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    So all of these ‘elitists’ telling us that opposition to the UN compact on migration with the “it’s not legally binding” angle as the only argument in favour of signing - is that it’s not legally binding – then maybe they are wrong, so what’s the point. State controlled and orderly immigration based on merit and our national need is not Alt-right, far-right, or any other policital meme, it's just common sense.
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    The Constitution, which subsumes the Royal Proclamation of 1763, precludes cutting off support. What I'm talking about is figuring out a framework that will permit solutions to be developed moving forward. The British-imposed reserve and welfare system is the only model within which many indigenous activists and their supporters (including some politicians) seem capable of understanding reform. It's a counterproductive mindset, in my opinion. Pouring more money into a segregationist victim-based model simply won't resolve indigenous concerns in any constructive context. All subsidy-based economic models generate financial and psychological dependency. So, all sides need to think outside the box of the the 1763 solution, on which indigenous claims are currently based, if true progress is to be achieved.
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    You can conjure conspiracy theories if it's your predilection to do so. It's an easy and often intellectually lazy form of putdown. However, what we're talking about here is much more concrete. When a former federal finance minister, Joe Oliver, who himself was a member of a government that promoted economic globalization, warns that "the [Trudeau] government intends to embark on this radical lurch to an uncertain future without a debate in Parliament, let alone any public consultation", perhaps it's wise to take note. Other apparently more sensible democracies, including the U.S. and Australia, are giving this pact a swerve. But, for Trudeau's crowd, what's not to like about a pact that promotes censorship and government-mandated narratives among other shiny social engineering schemes preferred by today's uber-progressive tribe? Call it whatever you like, but much of the pact's verbiage is clearly not consistent with democratic principles.
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    Sage caution from Joe Oliver: "Trudeau should not sign this attempt at international social engineering without extensive public consultation and a debate in Parliament." I don't think people realize how radical the globalist agenda that Trudeau supports has become. When I discuss the issue with others I often notice that eyes glaze over. Few can believe that politicians are transforming the country into a gigantic social laboratory. A lot simply can't comprehend the extent of the sunny ruse to which we/they are being subjected. The social support system ordinary Canadians fought to establish in the post-WWII era simply won't withstand the stress of an open border, particularly because the subsidy class will explode in size. Trying to support this system under the current model will result in a reaction that will make the 'yellow vests' protest by lower-income taxpaying workers in France look like child's play. Those of us living in the most apparent Canadian laboratories for this experiment, the Toronto and Vancouver regions, are already experiencing many of the emerging problems. Populations in these regions are, according to polling, the most unhappy in the country. This won't end well.
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    No more than the snowflakes who freak out and jump on the table when "waycist" things are said.
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    I'm not interested in what the bloody nazis did. We're talking about here, today. The main targets of such groups are blacks, Jews and Liberals. A lot of them even make common cause with Muslims because they hate Jews too. And yet, as the Muslim scholar in the video points out, there is ZERO documentary evidence to suggest she was older than SIX when she was married, and NINE when the marriage was consummated. Yet there are considerable writings to say that she was, in fact, SIX and NINE. And that is what the majority of the Muslim world believes. We don't know how old Mary was. We only know that it was the tradition in that land at that time, to marry girls off at puberty. Note: six is NOT puberty. Mary was older than 12 but still a virgin because the marriage had not been consummated. The situation here is that this entire religion is built up to worship God through Muhammad as the most perfect man. Worshipers are taught that everything he said and did was perfect and godly and that everyone should take him as their example. I have no particular interest in condemning Muhammad for his behaviour at that time. The problem is that the followers of Muhammad continue to take him as their example of how they themselves should behave TODAY. And Muhammad was indeed a product of his time; a vicious warrior prince who slaughtered and raped his way across the middle east. No one is suggesting we take the behaviour and beliefs of previous prime ministers from previous centuries as our model for values and behaviour today. So your comparison utterly lacks logic. Which is hardly surprising, since logic is ever your enemy as you continue your determined defense of Islam.
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    You've got to wonder, though, why they're so interested in getting involved if the whole thing is merely virtue signalling mush? It seems odd to argue for something when noting at the same time that it's irrelevant. We saw this with M-103. Maybe I'm too cynical, but I suspect there's a real agenda behind the virtue-signaling and that if we just give it a pass we'll eventually land in a situation where that agenda's been normalized and enshrined in policy and law. And then we'll be stuck with it.
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    Of course, they don't want to be exposed... this is part of the Trudeau regime's plan to control the media and the message because we know they awarded the Toronto Star a sole source contract to pay the Star journo’s to “cover” Parliamentary Committee meetings. Cos you know – only the Star is capable of reporting on Trudeau. (read spreading propaganda) Thank goodness this source contract was blocked by the ombudsman. https://www.blacklocks.ca/ombudsman-kills-contract/?fbclid=IwAR2sN5PRrNQ5_oyHYg91FXI11RiDJ-JERaVSbi_4WK4EvIJe3nzyFmlt5oc A federal agency yesterday cancelled a $355,950 sole-sourced contract to pay Torstar Corporation reporters to attend public meetings. Authorities claimed only the Toronto Star was “capable”. The cancellation followed a formal complaint by Blacklock’s to Procurement Ombudsman Alexander Jeglic.
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    Poppycock. You have such a low opinion of white people, it's ridiculous. Really?? Muslims would not be allowed to perform FGM but everyone else would? Bullshit. http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/policy-female-genital-mutilation-fgm/4-fgm-canada https://www.kidsnewtocanada.ca/screening/fgm You find me anything in those documents about Canada's laws on FGM which single out Muslims. Officially, there is nothing in there that states Muslims can't do it, but everyone else can. Unofficially, yes, Muslims are singled out because the majority of practicers of it are Muslim. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_views_on_female_genital_mutilation When the majority of practicers of FGM are Muslim, I dont' believe it's discriminatory to tailor campaigns against it to their particular brand of religion or culture, including the religious arguments against it. Incidently, there has never been a conviction for FGM in Canada in spite of it being shown to be performed here and people taking their girls out of the country to have it done. Your Muslims are quite safe from being charged with it.
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    We are now learning that Trudeau’s Liberal regime awarded the Toronto Star a sole source contract to pay the Star journo’s to “cover” Parliamentary Committee meetings. Cos you know – only the Star is capable of reporting on Trudeau. (read spreading propaganda) Thank goodness this source contract was blocked by the ombudsman. https://www.blacklocks.ca/ombudsman-kills-
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    There's been quite a discussion about this on another thread so don't want to repeat all of it, but suffice to say at least 18 countries are now recognizing the problems and refusing to sign on.
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    Agreed...the climate change alarmists are desperate to link the two, when there are many factors in play. GM already lost its ass once on the EV1...made more money with Hummers.
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    Michelle Rempel‏Verified account @MichelleRempel 3h3 hours ago Today @CPC_HQ leader @AndrewScheer is running the deck in the Question Period, holding Trudeau’s feet to the fire for his litany of failures. Trudeau’s response: “I don’t like that Scheer is asking me questions!!”. Seriously. What a joke. He needs to go. He sure does, poor baby
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    I honestly can't imagine any pipelines being built as long as Justin Trudeau(Gerald Butts) is Prime Minister. His government has put in place far too many barriers to overcome.It seems obvious that the reason for all those regulations is precisely to ensure that no pipelines will ever be built again in Canada.
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    Right on. We're certainly not the only country, or the first, to do the imperialist colonialist materialist thingy. The Arabs boycotted Coke (the six day war fallout) but only because they could still drink Pepsi.
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    Ok, so they seem to include other gender types in that report. I do see the ones specifically for Trans and I think that also needs a more succinct definition of what 'trans' is. The sample group is 5000 which includes all of these gender types. It's called perspective. If First Nations people experience more hate, then that might be a bigger issue to tackle before we tackle the LBGQT (how many more letters should I add)? I'd also like to see stats for Canada and compare. Yep, that person was born a man and is at least a foot taller than the women in that picture and has them by about 100, possibly 150 lbs. That person in physical contact sports would destroy most women. As in many sports, things would only change once severe injuries are sustained on a regular basis.
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    Oh! Oh! Oh! I know... Cuz they're a bunch of homos?
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    So, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. At least Merkel is sticking around on the world's stage until 2021, so we have some time to learn to say it properly.
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    Sure....but Dick Cheney will have his Hollywood day like all the rest. After 9/11, America needed the biggest prick it could find to do the dirty work....and VP Dick Cheney was more than happy to oblige.
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    Yeah, that's pretty dumb. The old refuge of a lefty who simply doesn't like what is being said, because it's being said about one of the groups they are uncomfortable finding fault with. Argue points if you have a contrary position.
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    It's not about what he spent it on - it's about the self-aggrandizing method that he used to announce it - even using his personal twitter account rather than an official government one. Just another example of a juvenile attitude that is not in keeping with the serious job of Prime Minister.
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    I suppose anyone who disagrees will believe that opposing views are 'sh.t' and of course 'far right'. Too many countries/leaders agree that although it's a non binding document, it is not to be trusted - and rightly so as it is the U.N. after all. If nothing else and at the very least this Compact aims to normalize mass migration paving the way for millions of people to move to Canada and other 'rich' countries via enforced socialism from the corrupt U.N., but more and more governments are seeing through it and don’t want it.
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    Attacked ? You just called it 'the insanity movement'. Pot/kettle. Meh. Things change, I guess. You can't really use a lot of words without retribution anymore. This is being worked out: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00948705.2017.1317602?af=R&journalCode=rjps20#_i8 (Journal of the Philosophy of Sport argues for handicap) https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/39/10/695 (British Journal of Sports Medicine says there is no consensus) https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/jan/25/ioc-rules-transgender-athletes-can-take-part-in-olympics-without-surgery (IOC - testosterone limits) Obviously a horrifying situation, for which the Prison Service has apologized and vowed to correct: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leeds-45825838
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    America's millennial voters better get their butts to the polling booth....or else:
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    If you want to cut your wrists and bleed out on the land to appease the natives, feel free. The rest of us won't give a damn for your histrionic gestures at more than your idiotic drama queen suggestions.