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    I can't establish a case that Realitycheck beats his wife, but I can't exonerate him either.
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    The issue of the supply ship built by Davie shipyards continues to dog the Liberals. They tried to kill it, originally, apparently on the orders of the Irving family, who had won (bought) the rights to build the ships themselves ... eventually.. some day. Davie had a second ship ready to go but the Liberals, again, apparently on orders from the benefactors, the Irvings, said it was unneeded. Trudeau himself said they had done a study and it wasn't needed. He lied. He does that. All the time, apparently. This reinforces just how tight is the relationship between the Liberal party and certain of Canada's billionaire elites, like those who run Bombardier and Irving and SNC Lavalin. The Left has always tried to portray the Tories as the party of big business but it's really been the Liberals who have that relationship in Canada. Meanwhile the court games between the Crown and Admiral Norman's lawyers continue as he is was pushed out of his job and is being prosecuted (likely on the orders of the Irvings) for pushing the supply ship forward. Military assessment ruling out the need for a second interim supply ship doesn’t appear to exist Conservative leader Andrew Scheer questioned the Liberal government why it was not moving ahead with having Davie provide the second supply ship, the Obelix, to the navy. Scheer said the navy needed the second ship. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Scheer of playing “petty politics.” “The armed forces did an assessment,” Trudeau explained. “They don’t need the Obelix and for him to suggest that we should buy it anyway is pure base politics, the worst politics. We make our decisions based on facts. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/military-assessment-supposedly-ruling-out-a-second-interim-supply-ship-doesnt-appear-to-exist
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    Liberal spin-masters are practically going mad. Their heads now spinning round and round... They must somehow save the movement before the public finds out that this has been nothing more than a Punch-and-Judy puppet show. Now ask yourself, who are the puppet masters, and who are the ones pulling your strings.
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    It is hate filled people like you jacee that are actually the problem. The extreme left wing and all fringe parties need to be taken down a few notches. And it is happening as we speak ,no matter who you called a racist. Canadians are taking their country back. This is a revolution. Canadian style.
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    That doesn't solve anything except anger the woman and make 'patriots' look like jerks.
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    Right. So the previous government runs the provinces finances into the ground over a period of 15 years, leading to a previous credit downgrade, but somehow the current government of a year is to blame. Lol. Too high of taxes hamper economic growth. Unstrangling the economy needs to be done to help dig out of the massive hole left by the Liberals, who’ve literally maxed out the credit cards.
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    Canadians have become so stupid. Just a bunch of sheep bending over for the enviro crowd. We are carrying the load and cutting our own throats so trudeau and his minions will look good to the UN. The only problem it is the american big oil that is running the enviros ,just to destroy our oil sector while growing thiers.
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    I can see that you hate her. I can also see anybody that disagrees with you is Hitler reborn. But, keep thinking you're the normal one... As mentioned, I'd like you to scream your message from the rooftops. Be sure everybody hears you and knows your position...also be sure they know exactly what you think of those who vote differently than you do. You and Faith...closer than you think. Which is probably why you hate her, eh? But, hey...my dollar store psychology...worth a buck...right?
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    It's actually pretty irresponsible to have as big of an investigation as this was and at the end say "we're not saying he didn't do it". I mean really, if a government spent this amount of time and money to investigate anyone and left that kind of caveat without ever processing an indictment...c'mon, there is no limbo area here, either you found evidence or you didn't, just man up and say that there is no evidence to indict, let alone impeach or convict. Mueller seems content to suggest that Trump may still be guilty, but his team is too dumb to find evidence. Mueller would rather admit defeat, admit that Trump is smarter than him, instead of just saying they were all wrong - whatever. Mueller is a douche bag.
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    What, No Collusion??? No Obstruction??? WAAAAHHH!!!
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    Sir Bedevere: And what do you burn apart from witches?? Peasant Idle: More witches!!!
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    Everyone appears right-wing to you when you are too far to the left. Name calling and falsely labelling people along with applying derogatory labels to them is becoming a nasty habit with the far left which usually achieves nothing but strengthen those whom you attack You certainly don’t increase your own stature by falsely labelling others, in fact it weakens and lessons your stature. Just remember – when you point a finger, there are two pointing back at you. There’s only one federal leader running around the country hysterically describing huge sections of the country as racists, white supremacists and neo-Nazis, a big problem with the virtue signalling race baiters is their lies. Liberal attack campaign so far: World will end in 12 years! ------- No it won’t Canada’s biggest threat is Christian White Supremacist Nationalism. ----- No it isn’t The Conservatives will take away a woman’s right to choose -----------. No they won’t Conservatives will take away gay marriage ---------------- No they won't Trudeau liberals are running out of lies
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    Let's get back to the topic shall we? Let's not get into this shit pissing match where Charles has to lock the thread. Trudeau is not going to get elected again,and for damn good reason. (goes back through) OH I see where the thread got derailed, as soon as you started to post it all went 'south'. Ok so, let's see if we can catch up then. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-liberal-smears-of-wilson-raybould-a-disgrace Trudeau has no standard of integrity at all.
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    He was part of a much larger effort that took the fight to the NAZI's.....This carbon tax does nothing of the sort, there is NO plan to use any of this money on reducing carbon footprints across industry, or on the individual level.....All the money collected is given to back into general revenues....the excess could be used on anything really...except reducing carbon foot prints... Let me ask you is 4.5 cents going to deter you from driving, use public transport more, is it going to drive you to trade in your veh and buy something more fuel efficient....Here in NB 40 % of all vehs are pick up trucks, big ass V-8's , gas guzzling V-8 … the most stolen vehs happen to be the same thing, big ass trucks, why is that, supply and demand thats why... Take a look at Cigarettes, they have reached almost 20,00 a pack...and still people are buying them, granted sales have dropped, but it took a tax of over 1500% over cost to produce to get these results...4.5% cents is just another day at the pumps... besides according to Justin they are going to give back more than what is collected, so gas goes up 20 % we'll be getting back 25 % it's a win win for tax payers or so says Justin...who has never lied to us before right.... It's an empty tax that does nothing for climate change....or perhaps you can explain it to me how is this going to save the planet before the magic self destruct date....I mean climate Barbie can not explain it....maybe someone here could....
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    There is no excuse to hate anyone. I am disappointed by the Prime Minister, and I won't vote for him again, but I don't hate him. I hate certain ideologies such as communism, or national socialism, but I don't hate communists. I've never met a Nazi so I can't say. I don't like certain ideologies such as Social-Credit (Reform) and republicanism, but I don't hate them. Prime Minister Trudeau revealed himself to be all show and no substance. My disillusion came as a result of the SNC affair which led me to take a critical look at everything else he does. My impression is they (the PM and the PMO) make decisions without thinking them through. I hate to admit it but he is just not ready.
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    It seems the Left Wing Media is focused on demonising the UPC (Right Wing) party of Alberta. Leftists can't respect the opinions of people with different points of view and values. The values of right to life, marriage only between a man and woman as God intended, pipelines and economy for families of Western Canada, and sensible controlled immigration policies, and reverse discrimination are just but a few of these issues. We are becoming a Godless nation. Never, since World War 2 has this country we call Canada been in a more troubled time. Let's hope and pray that the NDP do not get into power for a second term in Alberta and that they and the Liberals fail in their bid for a second term of government within Canada. The country needs real leadership.
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    Stay home, you mean like avoiding New years in hamburg, easter mass, christmas shopping, Ariana Grande concerts and such....well, that would help save us from terror attacks, but does little to help relations. Why though when that question is asked, you immediately went to "what we could do", not what they could do? It is after all, them coming to our country. Some of the onus should be on them too.
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    Islamic terrorists are religious. They are Muslims. It's like saying white supremacists are not white.
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    The answer to your question is the internet is full of ignorant contrarians like me, who with argue about anything and love to hear the sound of their own voice and know nothing. We are extraordinarily cavalier with other peoples lives and use hate to cover up our own inadequacies. I acknowledge that most members of this forum are not like that, but the recent spate of anti-American posts indicates there is at least one, (hopefully only one using multiple accounts). Why would the world wish ill on the one world power that is the first, and so far, the only one to imbue its foreign policy with a sense of generosity. When their actions have negative impacts, it is usually the result of unintended consequences, not malevolent design.
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    Okay...fine...guess which country invented the Internet (TCP/IP network and packet switching protocol) ? ... all over the Internet !
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    Just another reminder. Under the Paris Accord, the country on the left is allowed until 2030 to start cutting emissions. The country on the right is required to start cutting ASAP. But climate change is an urgent issue!
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    Antifa and leftist by definition are also hateful people, who tend to paint anyone not of their group with one paint brush, they tend to trigger easily when you question immigration or other topics that they hold near and dear.... and they goto their favorite your a Racist , or white nationalist/ supremacist...U tube is full of them , getting triggered , their heads turning red to the point of exploding, spittle flying every where , lets not forget the masks . yes they believe in their cause, but don't want anyone to know who they really are....Thats what I call a true believer....hiding behind a mask.... Thanks For that little bit of compassion Jacee, did not think you had any..... now that I think about it, not all liberals, green ,NDP are gay, most, but not all....but they sure like to pander to those types of groups...
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    So in your world everyone can fight for thier rights and traditions but white people. You know why we are so great of a country, because of who we are and where we came from, and Islam has nothing to do with it. And once the white lose the power in this country, 3rd world status here we come. Now everyone on the planet can live in misery.
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    Yet trudeau can travel the world with indian terrorists with blood on thier hands. There is a reason white nationalism is on the rise, and it has nothing to do with conservatives.
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    Calling conservatives "White supremacists," is beginning to sound like Hillary's "deplorable."
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    Should they not post his image? He's wanted in a sexual assault investigation. It seems to me it would be good to get him into custody as quickly as possible, so they can get it all sorted out. Letting people know what he looks like has got to help.
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    Guilty until proven innocent, the witch hunt standard.
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    We have lying Lucifer already now.
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    Classic NIMBY (not in my back yard) type. "It's imperative that we allow tens of thousands of those people to come into the country. Just as long as none of them are in my neighbourhood."
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    No, but it's hard to imagine anyone in Alberta voting for 4 more years of Notley. You'd have to have your head completely up inside your arse.
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    Canadian terrorist gets life sentence for 2017 attack in Michigan. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/michigan-airport-attacker-1.5103539
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    I agree. Pelosi was the first to go crazy on this idea. These leftist lieberal democrats are never to be trusted with anything they say. They lie. They constantly end up always being seen and making azzes of themselves. I guess that is why their mascot is the picture of a jackass. LOL.
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    Lol. That article is such crap even CTV wouldn't run it.
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    Yes, he Left make a habit out of exaggeration and making false accusations.
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    FOX News was right Read this from the Washington post https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/04/15/admit-it-fox-news-has-been-right-all-along/
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    Hate? No. I dislike disrespect for tax dollars and waste. I also dislike politically correctness.
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    I suspect any such tape recordings you are referring to merely had him saying something you people on the far fringes of the left 'interpreted' as being racist.
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    The notable part of this column on the UCP election win is a kind of angry denunciation of how Notley thought she could get respect and cooperation from the rest of Canada if she did everything she could to improve her province's environmental record. THe point of the columnist clearly is that now Kenney is in charge, the pie in the sky hope of fair treatment is no longer going to impact Alberta's policies. I suspect anti-Canadian sentiment is rising very high in Alberta as its economy continues to be thwarted by Trudeau, BC and Quebec. That hollow argument may be all Notley has to defend her pipeline legacy, which has so far produced only embarrassment for her and anguish for the province, with the oil-export bottleneck costing a fortune in revenue and jobs (Notley even had to recently force companies to curtail production to ease the glut). But even if she somehow manages to hang on to power after Tuesday, Albertans are far more jaded than they were when she took charge in 2015. Notley tried selling in Alberta a long-lost concept — a faith that Ottawa and the rest of the country would play fairly, in the name of co-operation and unity, with just a little bit of give and take from everyone. That misplaced faith was betrayed repeatedly. It won’t soon surface again. Instead, while Notley forced Alberta to give till it hurts (could there have been a worse time to impose new, investment-killing climate rules than during a historic oil-price rout?), the rest of Canada has only taken. And taken. The Trudeau government cancelled Northern Gateway and created new bans on tankers carrying Alberta crude (but not other kinds) from the province’s north coast to appease anti-oilsands activists there. It scared off the Energy East pipeline proposal, appeasing Quebec, by continually raising the regulatory threshold until the owners walked away. It layered new levels of additional Indigenous consultation onto Trans Mountain, even after it received regulatory approval. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even promised to eventually “phase out” the oilsands entirely (while global demand for oil continues to grow). And his government has created a new project-approval process with Bill C-69, currently awaiting Senate approval and unanimously opposed by the industry for its vague and unmeetable tests, like assessing the “gender impacts” of an underground tube and weighing “Indigenous knowledge” against scientific evidence. https://business.financialpost.com/opinion/kevin-libin-on-election-day-alberta-confronts-the-betrayal-that-notley-made-possible
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    Here's hope that the Tides Fdn., Lead Now, Rockefeller Fund et al are done pushing Alberta around, that Kenney will somehow stop foreign interference and collusiion.
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    A superior, smart leader wouldn't have made all those successive fiasco with SNC-Lavalin! What? Is group-toke all they do at the PMO? And, a superior, smart leader wouldn't be caught dead performing like a monkey, in exchange for trade! Lol. All he needs is an organ-grinder! If you think Trudeau is superior and smarter - boy, what does that say about you?
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    Total hypocrites...every last one of them.
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    Everywhere is warming faster... they are all racing for the prize I guess
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    Sounds like a plan... what says Cher... not in my backyard, what says Spartacus (Booker)- we won't be safe.
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    Yep...been saying so for years....the CBC is funded and controlled by the state (Canada). Welcome aboard !
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    Hate? We just think he's a moron and jugdge him by his decisions, comments, political moves. A snowboard instructor and part time drama teacher should never have had access to the Prime Minister office when there are much more brilliant, sophisticated and downright sensible than Justin Trudeau. Even as an MP, there were much better and smarter options than Justin Trudeau. He inherited the throne figuratively of the Liberals and many voted for him because the portrayal of him by our media and politician cast was that of a perfect little angel, when in fact he's not a moral figure at all and is quite to the opposite a meticulous, calculated sociopath to some extent.
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    Are you in therapy? Because I would heartily recommend it. It's clear that the single attack on Muslims has left you so traumatized you're incapable of rational thought. Bullshit. No one has proposed any such thing. And the extremists are people who want to take away everyone's freedoms - for our own good. Four people were shot to death yesterday in Penticton. Are the tears pouring down your face? I don't think so. There have been some really intelligent commentators who have dissected what has happened to the Left in the last decade, and who say that they have made diversity and anti-racism into their religion. And like all religions, extremists and zealots like to push that on others. It seems to me that what happened in Quebec two years ago and in New Zealand last month weren't simply murders to you, they were blasphemy, and now you want to launch an inquisition to weed out all heretics and those of impure thought and burn them at the stake. There are thousands of Islamic terrorism attacks every year, NONE of which have caused you any noticeable grief. But a couple of isolated attacks from nut jobs has you ready to destroy Canada's entire cultural heritage of western liberalism in despair that it might happen again. BTW, I noticed no such concern from you after the murderous attack on the Pittsburgh Synagogue six months ago. Not a word of bother or worry. Why would that be? He was an alt-right psycho too. But you never launched into a wild campaign of froth-at-the mouth demands for justice against white supremacists. I think it's because to the Left, Jews are not a 'protected group' and thus not part of your religious mandate. You don't get much bothered when they or Christians are murdered. It's only when someone from one of the identity groups your religion worships is attacked that you go out of your mind and lose the ability to think rationally. But you can't stop hate. You can't stop racism. You can't stop people from becoming outraged at what they read in the newspapers or see on TV. I guess that's your next mission, right? Stop all coverage of things which might get people upset against any of your protected identity groups? My civic duties? You mean to stand up for what I believe in, including freedom of speech against those who attack it? Isn't that my civic duty? You're a short-sighted fool who loses sight of big pictures because you've become a narrow minded religious fanatic on the subject of race and identity. First, I don't believe for one moment that abandoning freedom of speech is going to stop terrorism. Second, even if I thought it would, I would still oppose you and your inquisition.
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    Yes they are touting the same thing in BC...I also read in the SNC scandal , that the government would run a false media campaign to turn public opinion around...Is this is what is happening now, not sure but, I , m not putting it by them. There are plenty of sites out there that say the carbon taxes do not work....Here is some of them. I gave a large variety in case you did not like some of the sources, and while some out right deny it works , there are a few that say it has had some benefits, but would not translate across the entire country... The numbers do not add up, if a couple cents 4.5 in NB are going to persuade enough drivers to stop and think about driving or to walk , is very optimistic at best....fuel here is just getting to 1.30 here, and has been as high as 1,65 and even then people did not over whelm public transport, buy smaller cars, BTW the most popular veh stolen in Canada is big ass gas guzzling trucks....there are a 40 /60 spilt of pick-ups to trucks here in NB....with no decline in sight.. http://www.ibc.ca/nb/auto/theft/top-ten-stolen-cars?p=National I don't see a lower consumption rate any time soon, atleast one that would drastically lower our carbon foot print....while any decline would be a good thing , we are looking for much better results.... While lowering my taxes is a good thing, how is this any good for the environment, the more disposalable income I have the more I'm going to consume, and most if not all products take fossil fuels to produce won't this just negate any gains you've made..... I find it funney that there are NO programs designed to further cut our carbon foot print with this carbon tax...., no rebates on solar , or wind power, better insulation of you home, other alt fuel projects, etc etc...No projects that would steer industry into making say a smaller, more fuel efficient engine to replace V-8 on todays market, or cities to put more electric buses on the road, electric snow plow vehs, etc.... https://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2016/03/08/BC-Carbon-Tax-Failure/ https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2019/01/11/BC-Carbon-Tax-Success-Explained/ https://www.fraserinstitute.org/tags/bc-carbon-tax https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/carbon-taxes-do-they-work-it-s-a-good-question-1.3887729 https://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/look-to-b-c-for-evidence-carbon-tax-doesnt-work/ https://ipolitics.ca/2016/03/25/are-we-sure-b-c-s-carbon-tax-is-working/
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    Canada is more than just Ontario and B.C., and several provinces are far more dependent on fossil fuels. Not only is this a direct concern for economic viability in the case of Alberta, it is a base load dependency for other provinces. Hydro is great, but not without environmental impact as well. Obviously, Trudeau's climate change initiatives have just inflamed the underlying provincial conflicts that have existed in the past. When/if provincial economic activity is impacted negatively by all these political machinations for climate change, there will be a direct reduction in GHG emissions....hardly the approach that many would support. Recessions are great for emissions reductions !


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