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    Great news...buh-bye NAFTA...hello Canadian peso.
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    Good luck with that attitude. You just revealed the ignorance and belligerence of your approach. Pseudo groups, huh? I can't believe your vulgarity. I'll tell you that there will be no such "trade agreement" supporting such conditions, ever.
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    We all have different perspectives to add on such issues...and there are even more to be found in cultures around the world. I find it ironic that a monolithic view would be presented in the context of diversity and multiculturalism®. For instance, I am not offended by Canadian, Union, or Confederate flags/pennants because I understand their history and context....others seize upon them as symbols of hate and bigotry for political purposes. Others members have a point of view with which you may disagree, but that doesn't make them invalid.
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    No, I used America's Google and Wikipedia platforms....just like Canadians do. There are more perspectives on such things than just your own.
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    It's so sad you try to back up your unfounded and unsupported accusation against Bernier with a similar accusation against me. I ask you again to respond to my question. If you cannot, then have the integrity to retract it. Here is Bernier's comment. Tell me what was racist about it. Or shut up and slink away with your weaselly tail between your legs. “Canada has always been a diverse country and this is part of who we are. I love this Canada,” read one of the tweets. “But there is a difference between recognizing diversity and pushing for ever more of it. Something infinitely diverse has no core identity and ceases to exist.”
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    Which version of Islam is the peaceful one?
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    No offence taken, just note that your attempt to conflate all flavours of Islam with terrorism and fundamentalism has been done before and it's generally done as a propaganda play not as a genuine personally held belief. Coming to the forum with Qu'ran quotes all loaded up and ready to go doesn't help - this appears to be an inauthentic opinion, IMO.