GMOs being safe! No religion in the classroom! But the religion of social justice must be incorporated into everything, even math class! We're all about tolerance and inclusiveness! Except of anyone who happens to have a different opinion!"
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    Jail and then deport his ass back to Syria. NOW.
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    After reflecting on this, I now realize that this poor man probably just felt isolated and alienated from Alberta's cowboy culture. During his incarceration I think he should be fed delicious Alberta bacon and made to watch Brokeback Mountain over and over, so that he will learn to feel more at home. -k
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    Ya, only white supremacists and neo nazis are supposed to bring those.
  45. 3 points
    Oh, how nice. And this has what to do with Canada? How does this justify illegal immigrants? How does this justify draining Canadian resources for people who should be going home instead of looking for a free ride in Canada?
  46. 3 points
    I rarely read your shrill posts full of one-liners meant to insult members. Please provide more recent stats to back your claim that reported hate crimes against Muslims now surpass reported hate crimes against Jews.
  47. 3 points
    There's a difference between challenging the words of a person as being bigoted and calling the person a bigot. As for you, the amount of times you've made personal remarks at people is legendary. Now let's deal specifically with denying the holocaust. If you don't think denying the holocaust is part of an anti-Semitic agenda, good for you. If you think its fun questioning the holocaust as Taxme has suggested go have fun with him. Go march on the streets and demand you be able to build time shares in Auschwitz.
  48. 3 points
    Agreed. It's time for the conspiracy types to ramp-up their game. The Twin Towers and WTC 7 (sinister music plays) are actually on the Moon and now occupy the very same spots claimed to be Lunar landing sites.
  49. 3 points
    I think Trump's trouble with New START is that Russia continues to develop newer ICBMs on mobile launchers with increasing numbers of MIRV warheads. Each RV (holding the MIRVs) is counted as one warhead for the old START Treaty, if I recall. The US hasn't built a new ICBM in decades. Same goes for the Russian bomber fleet...each counts as one warhead, if I recall correctly under START. All Russian bombers now carry multiple rotary cruise missile launchers as well as options for the conventional method...bombs away! Russia still maintains a big bomber fleet.
  50. 3 points
    Hardly guilt. The Cooler gives me a chance to arrange M.Dancer's bones into comical poses. Besides, there's a stool, now...and the cockroaches are fresh.


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