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    We don't need to interpret the bible. We can see what Christian countries do, how they behave, what laws they impose. Likewise, we can see the same from Muslim countries. There is simply no room for interpretation. The Muslim world has barbaric cultural practices, barbaric, backward values, and its governments, in the spirit of Islam, have deeply prejudicial laws against non-Muslims as well as women and gays. You can fish out this or that psalm from the bible and try desperately to compare it to what is said in Muslim religious texts, but the clear and obvious difference is the Muslim world DOES abide by those quotes and the Christian world does not.
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    They might consider themselves civilized. No one else does, except the moderate countries, and they're going downhill. No, but government actions and laws do. And all of the governments of these countries are becoming more Islamist. The plain and simple fact is that the Islamic world is driven to consider all others as the enemies in need of conquest so that Islam can spread. They kept attacking everyone around them until they lost the military ability to do so. Nor has the mindset, supported by religion, changed. Were the Islamic countries to suddenly find themselves with the military ability to attack and subdue neighbouring non-Muslim states they would do so again.
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    The Encyclopedia of Islam says: "In Fikh (jurisprudence), there is unanimity that the male apostate must be put to death." This ruling has been accepted Islamic law for the last 1400 years. Established, historical Islamic theology and jurisprudence mandates the execution of apostates. Few Muslim scholars have ever challenged this definition. The majority of Islamic scholars support it. Various modern Muslims have objections against the death sentence but as Dog points out - it is they who are deviating from the judgment established by the depth and breadth of Islamic jurisprudence.There is no question that Islam mandates it, except from Muslims living in the West who are embarrassed by it and do their best to cover it up to try and make Islam more acceptable to naive, gullible and ignorant Westerners. The Sirat Rasulallah provides details behind one of the names – Abdullah Sa’d. Abdullah apostatized and Muhammad wanted him dead. Abdullah was one of Muhammad’s scribes and said that the reason he left Islam was because he was able to write his own words as the Quran with Muhammad’s approval. Once he realized the Quran was a sham he left Islam.[15] Later, when Muhammad’s knife was poised at his throat, he realized that Islam was true after all and rejoined the fold. Tabari's whole job after the death of Big Mo was to go to all the tribes who had been forced to convert to Islam - and who now thought that because Big Mo was dead they no longer had to be Muslims - and kill them all. Islam is, in my view - a giant puddle of vomited hatreds - Christians, Jews, dogs, women, gays, infidels, apostates, etc, etc - and the fact that modern Muslims and their Western supporters must wade through the puddle of vomit to pick out anything that might still be edible....well, I just shake my head as to why you would want to. And holding up that tiny kernel of humanity that you find in the vomit like "Aha! See! Islam is Goooooooood!" I will pat you on the head and smile because you're really excited about finding that edible piece amongst the vomit, but do not try to force it down my throat. You swallow what you want but stop forcing everyone else to swallow your vomit morsels.
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    There is still no proof at all that the USA has that shows it was Iran. Remember when they said Saddam had WMDs? Remember when they said Iraq was throwing children out of incubaters? Remember when Rumsfeld talked about Al-Queda's mountain bases? Or Colin Powell's checmical trucks? I am 100% certain the USA is lying about this just to provoke Iran into doing something that the USA can use to bomb them.
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    Trump demonstrates he is the leader, and certainly the Commander in Chief. Despite intense pressure by some to attack Iran immediately, he showed restraint. He gave good reasons why he cancelled the military strike. Trump is also a master of PR theatre in his own special way. He made sure we all knew about it.
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    Yes, we get it. You do not like Islam being talked about in a bad way. You will defend it to your last breath. You will demonize those who do want to discuss it. If your sister chooses to do nothing and say nothing about the problems, that is her choice.
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    If Muslim reformists like Hirsi Ali says these things are a problem in Islam and you insist they are not, who do I believe? Hirsi Ali and ones like her who have actually lived it or you - who visited Egypt (as a TOURIST) a couple of times and are desperately trying to defend your sister's religion? Do I believe it when the media is reporting daily attacks on Christians or do I believe you, who insist they are nothing to be concerned about and that the media is lying just to make Muslims look bad? You insisted that Christians are loved by Egyptians and treated well. Reports say the opposite. Who do I believe?
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    The Beer decisions are the correct ones. It should be sold in corner stores like in most of the rest of the world. The Beer Store sucks. And the Recycling program should be expanded to more than just the beer store. It's actually the only reason to ever go to a Beer Store. It's a shame that the crappy contract the Liberals signed is now being used as a weapon against the Conservatives. This is the 407 sell off in reverse. As for DoFos poll numbers. Dude is a putz and I'm not happy he's leading the PCs. I'm happy the Liberals are out, but a leader like Patrick Brown would have been much better, but he didn't appeal to the far right of the party. Conservatives in Canada have a similar problem to Liberals in the US. They occupy such a broad scope that it's tough to fit under the same tent.
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    Yes. Even though nobody in real life thinks I'm alt-right and I test mostly Left on quizzes. My disagreement of Islam being the Religion of Peace makes me an extremist alt-right who should be watched by the police.
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    Nope. Based on much more than the actions of 6 people. This is just another example. You're one of the ones who has consistently bleated that Muslims bear absolutely no responsibility to counter terrorism in their midst and anyone who thinks they should be dealing with it is an Islamophobe.
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    Mr. Trudeau has failed Canadians due to his lack of vision. Such uninspiring leadership should come as no surprise, since the man has no prior experience. All he can do is suggest another tax, with no explanation of how it will help to solve the actual problem. Andrew Scheer has at least proposed some more progressive ideas. In addition to making carbon reduction technology profitable, his plan also embraces the reality that Canada's CO2 contribution is dwarfed by countries like China. There is no point in punishing ourselves by wasting taxpayers money on a futile endeavour that accomplishes nothing.
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    Democrats are actually pushing reparations as a real policy proposal. You had one job Dems to take back the White House. Not be crazy.
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    Sure. Why not spend billions and billions more and bring in tens of thousands more people with no job skills, education or language skills who will live their entire lives on welfare? What could go wrong?
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    I know you like to blame on "the West" for many of the world's problems, but China and Russia are not the west. No amount of apologizing, accepting blame or being nice will make them stand down.
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    Trump baby-sits Trudeau while handling Iran drone attack.
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    We're obviously at cross purposes here. I said: "Man, any religion that forces you to choose it must be the shits, eh? " Not my most articulate offering, I'll grant you, but opposition to theocracy seems to come out loud and clear.
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    1) That's the thing about Islam. It's bad in a big way. Entire countries run by religious law. Death to blasphemers, homosexuals, apostates, on the books. Utterly insane! A few folks planning a dozen strong march under a confederate flag is worthy of note on an individual basis, but it's just not the same thing. And very few people come to their defense. With Islam, it seems the people who are willing to forget the very issues they care about most are everywhere. It makes threads interesting and fun. 2) Not change their culture. Change what they do. Their culture will change by itself then. Do you think white supremacist have an excuse by dint of their culture? 3) See 1)
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    You forgot the /sarcasm thing.
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    Man, any religion that forces you to choose it must be the shits, eh?
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    1) It's not the whiteness that makes them go wrong. It's their interpretation of what their whiteness means in relation to non-whites (And whites whose views differ) that does the trick. Same with Muslims. 2) Okay. Muslims are motivated by their religion, and white supremacists are motivated by something (not their colour. Their intent to promote their colour above all else?). Some Muslims end up being like the white me, and some end up being like the white supremacists. 3) The choice is not with the culture. The choice is whether of not to adhere to the nasty parts of the culture. Everyone has that choice. If this thread tells lies, I'm sure you'll point them out. If it tells the truth, then that's a very good thing. If you want to start a thread about how awful we all are, go ahead, but it comes up in pretty much every thread anyway.
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    1) It is the same with Muslims. Some would support it, some wouldn't. What's the difference? Religion is the cause of the crimes caused by religion. (I don't see a problem with that statement) Also, If someone sentences you to death for blasphemy, it's not a secular judgement. 2)I'm not Islamophobic so that's good. I don't like Islam though. I would never ban any religion. But I would not afford them any rights other than the right to believe whatever they want, and I'd afford that to anyone.
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    We should clarify. I thought I had already done so. I'm not talking about historical outrages. Burning witches was bad, but we stopped. I'm talking about religion in modern times. There are countries where religious law is paramount, and failure to adhere to the law can lead to the death penalty. I haven't counted them recently, but I think most of them are Islamic. That's not to excuse others. They would all be ridiculous, superstitious backwaters. I just think most of them would be Islamic. I think that the treatment of women under Islam is worse than the treatment of women under any other religious group. (or secular group, for that matter) That doesn't mean I think that women are not treated unfairly by other groups. It just means I think that Islam is the worst. And like it or not, ISIS is Islamic. As are Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, etc. They are just the worst of the worst.
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    And it's not just the Liberals, this bullshit with SNC goes back at least 2 decades. So it's not partisan in any way whatsoever. Our whole government is to blame for allowing corruption.
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    There you go again. Somebody has to PROVE that they're innocent of slanderous claims. It's absurd and goes against the foundation of our justice system. I don't know if the tapes are real or not. But who cares? Why do you gotta go around peeping into what consenting adults do in their bedrooms? Since Clinton I was told that what happens in people's bedrooms is their own business. Stop being a prude man. What two adults wanna do together on their own time isn't any of my business.
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    Maybe we should allow students who fail to get into Med school to hang themselves in public too. When will the madness end? This girl needs to be in a psychiatric ward until she is properly treated for the PTSD she has. It's amazing, but no surprise that the Left is in favor of this.
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    You're free to pretend I'm trying to make Islam "look bad" via their own statements all you like. The penalty for apostasy is DEATH according to the Quran.
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    How long has secularism been a part of modern western nations? Not long, Less than a century. And in the case of the USA, regarding abortion laws, they are starting to go backwards instead of forward. So one can kind of cut Muslims a break, but we can continue to work with them on integrating into western societies.
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    So we seem to have established pretty definitively that the OP was posted as a falsehood.
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    And as predicted the fire-in-their-eyes types are actually PISSED at this non-plan because it pledges to hit the Paris targets ! I love the right - it tries to tie hillbillies and money-suited lobbyists with a big bow ! Kind of like how the left tries to do it with manual workers and tweed-suited academics
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    Good thing I read a few posts before I actually responded. I believe Boges here is correct. This is trolling, I shall move on.
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    I wouldn’t expect Doug Ford to be popular. It’s never popular to be the adult and cut up the maxed out credit cards. It’s easier and more popular to be the big spending Santa Claus type. Where you “give” people all kinds of “free” goodies.
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    Textbook Trolling. Recycling isn't some left-wing plot.
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    Seriously? Where? Not in the mainstream media, that's for sure. The internet? You think any substantial percentage of Canadians are reading these kinds of posts on the freaking internet?! And even if they were, where? The biggest social media forum on the internet is Reddit and I invite you to go there. You'll find that the Canadian forums are PAINFULLY woke and progressive, and that the slightest hint of 'racism' or 'intolerance' will be instantly banned. And they have a VERY wide interpretation of those words. You people on the Left continue to believe the entire population is made up of brainless sheep, and that any suspicion of Muslims or thought that there is too much immigration must have been put into their silly little heads by evil, far right propaganda. And if only you can shut down that propaganda people will go back to munching grass. What you cannot seem to grasp is that this is rising from what ordinary people see and experience around them in their daily lives, and from what they hear and see through the media. And it is that rising sense of discomfort and frustration with the rising number of immigration which in turn is inspiring groups like La Meute and Pergoda. And as long as politicians ignore those wishes and keep bringing in millions of immigrants that frustration will grow into anger and continue to spread. I asked for the names of fascist and white supremacist groups and their numbers. I didn't ask for confirmation racist white people exist. Only an idiot would try to deny that. So quit moving the goalposts.
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    And yet when we actually did have such groups the authorities DID give numbers. I believer the last one died out a dozen years or so ago and had... a dozen members or so. Not much to be afraid of there. Well and why do you imagine two thirds of Canadians told pollsters they felt immigrants weren't assimilating fast enough if not worries about how it would affect our culture? Why do you think almost half said immigration was changing Canada in ways they didn't like? Such sentiments are widespread among Canadians because the politicians have pushed immigration for purely crass political reasons in order to cater to ethnic groups and the raw numbers and percentage of the population continue to grow. That doesn't concern the Left because they don't give a damn about Canada's history, tradition or culture. Half the time they deny we even have one, the rest they condemn us for our politically incorrect history. None of that is remotely like white supremacy or fascism. If you think that's fascism than two thirds of the population is fascist. You still don't understand that the reason for the rise of anti-immigration sentiment is due to the rise of immigrants and the feeling that there are no rules on them when they arrive, no effort to integrate, that, in fact, the left, the government does its best to persuade them not to. The law in Quebec will make Quebecers less concerned if they feel that things are more under control.
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    Anything that dictates behaviour in anyone but themselves as individuals. By a week Tuesday!
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    No singular pope, but a cabal of like-minded men. For Shiites, it is the Ayatollah.
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    “Who's the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?” - Obi Wan Kenobi
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    I joined this forum hoping for real discussions. I hoped to understand people who have different opinions than me. I thought I might learn something to change my opinions. This forum has been disappointingly similar to other discussions taken over by trolls. Ad hominem comments tell me the writer has nothing to add to a discussion but his/her own negative feelings and enjoys seeing his own sarcasm in print rather than participating in respectful, intelligent discussion.
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    World War Two might as well be a thousand years ago, the Canadian military is an empty shell now, the process began in 1967. Two Canadian soldiers, with a combined 56 years of service are telling you how it is, if you don't believe us, put your money where your mouth is, down at the recruitment center, and sign the contract of unlimited liability and serve in the damn military that you love so much.
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    Why would white protestants care about Muslims being gunned down in mosques or Jews machine gunned in synagogues ? Those are likely just 'anomalies" and not 'hate crimes'... that's just something the FBI says to get attention. We have more pressing problems like Muslim students being allowed to pray privately in schools and Sikhs not wearing motorcycle helmets.
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    I was corrected by someone who said "Soldiers of Odin" are not a neo-Nazi group, they are just named after one. So if they name themselves after something they profess themselves not do be why didn't they just call themselves The Retardeds" ?
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    Islam needs no help to look bad. That's part of the problem with the left's view (except me). They have blinkers (as with Argus's most recent cartoon) and therefore have to describe legitimate criticism of Islam as Islamophobia because to not do so is to acknowledge it, and they cannot do that. For some reason they are afraid. I've yet to come across a poster on here who thinks that the things that disgust me about Islam are okay, so if I am Islamophobic, so are they.
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    What a load of crap, I suppose all those that are in these protest marches and oppose Antifa are old white dudes...take a look again....
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    This is what I mean, racism in North America is almost entirely a right-wing conservative phenomenon - its clearly the shittiest thing Canada has going for it and probably the best reason for not immigrating here.
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    Yeah, yeah. People were saying that generations ago. Funny thing is that as young people get out into the world and start paying taxes and start watching the news and reading newspapers instead of playing video games, they start to change into conservatives. Not all of them, of course. Some are dumb enough to remain pie-in-the-sky idiots with no grounding in reality. We call them liberals.
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    And now she is banned from returning home. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/apr/17/sadaf-khadem-iranian-boxer-halts-return-arrest-clothing What a disgraceful regime.
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    Yes....and has done so for over 150 years. Just read your own domestic media....no shortage of repeating human rights violations in Canada for "aboriginals". Trudeau will be apologizing for more very soon. ...but some choose to single out Israel instead.


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