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    To Quebec, mind you. Not only has he cut back the number of immigrants but he wants more from France and Europe. And the mainstream media response is "ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz" Can you imagine the uproar if Doug Ford or Andrew Scheer called for us to cut immigration and bring in more immigrants from Europe and the UK? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-immigration-legault-paris-1.4987843
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    Dave Assman...a Canadian hero ! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/dave-assman-sgi-vanity-licence-plate-1.5017377
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    Reports that the Chinese are levelling criticism at Trudeau over his hypocritical stance on SNC Lavalin, compared to his virtue signalling that "Canada is a nation of law."
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    Harper was not receiving huge amounts of money from them.
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    Corruption is tied to the Liberals like an umbilical cord.
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    No. They are probably fourth in political influence. You're forgetting the Irvings, who just got a 60 billion contract to build the most expensive frigates on earth, and the Desmarais family, owner of Power corp and various prime ministers named Trudeau, Chretien and Mulroney.
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    I am highly skeptical that the woman who was a graphic designer from Alberta and left Canada in 2014 to be an obedient ISIS wife and claims she had never heard of ISIS and knew nothing about them.
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    Her father Bill Wilson is speaking up and I agree. His daughter was demoted by the PM, because she wouldn't let him break the law. Our "Feminist PM" demoted a woman because she stood up to him. This is Trudeau's Adscam.... now the Conservatives are calling for a judicial inquiry http://warrenkinsella.com/2019/02/shocker-why-jody-wilson-raybould-was-knifed-by-justin-trudeau/
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    https://ipolitics.ca/2019/02/07/legal-community-raises-alarms-over-allegations-pmo-interfered-in-snc-lavalin-case/ The fix has been in for some time to shield SNC Lavelin and other Liberal friendly entities from criminal prosecution. This case exemplifies that the rule of law is in a very fragile state in Canada. Once that goes, we are done as a democracy.
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    Even the Washington post thinks the dems should be careful of the looney left https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/democrats-need-to-beware-their-loony-left/2019/02/13/fb98354a-2fae-11e9-8ad3-9a5b113ecd3c_story.html?noredict=on&utm_term=.2d49ae59cbd7
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    Happiness is a warm fire and a comfortable chair when it's -25 out.
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    Anti Semitism on the rise and also is now in U.S. Congress https://www.apnews.com/3778f241925f4df8816f5827cac2d19a
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    I’m grateful that Trump took a clear public stance against late term and partial birth abortions, which are infanticide pure and simple.
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    How could you shave, right? That said, If your mirrors show Canada compares to those regimes which are actually evil, I wouldn't risk using them to guide a razor anywhere near your neck.
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    I hate equivalency shit like this. Because it excuses the behaviour of evil regimes like China's and North Korea and Russia and others. Instead of condemning them out of hand the hand-wringers look for something in our history - regardless of how far back they have to go, to avoid 'judging' them. Screw that. I'm judging them and they fail.
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    Also will you start making the indians pay taxes the same as whitey has to do?
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    Will your party be the same as every other party with a whip who will tell your elected members how to vote or will they actully represent their constituants?
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    That's because with Harper - you just KNEW it HAD to be corruption because the man himself was evil.....but with Trudeau, people KNOW he's an honest guy who's doing his very best to do politics differently - so he should rightly get the benefit of any doubt......(extreme sarcasm)
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    Just imagine if this was Harper, the liberals/ Media would be screaming for a public hanging.
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    We'll just have to wait. If Trudeau doesn't allow her to speak publicly, she should leave the party and sit as an independent and tell her story. If there is merit to the story, she would be viewed as a hero (except at The Star and CBC) - Truth to Power......and from an indiginous perspective, the bloom is quickly coming off the Liberal Rose anyway. If there is nothing to the allegations, she'll certainly have some explaining to do as to why she left everyone hanging.
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    The federal Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau is like the Austrian-Hungarian Empire with a Crown Prince. Fortunately, Canada is greater/more than the federal Liberal Party.
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    Jody Wilson-Raybould/Justin Trudeau public comments on the Gerald Stanley/Colten Boushie decision . . . . . maybe Raybould and Trudeau deserve each other. Canada doesn't deserve them.
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    In case people think that the SNC Lavelin charges are not that big a deal........ Link: https://business.financialpost.com/executive/canada-now-dominates-world-bank-corruption-list-thanks-to-snc-lavalin
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    Then you obviously haven't watched any question period. If you had you'd know that Scheer has a first rate team who regularly run rings around the Liberals and decimate them.