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    No it is not normal, not for government funded housing which should be open to every one.
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    No, I don’t want you to hate refugees. But if somebody expresses a willingness to go back to their country of origin, are they really refugees? I always thought refugees are suppose to come from really terrible situations. Not situations that they’d think about going back to because things aren’t as good as they thought in their new western country home. Regardless, the answer is probably that we should narrow our focus, as well as limit the number of people we accept, if our system can’t handle the volume. Which it obviously can’t. We already have many Canadians born here that are struggling to pay rent, etc. We don’t need to import more. I always thought imports were suppose to be of things we don’t or can’t produce. After all, we don’t import maple syrup and poutine.
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    Was Canada so concerned about "increased tensions" caused by other Iran inspired events in the region ? Were Canadian nationals advised not to travel in the area ? Did Canada refuse to deploy 500 troops in the region because it might "increase tensions" with Iran ? Nope. News flash to Canada....President Donald Trump was elected to "increase tensions" with Iran.
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    Riiiiight. Which is why there's a boycott and divest movement towards China and Syria and Saudi Arabia and Iran and ... whoops, no there isn't. Which is why every second post in the international section is about them... whoops, it's not. Which is why every university in the West regularly holds demonstrations in solidarity with their victims. Whoops, that doesn't happen either. Despite them being almost infinitely worse and more murderous and evil than Israel. Because it's not about human rights. It's about Jews.
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    The average American soldier knows who this guy is, with all the military grade tech and supplies he has been bringing into Iraq and Afghanistan, they know...like detailed plans and supplies on how to make copper lined shaped charges, that blew holes in both sides of thick armored plating and suck everything out of the veh from the other side... A regular humanitarian he was.
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    No. It's entirely normal in Western countries for the state, city or some company to give/place some apartment building(s) for specific people. It's done plenty. Look it up.
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    Canada's like the dumb twerp in school wandering around with the 'Kick Me' sign on his back. Everyone wants to come here 'cause we're so stupid.
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    Complete and utter nonsense. How come producing IEDs to kill American soldiers wasn’t escalating tensions? How come seizing American ships in the straight of Hormuz wasn’t escalating tensions? How come attacking Saudi oil fields wasn’t escalating tensions? How come attacking American embassies wasn’t escalating tensions? Give me a f**king break.
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    Because you can't legally kick out Canadian citizens who were born here. Yes there are a lot of Canadian-born riff-raff in Canada. With immigration, we have the ability to pick and choose who can come here or not. Bring the best. Go into the worst parts of any major city in Canada and you will find it dominated by impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled immigrants. Go for a drive right now and tell me what you find. The only exception might be in the prairies where you may find aboriginals there too, unfortunately. It's not about race or ethnicity, it's about education & poverty. If you come to this country, even seeking refuge, and you have no hope of securing a decent income and are going to help turn major parts of our cities into run-down crime infested third-world crap-holes, you should be shipped off to a third-world country where you'll fit in just fine. If you can pull your weight, you can stay.
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    True. However, some people feel differently. Especially awarding him money without having to do so.
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    The Iran Deal sucked, tearing it up was totally the right move.
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    Not actually true. Refugees have sued for their Charter Rights and the judiciary have consistently ruled in their favour. The criteria which the government uses to screen is entirely subject to the Charter.
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    The charter or rights does not protect foreigners not in Canada from discrimination by the Canadian government. We are perfectly free to screen applicants for immigration, to interview them, to determine how adaptable they are as well as how firmly they believe in social values and customs which run entirely contrary to ours. And if they are firm in their belief that women are worth one quarter the value of a man, that they must cover their faces/hair, and never touch an unrelated male, then we're perfectly free to say "No thank you."
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    I don't want them to come to Canada. Then the media will never STFU about it.
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    The british tabloid press is nasty to everyone. You think she's been treated worse than Fergie?
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    I'm an older female and I am attracted to younger men, of which I have no small number trying to date me. Cannot imagine dating a 19 year old -- he needs to be able to carry on a conversation and know something of life and the world, and frankly, though a great body is lovely, I do think there is something lacking in you if that alone will satisfy you. Yes, they mostly want me for sex but quite a few want more and try hard to convince me they're worthy. So are older women attractive? By my experience, many, many men say yes.
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    What concerns me is the fear that they may become a substantial number and try to impose their laws upon the western democratic societies. Though I am not a regional selectivity advocate but we do have to become much more selective as who we admit to come to West and filter those undesirable elements who have no respect for women's rights and equality or respect for western democratic values. That does not include a ban on regions but a ban on certain individuals from certain regions with undesirable beliefs.
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    Canada doesn't have a housing problem, Toronto and Vancouver have a housing problem. Everyone has a right to have babies, nobody has a right to demand the state pays for it or makes their lives perfect. This couple wasn't in a financial position to have 2 babies, now they're paying for it, and their children suffer for it. Shame on them. Move to a cheaper city, set yourself up better, save some money, then have babies. Stop being a victim and take some darn responsibility for your life.
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    In the case of Trump I view him as a productive bastard, he's hired to do the job, not be Mr. Nice Guy. If you have concerns about his job performance, that is the best material to attack him with, not his personality. If all your problems with him are personality based, then you have no good argument against Trump whatsoever. The thing about most Trump Haters is, they get caught up on personality concerns and never have good criticisms of his actions, while his supporters often have way better criticisms of him, despite not hating him.
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    Yep.....even birds have sufficient Doppler to meet the fire control software gates.
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    Right....tracking and fire control radars have much higher frequencies and pulse repetition rates for better target resolution. This SAM also has optical guidance. When the U.S. Navy first got close-in missile defense systems like Vulcan Phalanx CIWS, we would rarely leave it in automated mode because it would shoot at nearly anything detected, including seagulls. Commanders have to follow careful protocols now, especially after what happened to USS Stark in 1986, which contributed to USS Vincennes downing an Iranian airliner two years later in 1988.
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    I don't know if you caught it if you perused those videos, but one has to turn a safety key before the missile(s) will fire. Hmmmmm...looking more intentional by the minute, frankly.
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    Good question....Whether to put the blame on the operator is to exonerate the higher level of command remains moot.... Despite the clean up the regime could not fool the experts who visited the site of the crash and the black box which is why they had to admit the truth about shooting down the commercial airplane
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    Cannuck I am all ears for coherent reasons as to what criteria should be used to determinate Canada's financial capacity to absorb refugees. Do you have any? Everyone who is quick to say we can't afford or should take in refugees because of our debts never has any criteria or number or any basis for how they determined our deficit prevents taking in ANY refugees or in the alternative a specific number of refugees. Also Cannuck if a refugee would be privately sponsored the Canadian government does not pay for them. This is why I have always argued private sponsored refugees were not and are not the issue. Stephen Harper knew that when he made sure the Syrian refugees he brought in were privately sponsored. My mother privately sponsored a refugee from Uganda and another from Ukraine, because she herself was a refugee. She was about to adopt a refugee child from Vietnam when she got sick and died. So yah I have a bias on this topic. I openly admit mine-how about all the people who have a bias against refugees? Do they hear me saying take in unlimited amounts...don't screen them...no. All I ask is someone discuss this topic with some sort of objective basis for their positions. I concede we need to control and administer whatever immigration programs and refugee programs we have. I have never argued otherwise. However when I hear people make blanket statements tatamount to denying any or all immigrants or refugees or inferring refugees or immigrants don't want to be good Canadians or contribute to Canada what would you like me to say-my families who came here to escape bad things in other countries should have been deported along with the other millions of immigrants who came here from all over and helped build this country and cherish it? What is it once someone is born here the first thing they feel they can do is look down on someone who wasn't? Why? What is it about being born in Canada that some of you think it makes you entitled to say others are less than you? Please tell me because beneath the comments is a thinly layered rejection of people without giving any reason other than generalized ambiguous subjective assumptions with no links to anything objective. Provide the stats that show privately sponsored refugees drain Canada. Please I want to know. Show me anyone. I am telling you do I the son of a refugee sound ungrateful? You all think I have just sucked this country dry? My father was a WW2 veteran and served in the Armed Forces for 20 years? Is he not a Canadian because his parents were immigrants to this country? Are you saying my grandparents did not contribute to the country that took them in? Please tell me. I want to know..how far do any of these assumptions about immigrants or refugees go before some of you ask could your assumptions not necessarily be accurate or justify blanket denials and shut downs of programs? Can anyone on this thread provide any basis for their assumptions or again is this just another piss on refugees/immigrants thread because they don't want to be Canadian which was what the original comment raised?
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    So compare the US track record's to Iran's. Also tell me would you prefer Iran to the US as your neighbour...see if you want to get into a pissing match of which country is more morally righteous at least do it Z. What next. How about Canada? Because we have phacked up in our country with aboriginals does this mean we have no right to criticize Iran or stop it from financing and inciting terror? Where do you want to go with the comparisons and finger pointing because if you are asking me to accept the argument that the US is immoral and has no right to contain Iranian financed terrorism and human rights violations I call bull crap with utmost respect.
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    America's vision of the world is by far the greatest vision of the world among the big powers, stop pretending that because Trump got elected this is no longer the case, that's completely ridiculous. America doesn't have to be perfect, she just has to be better than everyone else, and that is the case. Every country on earth has flaws, constantly having a knee-jerk reaction to point out the flaws in America if anyone ever says anything positive about it, while neglecting to mention that other nations don't have far bigger flaws is just silly. No country is a monolith, and no one pretended they were, just because they said some positive things about America. Pointing out some of America's positives is not a claim of perfection. So stop strawmanning everyone who doesn't shit on America in every post as someone pretending it's perfect and filled with no citizens who aren't saints. Pointing out that ever nation has flaws including America, is not an insightful point, everyone already knows that, you aren't smart because you pointed it out, you're captain obvious pretending to add a relevant point to the discussion when you said something that doesn't even need to be said.
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    176 people dead and what you are essentially left with is almost 80mil Iranians taken hostage by an old ayatollah. What we would never know in public domain is how western governments are colluding with this barbaric regime for their own gain whether financial or winning the hearts of people before elections....
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    Problem solved . . . . . Justin Trudeau's face on one side, and his other face on the other side. One face is white, the other face brown . . . . endless possibilities. Perhaps one side with his 'beard' and tears, the other side . . . . . . ?
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    The Shah was already the monarchy and the King in Iran. He fled the country with Empress Farah in 1953 for dust to settle down. As much as I disagree with an assassination of a political figure, the emergence of Khomeini coming back from the shadows after living many years in exile is no coincidence. It was orchestrated by the West seeing through that his plane arrives safe at Iran and we witness the rules of Ayatollahs that took the upper hand on Tudeh party supporters who were essentially communists... But going back to your point regarding the scenario if the plane carrying Shah in 1953 was shot down one can argue if the coup did not take against Dr Mossadegh by the Brits and US there was no need for Shah to leave the country temporarily. I think the absence of democracy flourishing in Iran in 1953 created a vaccum in the Iran’s socio-politics, which inevitably led played to 1979 revolution. Things may have been may have been much different in 1978 and the revolution. Shah in his interviews always warned two forces existent in Iran. Reds representing communism and Blacks representing Islamists....
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    I agree with you completely. It was ridiculous that Iran regime shoots down a commercial plane in its own airspace (in my view intentionally) and somehow Trump gets the blame for it. It is bad for the forum if the title for this thread is not change. The forum loses its credibility.
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    Yes...he would have been a legal target, why would he be different than say a soldier who was fighting Russians directly....Bin Ladin is a prime example of this, he planed , gave resources and provided logistics to his terrorist buddies....that got him on the list of lots of countries.... works both ways...
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    1)Look back at my previous post. 2)It outlines a completely clear trail to a completely necessary investigation. Everyone in Canada can see that trail if they have any objectivity in them at all. 3)I mentioned to you that the press wants you to think that a proper investigation is unwarranted. 4)Instead of replying "Oh yeah, that's a perfect example of the PM running rough-shod over existing laws, and the media telling Canadians that it doesn't matter at all, and then nothing happening about it" you talk about whether or not I think you're a Trudeau supporter. It doesn't matter whether or not I accused you of being Liberal in the past. Did Trudeau clearly break laws or not? Did the media tell Canadians to look the way and make it blow over? And where was the concern? Who actually gave a crap? Certainly not you. Why do you think that people will care about your law when you, eyeball the pontificator, don't care about actual laws that are already on the books yourself? get it?
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    Sorry...already reserved for Germany....voted to merge Chancellor and President...August 19, 1934.
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    I think Kermit Roosevelt accomplished more with a suitcase full of US dollars and a large cargo aircraft than we've given him credit for.
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    edited Let's get real. The point of this thread is a shmuck is a shmuck unless of course he/she is a refugee shmuck then it means we can use that shmuckiness to make negative assumptions about the entire refugee determination system and other refugees. I can see deficiencies in how refugees are defined and/or processed. Yes I get it. The refugee system should screen out terrorists, criminals, human rights violators, false claimants I get that...but do you want to tell me how the subjective shmuck qualities of the people you mentioned create characteristics that can be screened out? If so how? NO ONE HAS. If all anyone has are subjective anecdotes of a few shmucks acting like shmucks , what do you want me to say? How does that establish a basis to shut down or LIMIT the entire system because of these shmucks? Please explain. Does anyone have anything to offer other than to point out negative qualities about specific refugees and then automatically conclude it means other refugees neeed to be limited?
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    Yes, lots of countries around the world have been interfered with. But they don’t act in a similar fashion. See central and South America as well as most African countries. Regardless, if you keep going back in history, you’ll see that Iran has interred in the same manner many times throughout the region. Guess what? History doesn’t start at 1953, or even 1900! It actually goes back hundreds and thousands of years. Stop giving Iran a pass on killing 63 innocent people. If you go back far enough everyone has a reason to act like an a**hole.
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    C’mon. You talk about America as though it’s one person. America has many wise and sophisticated citizens as well as many ignorant and unintelligent citizens. It has mean spirited citizens and people of goodwill. Guess what, so does Iran and all countries. The governance structure in America is better than in most but probably not the best. Its good geography and freedom has attracted many people and built a strong economy and military. Great. With great power comes great responsibility. America’s foreign policy history has a mixed record of success and failure. Many good acts and outcomes (Marshall Plan and D Day, winning the culture war that won the Cold War, etc.) and some lousy acts and outcomes (Iran-Contra, arms for hostages, opium funding of Vietnam war, protracted Vietnam war, second invasion of Iraq, excessive beholdenness to the military industrial complex, disrupting democratic outcomes in Middle East, etc.). I’d still rather see the US dominate than China or Russia, so far. I’d rather see a better international distribution of power that contains the excessive belligerence of any power, including the US. It is true though that economic and military supremacy affords many privileges, including the ability to play by your own rules. The US has that. That’s our reality. American voters should be well informed in order to use this power responsibly. Other countries with good ideas need to find ways to positively impact the use of power. Hard power is important, but in the Information Age, so are ideas. Present a good vision for the world and people will follow. The US doesn’t have a great world vision under current leadership, which is a vulnerability. It’s relying more heavily these days on economic and military might.
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    There are many similar scenarios when this regime has eliminated their own who may not have followed their strict way of repression (Rafsanjani, the former President of this regime) or became too popular and a threat for the leadership. Another example is ayatollah Taleghani at the beginning of the clerical coup in 1979. He became very popular as he started speaking against mass executions and extremism and suddenly he died of a heart attack the next day. Many similar examples when a popular figure who was a devoted member of the regime but deviated slightly from the extreme brutal line of the regime and became popular suddenly died in a suspicious manner.
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    Progressives in California are SHOCKED to find out that when you decriminalize retail theft, you get more of it.
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    Marocc: 1-you are the only poster I know who has the intellectual honesty and integrity to not hide they are Muslim or their true views-I respect that; 2-I respect you have not been rude to me in responses and you probably have wanted to be but I do note you have not been and I respect that; 3-I disagree with your views but I defend your right to have them-I will challenge any that advocate extremism or violence but with respect as well you have never said anything at this time that condones terrorism or violence; 4-many of us disagree with your comments, it doesn't make you a liar; 5-Citizen is many things but not a liar-Citizen expresses heartfelt beliefs as you do I again defend Citizen as someone who can't stand some of my opinions and has shown courtesy to me and others in debates- I respect Citizen very much.
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    I can see that little brat Greta Thornbug has gotten too you with her climate change bull chit nonsense alright? Even President Trump does not believe her made up bull chit stories about climate change. Trump totally ignored her at some stupid UN climate summit in Europe somewhere. Greta looked a little upset when Trump walked into some room and totally ignored her presence, and rightly so. She may be the darling of the MSM fake media but to Trump he probably thought that she should be in school instead and trying to get an education.
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    You don't think there are any crowds of leftists that try to shout down opinions they don't like? You think that's just a joke and that has never happened?
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    https://globalnews.ca/news/3848065/case-of-diphtheria-confirmed-at-edmonton-elementary-school/ Diptheria in Edmonton. These diseases are all making a comeback thanks to anti-vaxxers. I think we have all forgotten how terrible these diseases were and how many people they killed. My friend posted this article on her facebook page because she has a child in kindergarten at the school and a newborn at home who is too young to be vaccinated for diptheria yet.
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    What's sexually attractive is fit, healthy, happy. Not young, not old.
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    Trump will be re-elected and will be in power for another 6 years. US economy has never been so great with historic low unemployment rate and inflation and booming economy and investment and consumer confidence while US is gaining back its international prestige lost during democrat presidents idiots like Carter and Obama. By then Iran regime is buried in the dirt bag of the history and the ruling apes six feet under by its own people
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    You need to get rid of the idea that your religion means anything to anyone but yourself. It doesn't. So keep it totally to yourself and you'll be fine.
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    There is no such thing as no religion, a religion is a system of beliefs, even athiesm is therefore by definition a religion.


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