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    This guy I know once said he wanted to punch Trudeau right in the pu$$y! I told dad to calm down, we had guests over.
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    Old people are well aware of how vulnerable they are, and that death is imminent. These are the people who need to be most protected in an outbreak. On the other hand if protection brings its own issues, the decision what to do isn't so black-and-white. It is not always wise to try and save life at all costs, when you understand certain realities. Mental health problems due to virus fear is an issue just beginning to come to our attention. Little old ladies who are scared are hiding at home, don't go out for many weeks hardly at all, stop doing the things they used to do that kept them busy and kept them going. A certain number of them will die earlier. And so it comes down to quality of life issues. Would you rather isolate for months, upheave everything, enduring loneliness, depression and the impact this has on you, or go to the places you always go, take your chances but use "social distancing" as always, same techniques for flu season every year. Just need to do them consistently and well, but not useless things. Stores marketing themselves as "clean" now makes virus its own industry. Cheers
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    Well I'm guessing it is not any of our vets, that is going to be voting liberal...But terrorist world wide will be rejoicing his win...must make Liberals proud...
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    I have no difficulty with any of this. But then I'm semi-old. I grew up in a pre-Liberal Canada, before Trudeau senior opened the floodgates to immigrants and then set about deliberately destroying our traditions and institutions because they were too closely related to Britain and he wanted to assuage Quebec. The 'multiculturalism' bullshit helped with that because it was only ever applied in English Canada, never in Quebec. We were told that we couldn't do this or say that and that this and that had to be changed so as to not offend newcomers. And the more newcomers we had which had no part of our traditions and values the more this argument was used. Now we have Trudeau the shallow proclaiming that Canada is a 'post-nation state', ie, not even a nation, and has no core identity, and saying it PROUDLY, as if this is a good thing! Mind you, he'd cut his own tongue out before saying anything like that about Quebec.
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    You're just making excuses for bad behavior. The city of New York declared an emergency on March 7th, and restricted public gatherings on March 12th. At the same time members of the municipal government were downplaying the virus, and encouraging people to go out to public gatherings. Make up your mind on whether politicians should've acted sooner or not. You can't pick and choose with your bull crap excuses.
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    Exactly. Anyways, if anyone's interested in the federal response that Boges claims doesn't exist, here it is. https://www.usa.gov/coronavirus Administration for Children and Families has program information for children, families, and communities. Administration for Community Living offers information for older adults, and people with disabilities. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is studying the virus worldwide and helping communities respond locally. Check the CDC’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) page for news and guidance. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has guidance for Medicare recipients and Medicare providers. Consumer Product Safety Commission home safety advice. Corporation for National and Community Service guidance for volunteers and programs. Defense Commissary Agency is ensuring the quality and safety of food available at commissaries world-wide. Department of Defense supports the government response, and is working to protect the health of the military. Department of Energy is researching COVID-19 at the National Labs. Department of Health and Human Services news releases. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) is developing new medical treatments. Department of Homeland Security is facilitating a whole-of-government response in confronting COVID-19, keeping Americans safe, and helping detect and slow the spread of the virus. Department of Labor has information for employers and workers on preparing workplaces and responding to COVID-19 in the workplace. Department of Veterans Affairs is caring for Veterans. Environmental Protection Agency has information about disinfectants that can kill COVID-19 and facts about water safety. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns of increase in child abuse due to school closures, and offers tips on what you can do to protect children and report abuse. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission news and updates. Food and Drug Administration is working with the medical industry to develop vaccines, drugs, and diagnostic tests. For healthcare professionals, they offer FAQs about diagnostic testing. Indian Health Service is coordinating the public health response for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Military Community and Family Policy offers advice and information for the military community. Military Health System offers health advice, and updates on travel restrictions for members of the military. National Aeronautics and Space Administration tips for isolation and educational activities. National Cancer Institute guidance for cancer patients and guidance for cancer researchers. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has virtual safety training for frontline responders. National Institutes of Health are researching COVID-19 treatments and a vaccine. National Institute on Drug Abuse advice for people with substance use disorders. Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center published guidance for healthcare providers. U.S. Department of Agriculture answers questions about food safety and pet safety. U.S. Fire Administration published infection control guidance for first responders. Add to this some 10 thousand ventilators sent out to states, as well as tens of millions of gloves, masks and other PPE.
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    So what? The previous administration ignored something like 7 warnings over the course of their 8 years.
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    Interesting thoughts from Karl Deninger over at the Market Ticker (here), from the get-go we seem incapable of understanding who are the vectors and drop a heavy lead blanket over the non-vectors:
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    Which is what makes it worse. Yes misinformation has played a role throughout history since the dawn of man. But today it is so huge. So fast. The misinformation goes around the world in seconds and reaches way more people. The whole lot of you are now under its spell. That's why you're mesmerized chicken shit go wash your hands, it's been more than 5 minutes. And remember to wipe everything down again and again, and... again
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    Trudeau suggested that Canada was not on the same trajectory as the US because it had acted sooner. But the fact of the matter is – on several issues, Canada trailed behind the US by several days or even weeks. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/national/the-road-to-canadas-covid-19-outbreak-timeline-of-federal-government-failure-at-border-to-slow-the-virus/ When asked if he now regrets not tightening travel screening earlier in the pandemic: Trudeau replied: “I think there is going to be lots of analysis after the fact about what happened when, what could have happened a few days earlier, what only needed to happen a few days later" So – no regrets even knowing that Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore started restricting travel and screening inbound passengers in early January as they cared more about their citizens than getting a UN seat. Don't you love the CBC's euphemism for ignores and refuses to answer questions: "in his responses to reporters at these morning briefings, he still sometimes floats above the questions asked" https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-pandemic-covid-coronavirus-media-1.5516383
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    There is no law for the above...and you project fabricated fears on Fox...you engage in wishful thinking where you control what the world must believe...lead by example...stop writing such nonsense...
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    It began spreading long before March 10th. The NBA and NHL postponed their season on March 12th. Stop making excuses for bad behaviour. It’s unbecoming. Regardless, the real lawsuit should be filed against China for gross negligence.
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    Progressives believe they can run an economy on other people's money...until that runs out. Then the true authoritarian nature comes out in them. Wouldn't change anything....we already have plenty of lobbying video to see.
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    Part of why it’s more deadly is because it’s more contagious. I’ve posted that it’s more contagious in other threads. I’m sorry you didn’t see them.
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    Can you imagine the crying if Canada had stockpiled masks/ventilators/scrubs/etc a few years ago? The same people currently complaining that "we should have been prepared" would have screamed about wasting tax dollars on "non-essentials."
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    Happier days are coming and some are already here. The response to this virus will change so many things that were once normal and while the new state of normal is surely months if not years down the road the opportunities that will spring up along it are already sprouting. We've always been concerned for the well-being of our schizophrenic son and his ability to succeed and care for himself as we get older and especially so these days. He got the biggest pay-cheque of his life today and his company just signed a million dollar contract to create educational software for autistic kids. Given the closures of schools and the likelihood that education systems in the future will probably incorporate smaller more occasional gatherings than frequent ones educational software of all kinds are poised to take off as well - his future's so bright he'll need to wear shades. He says having schizophrenia has vaccinated him against the pandemic of craziness sweeping the world and social isolation comes naturally enough to so....and yes he can work from the safety of his home. The team he's part of is almost entirely internet based. Ya, hearing that sure made my day today! Who gives a damn about a bad CT-scan!
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    "Most people who became infected during the SARS epidemic — that virus is a close cousin of the new coronavirus, called SARS-CoV-2 — had long-term immunity lasting eight to 10 years, said Vineet D. Menachery, a virologist at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston."
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    Look I'm not a very religious man either, I will not blow smoke up your arse and say I have not prayed to the big guy in my time of need, lots of times as a soldier, when my each one of my kids were born, I will say I do not attend church except for funerals and weddings... That being said I find it a little ironic that you don't like it when they impose THIER VALUES on everyone else, but it's ok for others to impose your beliefs on them...things like gay marriage and abortion rights are off the table.. And if you do want to talk about these issues well they deserve to be ridiculed…. key word here is ridiculed...I wonder what else is off limits ? Lots of things are basic rights, clean drinking water ? how about basic shelter ? don't get me wrong I'm not native or do I beat their drum, but when it comes down to being treated equal there are a lot of groups that have lagged behind like the few I mentioned, and those that are the squeaky wheel are getting all the attention because of powerful lobby groups...Today we think that if you do not dance with the LGBT folks your a piece of shit, and own all the ridicule you get......regardless of your own personal values or opinion..
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    So in this era when medical professionals can't get enough N95 masks, your solution is to fit EVERYONE!!!! with N95 masks. Or people could, you know, just stay the fuck home. And when you do go out don't touch your face and wash your hands a lot.
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    Mr. and Mrs. Markle move to L.A. so the boss can get back into her third tier acting career. Harry promises to learn how to do laundry and vacuuming while he assumes his role as child carer and bitch.
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    Good news ... had a vitual surprise birthday party for my sister yesterday, around 20 people showed up, mostly family, and it lasted over 4 hours. We've never held a party where so many family members showed up. And it was really fun.
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    China does not give help to any other country without strings attached and dark ulterior motives. H1N1 came from China. SARS came from China.Bird flu came from China. Does anyone see a pattern here? Unfortunately,I can't see much changing in the future after this latest virus(China) runs it's course. Wet markets will continue to operate, cheap,poor quality goods will continue to flow from China to the developed world. Business as usual. A prophetic article from 2017: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/china-ground-zero-future-pandemic-180965213/
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    Here, Greta. Take a load of this: Plastic grocery bags are here to stay! https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/we-made-so-much-progress-on-plastic-bags-coronavirus-could-undo-it-all/ar-BB11NIei Have a valium.
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    The government is not asking us to do anything particularly daunting. To start, stay home for a few weeks. They're not asking us to hand our firstborn to the army and our second-born to the navy. You're using another straw-man here and pretending the government is asking us to accept anything is justified. They're not. The stimulus bill Trudeau tried to pass was a bit of a turd and he overstepped there, but accepting some short-term self-isolation is not the end of the world that you make it out to be. The curious thing about this sort of mindset is that on one hand, you're telling us that the fear-mongering over the virus is exaggerated and hyped, but then you're doing the same thing with the theories about the government grasping and about how the sacred "economy" being sacrificed (never to recover I guess?). That too is exaggerated. Coming out of the current crisis, governments will have been served a rude awakening and will be more serious about future preparedness. It will ultimately be an expensive lesson to learn, but the one thing that western economies continue to do successfully is ignore their problems until they blow up in their face.
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    I think the one great lesson that must come out of this is that we must become extremely independent and adaptable — extremely. Relying on global and even continental supply chains is a problem. We are experiencing the effects of an overcrowded and strained biosphere. It’s the sixth extinction, taking place during the anthropocene period. Climate change has been the main worry of governments, but weather patterns and gradual increases in temperature are just more effects of the impact of the stress humans have put on the planet. It’s our ability to adapt and reduce our negative impacts that will determine our evolutionary viability. It’s unwise to be so beholden to foreign powers for our economic survival. We have to be able to operate successfully on a much smaller scale and at a more local level. While I think we have to generally go greener, on a national level we need to remember where the power lies and maintain domestic power and supply. We see the worry over procuring medical supplies, but it also applies to food, defence, and manufacturing. We need to do for ourselves to maintain the capacity. While he may be too conservative for some, Conrad Black is mostly right about where Canada needs to go: https://apple.news/AlExejMIlTnKA61WUZfZWmw
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    They are protected by the corporations while conservatives are shut down for MUCH less.
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    I'm pretty sure thats what they said about the last 2 pandemics we've had, "does anyone have any points, GOOD, meeting adjoined " perhaps this one is the one everyone is going to expect more out of, at least the lack of preparations including no stocked supplies and equipment, " not to mention the time wasted when this virous was in china and spreading rapidly...what was major hospitals doing about getting prepared, one would guess it was not stocking up on supplies, or ensuring they had enough equipment. All levels of government have had a hand in this failure.... Justins attempt to grab total power was a dick move, but then again liberals are going to shrug their shoulders and say he done what he had to and like you said make statues for him, pray to him in their closets...nothing he does will change their minds. I agree with you things are going to look much different, It will give us pause to think, I think we will implement things such as more shopping on line, makes more sense, don't need all those concrete stores, less on wages, benefits sell on line , ship direct from the factory floor, or one massive warehouse. might even make us more competitive on the global market, or bringing more manufacture jobs back home...or ordering your food or groceries on line , pre paying for it then just picking it up or having it delivered. or maybe I'm full of shi$ Maybe it will change education, driving more classes online, once again no more steel and concrete buildings, less teachers serving more students at the university level , maybe even more online course for other school levels.... More working from home, saving on office space or size of office space. Perhaps change the way we house our elderly in homes, in effect making them someone else problem, maybe we should keep them in our own homes, like back in the day...and hire our own care workers if need be... lots of things are going to change...I hope...
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    B_C did Sophie? So you're saying that Idris Alba posts here?
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    Would you guys be happier or happiest if Trudeau died a painful death?
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    True. There’s a U.K. study that suggests 95% of all of this could have been prevented if China had of acted properly earlier.
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    They have no news of criminal activity any more. All they talk about is sanitizing, washing hands, buying masks, tenant eviction restrictions or rent raise suspensions and what not. There is virtually no regular news any more. Well, some of it is due to cancelled events that did not take place to get in the news. Also how can one in the US do a mass shooting at a theater, school, concert or workplace when those are closed. (sarc.)
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    That's not how I remember it. Progressives wanted more fair trade that treated people in countries we traded with like human beings and conservatives dismissed that as virtue signalling. Conservatives will spread their legs as happily as bend someone over.
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    What is the "economy" anyways? Just exploiting and destroying the environment to increase our numbers beyond the 8 billion mark at the expense of all other species? F* the economy!
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    Sure people die as a natural part of life. But not the the extent we've seen in countries that have been ravaged by this disease. Is it common to not have a big enough morgue for the bodies? Or mass graves like seen in Iran? In one New York hospital, they had to bring in a refrigerated truck for the excess bodies. Any attempt to normalize this pandemic is dangerous and reckless. This is not normal!
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    It MIGHT be, and for that reason, I would not discourage use. However, in my technical, logical world, it is more of a vain effort than a probable benefit. Bottom line is: I don't get to make the laws of physics, I just have to live by them.
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    UV is line-of-sight only. The polypropylene fiber in the mask can "hide" most of its surface area from UV. Simply heating the mask above 56C actually does the job. Not sure of the time above critical temp required, but any bio guy can figure that out.
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    Mankind. According to world history.
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    B_C, I favour America. I appreciate your Constitution. I even defended Trump. But America is now facing a threat that is different. Comparison? It is like Pearl Harbor 1941 - but you don't know it. To defeat this enemy, you must play together. Like after 1941. ====== a) Printing tons of (Keynesian) money will not solve this problem. (Talk about solving the last war.) b) Individual effort will not solve this problem. (Clint Eastwood is wrong.) ===== You Americans will do this. Iceland did it. We people in Quebec are doing it.
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    I am really torn on this... I loved the show but I feel like I need to rewatch it end to end before I watch the movie.
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    The biological weapon escaped containment from their military grade french made laboratory in Wuhan
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    So it turns out China is only reporting positive tests which have symptoms. It's not reporting the positive tests of those who feel fine. I know I'm shocked - SHOCKED to discover China under-reporting the number of people with the disease. I'm sure everyone else is too.
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    Oh my goodness! Unbelievable! She's lucky they weren't greeted with a deluge of disinfectant sprays!
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    Well, I take it back. It delayed the initial arrival. But both Canada and the US Didn't seem to use the time to prepare.
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    Our government failed like most other governments did. Definitely not as bad as the governments down South. Our government had the benefit of seeing other countries experiencing the epidemic ahead of them. They didn't move fast enough. At the same time, other variables should also be noted, like: The citizens of countries like China, Taiwan, The Koreas, Japan and Singapore are for the most part, obedient to their government. They are less individualistic and more collective. Mass testing and masks for everyone are essential to control the spread. We still lack those and so we will continue to see the numbers climb up quickly.
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    Hell, Bernie and Biden have to survive until election night. Can they do it ? ...been shaking lots of hands and kissing babies.
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    Biden seems to be going senile. Sanders seems pretty sharp.
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    Any reasonable person would like to see democracy in Iran. The question is how best to assist that process. The Iranian people continue to choose the most liberal they are offered. We may have to simply wait for the current leadership to die off before deeper reforms occur.


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