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    Oh Indeed. The Trump Haters will grasp at any straw they can to try and hurt Trump, no matter how dumb it makes them look, they won't notice with their massive blinders preventing them from seeing an obvious double standard.
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    Obama likes Trudeau and Obama knows Canadian like them some Obama, so Obama endorsing Trudeau will help him get re-elected and overcome the blackface sh*t if Canada's favorite living black politician still likes him. Pretty straight forward.
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    Why is a former US president getting involved in Canadian politics? As if I needed another reason not to vote for Trudeau. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/barack-obama-endorses-justin-trudeau-180249311.html
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    The whole collusion narrative was bullsh*t, all we learned is that the media doesn't know what collusion is, and will grasp at straws to claim any innocuous thing is collusion, when collusion isn't even a crime. Womp Womp.
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    Can you imagine the headline? "President of Ukraine endorses Trump's re-election bid." Not without several references to being a traitor and needing impeachment thrown-in, you can't!
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    Seems like that if it happened to Trump, certain folks would be screaming about election meddling.
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    Maxine Bernier went to Hamilton and Leftist vermin did their best to show everyone what kind of mindset they had. That included deliberately standing in front of a little old lady in a walker to stop her from crossing the street while screaming 'Nazi scum!' at her. And the lefties here will call the Proud Boys extremists for wanting to deal with these subhumans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIhJm7pwYYM
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    A 'do-nothing' President endorsing a 'dip-shit' PM . . . . . are they blood relatives ?
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    Since it's virtually certain to be a Liberal/ndp government we can only hope there's another election soon, and that by that time the Tories have found a leader considerably more appealing than the one they've got now.
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    The EU is waking up to the reality of America no longer covering their asses in Syria with ground troops and air power. Time for the EU to get some skin in the game....instead of just bitching about Trump.
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    Obama needs to stop interfering in our election.
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    If "the Left has been reduced to this", is it fair to say the Right has been reduced to the Charlottesville white supremacists who were driving over people at their demonstration?
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    Bloody Un-Canadian, eh wot? More imported American culture insidiously undermining Canada itself. Manifest Destiny. Mind you, pretty sad turn out, if the actual Neo Nazis showed up, those Canadian kids would have gotten their asses handed to them.
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    Right, these ANTIFA people are thugs and the real fascists, too bad the senior citizen didn't have some bear spray with her - but then - she would be arrested.
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    Hi Argus, it is more than clear who the real haters are. And it is not Bernier's group. They were having a peaceful lawful event until hate showed up in mobs and masks and became violent. Calling people heinous names and accusing them of being the haters ironically. The ultimate hypocrisy!


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