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    Canada is one of the LEAST racist countries in the world and actively works at stamping it out. Why would you be overly concerned about racism in Canada when the MOST racist countries are Middle Eastern and Islamic-ruled countries? If you are truly concerned about racism, I would start there.
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    So Meghan Murphy gave a talk at a Toronto Library yesterday. And in this talk she said nothing more than 90% of Canadians wouldn't fully agree with. Men are men. Women are women. If you have a penis you're a man. It's unfair for men to intrude in womens spaces and sports, regardless of what they believe their gender is or ought to be. But the howling mobs of the left can't tolerate that sort of thing. That's heresy to them. They tried very hard to get the talk shut down, and in the end resorted to swarming around it like a drooling mob of cavemen grunting and shrieking and pounding their chests. Murphy was turned down by seven other venues, all afraid of the mobs of cretins which inevitably follow anyone who dares to blaspheme against their sacred truths. And yet she had nothing extreme to say, nothing which varied much from the mainstream. We are letting our speech, both in person and on-line, be governed by the intolerant religious fanatics who make up the Left today. People restrict their speech, or venues restrict it or social media restricts it, out of fear of violence from the loonies of the Left. The Left has always been good at pretending a higher morality to their positions, and now they've come to imbue it with a religious devotion which beggars belief. If you dare to contradict it they'll swarm around you, on social media or in person, chanting their sacred words "Bigot! Nazi! Transphobe! Islamophobe! Racist!" Political discourse is becoming more toxic as the Left become more religious about their views and wall off subject after subject as forbidden. Much like Muslims whose sacred texts were last interpreted centuries ago, and who regard any variance from those interpretations as blaspheme, the Left seeks to bully and intimidate any who disagree with them by shouting them down and de-platforming them. Every inch they get they push for more, and I think people need to start pushing back. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-50214341
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    A third picture of Trudeau in blackface uncovered. Personally I don't think this is racist, given the context, but then I don't have the same standards as the progressive types - like Trudeau - who only need one instance of bad judgement somewhere in a person's history to judge someone as irredeemably racist forever. I can't help smile, though, at the irony of Trudeau being 'hoist upon his own petard'. And I would note that if a Liberal candidate had even one such instance surface in his or her past Trudeau would drop them like last month's poutine while giving a sanctimonious statement about how the Liberal party doesn't tolerate racism. And, of course, if these surfaced in the history of a Conservative, well, you can be sure he and his entire party would be rushing to condemn them as a white supremacist hatemonger. There is no forgiveness for stuff like this in the callout culture Trudeau enthusiastically embraces. But while I don't much care about the racism angle it does reinforce, to me, and I suspect to most world leaders who already are of the opinion that he's a shallow, virtue signaling fool, that this is not a serious person on any level. This guy goes around the world lecturing other world leaders, from China to Washington wrapped in a smug sense of superiority. As a result he's managed to alienate all the world's biggest and most influential countries. These pictures will just make them smirk. They will extend Canada's bad reputation, though, to a number of developing countries who, like Russia, China, India and the US, will now treat Canada with less respect. We've already seen that from the likes of Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. We'll see more of it if he is elected. https://ca.rogers.yahoo.com/news/justin-trudeau-brownface-scandal-005529763.html
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    So the Trudeau government is set to ban a bunch of macho-looking rifles in Canada, even though they really don't do anything a lot of other rifles do, and even though everyone involved in policing recognizes that almost all illegal firearms come across the US border anyway. The cost will be $250 billion up front and another $150 million a year for for years. But we all know it will be a lot higher. It always is. And the reason for this billion dollars is not really a reduction in crime or the illegal use of firearms, it's to buy popularity for the Liberal party among urban progressives who know nothing about firearms except they don't like them. The government is exploiting the Nova Scotia tragedy for crass political gain despite the fact the killer had no license and used illegal weapons which can be easily obtained because the government refuses to do anything about weapons smuggling, or the illegal sale, purchase or ownership of firearms. Remember this government passed more gun control legislation in 2018 and still hasn't' implemented it because the point was to be seen to be passing the legislation. They know the legislation won't do a thing anyway, but they got the good publicity for passing it, which is all this style over substance government ever cares about. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-ottawas-gun-ban-to-target-ar-15-and-the-weapon-used-during/#comments
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    The first cop did not have everything under control . . . . the chief was in and out of the vehicle multiple times, could have emerged with a weapon, took his coat off indicating a possible assault on the cop, and he invited and resisted arrest. The chief is a dickhead.
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    I give Doug Ford credit for choosing leadership over partisanship. He's doing "the people" a solid, at expense of businesses. And ... takeout delivery lcbo are solid. Thx Doug! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/covid-19-coronavirus-ontario-monday-1.5506445
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    This is nothing more than another liberal attempt at deflection of their excellent handling of the pandemic, and the dumping of hundreds of billions of tax payers dollars. In this case it will be tied into this recent shooting which it already has.....where the shooter had illegal firearms a hunting rifle, hand gun and shot gun, plus a RCMP hand gun, no mention of those nasty assault rifles, but they will some how be worked into the narrative somehow... ... it has nothing to do with overall safety of our citizens, but rather a feel good liberal exercise in further complicating the ownership of weapons.
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    This is like asking why some Canadians steal, or rape, or murder.
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    Merry Christmas, I hope you and yours have a great holiday period, yes even liberals lets not forget the NDP....what the heck it's x-mas....I'm still working on the greens, nobody is perfect OK...
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    Hi Argus, it is more than clear who the real haters are. And it is not Bernier's group. They were having a peaceful lawful event until hate showed up in mobs and masks and became violent. Calling people heinous names and accusing them of being the haters ironically. The ultimate hypocrisy!
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    This wouldn't be as big an issue if Trudeau wasn't such a virtue signalling hypocrite, not only that he lied saying there were only 2 incidents, we now know there are 3 (that we know of). It's also about the Liberal tactic of digging up past Conservative transgressions which is coming back to bite them. Trudeau is a pathological liar. Live by the sword, die by the sword
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    I'm shocked you guys haven't jumped all over this. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/pm-trudeau-s-mother-brother-and-wife-were-paid-to-speak-at-we-charity-events-1.5017697 The irony of getting paid that much, and giving that much taxpayer money (almost a billion) to promote volunteering is laughable. This is textbook corruption by the Trudeaus. Sadly with the country distracted by COVID and the Opposition without a leader, this probably won't effect him too much.
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    Remember Mike duffy and how the media kept that front page news for 3 yrs. The media is sickening in this country.
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    After Harper lost this was portrayed as an indictment of his government, his style, and his foreign policy by Liberals, including Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Michael Ignatieff, as well as the NDP, of course, and much of the media. Trudeau made it the central plank of his foreign policy, so much so that he bragged "Canada's Back" to an adoring crowd of Foreign Affairs bureaucrats and to the UN, as if the 'bad' days of Harper not doing our traditional role of always avoiding taking a stand on anything was now over and the world would love us again. Unfortunately for him he then went on to mismanage almost every important file through his endless virtue signalling. He made a fool of himself in India, and then blamed the Indians. He was all-but booted out of China when he tried to lecture them on womens and labour rights. The US government treats him with barely concealed contempt. The Russians laugh at him. The Saudis hate him. He pissed off everyone from Vietnam to Australia and Japan with the stunt he pulled at the TPP signing. What a joke this guy is.
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    This happens after a military member dies while on duty, opposition parties and selected media outlets do a story, just how old our military equipment is , people read it gasp say holy shit I did not know...then turn the page like nothing happened.... well here is another one of those stories, a similar story broke , the last snowbird crash, investigation found that the aircraft was to old and should be replaced, they were looking at running a purchasing program....but like everything else it was stuff aside for something else....today the Tudor aircraft is 57 years old bought when Diefenbaker was PM...anyone remember that guy.....parts for these aircraft are taken off old aircraft in storage, or made from scratch.... these aircraft are scheduled to fly for more years than we would like.... It is cheaper to bury soldiers than it is to buy new equipment.... how cheap do we have to be to put one of our own citizens lives in danger so we can save a few bucks... It's time to put these issues to the forefront, and on the election ballet, but they won't we will continue to bury our troops and act like we are all good with those decisions.... It must be a source of pride for a lot of you.... https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/commentary-snowbirds-face-an-uncertain-future-with-aging-planes-dwindling-budgets/ar-BB14j6gf?ocid=spartanntp
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    Take a look at the Tdot Godzilla threads. Take a look at the starter headlines and responses. Same scripts. I urge everyone to ignore them and watch how fast they will repeat with a new name. Also take note of the new posters who come on their threads then vanish.
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    And 9 billion to buy the young vote again. And it will work. Canada is doomed and will be a failed state if we do not get rid of him.
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    Probably similar to the reasons some Muslims are so loud about their hatred of non-Muslims, gays, Jews, etc.
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    Ford seems to be doing a decent job in the COVID era, keeping the partisan rhetoric down and bringing people together. Praise where it is due.
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    The ongoing protests in BC, Ontario and elsewhere show the depths of ignorance, stupidity and vapid self-indulgence we've come to expect from much of the activist and progressive populations, along with the sheer bloody cowardice of our governments. Recall, the pipeline being protested was signed off on by the elected chiefs and band councils of the tribes in the area. The 'hereditary' chiefs tried to get elected in opposition to the pipeline, and failed. From which we can determine the natives in the area didn't care what they had to say and wanted the pipeline and the money and jobs that would bring. No matter. A chance to protest pipelines?! Progressives aren't gonna miss that if they have the slightest excuse! Watch them standing their, chins elevated, filled with the sense of righteous self-granted nobility and arrogance you only see from those with an enormous regard for themselves. They're 'standing with the natives'! Well, not the actual natives, just the 'hereditary chiefs', who should be in charge, you know! This democracy stuff was imposed by colonialism (yes, they say this. The bunch sitting on the rail tracks are much the same. Some of them are Mohawks, Many aren't. The Mohawk chief says he didn't authorize any protest and neither did the band council. No matter. The OPP is standing around shaking in terror at the thought of having to say "Boo' to a native. Meanwhile in Vancouver, the police arrested angry people trying to pull down the barricades natives and their far left allies erected in the middle of the road. Arrest the protestors? Oh no! The horror! The horror! Run away! Run away! (that seems to be the motto of both Canada's governments and its police departments whenever native protesters show up). I'm reminded of a movie called Soylent Green, a cult hit. In one of the scenes, these huge garbage trucks with their scoopers on the ground in front of them move into protesting crowds, scoop them up and dump them into the back of their trucks, to be carted out and processed as food. Excellent idea! I'm sure they'd all be delighted at being recycled into dog food. They're all environmentalists, after all. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/stephen-ledrew-canada-should-enforce-the-law-with-wetsuweten-anti-pipeline-protests?video_autoplay=true
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    So with the blockades of railroad crossings and entrances to government buildings across the country, we are seeing an alliance between radical environmentalists and unelected leaders of a tribe, the Wet’suwet’en. The protests are against a natural gas pipeline that has already been approved by the elected chiefs of the 20 bands in the contested area. These unelected chiefs who do not support Canadian law because they don’t recognize Canada are supported by anti-pipeline environmentalists. They do not recognize that transporting oil and natural gas by pipelines is safer and cleaner than doing it by rail or truck. They want to “shut down” Canada, yet there is no clear platform. No doubt they want severe restrictions on fossil fuels and extremely high carbon taxes, but not for the Wet’suwet’en people, who they think should pay no taxes and carry on living with all the comfy carbon-based amenities on a racially pure land, exclusive of non-Indigenous people and free of pipelines. Is this not part of the same trend we’re seeing in places like Hungary, where the Greens propose carbon taxes for the workers to pay for an exclusive, ethnically pure state? Thoughts?
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    It has nothing to do with democracy. If somebody is breaking the law, the law has to be enforced. Like I've already stated, I'm sure if protesters were shutting down abortion clinics, you'd have a much different attitude.
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    Trudeau hammered for incompetence on Corona virus plan / action....duh !
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    He wasn't sent there. He demanded to go fight with his father because he didn't want to be left behind with the women. His 2 older brothers had already graduated from Al Quaeda training and he wanted to be like the rest of his family - terrorists. He has never renounced his terrorist beliefs.
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    I am afraid I fall into the small category that believes church and state need to be COMPLETELY separated. When it comes to private money, one should be free to do whatever suits them, but as soon as the taxpayer is footing the bill, NOTHING to do with religion should have any bearing whatsoever on eligibility, spending, access, etc.
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    No it is not normal, not for government funded housing which should be open to every one.
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    Poor Andrew Scheer...he didn't realize that in Canada, having American citizenship is a far greater sin than wearing brownface/blackface and the Afro wig.
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    And they are on welfare. Let's not forget that. The Syrians, like other refugees, have no job skills to speak of, and little or no language skills. What jobs they can get are for largely for unskilled labour. This is not a reflection on who they are as people, but merely the reality of transferring a largely rural folk from a third world country to another land with a vastly different culture and language and with an economy driven by technology and communications. Here is a report from Macleans. Only 25% of them are employed. And for the government sponsored refugees it's a mere 5%. Less than half the Syrian refugees have a high school diploma. https://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/how-syrian-refugees-to-canada-have-fared-since-2015/ We would be far better off using the money to take care of them back in Turkey than bringing them to Canada. It costs ten times more to fund a refugee in the West than it does back where they come from.
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    Rebel Media has categorically rejected the label "alt-right". Canada does not have the political base for a right wing extremist movement, and copying what it sees in America or other nations doesn't count. Even the Conservatives in Canada are barely right of many U.S. Democrats. The alt-right in America has constitutionally protected speech/expression that does not exist in Canada (illegal).
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    The commissioner also seemed highly peeved that the Liberal government refused to cooperate by releasing documents to him. Anyway, so much for Trudeau's claim that his sunny ways would be more above-board than previous governments. Instead he's set a record for ethics violations.
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    Trudeau wins a majority, this country is doomed. We are doomed already just after 4 yrs. We need the cons to clean up the mess again.
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    Immunization is one of the great triumphs of public health. The benefits massively outweigh the risks.
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    With all that has come to light about the shady dealings, financial irregularities, forced employee NDAs, firing of the chair and then the entire board by WE it is simply beyond belief that no one in the entire liberal government thought to simply google the so-called charity whilst doing their so-called 'due diligence'. If this is the way entities are investigated by this government, I wonder how many other under-the-table deals are going on right now with no oversight what-so-ever.
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    Mysteriously, medical professionals have used masks for hours at a time and suffered no ill effects. This has been going on for decades. Your film is is a lie.
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    Everything China has exhibited to the world shows it as being far more vicious and brutal to its own people than the US has ever dreamed of doing. Further, while the US once threw its weight around more freely throughout the world, particularly in the third world, they were restrained by a free press and democratic values. Their actions abroad were subject to being reported back home, making the voters unhappy and giving ammunition to the other party. China faces no such restraint. It has total control over its media and no opposition politicians. It can threaten, bully and overthrow local governments all its wants without hesitation. Which is probably part of the reason why they're building a bunch of aircraft carriers, to project their military strength abroad. It is already bribing government leaders into signing on for government loans which can't be paid back, then seizing ports and airports in those countries as recompense. And a government willing to roll tanks over its own students is not going to be the least bit restrained in doing it to other nations and their people.
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    Partial travel bans are like having a pissing section in a swimming pool.
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    Lots of celebs, "influencers", and athletes are using this opportunity to raise more than awareness...also raising their celebrity profiles. Funny, but they never give shouts out on MyFace or Twitter when they get the herpes virus.
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    Does Prince Harry count as an "entitled refugee"? Sorry, he was the one that came to mind. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-harry-canada-jobs-1.5429202
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    No, I don’t want you to hate refugees. But if somebody expresses a willingness to go back to their country of origin, are they really refugees? I always thought refugees are suppose to come from really terrible situations. Not situations that they’d think about going back to because things aren’t as good as they thought in their new western country home. Regardless, the answer is probably that we should narrow our focus, as well as limit the number of people we accept, if our system can’t handle the volume. Which it obviously can’t. We already have many Canadians born here that are struggling to pay rent, etc. We don’t need to import more. I always thought imports were suppose to be of things we don’t or can’t produce. After all, we don’t import maple syrup and poutine.
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    Speed, skill, teamwork, discipline, strategy, endurance, strength, courage.... hockey is Canada’s sport. Sportsmanship is a quality of the athlete and the team. Hockey and every other sport has examples of fine and poor sportsmanship. Maligning the entire sport of hockey represents ignorance and bad faith.
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    That's not it, more people on the right simply don't go to events they don't like, to ruin the good time of people who do like those events, while those on left go to shit they hate to rain on everyone's parade that they disagree with, because they feel they are the only judges of what is acceptable. The right supports free speech far more than the left, and they let other people enjoy things they don't far more than left as well. When the right tries to censor things they don't like, they are morons as well, but the left simply adopt the social conservative stance of trying to shut down things they find to be immoral, they are just for conserving progressive idea instead, but are trying to drown out all dissent to their version of "morality", just like the worst of the social conservatives, while decrying the conservatives who do exactly the same thing. You've become the worst parts of the very groups you hate on the most, to the point where you are outdoing them and acting far worse than them on average, and you don't even realize it just like they don't, because of a false sense of moral superiority and a complete lack of self awareness.
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    Seems like that if it happened to Trump, certain folks would be screaming about election meddling.
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    We knew this would happen if our markets were increasingly dependent on China, eventually your chickens come home to roost. China uses its economic muscle to call the shots, and silence the critics. But we didn't do anything, couldn't, as we were too drunk on the easy money, selling our souls by the pound. Donald Trump is the only man today standing up to China. We need to elect more leaders like president Trump. Because only a SOB like Trump can say to China what he says, and stay the course and not give in. That is the way to get their attention. In fact one of the Trump administrations demands is that China do something about stemming the export of fentanyl which is coming out of China and flooding the whole world. Not a single other country/ leader has the gall to stand up to them.
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    Incredible how lowly considered is the free speech debate and freedom of journalism in Canada. The two main parties, Liberals and Conservatives, are actively, and using tyrannical ways, trying to impose a narrative to the population it sights to predate. Liberals and Conservatives are the enemies of the people, as well as the paid media shills.
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    No political party supports the Indian Act. Support for the Indian Act comes from vested interests within Indigenous communities. Another dirty secret is that residential schools were not some great targeting of Indigenous in an intentionally negative way. All schools were run by a mix of religious denominations and state funding. Education was valued, even if today our idea of quality education has changed. Many students were abused in schools, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. Even today, if you come from a small distant community, you will have to move far from home to attend high school. Now there are Indigenous run high schools for such students, and guess what? There are still suicides and there is still substance abuse at such schools. It’s a contentious discussion because despite status Indigenous not having to pay taxes and having access to free higher education, there are indeed reserves and lands where there are water advisories and poor infrastructure, but at least some of this problem relates to the fact that these communities didn’t pay for much of what they have. It was provided by the state in what many would call unsustainable communities. Most people would move away from such places, but those who cling to the Indian Act or the idea that protecting the location of a community trumps all economic considerations perpetuate this bad situation. This is the problem with throwing more money at it. Sir John A. Macdonald is called a genocidal racist for saying that the government shouldn’t feed Indigenous people, but it’s a moral hazard for any government to create such dependency by feeding or housing people. It’s why nobody wants to live near public housing projects in places like Jane and Finch in Toronto. Government has become too interventionist and has created additional problems. Yet some political parties want more intervention. We see this in identity politics. There are more women than men in higher education institutions, yet affirmative action continues to emphasize recruiting more women than men. The state also has to stop using tax dollars and public policy to force feed a narrative that minorities and people with multiple minority identities (intersectionalities) require special treatment, extra funding, and additional job opportunities. These kinds of initiatives are unfair, unaffordable, and sow seeds of social discord. It relates to immigration insofar as charity starts at home. If we cannot afford to address our problems at home, why unnecessarily import new ones? I know so many well qualified Canadians who can’t find work. We don’t have a skills shortage as much as we have an unwillingness to trust the workforce that we already have. Some immigration is necessary to fill skills gaps and meet labour market needs, but what is happening now with immigration is far outside those lines. Many immigrants are arriving with little English, straining public services, heightening demand for housing in cities that is already unaffordable, and bringing worldviews that are very outside of mainstream Canada. Government needs to get back to basics.
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    James Bissett was once head of Immigration Canada. In today's Post he gives a pretty clear view on how to fix the asylum mess. Namely, get rid of the damn lawyers and the appointed refugee boards and turn the job over to professionals like other countries do. We provide a far greater access to our legal system than other countries, including paid legal advise, than the UN charter requires. We've also hugely expanded our definition of 'refugee', well beyond the UN definition. It is not necessary to have a quasi-judicial body such as the Immigration Refugee Board adjudicate refugee claims. These decisions should not be delegated to a board of politically appointed members responsible only to themselves, and who may, or may not, have the experience, training, or knowledge to render quality decisions about who is or is not a refugee. Furthermore, because it allows unlimited access to its deliberations, it has suffered with backlog problems from its inception and the current crisis is just another example. In most countries asylum decisions are made by professional refugee officers or judges. They have the background and expertise necessary to make quality decisions quickly. They can be located in various parts of the country thus improving and speeding up the asylum process. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/how-canada-can-actually-fix-the-migration-mess-on-its-borders
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    I miss Harper. He was a much steadier hand.
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    1. Or thinks the Democrats are 'left'. They are right of the Conservative party in many respects, including healthcare and trans rights. 2. Trumpism has simply separated people who immaturely use politics as an extension of their own egos. I thought Obama was wildly unqualified and was successful in his greatest challenges (ie. The 2008 Crisis) by simply communicating, and doing what people told him to do. He also failed in many ways when he tried to bring his 'brand' into actual strategy (ie. Syria) I would never argue that Obama was great because I disliked conservatives. That's the problem with politics today. The entertainment value of seeing liberals (despised by conservatives) churns with angst outweighs the cost of actually having the country run by a clown... for some.
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    The Ethics Commissioner's report shows that Mr. Trudeau and his team attempted to obstruct the investigation, despite Trudeau's loud proclamations of transparency. Virtue-signalling chickens are finally coming home to roost.


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