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    "Like as if I have to be apologetic or feel shamed in any way for being what I am." You go Girl.
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    Trump in a press conference with Theresa May won't take questions from CNN, calls it fake news. And he's not afraid of saying I think I'm doing a great job. He cracks me up.
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    I can only imagine they decided the best defense was a good offense, and that this subject would endear them to the NDP voters they're desperately trying to hold on to. So Trudeau's Somalian immigration minister picked a fight with Ontario's new government over Ontario's demand for the feds to step up and pay more of the $174 million it has cost them so far this year to feed, cloth and shelter the illegal immigrants crossing the border from the US. In fact, Ahmed Hussen seemed to actually be taunting Lisa Macleod when he said her attitude was 'uncanadian' given he was a Somali illegal immigrant himself. Hussen accused Ontario of using false language to describe the migrants as queue jumpers, even though that's exactly what they are, and said it was 'irresponsible, divisive, fearmongering and un-Canadian." It is, of course, none of those things. It is entirely accurate and honest- adjectives he, as a Liberal, has no familiarity with. Early, he had also objected to Ontario calling them illegal immigrants, even though, of course, that is precisely what they are. Hussen lied about Canada's international obligations, lied about them not being illegal, and lied about them not being queue jumpers, and given his previous job was as an immigration lawyer, he knows very well he was lying. In fact, Canada is under no obligation to even allow these people into the country since they are coming from a safe third country, and in fact, the more 'refugee's we accept in a year, the fewer actual honest immigrants we take. Refugees might well be processed in a different line, but the lines join up in the end, and they push in front of those who have waited years following the normal route of applying to come to Canada. Hussen seems to be relying on that time-honored habit of the less qualified, less capable, less intelligent members of ethnic and racial groups to bleat about intolerance and xenophobia any time they don't get their way or anyone disagrees with them. Which is , I suppose, what we would expect from one of Trudeau's affirmative action cabinet ministers. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/immigration-asylum-seekers-hussen-macleod-1.4746622
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    Ah so this is the heart of your international angst against america. Fair enough, I'd feel that way too if China becomes the next hedgemon. Look, as long as we still adopt the nation state model you are going to have to use a rule based order that the us setup to avoid feeling a lack of control. Right now that order is being re written to be more fair for Americans.
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    Canadians routinely overstay their welcome in the United States, but Americans do not attack them.
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    Seems to be mob rule these days as the social media mob determines what is right or wrong, in their eyes of course. They are a danger to society. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-social-media-mob-is-a-danger-to-society/2018/07/12/eef13834-860b-11e8-9e80-403a221946a7_story.html?utm_term=.bd94ee726e4e
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    "The social media mob is a danger to society" - Daniella Greenbaum https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-social-media-mob-is-a-danger-to-society/2018/07/12/eef13834-860b-11e8-9e80-403a221946a7_story.html?utm_term=.bd94ee726e4e
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    Anti-Trump protest at NATO expected THOUSANDS, got DOZENS.
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    Nonsense! We'll be our usual, magnanimous selves. After a short period of modest, dignified celebration of course. Perhaps with a cup of tea.
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    I suppose the "end demand" model would do the same for women as a ban on abortion. Drive the practice underground and put them at greater risk. I prefer the "pro-choice" model. Complete legalization and government oversight, including all OH&S regulations. A pension plan too.
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    I remember hearing an interview with Harry Smith (Jay Silverheels). He was one of the few First Nations actors in Hollywood. But he never got the decent roles except as a heavy in Key Largo. Then there was the great Iron Eyes Cody. I was shocked to find out he was Italian. Obviously, he was a good actor to pull that off for what, forty years? Sir Alec Guinness summed it all up: "It's called acting, dear boy." There may not be many trans actors getting straight roles, but there have been lots of gay actors getting straight roles and vice versa.
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    Don't let Army Guy fool you, I've probably killed more trees and fish than everyone on this board put together and burn more fossil fuel in a day than most do in a month.
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    Trudeau’s immigration Minister has called Lisa MacLeod “divisive” and a “fear monger” for having the nerve to ask how Trudeau was going to pay for the $90M of welfare costs in Ontario related to illegal border crossers. Pretty disgusting but that's how the Liberals roll.
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    They just don't get it. We are not communitarians we could care less of what others think of us. The true american spirit.
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    Your dead on with the treasonous politically correct politicians statement. Personally I would drag them out into the street hang them up and horsewhip them. From there the stockade. Politicians are destroying this country.
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    Actually the Chinese are pretty cornered in this trade fight. Their economy is slowing, ours is as strong as ever. We're not dependent on export, they are. The rest of Europe and the free world are waking up to their predatory economic policies and are less apt to trade with them then what trump proposed which is free trade. They're more or less cornering them selves. Trump is simply raising the stake whilst offering a way out. Typical Trump tactics.
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    This was totally expected.... Thailand cave rescue to be turned into Hollywood movie For the thread jijackers, let us know when Hollywood makes the Syrian revolution movie...should be a big hit in Syria.
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    This bulletin has measured per-person federal debt that Canadian prime ministers have accumulated from 1870 to the end of Justin Trudeau’s first term in 2019. By the end of his term, Justin Trudeau is expected to be the largest debt accumulator among prime ministers who did not experience a world war or at least one economic downturn during their tenure. The only other two prime ministers to increase federal debt without fighting a world war or experiencing an economic downturn are Sir Mackenzie Bowell and Sir John Abbott who both served in the late 19th century. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/sites/default/files/analysis-of-federal-debt-in-canada-by-prime-ministers-since-confederation.pdf And while I agree with you Harper did rack up an impressive debt, but as I remember it it was mostly spent on economic growth, and at both the liberals and NDP request.....now if we are going to point fingers maybe we should have a look at those liberals, guys like Justins father , Mulroney adjust them to todays dollars and we will see who is really responsible for debt.... https://www.fraserinstitute.org/sites/default/files/analysis-of-federal-debt-in-canada-by-prime-ministers-since-confederation.pdf you don't like the source I can get another if you like.....
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    There's two ideas in play now. Nationalism is a reaction to globalism and more to the point the way globalism has played out which is to pit worker against worker in a race to the bottom (the old idea that's been around for years that I mentioned). It's the chaos sown in local economies by the advent of technology (communication, transportation)and its ability to breach international, geographic physical barriers (your idea, but one that's also been around for years) that has caused people to embrace nationalism. People were warned this would happen decades ago. And its not the technologies themselves per se that are the problem its the all too often sociopathic way they're used. ie to cause a race to the bottom.
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    Losing an eyebrow during a speech is about all I can take from this idiot.
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    I think it is time for the Anybody but Justin campaign …..smash the red vote across the nation....
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    I'm busy, and not particularly inclined to anyway. Who would the Blue Jays play?