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    This is kinda funny. Democrat Nevada Governor Sisolak banned church meetings with greater than 50 People- but casinos are allowed at 50% capacity so... evangelicals held a church meeting in a Casino. Gotta give them an A for creativity.
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    That's not all that takes place here. And wherever else you go you'll find those problems. Writing this place off as such is dismissive denial and refusal to participate, in the good and useful dialoges that can happen. Instead they put themselves in a place where they cannot hear anything but themselves, and demonize the "other" as you indicated with the above quote.
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    Because they got tired of the conspiracy-laden, science-denying, immigrant-bashing, victim-claiming of the majority of the right-wing on this forum.
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    Yes, I see, so you are. A lefty that is. It's ok, not a problem as long as we all know what the deal is. But this here aint' about your political stripe, I don't give a shit. It's simply because your posts suck. Sorry I can't put it more plainly. You really need to up your game a little. The mass exodus of forum members on the left is symbolic of the problem taking place in society at large, and even has some bearing on this thread. With BLM and Antifa, the left shows us they are no longer willing to have a conversation. And they refuse to accept responsibility. We can't stop the destruction by dialogue, if there is no more room for dialogue being allowed. That's why Billie is the only reasonable answer. It can solve some immediate problems, and give us more time to work these things out. Billy club.
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    Actually the bar isn’t low for cops. That’s why it barely happens. But for some reason, people still think an arrest is subject to debate and discussion. I think maybe the education system needs to start teaching what to do when if you’re ever arrested. Because that low bar is constantly missed by so many still resisting. Btw, charges don’t mean somebody is guilty. And as usual, they over charged because of public pressure, and now he’ll probably be acquitted. They probably had a shot with manslaughter, but not first or second degree murder which requires premeditation. Good luck proving that!
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    I gave the quote and link. What have you posted worth more than pure crap, lately, ever. Go read what Obummer said and get back to me on that. Not about me. Ok?
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    Like I said, which you purposely skipped, he wouldn’t have been in that position if he wasn’t resisting arrest. It’s not hard. It’s actually a pretty low bar to clear.
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    I don't need to make those assertions. I have the quote from Obama, the hero and Leftard Messiah.
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    Oh and backpeddle? WTF are you talking about? This ain't no backpeddle about anything. This is a slap in your face with a tuna. Obummer himself is cheering on Antifa... and defund the police. What an awesome, Black president. FIGHT THE POWER!
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    Every one? Exactly how many whinging, demanding, eagerly offended dolts that want a selfie in the hope of getting liked are there? Is there a study you can point me to so we know what we're talking about here? At the risk of offending anyone I understand the male version of being a Karen is being a Bob.
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    Yeah their laundry list of lies and BS has been posted here many times. Most recently they have been denying that the protests were not peaceful. Beatings, murders, arson and looting are all 'peaceful' according to CNN.
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    I cringe everytime I hear even the most unintentional biased conventions in the way we speak about reported events that alert us to suffering of "women and children' as though women are naturally linked with adolescent innocence. This is done by most people regardless of politics. I agree to most of what you guys asserted above. What troubles me is how most cannot recognize that ALL OF US created the differences. By the way, on the 'children' part, I also think we place too much emphasis on assuming them more valuable as though being naive and relatively stupid is itself a virtue! Shouldn't we also not have more compassion for those who live longer who die or suffer than, say, the baby who dies that lacks the means to interpret their suffering? At least, we should interpret any sex or age as equally valid to life and worthy of needing NOT to suffer! Evolution divided species by sex due to necessity of certain distinctions that BOTH sexes benefit by. We are still too confused at our intellectual powers of reflection that assumes we are evolved to BE intellectually equal while our chemistry and nature itself doesn't give a shit about our differences nor equality. We ALL own the social flaws that create any problems between the sexes. The irrationality of today's protesting leads only to trading which sex is more empowered rather than 'equal'. Thus, modern feminism tends to be Matriarchal rather than Patriarchal,...yet both extremes don't solve the problems. We need a middle ground that recognizes that evolution of the sexes cannot be ideally equal without making us all lack sexual distinction. Evolution of sexes cannot be undone without the same millions of years we had to have created them, though!
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    I read the Quillette article, and do not entirely disagree with what it's saying. Our culture, as a whole, has had certain gender expectations and while female gender role-change has had support over the last few decades, the resultant changes in male gender roles hasn't had the same level of support, or even interest. I believe this has left many men feeling lost and confused, even devalued. Especially since many of the gender stereotypes from the past are still prevalent in our belief system. Men are told, from a young age, that their job is to be provider and protector; to be tough and strong. In my opinion, this harms both men and women - women because they are expected to be 'helpless' and men because they are expected to take on the more dangerous jobs in life, whether it's carpenter, garbage collector or soldier and, that while they can express anger and lust, emotions such as fear, sorrow, grief, pain are to be hidden - it makes them 'weak'. It's not that men don't feel these things, but the expression of them is discouraged. I don't believe this issue an either/or male vs. female proposition. The same forces that create differences in income between men and women, and a double standard for sexual behavior also result in men being more prone to suicide, violence, incarceration and earlier death. In my opinion, there needs to be more latitude in gender roles for men, and more support for men in terms of their emotional health.
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    Yes they have but as have found out Trudeau is not honourable. In fact, he's much like Trump in that they both grew up wealthy and privileged, they are narcissistic , detatched from reality and mistreat women. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/gunter-we-scandal-speaks-to-trudeaus-character-and-judgment/wcm/73ddee47-6764-40ec-b731-d7fe2a1e2a5c/


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