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    No need to apologize for Canada's history of fragmented politics and separatism, or constant threat of being "Americanized". Because the "end result" would not be up to Canada anyway. Americans don't really care much about your Clarity Act.
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    How about this "racist" black and blind man who dares to post about George Floyd's criminal record and drug use ? Would it would be "racist" for media to disclose "Gentle Giant" Floyd's record and autopsy toxicology report in the wake of the excessive force homicide by Minneapolis police ?
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    Don't worry....the Americans will pick somebody to join Biden against Trump/Pence, and either way the election goes there will still be a U.S. president for some Canadians to bitch about, a true sign of happiness.
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    How do you cancel a football player? Ask Colin Kaepernick, hypocrite
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    I just saw on the news this morning that deaths from opioid overdose in BC is around 237. I also saw some time back on the news that the deaths from the China virus in BC so far was around 180 people out of a population of approx. 5 million. I wonder as to how many people in Canada have died from opioid overdose compared to how many people in Canada have died from the China virus? It would appear as though more people may be dying from this heroin drug than from the virus in Canada. So, the question that needs to be answered here is why is there so much emphasis being put on this China virus and not on the opioid overdose deaths? We know that those opioid deaths are for real. How do we really know that all those deaths reported by the media, our politicians, and our health officials have really died from this so called China virus and is all for real? And when thousands of people get sick or die from some virus every year in Canada then what makes this China virus one of the big daddy viruses's of them all? 180 deaths is not what I would call a staggering amount of people to have died from this China virus. Our lives and society itself did not need to be shut down at all. It is the lying media, our lying politicians, and the lying health officials that need to be shut down and replaced. Thanks to those mentioned this country has become a lost society of losers who have been hurt more by this so called China virus than what the virus has done to we the people itself. This nonsense must end and we must all get back to the good old normal because I do not like seeing where or what this bad new normal is doing to this country. IMHO, This China virus is just another one of those false flag events meant to create chaos and mayhem and to try and make we the people's lives even more miserable than what they were before, although before, they were much better than what we are seeing and having to live and put up with today. Now they are even trying to ban handshakes and even high fives. I went golfing yesterday and one of the rules that we were suppose to follow was that we were not allowed to hand shake or do a high five. WTH? Have we gone mad and have gone this far that the good old handshakes and high fives are gone forever? like hell that will be happening for me. I will shake anyone's hands and even do a high five if required. This is why I keep saying that this China virus nonsense must come to an end. All of our big producing crowd events appear to be going the same way as the dodo bird. Getting together with thousands of other spectators and cheering and high five someone at an event is now deemed to be a crime against humanity, and the sad part is that humanity is starting to accept those crimes against humanity rules. I now get people backing away from me when I get to close to them. F'n ridiculous.


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