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    Some Western conservatives may think women are inferior but they are not trying to keep women covered, in the house or take away their rights to inherit, to vote, to be seen, to have a voice, etc. They are not stoning women for (supposed) adultery or for refusing to cover. Wife beaters in western society do not enjoy the applause of their peers. Western conservatives may not like gays, but they are not tossing them off rooftops. Women and gays still have a little ways to go, but no. Not the SAME at all. Smarten up. Ask any Western woman if they would prefer living in Western society or in a Muslim-ruled country and there's your proof.
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    And yet you consider those liberal sites I mention as being credible. The opinions and attitudes on a site like Jihadwatch are known and taken into account. What they are useful for is in compiling incidents which largely escape notice of the world media. Mainstream media has a decidedly liberal agenda in lauding multiculturalism, inclusiveness, equality and immigration, and it deliberately downplays a lot of stuff which does not fit with that agenda.
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    No, it does not seem that way as Quebec only made it mandatory in 2017, prior to that there were exemptions. As I said, someone needs to google the French papers. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/quebec-becomes-latest-province-to-make-sex-education-compulsory/article37335042/
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    It's not fake, there are religious exemptions in Ontario too, can't post link on a tablet.
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    DND reports 8 Bil in unspent funding last year , yes you read that right 8 Bil of unspent funding...One of the many 2015 campaign promises was the liberals were going to fix our purchasing system, stream line it to make it more efficient..4 years later we can't even spend the allotted money.... a couple points here, Justin lied again, OK by now this is not news any more....he lies about everything, but thats ok lying is a Canadian thing ..it's perfectly OK for our nations leader to lie his ass off not only to us , but to the entire world....second point WTF is the CDS doing, why is this even happening, heads should be on a plate, you don't turn in Bils of dollars in a cash strap organization...another reason to fire the current CDS...even the minister of Defense, get rid of them all, perhaps lower the defense budget until someone puts on the big boy pants and can find a way to not only spend DND budget , but mange to purchase much needed equipment.... Perhaps dougie is right time to shut this shit show down, the Majority of Canadians don't care, shit even the CDS the top military official does not seem to give a shit....
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    I happened to look up Singapore because it was mentioned in another topic. Singapore has a population of just over 5.5 million. Singapore has a larger military(72,000 vs 60,000), a far, far, far larger reserve (1.3 million vs 30,000), and is better equipped than the Canadian military. It's already taken possession of it's first F35s, for example and has put its first 6 stealth frigates into service. Tell me again how Canada can't afford to spend 2%...
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    Yes but everyone knows he is that. Why put our standing at risk to appear cool to a bunch of Europeans?
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    Stick to your arguments, jacee, you're the one who cries like a little baby about making things personal. You're not the tough chick you make yourself out to be, don't throw stones when you have a glass jaw, little girl.
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    Well... my interest in these culture wars is that we are seeing competing ideologies that are mutually intolerant. On the one hand we have folks like you who see racists and white supremacists everywhere... I believe you identified me as such... so I'm not making an ad-hominem here. On the other hand you have these folks who basically go full hog racist... and prepare themselves to fight the apocalypse.... also a form of LARPing... but a more dangerous type. Y'all are two sides of the same coin. And the more you foment your ball snipping vendetta to target white supremacists wherever you can find them and castrate them... the more you pour fuel on the fire of this phenomenon. That's what I'm saying.
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    Trudeau's minions are in Washington begging to get USMCA ratified....Trump's minions are not in Ottawa. Hell, Pelosi is in no hurry at all to ratify the treaty....billions...and billions...and billions.
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    President Trump is continuing a fine tradition for Canadian prime ministers: JFK LBJ Nixon
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    Changing the subject to the poster is never an effective strategy when losing an argument.
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    Didn't michael savage say "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder"?
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    Isn't that what the whole point of the Cold War? US and their proxies vs USSR and their proxies. The US works to become the world's only Super Power and then bitches about it because other nations aren't as committed to it. They have Healthcare to pay for.
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    I am claiming that you are making a huge deal about world leaders joking about Trump, when it's a complete nothing burger that shouldn't be taken seriously. Yet more evidence of you grasping at straws to attack Trump by getting all hyper serious about it and massively inflating it's importance.
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    Red China is a serious military threat simply due to their bottomless soldier supply...but that's more a regional threat.
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    China's navy is not bigger than the US navy, nor is it anywhere near as powerful. Building shitty ships doesn't turn you into naval power to rival America, that's not how it works. China's navy is nothing to write home about, reports of America's demise have been greatly exaggerated, you need to stop listening to the "America Is Falling" crowd, they don't have the slightest clue what they are talking about.
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    All a Canadian citizenship means and having a Canadian passport is that I can enter Canada legally after a holiday, and do not have to answer any questions as to who I am, and where am I coming from, and where am I going in Canada. Canada is not the problem. It is our dear leaders that is the problem. None of them seems to want to tackle or do anything about what the Trudeau's have done to this once great British/European nation, and what the Trudeau of today will be doing to Canada in the next four years. It does not look very good for Canada in the next four more years. I think that conservatives like myself needs to have an American passport as a back up. Just saying. Bloody sad, isn't it?
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    Do you ever bother to read the other side of the story yourself? I don't think so!! When Trump found out what Epstein was doing on his island, Trump immediately broke off all contact with Epstein. Get your facts straight, will you. Trump was too busy trying to make his millions in buying up and owning real estate property, and would in no way try to compromise his efforts of trying to become a real estate millionaire tycoon by raping some young girl. Quit with the bull chit. If you have proof that Trump raped a young girl, then show us the proof that you have? Otherwise, dry up about this allegation that no one in the media has brought up as of yet on any news TV network. If Trump had done such a thing, the fake and phony liberal media would already have made a field day out of it. Get real for a change, will you.
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    Like I say, talk to me when the woke twitter mob takes down a coach that isn't on the chopping block and about to be fired for a myriad of other reasons.
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    Imagine who else also went to Epstein's sex island and had sex with young girls? If only the truth would come out about Epstein and what went on, on his happy little sex island. Even his own girlfriend has said that she use to go out and recruit young girls and bring them to Epstein's island for sexual purposes. She knows a lot more than what we will ever learn. The cover up is on for Epstein because there are just too many bigwig deep state people involved in this Epstein story. Epstein was murdered because he had too much on who visited his sexual pleasure island, and had plenty of hidden camera video film on many of them having sex with young girls. Apparently, Epstein was in the business of blackmail also. Epstein kept videos on everyone who went there and had sex with the kids, to be used when needed, if anyone dared to try and go after Epstein. There can be no doubt about it that Epstein was a part of the deep state, and was no doubt murdered by the deep state. Epstein was their friend until he got caught, and they found out that Epstein had many things on them. There truly is no loyalty among those scumbags, and I doubt very much that Bonny Prince Andrew will ever be charged with having sex with young underage girls. The only justice that these people will ever get is when one of them phu-ks up, and gets into trouble with the law, then they must be eliminated quickly for the sake and protection of the group, if necessary to do so. In this story, Epstein had to go. Sadly, we the people will never get the real story of what went on Epstein's sexual pleasure island. Such a shame, eh?
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    Another one bites the dust..... .....no money...no shot.
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    They come because of the benefits and because they are likely aware of how the west bows to their demands in the name of accommodation and diversity. And yet many abuse the system by abusing young girls. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-shropshire-50633181?SThisFB&fbclid=IwAR2UgYp8dxv1KdYRzGGPACEUHZ2YJQqrc26UQc4ay0ltrcFol52sZjMKAXQ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/24/exclusive-40-convicted-terrorists-have-used-human-rights-laws/?fbclid=IwAR0xU0-p0YUitqd-TCWgl_vNx3Pbj6UUk57Uq0EWptKB4qE8uFzJRke37Zc
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    No kidding, I also heard that Bill Clinton went to Lolita Island at least 26 times or something. Don't tell BubberMiley, he may get upset.
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    Dear Charles, uou locked the "social assistance/odsp" thread saying: "This thread is locked due to irredeemable derailment from the topic. " First of all, there was 1. no warnings. and 2. there was discussions about welfare etc on the last page, the same page you wrote on before locking the thread. This is just lazy modding i'm sorry. And it's pissing everyone off when threads are constantly locked. Who cares if threads get a bit off topic when there's good discussions to be had. Please stop.
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    Was loading an off-road logging truck . . . driver jumped out of the cab waving his arms and we listened on his radio . . . . I liked her because she didn't fit in with the lizards.
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    I would imagine that if we consider worldwide terror (why would we not?) Islamic terrorism would far outstrip any terror crimes by Christians. Especially if Muslim v Muslim violence is considered. Of course, if you count concentration camps and pogroms then Muslims are by far the worst victims right now too. But the question was with regard to the treatment of women.
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    you've taken a $10 cake and created a $100 cake welcome to socialism 101, hyperinflation and starvation
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    Please be aware that some of these smart TVs will collect your user data and viewing habits as part of a "free subscription" (like Smart Hub).
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    My question was loaded. I was only testing spanky to see if he was a royalist...
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    I agree some reasonable impartiality is due, until a person is given due process. We may never know in this case. But I heard his mom kicked him out of the house after that, so,
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    Guess again.....https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/the-history-of-trick-or-treating-is-weirder-than-you-thought-79408373/ Also the long outlawed but related "devil's night" of mischief and vandalism common generations ago did not come from America. (Many vacant homes in Detroit were demolished this way.) In some ways this custom endures for the same reasons that the monarchy endure in Canada and the Commonwealth....many people like it...not because of American culture.
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    Unfettered immigration rears its ugly head again in England. 2 dead so far, after terrorist attack in the heart of London. Why they let people into the U.K. that hate it so much is beyond me. There has to be a better way.
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    Yes it is likely but it's still jumping to conclusions until more is known. Like jumping to conclusions in the cinema machete incident in the UK which had nothing to do with Islam. It's no better that the left assuming that a black victim must have been a result of a racist attack. How about waiting until the victim's blood has gone cold before linking every attack to Islam.
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    What do you call it when someone takes someone else's money openly by force? Robbery. What do you call it when a politician takes someone else's money in taxes and gives it to someone who is more likely to vote for him? Social Justice. - Thomas Sowell
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    Apparently, the words that were said to this guy Akim, when the coach walked in the dressing room, was to tell the black kid to turn that "nig-er shit off. Probably, if there was some white music, like good old white country music blasting away in the dressing room, the coach might have told the white guy to turn that f'n music off. The coach may have been having a bad day as he appears to be saying. Hey, you never know, eh? All this is now is just your typical pandering and grovelling going on here to try and appear to be politically correct, and please the offended crybabies out there, in the hopes that he can save his coaches job. This black guy came forward after ten years. Why wait for ten years? It's a wonder that this Akim guy does not go after the Calgary Flames organization and try to sue them for some money. That seems to be common practice here in offended and apologetic Canada land these days. Ten years ago, Akim would probably have been told back then to just suck it up, buttercup. We sure do live in a different world today alright. Yup, those dam white guys like Don Cherry and Peters should go to the gulag for their offending words. It's dam sad when someone can lose their job today over something that was said over ten years ago. All that was required was for Peters to say he was sorry, and let's all get back to whatever we are doing. But no. When the Canadian media got a hold of this incident, well as usual, they go ballistic over it. This story came out over a week ago, and the stupid fake media here in Canada are still at it and are still reporting on the incident. I know that the CBC is just loving it. I guess that the old school that I was brought up in is now gone. I must accept the fact that I am now living in a crybaby offended society. Aw well, what more can be said.
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    That's an old estimate, and it's only partial. There was a story the other day in the Sun which estimated the cost to Toronto alone at over $100 million. And that is only for their housing, not the cost of health care or education. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/levy-refugees-will-cost-toronto-taxpayers-75m-this-year And from your last cite: According to the non-partisan Parliamentary Budget Officer, processing illegal border crossers alone will exceed $1.1 billion this year.
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    He's "a" coroner but not "the" coroner on that case. I agree that proves nothing, but when Epstein died there was a 99% chance that he was taken out, and if someone was going to try and make it look like suicide this is exactly how they'd script it - sleeping guards, malfunctioning cameras, a hasty coroner's report, and Bob's your mother's brother.
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    1.3 billion consumer base with skyrocketing economy is a business market no corporation would ignore.
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    There are many challenges there, but luckily you still have your youth I used to think I was a leftist, until I realized that most of the time I am just pointing out the basics of a small-l liberal democracy to people who say things like "xyz should be hanged", people who have no idea where our laws came from or how they work. Some basic facts about Islam are that there aren't many of them, they're not projected to be a huge number, they don't vote as a bloc and they are much like many other religion when they live in a western context. Extremist terrorism is a threat, yes, but on the same scale as other terrorist threats and Muslims are also the targets of rightista extremists. None of this is 'leftist'. There are groups like Jihadwatch that fund puposeful hate propaganda against Muslims, and you even find people quoting them on here. Why ? To disunify, to villify and to foment hate. I invite you to friend me on Facebook, where I make an effort to never let a thoughtless, hateful, stupid propaganda post go unanswered. More people need to do that, to counter the paid fake accounts that are out there. Cheers...
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    That's not what i said at all. I specifically said you don't need a college degree to be a good politician, but you do need to be knowledge and smart. He clearly isn't book smart at all. You need some book smarts and people smarts and experience to run an entire province competently.
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    "So what do you understand from the word 'money' ? " . . . . . . . good socialist rhetoric in your above post. How about 'taxpayers dollars' to pay all the un-necessary 'deadwood' in the traitors new cabinet ? Ministry of Middle Income . . . . wtf
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    So Saudi Arabia and Emirates shoot their people from the top and back by sending their thugs and kidnap their citizens from their houses (and abroad) to prisons and torture and rape them? Or prevents funerals by families and ask for money to return the dead bodies t their families? Or they have killed and beat up women and executed tens of thousands of their citizens for simply expressing their views?..............................? They are rapidly developing nuclear weapons to hit Israel or Europe and their space industry to hit North America with nuclear weapons? Yes those two regimes certainly not angelic but no comparison with the devil himself (the Iran regime). Don't compare flu and cancer as same disease. Btw, do not speak to me of US prop up dictatorships when you ignore Russian prop up dictatorships like the murderous regime of Assad in Syria causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, not to mention half a century of Russian crimes in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.
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    How about if we improve freedom here by demanding an end to the internet monopolies: Google, Facebook, and Twitter, which have taken it upon themselves to "protect us" from "fake" news! If these services cannot function effectively if broken up into smaller, competing companies, then the monopolies should be public and have a board of governors which have to publish clear reasons why a user should be banned or have their accounts suspended. AND 'shadow-banning' and all of the bullshit games being played to push down certain sources in searches or removing pages without notice or stated reason (Facebook) should be considered unjustified interference with the free flow of information. And let's have sanctions over here against our corrupt government officials....some of them identified as Wikileaks published cables and emails delivered to them by whistleblowers tired of the corruption in their workplaces. And after we fix our corrupt corporate-serving government officials and guarantee our access to trustworthy information, then we can focus more attention on helping the Iranians!
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    Not all refugees are illegals, they are fleeing from their native country, often due to wars/violence or oppression. Some illegals are refugees, but they are not willing to become citizens for various reasons, the most common is that they are fleeing justice in their native countries.
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    Turkish spambot continue destroy English language with bad translator sound like Lurch from Adams family me speak two like spambot and wax poetic about Turkiye killer terrorists: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2019/10/syria-damning-evidence-of-war-crimes-and-other-violations-by-turkish-forces-and-their-allies/ https://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=22853 https://observatoryihr.org/iohr-tv/eyewitness-of-turkeys-invasion-of-syria-talks-about-human-rights-violations-and-killings-of-civilians/ https://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/20/opinion/turkeys-human-rights-hypocrisy.html Turkiye spambot
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    And uniform and dress codes allow turbans, hijabs and kippahs because we allow people to observe their faiths.
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    Maybe there should be no political party's anymore. Everyone running will be an independent candidate where they do not have to kiss a leaders butt. A leader of a political party always gets the last word. A candidate can say that they believe in conservative principles or another candidate could say that they believe in socialism. Maybe this is what democracy should be all about. Many people say that they vote for the person and not the party. But that one person cannot dictate to the rest of the party that this is what I want done. The party leader gets the last say. Independents can fight for their beliefs alone or they can join together with other independents on some political issue. Sounds good to me, but will it work? You tell me?
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    Rachel Maddow on MSNBC is excellent. She should really get more recognition for her great work.


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