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    We knew this would happen if our markets were increasingly dependent on China, eventually your chickens come home to roost. China uses its economic muscle to call the shots, and silence the critics. But we didn't do anything, couldn't, as we were too drunk on the easy money, selling our souls by the pound. Donald Trump is the only man today standing up to China. We need to elect more leaders like president Trump. Because only a SOB like Trump can say to China what he says, and stay the course and not give in. That is the way to get their attention. In fact one of the Trump administrations demands is that China do something about stemming the export of fentanyl which is coming out of China and flooding the whole world. Not a single other country/ leader has the gall to stand up to them.
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    Canada should recognize Taiwan (The Republic of China) as a country and pursue closer ties and free trade with Taiwan. The Republic of China is a wonderful freedom loving country where gay people are even allowed to get married. Better yet, kick gay-killing Brunei out of the TPP and replace it with Taiwan. Tsai Ing-Wen is a wonderful president and it's a shame that we continue the Trudeau-Senior policy of ignoring the Republic of China and pretend they don't exist.
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    He'll have China charmed with his 'yellow face' song and dance routine . . . . Early polls open tomorrow . . .
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    Turkish army has revealed to me that they will soon be employing a version of the Trojan Horse against the Kurds. Turks will be placed in teams of two and no one will be allowed to eat falafels for 48 hours before the mission, for obvious reasons. (Even the Turks don't like being hot-boxed.) Turkish army will "appear" as an unassuming and innocent caravan of camels just on their way to the oasis, only to unleash their secret weapon - the Turkiye 3000 Ultra Fighter, which is a lethal combination of buckshot and spitballs. The Kurds won't know what hit 'em. Remember, you heard it here first.
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    Syria is Russia's client state. Russia can save the Kurds. The US shouldn't be there...spheres of influence. It all started with the Percentages Agreement and grew from there.
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    Okay. I disagree She also thinks Sheer will never be PM. But she will? Is it her style also to apologize for her Christian beliefs? Because she just did that recently in an interview. I guess I don't like May's folksy charm and style.
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    It seems to me that there are far more nutjobs on the left than on the right. It is primarily leftists that are opposed to free speech, which means any and all opposing views. ANTIFA is a leftist group and a perfect example of their sick mindset.
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    The media has Trump Derangement Syndrome, don't trust world headlines written by Trump Haters trying to make him look bad when things are actually going swimmingly. America is ascendant, Manifest Destiny is manifest and accelerating as it goes.
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    Wasn't a Canadian who founded the Canadian Corps. It was a British Officer who fought for and won the Canadian Corps for Canada, Wasn't a Canadian who led the Corps up Vimy Ridge. Was a Briton who made it happen. Field Marshal Julian Hedworth George Byng, 1st Viscount Byng of Vimy. The Government of Canada did nothing in the war, they were utterly passive, all they did was serve Canadians up as cannon fodder for the British Empire and Belgium. When the Corps came home from Europe, there were no victory parades for Vimy, nobody even met them at the train station. They were treated quite poorly actually, Canada at the time was in the throws of socialist upheaval. The Vimy Myth is totally fabricated propaganda, made up by the government in the 1930's To get the public primed for another bloody war for the Empire which they saw coming.
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    Hi. I rewrote my answer above. Please its not meant to tell others how to think only to say how I think. I am just expressing my personal opinion. As for what you said, here would be my answer. I believe much of what was written in the New Testament and for that matter Old Testament has to be questioned. It was written at a time and in a context where things we consider today as immoral were considered moral. I believe morality is an ever changing concept reflected in the writings of humans as it was at the time the passages in the Bible were written. Thus I would question much of what was written in the Bible. As a Jew we created a Talmud to give us a guide how to debate and continue to challenge each and every sentence in the Bible. We do not see any passage or set of words as having one fixed or literal meaning and that the purpose of the Talmud is to continue to come up with new meanings and applications of the very same sentences. So obviously I am not an Orthodox Jew. I am not a fundamentalist. I am very out there reform alternative in thought using many constucts from many disciplines like Taoism, Bhuddism, Hinduism, certain Existentialists and so on. I believe in many formal religions such as Christianity that there is still a prevalent belief your read the New Testament or whatever Holy Book it may be, literally, and so you can not question and most conform to and follow the literal meaning dictated to you by so called experts who are either clergy or missionaries or self-appointed preachers who believe it is their mission to convert you to their belief system because they believe if they don't you will go to hell. So I have a lot of issues and disagreements with many passages. I read the Bible and any holy book as I do Aesop's Fables. I believe they are supposed to provide parables to explain lessons on how we are supposed to behave if we are to repress our primal tendencies and be civilized. I believe religion is an exercise to control we primatesfrom killing each other. I believe it is a code of customs we created as primates (apes) so the pack we live in can be cohesive. I agree with Freud that if we do not repress certain primal tendencies such as anger, rape, murder, our societies can not develop and create civilized interactions So I probably would agree with every tenet you read and find immoral for the exact same reasons but would explain that the immorality arises when we humans apply words in a specific context and application to give them their immoral meaning. The BIble is written by humans. The New Testament is all heresay. It's all many times removed versions of what people THINK Jesus said. Me personally I believe the very exercise of writing the New Testament was political and used to head off a civil war between Pagans and Christians by mixing the two. I believe the creation of a physical house of worship and a confessional booth had nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with King Constantine creating an institution he could use to spy on people to see what they were up to and control them through clergy favourable to his biddings. I also read much of the New Testament in a positive way. I choose to recontextualize it as a code of civil behavior and lessons on positive behavior. I believe we all have the potential to be saviours and literally heal each other through positive acts where we expect nothing back in terms of reward or compensation. I believe when we do that we act morally. I think that was the pith and substance of not just Christianity but all religions but may get lost in the translation by people who miss the very simple meaning intended. That said I believe I know nothing more than you and would defer to your opinions as well if they work for you. In my scheme of things I a simple life form not wanting to harm other life forms and simply want to be a salient being whose interactions with other life forms is benevolent and symbiotic not parasitical. I claim no truth or wisdom just a source to generate discussions on spiritual concepts.
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    Canada is not California, although many Canadians live and work there. I already know it is pervasive, less so in Quebec. Enjoy Canada for what it is, instead of defining Canada by what it is not. The left in Canada even imports its anti-"murican" rhetoric from...America.
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    Yeah...ironic since Trudeau is was Quebec royalty.
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    Again, U.S. history points to much more isolation and corruption in the past. The path is not always linear, and "foreigners" still prefer to emigrate to the USA more than any other nation. Your own foreign minister implored that my president and country protect the post WW2 order, not your own or another nation. He is a grand jerk....a marvelous bastard....but he is our bastard. The more that foreigners hate him, the more he is embraced. Trump is just another U.S. president, one who dares to smash the status quo. The haters in Canada just consume themselves with their own fears about things they have no control over, because of a psychological dependence on America as the West's "leader". I'll bet that Canadians still know more about American history and culture than their own, especially when Quebec is included. Canadians consume more American media than their own. Can name Trump as U.S. head of state before knowing about PM, GG, and monarch relationship. Trump is a much more important and impactful national leader than Trudeau, whether he is liked or not.
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    False...Gulf War #2 was about violations of surrender instruments and the expulsion of UN weapons inspectors. They gave #43 all the reasons he needed to invade Iraq after 9/11. Hell, Trump has been an angel in comparison.
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    It is not only the dairy cartel, they are also tied to eggs, chicken, and a few other products, The government sells permits to the dairy industry, according to mad max numbers it cost 3.5 bil per year to almost 15,000 farmers . no permit no selling milk to the Canadian public, to put these into perspective in 1976 before the cartel moved in their was almost 95,000 dairy , today there is only less than 15,000 farming corporations....to pay for these permits farmers pass on the cost to consumer as additional protection the government imposes high import tariffs on all imported products. The tariffs range from 202 per cent (skim milk) to 298 per cent (butter) with cheese, yogurt, ice cream and regular milk within that range. once again to protect Canadian farming corporations . The government has been doing this for decades imposing high cost permits on a lot of resource we have, fish, dairy, chicken, lumber I'm sure there is a lot more...it is all control by a one cartel of sorts.So why is it a big deal, well with out dairy products would decrease by x3, chicken and eggs would fall in price as well, not to mention other things that are controlled by cartels... it would also allow the little farms a means to make extra money, with out having to pay huge amounts of money for permits... Todate the only one with elimination of the dairy, eggs and chicken cartels is Mad max.. Scheer has already come out in support of the cartels, Justin not on his radar, nor the other wingnuts.. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/canadas-dairy-cartel-vs-consumers https://nationalpost.com/opinion/dont-believe-the-dairy-cartels-dire-predictions-tariffs-can-be-ended-just-look-at-ontarios-wineries https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/wdb74z/blame-canadas-dairy-cartel-for-our-expensive-milk-and-cheese-867
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    NDP wants to remove cap on elderly immigrants but says we need mass immigration because of an aging population...
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    Not all aspects of the Third Reich were running death camps. None-the-less.... You can't put lipstick on a pig and make it a princess. There is nothing redeeming about Islam in terms of Western Civilization as Islam was created to be its enemy. Not it's interfaith friend. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzREuchzOqiawpEpvEM0Tyg As for Trump, this Syria pull-out isn't motivated by Kurds being Islamic. It's simply that the USA does not belong there and the problems it creates by being there are far greater than Kurds wanting to hack out their own country out of several already existing ones. More power to them if the can...much like the Sikhs.
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    Oh, so in your silly opinion, all politicians must have a college or university education to get into politics? A politician does not need any one of those. All a politician really needs is brains, and someone who shows that he cares about his citizen.s, and knows how to do things right, unlike most of the politicians who do have a college or university degree have shown us all that they pretty much lack any brains and appear to be totally clueless as to how to run a country properly. Doug Ford is doing more for Ontario today than any one of his other predecessor politicians like K. Wynne who pretty much wrecked Ontario with her liberal/socialist policies. . Most politicians go into politics to be able to hopefully push their own programs and agendas that most Canadians do not want or will ever ask for. IMHO, most politicians are a brainless bunch of twits. But hey, Canadians admire those types of politicians because they keep voting for them. Incredible. Why some people think that one needs a college or university education to succeed in life is beyond me. It must be a class and a proud thing for some people who like to brag about themselves and their education. There are plenty of multi-millionaires and billionaires out there that never have gone to college or university and they are filthy rich. Bill Gates is one of them. Education is over rated. Remember this. Canada was founded and built up by politicians who never had a college or university education and they created a great country called Canada back then. Today of course, the leaders that we have had for so many bloody decades now have pretty much destroyed this once great WASP/European nation. I guess that was their aim for decades now, and they have done a fine job of messing everything up with their college and university education. I could careless if Doug Ford has a grade two education. As long as he works for we the people and cares about them, and not the elite globalists, what the hell more do Canadians want or need. Aw well, what more can be said, eh?
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    Those examples are very disgusting. I can see if the companies themselves choose not to be criticizing their trading partner, but punishing customers is disgusting and is censorship. We should not be extending China's state-censorship to our own people. China has a growing subverted grip on this country and it needs to be stopped, from media & political control to foreign investment.
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    Our trading with China enriches them and gives them access to more technology. They've used that wealth and that technology not only to improve their weapons systems but to improve their ability to control their people. Western companies like google work with them to censor all content for their people, while other companies help them enhance facial recognition systems and expand their video monitoring. This contact also poisons us by making companies beholden to China. And not just companies. Our academic community are whores, and eagerly assist China in technological development while keeping mum on anything which they fear might insult China.The so called 'china experts' in our universities never dare say anything bad or critical about China lest they lose their access to China. Universities restrict statements about China lest they lose those profitable Chinese foreign students. Everywhere China is active in the west, through sponsorship agreements, advertising or contracts you see Canadians frantically apologizing for them and trying to crush any criticism. See the reaction of Blizzard the other day, or even what happened last summer at an Ottawa dragonboat festival. Not to mention we have a CSIS report that almost all Chinese language media in Canada are now controlled by pro-China businessmen, as evidenced by what happened this week. Meanwhile China uses their free access to our markets to bribe politicians. Every Chinese controlled company in Canada and every company, large or small, which does a lot of business with China becomes complicit with them in helping to downplay human rights abuses while donating money to politicians so they can push the same message into their ears.
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    Trump really needs a good history adviser. Kurt Schlichter penned the article that Trump referenced and that particular guy...while passionate...seems as dumb as a post. Perhaps that's an insult to posts. He contributed to the Rebel for a while...he's no Sebastian Gorka. Syria was pretty quiet during WW2...Rommel would have been an issue had he won the Second Battle of El Alamein (not far for Alexandria/Cairo). But he lost...
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    Feelings are not facts. There is still plenty of evidence that immigrants are disadvantaged in the workplace. I agree with this, but I think it has to do with factors other than affirmative action programs. Men are feeling more displaced as women become more financially independent and powerful. Men have long viewed there role as provider and leader, and that role is no longer as available to them; it's a shift we, as a society, should be helping men adjust to. Equal parenting expectations are one way that men can regain their sense of being important to their families, for example. Those kinds of changes are slowly happening, but I do agree that many men are struggling right now.
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    Not all traditions - religious or cultural - should be celebrated. Nor tolerated, or promoted. There are some religious and cultural traditions that deserve no space in Canada.
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    Nor the education. He went to community college for 2 months and then dropped out. Rob Ford was also a college drop-out. I'll still take Doug over Wynne though, that's how bad Wynne was.
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    Just add a bit more "glory" to Hong Kong mob protesters...
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    He is sitting right next to Stalin stooging the fire in hell as well.......history has already judged these men, and there is nothing good about either of them....and if you want to say other wise then expect someone to call you out...
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    Thank you I get that, see my other post. You make good points. I do understand the Kurds are not all angels and alliances are fluid but to turn your back on them this fast is wrong. Also the Taliban were called the Mujahadeen. They were just fine being fundamentalist Muslims as long as they fought Russians. Here is the point. They only became enemies not because of their fundamentalist Muslim views about life and women, but when they refused to let the US tell them what to do. Ask Canadian soldiers why they have ptsd. The people raping the boys in broad day light as normal recreational activity the soldiers were told to ignore were not Taliban they were pro US allies. The poppy growers who the Taliban stopped, were put back in by the US and that is why the Taliban resurfaced. The Taliban when they were Mujahadeen were not screwing boys in the ass and raping girls out in the open as it is today in Kabul. Yah our priorities are phacked Wes. The only reason anyone went into Afghanistan was because its full of Lithium. Now no one knows how to get the Lithium out at this time given how impossible it would be to police the rail ways needed to get it out. As for our soldiers, they went in to protect innocent civilians not justify drug lords, pedophiles, fundamentalist Islam, just basic moral decency. They did not fail, our politicians did using them and telling them to look the other way no differently than Koffe Anan and the UN ordered Canadian soldiers to look the other way as a genocide transpired in front of their eyes they felt they could have stopped because of political considerations, the same ones Trump now engages in to justify abandoning Kurds. I do respect your points. I get them.
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    The Kurds are also terrorists to Turkey...don't you know anything ? The Soviet Union was an ally too during WW2.
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    They're one of two groups that never signed onto Camp David...the PLO being the others.
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    Ford lacks the temperament required for a serious political post.
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    We're special. Or at least we think we are as a nation....oh so much better & moral than YOU. Much like the Democrats.
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    Well there is extremism there, but Bill 21 tries to solve that problem by suppressing all religion. Quebec has removed the crucifix from the legislature and she already eliminated Catholic education. Quebec jumps to extreme reactions like Bill 21 because by the end of the Quiet Revolution and in recent years, Quebec shed many of her cultural traditions. Quebec is basically following the Republic of France with Bill 21, a country with real problems with extremism.
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    I don't disagree with that. I'm saying discriminating against white people and men etc. is not the answer. Now if you do, you better be 100% sure, not 99.9% sure, that there is discrimination going on in that specific organization, and that in every single case without exception the EXACT number that is calculated in that specific organization and in that specific position as resulting from discrimination is replaced appropriately and exactly by the affirmative action. Otherwise it's just as evil. But of course this is rarely done and people just pull quota numbers out of thin air. As for your CEO comment, we will likely never see equal #'s of male and female CEO's even with zero discrimination. The reason is 1. more men tend to go into business fields than women, just like there are more females who graduate and work as medical doctors than men, 2. women who go into business won't strive for CEO positions at the same rate as men because some take time out of the work force to have and raise children, as well situations like single motherhood and caring for elderly parents that takes up more personal time. Imbalances in gender and race are sometimes but not always due to discrimination. There needs to be solid data in each case, like the resume studies you referred to.
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    https://www.historians.org/about-aha-and-membership/aha-history-and-archives/gi-roundtable-series/pamphlets/em-13-how-shall-lend-lease-accounts-be-settled-(1945)/how-much-help-do-we-get-via-reverse-lend-lease On 22 June 1941, Hitler launched an invasion of the Soviet Union. Stalin was confident that the total Alliedwar machine would eventually stop Germany,[5] and with Lend Lease from the West, the Soviets stopped the Wehrmacht some 30 kilometers from Moscow. Over the next four years, the Soviet Union repulsed Axis offensives, such as at the Battle of Stalingradand the Battle of Kursk, and pressed forward to victory in large Soviet offensives, such as the Vistula–Oder Offensive. please get an education.
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    You talk about fake news, but it's just your own understanding that's the problem. Just because companies that his family runs bring in $2.5B in business doesn't mean that he personally gets $2.5 billion for himself. It means that his son, brother, etc get huge incomes that they wouldn't get if you weren't peddling something from the government. You should have been able to figure that out without me telling you. Secondly, there's no requirement that all the money that they make overseas has to come back to the US and get on the books. Just like Trudeau and his Finance Minister have offshore tax-haven accounts, it's also really really really really really really likely that Biden does too. And Hunter, etc. Devon Archer was tied to Burisma as well. The photo just shows Biden at a time when he stated unequivocally that he "didn't know that his son had a $50K/month job in the Ukraine and didn't talk to him about it", because everything was so legit.
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    The people that are starting to destroy the earth are the people who are living in the non-western countries of the world. They are the reason why the population of the earth is exploding, and who may be causing this climate change. They all are breeding like flies. When they can immigrate to any western country that they can get into, they start having many children in those countries also. Why do you think that the population of Canada has reason in over two years from 35 million to 37 million? Massive immigration and more children being born to these new non-western immigrants. The population of all of the western nations in the world is approx. 800,000 compared to the non-western countries where the population is over 6 billion and climbing. So who is really causing global warming/climate change? There is not one politician in Canada that will put the blame on where it belongs. They instead want to blame Canadians for climate change, and not blame the people who are causing climate change. These socialists and wacko environmentalist politicians like May are full of it. Politicians like May are able to get plenty of Canadian fools out to demonstrate, like we have seen happen in Canada over the weekend, by demonstrating and blocking traffic on bridges. Blocking bridges will not get them any extra votes or support when they try and upset other people's lives, and who are just trying to get by, and go where they need to go. Those fools only hurt their cause instead of helping it. Most of them are made up of welfare recipients, old men and women on pension, and hippie drug users. Those people have nothing to offer the world anything anymore but more bs, and only now enjoy creating more chaos and mayhem. I do not want to have anything to do with these environmentalist fools because they all appear to have fallen out of a tree that they were trying to save and hurt and did some damage to their heads. They offer nothing but job losses and to try and end our way of life as we know it today. Anybody in their right mind should ignore and not bother listening to those fools at all.They all are panic mongers with no real proof of anything serious going on here on planet earth. A few degrees more by 2050 will not make any big changes to the earth. Matter of fact it might even benefit earth even more. Hey, you never know, eh?
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    Jacee’s judgments are dangerous because such accusations destroy careers and reputations. Instead of discussing a particular argument or weighing facts, he is resorting to alarmist insult. It reminds me of the Salem witch trials or the local community spies who reported on counterrevolutionaries in Stalin’s Soviet Union. It’s another Spanish Inquisition, another McCarthyism. The victims are truth and democracy.
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    He could if he was PM. And if he thinks wanting to cut down immigration is racist and xenophobic when Bernier proposes it let him show the balls to say the same thing to Quebec's government and people. Otherwise he's just a sanctimonious virtue-signalling hypocrite.
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    The Soviets/Russians did not help their post WW2 charm at all with Warsaw Pact and Eastern Bloc. It was like....seriously ?...after all that crap during the war. Germany is about the size of Montana !
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    It was a world war...so many different theatres and combatants. Will likely never happen again on such a scale. Too expensive....nukes are cheaper !
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    General Heinz Guderian leading from the front as per-usual. Clearly visible in his personal command half-track is his Enigma coding machine.
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    The moderation was the shits . . . . Doesn't matter what May says . . . . she has no concept of how to run the business that is Canada. Scheer is a Liberal. This country's fucked.
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    From "The Role of Lend-Lease in Soviet Military".....the Americans gave much to the Soviets: Efforts, 1941-1945" by BORIS V. SOKOLOV, which clearly states that the USSR was all but done for without Lend Lease. Quoting General Zhukov: "Speaking about our readiness for war from the point of view of the economy and economics, one cannot be silent about such a factor as the subsequent help fromthe Allies. First of all, certainly, from the American side, because in that respect the English helped us minimally. In an analysis of all facets of thewar, one must not leave this out of one's reckoning. We would have been in a serious condition without American gunpowder, and could not have turned out thequantity of ammunition which we needed. Without American `Studebekkers' [sic], we could have dragged our artillery nowhere. Yes, in general, to a considerabledegree they provided ourfront transport. The output of special steel, necessary for the most diverse necessities of war, were also connected to a series ofAmerican deliveries." Moreover, Zhukov underscored that `we entered war while still continuing to be a backward country in an industrial sense in comparison with Germany. Simonov's tuthful recounting of these meetings with Zhukov, which took place in 1965 and 1966, are corraborated by the utterances of G. Zhukov, recorded as a result of eavesdropping by security organs in 1963: "It is now said that the Allies never helped us . . . However, one cannot deny that the Americans gave us so much material, without which we could not have formed our reserves and ***could not have continued the war*** . . . we had no explosives and powder. There was none to equip rifle bullets. The Americans actually came to our assistance with powder and explosives. And how much sheet steel did they give us. We really could not have quickly put right our production of tanks if the Americans had not helped with steel. And today it seems as though we had all this ourselves in abundance" https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13518049408430160
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    By rights and if the lacklustre support for Conservatives around here is anything to judge by shouldn't Andrew Scheer be asked the same thing about splitting the right wing vote? Lead, follow or get out of the way.
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    Accelerationism ftw. Better to let it burn than to hand it back over to the Harpercucks. Chaos is a ladder.
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    I want to reaffirm the importance of equality. MLK had it right: no discrimination based on colour, race, religion, or creed. Keep it simple. No special privileges for any groups. No Bill 21. No Indian Act. No endlessly debatable and questionable funding for equity. Everyone equal under the law. Everyone with access to healthcare and a strong education. Support for the disabled and vulnerable people such as poor elderly and children. Beyond that it’s whatever individuals can achieve. Legislation that is an attempt to engineer behaviour much beyond that should always be suspect.
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    I've been using this term to describe technology for a few years, specifically talking about how things are going to fail. The more things are connected, the more problems on a large scale you are going to see. I am going to use modern cars as an example. https://www.ctvnews.ca/autos/new-cars-vulnerable-to-hacks-that-could-leave-thousands-dead-report-1.4534027 Imagine needing anti-virus and firewall protection for your car when it is connected to the grid. Same for your home. And the more things are connected more, the less privacy and security you will actually have. Your smartphone is already proving that. I deal with IT stuff every day and I see these kind of issues daily. One service goes down, but it is connected to some many others and those services are affected. It's all this cloud technology. The tech is also advancing at an alarming rate and we have barely wrapped our heads around what we got and how vulnerable it is. The transport companies currently using a lot of this technology are at risk of these hacks and wide spread issues and outaged. A good friend of mine showed me how connected transport trucks are and it's staggering. Now mind you the tech really is to monitor the vehicle (grabbing 300 different datapoints) but they will be the first to go fully automated before cars and such. The other issue is the liability. Who is to blame when this tech fails or someone hacks it and people die? What happens when an automated truck fails , plows through other vehicles killing many people. Sure the risk is there with a human driver, but instead of one truck, all of the interconnected vehicles can all fail at the same time. We see large hacks all the time on banks and such, 106 million accounts from one bank recently. An outage on Amazon's servers have caused Youtube, Google, and Facebook outages. A glitch in the system at an airport can make it come to an instant halt, no one is landing, no one is taking off. It's very concerning.
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    This shows how widespread is China's influence on western corporations that do business there, and how those western companies meekly fall into line and obey China's directives, even outside of China. Note, Air Canada does not list Taiwan as a country for fear of offending China. Even though clearly Taiwan is a country. But the greatest act of villainous, hypocritical cowardice this past week didn’t come from the NBA. At the height of the controversy, a senior news director at ESPN mandated that the network’s coverage “avoid any political discussions about China and Hong Kong,” according to Deadspin’s summary of a leaked memo — a shocking directive for the biggest political sports story of 2019. ESPN even broadcast a map that included Taiwan as part of China and a dotted line to represent China’s disputed claims in the South China Sea. “I’ve literally never seen that map outside of China, “tweeted Julian Ku, an expert on Chinese law. It was the most telling illustration yet of a major problem in U.S.-China relations. ... Other times, Beijing has specific demands. In July 2018,China required global airlines in all their communications to stop implying that Taiwan was independent from the mainland. A United Airlines flight, for instance, now departs from “San Francisco, CA, US” and lands simply in “Taipei,” orphaning Taiwan’s capital. Now that no major international airlines refer to Taiwan as a country, it would be newsworthy if any of their employees, advertisements or affiliates said otherwise. It’s much safer to self-censor than to risk a scandal that could cost revenue. One day in January 2018, China’s Cyberspace Administration ordered the clothing retailer Zara and the world’s largest medical device company, Medtronic, to post apologies by 6 p.m. that evening for labeling Taiwan as a separate country on their websites. It also demanded that the companies “conduct a comprehensive self-examination” to make sure there were no violations elsewhere on their sites. Both companies complied. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/villainous-hypocritical-cowardice-how-china-gets-american-companies-to-parrot-its-propaganda
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    The people opposing white supremacists, anti-fascists opposed to fascism, represent most Canadians. White supremacists don't represent any voices that anyone wants to hear. No one goes to public rallies to listen to white supremacists. Saying it doesn't make it true, and you've provided no evidence yet. Bernier enables and supports white supremacists, for their votes, and who's to say he isn't? It would be interesting to see who does go inside to hear Maxime Bernier. At $50pp, it's an expensive gig, so the usual ragtag white supremacist will likely be hanging outside harassing Mohawk students of colour & LGBTQ+ people, yelling slurs and insults as usual. Manners and decency for living in civil society are not their forte. 'Inciting and promoting hatred against identifiable groups of people' is a crime in Canada. https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/section-319.html I get your hatred for 'Antifa', because you just don't win when they're around: You can't get away with harassing and assaulting Muslims and LGBTQ+ people. You don't win ever, anyway, because you're racist bigots and nobody wants to hear you, everyone drowns you out and chases you away. There is no public tolerance for hate speech in public spaces. Your problem isn't Antifa: Your problem is that NOBODY wants to hear what white supremacists have to say. And white supremacists have no integrity either: You try to water down your bigotry for public consumption and don't even have the courage to publicly state what you really stand for ... because if you did, it would be a criminal act.


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