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    Well-well-well. Just what I suspected and expected. I am surprised that not one member here went about wishing everyone to have a happy Canada Day? And why is that? All the leftist liberals here all think that Canada is such a great and wonderful multicultural country and is supposed to be full of happy Canadian people who say that they love their Canada but yet would not celebrate it here by saying to us all to have a happy Canada Day. Why is that? I can easily say without regret that I can not celebrate Canada Day anymore because the old Canada is no more. I think that I know why this may be so? Nobody really gives all that much of a crap about Canada anymore. I guess that we can thank all of our dear wonderful political leaders in Canada who have been trying to eliminate as much of the old British/European Canada and culture for decades now and who were the ones responsible for making Canada great at onetime. Today, it is not about the old Canada anymore. It's all about the new Canada and the rest of the world now. Canada has and is still being flooded with millions of way too many incompatible cultures that look at Canada today as a place where I can immigrate too, and take advantage of all of the free goodies that Canada has to offer. They like to pretend that they are Canadian, but in reality they are just empty words. If they loved their new home, called sucker Canada, then why do they start up a business in Canada and put their own foreign language on their business signs? Should those signs be in English only? Indeed, they should be. It's called assimilating into their new country and culture. The language of this country is English, not some other foreign language. On Canada Day approx. 1000 Canadians marched to the American Embassy in Ottawa, and started to shout "We Love Trump" on Canada Day of all days. WTH? I guess it is probably safe to say that those in that march in Ottawa do not much give a crap all that much about Canada or celebrating Canada Day anymore in Canada. I cannot blame any of them. But thanks to those two globalist comrades, old man, and young punk Trudeau's, they are the ones that started Canada on the road to ruin. They both have tried to make Canada a multicultural hodge-podge of a way too many cultures country, and they both have pretty much succeeded. Canada is not Canada anymore. It has now become a new Canada where the rest of the world and their foreign born cultures has become more important than our own Canadian culture of the old Canada itself. I am not sad to say that I am one with those protesters who have appeared to have had enough already of this globalist comrade Trudeau, and his continuous destruction of what was once a great British/European nation called Canada. So long old Canada, it's been good to know you.
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    Anyone with a smidgen of sense knows how blessed they are to live in Canada. I'm also a dual citizen with Britain, but my first allegiance is to Canada, a very dynamic, safe, harmonious, and free country relative to most others. We're not staring in the rear view mirror imposing a class system or getting mired in conflict and violence. There's much to appreciate.
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    Not really. It sucks if you're a woman, having to compete against biological men. Trans women (biological men) are breaking all the records previously held by actual women. They're also taking scholarships, etc. Anyone with half a brain can see the problem with this.
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    CHOP is no more...Seattle police moved in this morning and cleared the area of Chopsters.
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    Your anecdotes are completely meaningless. Anyone could make up those stories. If you want to get into the game then you need to provide some cites because you're making serious accusations. Even if it's true and you do have one white neighbour who's racist that's nothing in the grand scheme of things. I know lots of ugly racists who aren't white. We just had a black girl at our house yesterday who's an extreme racist and she doesn't even know it. I know that she's a racist because her half-brother is my son's best friend and I know what kinds of things she's been telling him. When we were downtown about 3 weeks ago we were in a store and when the police stopped in traffic just outside and he gestured at the car like he was pointing a rifle at the cop. He's 12. He's never had a police incident yet. His mom and dad haven't either, she's actually a legal secretary and her dad is a well-off a-hole who has had several lawsuits against him (white). Do you know why my son's friend hates/fears police? Because of TV. CNN & CTV. And because of racists in his own family. There are millions of people in Canada and the US advancing an inaccurate and defamatory portrayal of white people. You're doing it right now. If you want, I can provide cites for that from all over the place. Just look at the AJ+ FB page, the whole thing is an anti-Hindu, Anti-American, anti-white, anti-Israeli screed. In it's entirety, that FB page is complete bigotry & hate-mongering. It is 100% true, and I haven't been discriminated against personally because nothing that I said was ugly, it's just a truth that you don't like. FYI Canada is an awesome place. The vast majority of Canadians are awesome people. It's 100% true that we are far less bigoted here than is the average worldwide. Anyone who works hard in school and has a positive attitude here will succeed, 100%. As a comparison, in most countries in the Middle East, bigotry is normal and the consequences of it are far greater than anything that you're talking about here. Verbal and physical harassment are the norm, jail-time and rape aren't uncommon, and there was a genocide as recently as 2017. Gather some worldly and historical knowledge dialamah and take another stab at this. Your opinions, as expressed here, are worthless. I've lived in this country. I know that what you said is entirely bullshit.
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    What they do love is free money apparently. Canadians love to suck from the Queen's nipple.
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    how about that, we both hit on this withing the same minute. Too bad the media will sweep this under the carpet as quickly and quietly as they can.
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    Who knows, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz or Isaac Newton's material might be soon declared unfit to be taught. Is their privilige that made then invent calculus and derivates amongst other things. Maybe we can start a debate about that and analyze it how we can make people comfortable ? Is shocking what some of these communists have done in one generation. The level of suspicion between the masses, turning family against family, going after traditions and customs, it is a game that has been played for hundreds and hundreds of years and one big sign of it is the attack on people with brains, the intellectual class by trying to create a one class system. This is what the universities are becoming in my opinion, pushing an old game with a new name. I remember to this day my grandma crying when she was talking about not eating for a few days or when waiting in line for 3 hours and were no eggs left. This is where mediocrity leads. My personal experiences is true, they make me irrational and BIAS most of the time but I learnt to live with it. We all have our flaws.
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    There have been a number of climate activists who have outright admitted to having lied/exagerated. They too have been denounced as blasphemers by the movement. The latest of these is Michael Shelenberger, a lifelong leftist activist who has spent years fighting the the good fight on behalf of climate change and now is recanting. "On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologize for the climate scare we created over the last 30 years. Climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem. Until last year, I mostly avoided speaking out against the climate scare. Partly that’s because I was embarrassed. After all, I am as guilty of alarmism as any other environmentalist. For years, I referred to climate change as an ‘existential’ threat to human civilization, and called it a ‘crisis.’ But mostly I was scared.” “I remained quiet about the climate disinformation campaign because I was afraid of losing friends and funding. The few times I summoned the courage to defend climate science from those who misrepresent it I suffered harsh consequences. And so I mostly stood by and did next to nothing as my fellow environmentalists terrified the public.” https://nationalpost.com/opinion/john-robson-forbes-falls-to-cancel-culture-as-it-erases-environmentalists-mea-culpa/wcm/370ca87c-37c3-4376-8e95-78231ae5fd46/ Strident is basically no different from hysterical.
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    Better late than never. Betsy, I unreservedly and unequivocly apologize. You were right about masks and I was wrong. I dip in and out of DP from time to time.
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    No he didn't. He said a bunch of vague nonsense in a 2016 interview and avoided clarifying when given the opportunity. Wikileaks later made an explicit statement saying that they were not implying that Seth Rich was there source, or that his murder was connected to their publications, but that didn't stop all the morons who were happy to make up their own facts and run with the story. It takes a special kind of intellect to call that "evidence". I'm not vouching for CNN or NBC, nor am I vouching for CTV or CBC. What I did do is refer to Fox News as a worthless clown show and that Rebel Media is even worse. All that ranting and carrying on and you're pretty much arguing with yourself. You're so caught up in your own nonsense that you can't even follow the debate you're participating in. Instead, you make up opinions and positions to argue against and then brag to nobody in particular about how you're "destroying" them. All of this is built on a foundation of absolutely stunning ignorance. Thanks for the laughs. I'm done with your foolishness.
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    Would you get a pass in Philosophy at Berkeley if you just scribbled down "I hate pigs, all wimin must be beleved, whit men are gilty of slavory, impeach the orange satin"? It wouldn't surprise me if you could.
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    You're not posting evidence. You posted google searches. When you post proof of something that's disputed, cite a link to a specific site, copy and paste some of the relevant quotes which support your position. It's easy. Here's proof of bigotry in Pakistan: https://www.google.ca/search?source=hp&ei=tpADX8HsLLux0PEP5q6soAE&q=bigotry+in+Pakistan&oq=bigotry+in+Pakistan&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIGCAAQFhAeOgUIABCxAzoCCAA6CAgAELEDEIMBOggIABAWEAoQHjoICAAQ6gIQjwE6BAgAEAo6CggAELEDEEYQ-QFQqQhY1_MBYLP3AWgTcAB4AIABWYgB3BGSAQIzOJgBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXqwAQo&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwjBn6G3wrnqAhW7GDQIHWYXCxQQ4dUDCAw&uact=5 So is that proof of the bigotry in Pakistan, or just a google link? What about this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_discrimination_in_Pakistan https://www.wilsoncenter.org/event/religious-intolerance-pakistan-and-the-plight-religious-minorities https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Searchlight https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_during_the_Bangladesh_Liberation_War So have I proved that systemic racism in Pakistan is a problem? Is religious bigotry in Pakistan a problem? Is the recent violent past in Pakistan quite relevant right now, compared with the issue of slavery and systemic racism in Canada? If we're gonna post about what's going on in Canada, should we really use the same words that theyre using to describe the situation in Pakistan? I'll admit that our PM used the same terminology, but Trudeau is a grand-standing moron, and that's why the issue of "Canadan racism" is a touchy subject. It's actually inflammatory and divisive. Canada is awesome. Anyone who is lucky enough to live in Canada should just be thankful. We have been tackling the issues of racism here for decades, we're well ahead of the curve, and we don't need criticism from any quarter, thanks.
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    There's probably 30 links you could have looked at, but you threw them all out because you know they present evidence of systemic racism in Canada. Why do you demand evidence that you're just going to ignore? Doesn't that strike you as kinda weird?
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    You reject facts, as has been noted by other posters. Here's some cites for you to reject because facts about systemic racism don't match your notions. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/crime/albertas-top-rcmp-officer-admits-systemic-racism-exists-as-lawyers-group-calls-for-his-resignation ER betting on indigenuous people's blood alcohol level Alberta civil liberties assoc - systemic racism Emily Carr University - Canada's systemic racism Systemic racism in employment in Canada: Diagnosing systemic racism in organizational culture A whole bunch of studies on systemic racism in Canada. Have fun rejecting this evidence; please do continue hurling accusations instead of responding to what I say.
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    Pretending that racism in Canada is a significant issue is as disgusting as it gets, and ignores the vast progress that society has made. All you’re doing is sowing division and victimization for political purposes. Disgusting as it gets.
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    So you have chosen to come and live here and granted all the privileges and don't care about Canada's given privileges and care more about the old defeated empire who colonized half the world and suck their blood for centuries?
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    I was going to post a thread entitled Happy Canada Day as is did previous years, still the best country in the world that millions are line up to come in and live but I didn't think under the circumstances this year with thousands who lost their lives due to Covid-19 and tens of thousands losing their loved ones and millions losing their jobs would be appropriate.
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    This is a bit early, but to all our American friends, especially the delightful Ms. Bush-Cheney, have a wonderful 4th of July celebration.
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    This latest story tells me that Trudeau thinks he is above the rules and I would agree with that. His supporters,or perhaps more appropriately, his fan base, don't seem the slightest bit concerned about this newest apparent breach of ethics guidelines. Maybe they're not even aware of it. Let's face it,this story isn't going to get much exposure from the media. Think of how they covered Dean Del Mastro, for his campaign finance violation. Front page, in shackles. How about Liberal Marwan Tabbara? Assault and criminal harassment charges,barely a mention and nothing when it actually happened. The bar is set very low for Liberals isn't it?
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    I never said that word or anything like it, you put it in my mouth in 2 different posts. I said universities are infected with a disease, which is left-wing hysteria. People should be free to discuss any ideas they want. That's not the culture we live in today though. We live in a woke-McCarthyist witchhunt world.
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    Not so much, just the usual gladhanding and 'trust us' in the one party state. Conservatives just have to elect somebody not crazy and they will fo m the next government. So let's say a fifty fifty chance...
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    If the mods could merge this thread with Army Guy's it would be easier . This is just further evidence that great minds think alike and those who don't think at all vote Liberal,
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    And that's perfectly fine with this guy who claims to believe in freedom of speech.
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    Seriously, Happy Independence Day! America IS a great country and Americans SHOULD be intensely proud of all that they have accomplished.
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    I think you mean the Appalachian Mountains.
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    So, what were you doing on Canada Day? Staying at home and practicing your social distancing, and wearing one of those unhealthy silly looking clown masks? Globalism is killing every country on earth. The globalists are all about profit and power, and want to control all the world's resources and control the earth's population. But you do not have to believe me and what I just said. Just go on the internet and punch in the evils of globalism. There you will find as to why I am, and several millions of others, are also against globalism. Try it. It won't bite you. Try and learn something for a change rather than keep listening to the likes of the lying Canadian leftist liberal media who will never tell you anything except what the deep state globalist elite want you to hear and know about which of course will be full of lies and disinformation. Believe it or not. Indeed. Happy Dominion Day to you also.
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    I agree. Polanski should have been extradited to face justice decades ago. Failing that, he should at least have been shunned by Hollywood.
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    Why? It's like a disease and it keeps spreading.
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    1. This is not evident. I seem to recall strident positions against conservative views about several topics, from climate change to firearms regulation, to the point of not respecting such views, let alone protecting them. Perhaps you are making a finer small c conservative distinction now. 2. I think that is the issue...the American framework invites conflict by design, something that Canada abhors..."peace, order, yada, yada, yada". Many leftists no longer tolerate opposing views that clash with their "values", including hate speech, "microaggressions", abortion on demand, gender identity, etc. to the point of seeking to silence others as peace. The American narrative has a different set of rules that are not so easily reconciled in a Canadian context, despite drinking from the fire hose that is American news and social media platforms. It is too volatile and dangerous for the Canadian palate, but many like to watch.
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    He could, but statute of limitations is running out, especially if he gets re-elected. Just trying to get Trump on something will probably not fly, and his attorneys would just strike a deal for anything that sticks. MUST...GET...TRUMP !!!
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    I think one of the mistakes people make is believing there is any leadership in the LGBTQ and other communities. There isn't. No one is chosen as representatives of Blacks or Gays or Transgenders or Indo-Canadians or 'the left'. What we see, what we hear are activists, who by their nature tend to be shrill and extreme. I remember seeing an interview with Douglas Murray a while back where he laughed at the very idea there even WAS a LGBTQ community, as if they all hung around together and had the same beliefs. They don't. Gays and lesbians, he said, have never really thought much of each other, both are suspicious of the BIs, and they're quite divided on the Ts. None of them chose the 'representatives' who purport to speak for them. Similarly, groups like BLM do not represent the Black community. They're a radical left activist group which by its nature attracts people with extreme views.
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    Whats crazy about all of this , is how elected officials acted...and even worse how the public stood by for the most part and let it all happen....and it's not just in the US, Toronto mayor is defunding the police ….one of Canada's largest cities and one with the large crime base...and yet it seems logical to defund police... how in the blue sweet blazes can they justify that....
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    Progressives have gone full Taliban. Mount Rushmore must be destroyed!
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    I'm sad for the people lost, and hardships suffered by so many. I'm glad our leaders paid attention to experts, including changing their response and advice as more was learned about this virus. I've no doubt mistakes, large and small, were made by people in leadership roles, individual healthcare workers and citizens across the country and the world. With rare exceptions, I do not believe mistakes were made through maliciousness or because someone didn't care. I remain grateful that Canada has fared relatively well and that few people can answer "yes" to the question "Do you know anyone who has Covid-19."
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    Except it wasn't just a conspiracy "theory". When you claim you have evidence supporting the theory (but actually don't), then by definition that's a lie. The theory has been debunked because not a shred of supporting evidence has been unearthed and we therefore have no reason to believe any of it. This is as clear an example as we need of your ability to re-shape reality to suit your comical world views. You were talking about cognitive dissonance earlier, and I thought that was pretty funny. You're a shining exemplar of the concept. Wait...what!? I never said anything even remotely to that effect. Go back and read my post because I made it explicitly clear that fool Hannity didn't start the conspiracy theory. I could not have been any clearer on that. The extent of your nonsense and your ability to befuddle yourself are starting to get pretty boring at this point. It was funny for awhile, but I'm barely even reading your posts anymore. It's largely incoherent ranting and not worth responding to.
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    The liberal party is way way so far left that any further left and there will be a good chance that they will fall down on their useless socialist and communist butts. Everything from now on will be anti-white. We will be constantly reminded of our whiteness, our white privilege, and that we are all just a bunch of racists. The new normal discrimination will now be against all white people and that will never be seen as racism. Of course it will really be all about revenge. Sadly, it would appear as though the majority of white people seem to be quite contented with it all. Their loss will be great. . Most Canadians have gone beyond ridiculous and stunned to boot. Just saying.
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    I liked O'Toole too. At this point I'd vote for Lucifer if I thought that he could beat Trudeau, and I think that a candidate from the GTA might have a strong shot. The Bloc will take away most of Quebec from Trudeau, I think that Ontario is the key battleground for the next election. O'Toole would be a tough opponent for Trudeau. I really like the things that Dr Lewis says, and I love the fact that she could shut Trudeau's holier-than-thou yap like no other, and put the BLM terrorists down where they belong, but she's an over-emoter and it's so hard to watch after the last 700 years of Trudeau. She's also the conservative that could win over a lot of minority voters, who right now mostly believe the liberal MSM narrative that the Conservatives are all racist. Sloan just looks like the guy that Trudeau could make immigrants fear. I'd be happy with either of those two. Leslyn first, but once she's elected she needs to just start talking like the intelligent, strong, sensible person that she is and not the drama queen. Mackay is my third choice. Meh. Sloan is a good conservative but he's like Bernier imo. Too conservative to draw support away from the middle. They could be the smartest person in the room with all the best answers, but they'll always say one thing a year that gives the MSM a chance to twist their words into a racist attack.
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    There's no doubt that you can argue in favour of trans women in sports - the fact that they're allowed to participate makes that explicit. What's not so clear, however, is the ability to argue against it without being labeled as transphobic. The pile-on of Martina Navritolova is a good example of this, and far from the only one. Though Martina ventured a little too far into rhetorical scenarios when she originally spoke out (and gave ammunition to her critics), her argument was pretty straightforward and clearly demonstrated the unfairness of the current environment. If transwomen are not allowed to compete in women's sports, there's certainly a question of where would they compete, but then there's also the question of why should their feelings and needs take precedence over the women in sports that they displace or unfairly compete against?
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    Try to disagree on much of social media - which is the new public square - and your accounts will be immediately banned. Try to give a talk in real life where you disagree and angry mobs will show up to silence you. People will call your employer and try to get you fired. You'll get death threats. Try to disagree in the UK and you'll find the police at your door. This is not about arguments. This is about threats, and about a belief by the the most influential elements of the Left that their social views have the status of sacred texts and anyone who disagrees is not simply wrong, but literally evil. You cannot have a dialogue with people who are filled with hate for anyone who disagrees with them. Just ask Meghan Murphy - a far left feminist who is now constantly threatened and de-platformed and accused of being a Nazi because she opposes the trans agenda activists. When that advocacy involves threats and determined efforts to silence opposition it's considerably more than advocacy.
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    Why do you continue to play dumb? Does it help you feel better acting like a child. Advocacy journalism isn’t a new concept. It happens all the time, through the segments that networks decide to air, or the guests they decide to have on, to the stories or editorials picked to run in newspapers. Grow the fuck up already.
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    Doing better than your racist PM...still has a UN Security Council seat and doesn't even want it.
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    A study of gun control measures in Canada shows no impact on the number of homicides or suicides. Shocker. Dr. Caillin Langmann, an emergency medicine professor at Ontario’s McMaster University, has completed a very thorough study of gun controls and their impact on crime dating back to the 1970s. His conclusion: “No beneficial association was found between legislation and female or male homicide rates.” Nor was there any connection between “firearm prevalence rates per province and provincial suicide rates.” The biggest factors for suicides in Dr. Langmann’s study were “rates of low income, increased unemployment, and the percentage of aboriginals in the population.” The biggest impact on homicide rates came from youth gang involvement. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/columnists/gunter-gun-controls-hardly-accomplish-what-its-advocates-think/wcm/1fcbb340-4b32-4298-95c8-5b2875b466ac/
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    May I add that if Klobuchar has now stepped down as a candidate for Biden's running mate - and had urged Biden to choose a woman of colour - just imagine how that would also play up here in our country! Her platform is not extreme. It can be palatable to all Canadians. The liberals/socialists in Canada will be torn with angst. Will they deny this opportunity to a female, woman of colour? I bet they will look past other defining ideologies of liberalism and would latch on this. And......think about our diversed people of colour. Lewis will become the perfect role-model! We will win this.
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    But liberal across the country love him for some reason.....just goes to show you if you got good hair , whacky socks and like the works uhhhmmm and aaahhhh, lets not forget a constant lying, loves to deceive people about anything and everything, loves to sign agreements and then tell the world we are not going to do that ….and somehow he will find a reason to blame all of this on Harper....it's not Justin it is all of his followers....that are the problem....
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    Burn it all to the ground.. every bit of it....Beginning to see what fuels Dougies dislike for this nation was all about.....The left has been empowered because their is no one out there from the right has the leadership skills to stop all this BS, and some day it is going to meet critical mass.....so ya the faster the better.... What fuels the left, I really think their main objective is just to piss off the right, most of what they do makes no difference at all....I think we let them have their day in the sand box, stop giving them the satisfaction of getting under our skin...ignore them, one day soon "hopefully" they will be regulated back to the closets they crawled out of....and the right will spend their time undoing everything Justin and his merry gang of feminists have screwed up....and we can sit back and watch their heads explode one by one as things get back to normal.... What is so important about a street name in Mississauga....Is this the hill we make our stand on, some street here , or Ottawa, let them have their day in the sunshine, is this battle going to effect us in any way... Not today it is not... number /letter/ color all the street names, same with schools, hockey arenas, parks, who cares....I'M curious, what the history class is going to be like in 10 years time, "who was john a MacDonald... any way, " just some racist prick, that was one of our founding fathers, or does he even get mentioned in the new history..... To you leftist wingnuts I'm handing out boxes of matches for free....just send me your name...
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    This is just stupidity, or trolling, it’s not worthy of comment either way. If you haven’t noticed Trudeau’s dictatorial tendencies then there’s something wrong with you. Buying the MSM and instituting government regulation of social media were just a start for that piece of crap.


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