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    This wouldn't be as big an issue if Trudeau wasn't such a virtue signalling hypocrite, not only that he lied saying there were only 2 incidents, we now know there are 3 (that we know of). It's also about the Liberal tactic of digging up past Conservative transgressions which is coming back to bite them. Trudeau is a pathological liar. Live by the sword, die by the sword
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    Blather. Harper did nothing whatsoever to try to ban abortions or bring back the death penalty. And unlike the Republicans he seemed quite fixated with fiscal conservatism and bringing the budget back into balance. Also unlike them he didn't seem much interested in a strong military. And Scheer so far seems to have less courage than Harper. If you want to know what Scheer will do just check the polls. He'll do what the polls say would be best to do.
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    Dream on. GM is restructuring and the cost of doing business in Canada/Ontario is too high. No number of boycotts will change their plans. Expect more GM plants to close.
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    Incredible how lowly considered is the free speech debate and freedom of journalism in Canada. The two main parties, Liberals and Conservatives, are actively, and using tyrannical ways, trying to impose a narrative to the population it sights to predate. Liberals and Conservatives are the enemies of the people, as well as the paid media shills.
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    Liberal MP are pressing to have Mad MAX kicked out of the debates because they might have a neo Nazi as a candidate….this coming from the party who has lost 3 party members due to racist remarks and mr dress up who not once but 3 times that we know off painted his face....how does a 29 year old not know that was racist.....thats not being privileged thats being retarded....
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    Liberals seem to be buying his shtick, they don't care especially in Quebec, if he wins re-election Canada will be the laughing stock of the world. Having said that, I'd give anyone else another chance as it was so long ago and he has apologized of course, however, Trudeau is such a semonizing self rightious holier than thou sermonizer who is pretty quick to call people racist when they disagree with him, that he should not be given a pass on this. Karma just ran over his Dogma.
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    Large groups of culturally homogeneous people, by definition called "nations" (like Quebec, a "nation within a nation"), naturally yearn for self-determination. They have their owns wants and desires, and to live how they want to live and enjoy and maintain their culture without government interference. When 2 or more large groups of cultures live within the same country and one of those cultures feels they lack this self-determination and feel they are being controlled by another powerful group, this group becomes disenfranchised and this often causes political/social conflict within countries and has caused many civil wars or threats of wars or separation, here are only some examples: - Quebec vs rest of Canada, aboriginals vs rest of Canada, Scottish and Irish vs Britain, the Balkans, Israelis vs Palestinians, Hindu Indians vs Muslim Pakistanis vs Muslim Bangladeshi's vs Sikh Punjabi's, Tutsis vs Hutus in Rwanda, Shia vs Sunni Muslims across the ME, US north vs US south (in 1800's), the Nazi holocaust, Muslim minorities in China, war in Darfur in Sudan, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Christians vs Muslims in Lebanon etc. People wanting to change our entire international system of sovereign nation-states, and have well-meaning but naive utopian dreams of a borderless world fail to understand these cultural power dynamics. Sovereignty and national self-determination is the entire legal basis of the international system of nation-states that was created with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, it's the fundamental basis for our international system. So much so that it's enshrined in the UN Charter. All countries are nation-states. Trudeau thinks Canada is first "post-national state", and is somehow be immune to internal cultural conflict (Quebec & aboriginals & Western alienation says otherwise). He dreams of a world & a country where all diverse peoples can get along and live peacefully with one another. It's an honourable dream, but given history and the different conflicts around the world & in Canada it is naive to think this way. That's why the integration of different cultures and migrants within Canada must be done VERY carefully, which it's not. A post-national state is a road straight towards the gathering of competing sub-national political groups (like Quebec), very dangerous for social cohesion. We all need to feel like we are all "Canadian", we all need to feel like we're part of the same "in-group" even if we have some differences, and we all need self-determination.
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    The anti-immigrant sentiment has always been there through many waves of newcomers, but it is more viral and more virulent and does seem more manufactured now. I'm not really sure whose purposes it serves ... but I think it's very sad that some people spend their lives trying to make up reasons to hate other human beings. Hark! Here's one now. Lol
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    Ralph Goodale is a stupid man . . . whines because Britain outmaneuvered him and his dimwit leader.
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    Why doesn't AOC go to Mexico and complain to them about not accepting the Guatemalans, the Hondurans and other Central-Americans?
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    Fake Melania mystery from earlier may be example of Turkish face-swap technology in use! Prototype Fake Melania was quickly spotted by sharp-eyed patriotic Americans. More advanced version of face-swap technology may not be so easy to detect! Why would Turkey replace Melania with Fake Melania? What happened to real Melania during swap?? My sources tell me this could be project to build cyborg super-soldiers, similar to on Six Million Dollar Man TV program. Call him the Six Hundred Million Euro Man! Turkish cyborg super-soldier will be able to run very fast, jump over fences, and bend steel bars as well as other things. Project could work with Turkish 2400MHz microwave weapon, imagine a super soldier who can cook falafel with his bare hands. -k
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    The issue of the supply ship built by Davie shipyards continues to dog the Liberals. They tried to kill it, originally, apparently on the orders of the Irving family, who had won (bought) the rights to build the ships themselves ... eventually.. some day. Davie had a second ship ready to go but the Liberals, again, apparently on orders from the benefactors, the Irvings, said it was unneeded. Trudeau himself said they had done a study and it wasn't needed. He lied. He does that. All the time, apparently. This reinforces just how tight is the relationship between the Liberal party and certain of Canada's billionaire elites, like those who run Bombardier and Irving and SNC Lavalin. The Left has always tried to portray the Tories as the party of big business but it's really been the Liberals who have that relationship in Canada. Meanwhile the court games between the Crown and Admiral Norman's lawyers continue as he is was pushed out of his job and is being prosecuted (likely on the orders of the Irvings) for pushing the supply ship forward. Military assessment ruling out the need for a second interim supply ship doesn’t appear to exist Conservative leader Andrew Scheer questioned the Liberal government why it was not moving ahead with having Davie provide the second supply ship, the Obelix, to the navy. Scheer said the navy needed the second ship. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Scheer of playing “petty politics.” “The armed forces did an assessment,” Trudeau explained. “They don’t need the Obelix and for him to suggest that we should buy it anyway is pure base politics, the worst politics. We make our decisions based on facts. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/military-assessment-supposedly-ruling-out-a-second-interim-supply-ship-doesnt-appear-to-exist
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    It is hate filled people like you jacee that are actually the problem. The extreme left wing and all fringe parties need to be taken down a few notches. And it is happening as we speak ,no matter who you called a racist. Canadians are taking their country back. This is a revolution. Canadian style.
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    I don't like Sharia Law. I would suggest that doesn't make me a racist.
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    Do you mean like the Muslim women who are now in custody of Syrian free army or Kurds, most of them are saying openly that they agreed with ISIS and the killing, and all that goes with being a member of ISIS and now they want to come home so they can suck of the western tit of free things...so they can start preparing for the next Jihad......and yet many here in the west see those tears and ask why can we not bring them back" That is what sets my evil detector off.
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    Obviously Hannity, Ingraham and Carlson are bias - they don't hide it. Bream, Baier and Wallace are somewhat down the middle - In fact Wallace is pretty tough on the president. The problem with CNN and MSNBC is that they claim a non-bias - all of them. They claim they're just asking the tough questions - right there is the first lie. CNN and MSNBC are full on operatives for the democrats.
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    Interesting....reported: every Democrat senator who was up for re-election AND voted against Justice Kavanaugh lost....the one who voted to confirm...won.
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    It's because the left has levels. They support gay rights, women's rights, personal freedoms, etc, except where such comes into conflict with Islam, and might offend such. It's actually quite weird. They don't so much lose support, as lose any inclination to discuss such support. If you were to say you had nothing but loathing and contempt for conservative right wing religious nutters, most lefties would invite you in, until you told them you were talking about Muslims, in which case you would be given short shrift pretty quickly.
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    The irony of all this is that if the Mufti & crew had accepted the 1947 UN Partition Plan, they'd own Tel Aviv right now. But, no...the Mufti & friends were having none of that sharing with the Jews jazz. The pie was to be all theirs. They wanted Jordan too...but that's another tale. War was the answer. It's STILL their answer. These two terrorist supporters have no interest in sharing with the Jews, either. The "grandmother thing" pretty much proves Israel's point.
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    A hugely popular company that facilitates the free speech expression of hundreds of millions having a fairly clear political censoring bias is a problem. We should all worry about this, except those who want to censor those they disagree with, and those people are tyrants we need to be worried about too.
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    I've got a great idea: call them deplorables and make sure everybody knows your superiority over half the population of the USA. A proven election strategy.
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    It remains the law in Canada for school-aged children to attend school, as it should. If students live very far from a school, funding is provided for students to live near schools. That’s really what residential schools are. A century ago many schools were run by government or religious institutions. Now when Indigenous students attend schools far from home, they are Indigenous run. It isn’t all wine and roses, as many students still suffer depression and face challenges of substance abuse. I will tell you that child welfare agencies don’t enforce attendance, and now child welfare is going to be Indigenous run on reserves, though still publicly funded. Will it result in more children being removed from families? Will more or less removals be better or worse for children and communities? The verdict isn’t in because the process is getting underway. The costs are high. Hopefully the results are better.
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    Doesn't matter...this is not about hiding behind a bigger brother. Trudeau scored big political points by standing up to Trump's tariffs, but for some reason is very afraid of China. Canada has to stand for something all by itself, otherwise it is just a vassal state.
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    Conspiritard drivel. The government spends twice as much per capita on natives as it does on anyone else, and natives, on reserves, pay no taxes. Do you imagine this money is looted from some imaginary first nation vault deep beneath Gringotts bank or something?
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    I'm too old now for it to affect me, but I have given thought to whether I would ever have had an abortion and under what circumstances. It's a decision that is not taken lightly and I believe in my sisters that the vast majority do not take this difficult decision lightly, either. I am very grateful that I have the right to make my own decision, based on my own circumstances, based on my own life. And I would not want to take that right away from anyone else.
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    Amazing that Trudeau supporters think an election platform which says: "Vote Liberal or you're a Nazi." ...is gonna work.
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    Jesus never existed. He is unknown to history. The Romans left no records of such a rabble rousing rabbi though they left records co-temporaneous with the time of Pilate who did exist and for whom there is physical evidence. The Essenes, a religious bunch totally involved with the religious politics of the time, left voluminous records, but nary a mention of such a person or such antics as have been attributed the imaginary man. Other historians of the time also failed to mention the son of god was walking among them.
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    What should make you cry is we Canadians voted these pricks in to government in the first place, and in most cases more than once...
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    She would never do that. if the party had any brains they would move into damage control now and ask Trudeau to step aside Kudos to Philpott for showing integrity...who is next
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    Jesus H Christ, as my father would say. How low this web site has fallen with the current crop of lunatics, American chauvinists, wannabee American chauvinists and other assorted crackpots who take every subject and twist it into some ridiculous arcane discussion of shit completely unrelated to the subject allegedly under discussion. What the hell has the war of 1812 got to do with Trudeau lying about SNC Lavalin, you moronic twats?
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    I think that, given time, and a cutoff from a continuing stream of tens of thousands of people from the middle east and other states which have extreme cultural and social views, and a cuttoff of money and imams coming from Saudi Arabia, North American Muslims can be come as moderate and secular as most Christians, and discount the violent and intolerent stuff. But right now almost all our Muslims came from the nations which have extremely intolerant views. And those views are reinforced every year with 100,000 fresh Muslim citizens coming in. The security situation in Israel has deteriorated as a result of the Muslim states refusing to accept that anyone but Muslims can rule anywhere in the middle east. Before the Intifada, lots and lots of Palestinians worked in Israel proper, and Israeli Muslims were freeer. But the need to crack down on terrorism has made things worse for both groups as well as Israeli Jews. And again, there is the cultural/religious issue of Muslims (in general) hating Jews. That doesn't come from the behaviour of Israel. It comes from their religious texts. Malaysia's 'liberal', 'moderate' president talks about Jews the way someone in the KKK does. Antisemitism is HUGE in Malaysia, and they don't even have any Jews!
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    Fascinating description of a political and cultural practice that is spreading by its own social inertia in Canada, without official sanction. I hear the same little speech, or a version of it, at gala events—literary prizes, political fund-raisers, that sort of thing—when whichever government representative happens to be there reads some kind of acknowledgment before his or her introductory remarks. But you know a phenomenon has really arrived in Canada when it involves hockey. Both the Winnipeg Jets and the Edmonton Oilers began acknowledging traditional lands in their announcements before all home games last season. Acknowledgment is beginning to emerge as a kind of accidental pledge of allegiance for Canada—a statement made before any undertaking with a national purpose. Is this more of a lefty, progressive movement to spur more "reconciliation" ? Perhaps.... And of course, the usual comparison to the United States is made, if only because it is routinely expected in a piece about Canada: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/canadas-impossible-acknowledgment So what's the deal ? Is the "acknowledgement" virus spreading like wildfire on a Canadian prairie, or is this just more guilt ridden trigger events for a few progressives who struggle with the realities of history and occupied territories ? Are the "settlers" on traditional lands even allowed to sing O' Canada anymore without the acknowledgement? Fascinating.....
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    “Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed. We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the Shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate,” I understand they were standing at the gate waiting for a plane to pull up when this tweet arrived. Nicely done! And with full media exposure too.
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    As I stated in another thread, I'm a young buck, I am 23 years old. I know the people of my generation more than most of you on this forum, especially those who attended college from 2015 to 2018. There are lots, and lots of muslim extremists, even in the ranks of the well off and well educated. Being a religious extremist has nothing to do with the West messing with the Middle East. This is a religious doctrine, and thank you for stating the obvious, because it is not understood by the ignorant at all. Read the Quran, and you'll understand there is a tone to act upon certain rules instead of being guided by principles -wrong or not- of Christian or Jewish doctrines. I wish people were more knowledgeable about islam, because it is really a societal cancer.
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    Russia is a vast shithole of poverty, where getting drunk is the national sport. Putin and his fellow organized crime figures own everything worth owning while everyone else lives in Stalin era concrete apartments or run down shacks. Using their military to threaten and intimidate others makes Russians puff out their chests in pride, to be a part of such a 'great' country.
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    Really? Please identify your sources. I think there's growing proof that economic orthodoxy on immigration isn't supported by evidence in relation to its impacts on post-industrial economies. The British economist and Oxford professor Sir Paul Collier has concluded that immigration doesn't in and of itself promote economic growth insofar as improvement in living standards is concerned. He's pointed out that there are winners and losers, with owners of capital benefiting from reduced wages and greater demand for the products and services they sell while those nearer the bottom of the economic scale suffer as a result of increased competition for employment, housing and access to public services. He also notes that large-scale immigration reduces social cohesion in developed economies as those who pay to support social programs lose interest in paying for services they don't access and in many cases are precluded from accessing. Australia, which has conducted a broad study of its immigration program, which was modeled on Canada's, has concluded that large-scale immigration offers no effective or realistic remedy for the so-called "demographic deficit" generated by falling fertility rates and increasing life expectancy. Canada, predictably, chooses to stick its head in the sand and listen to its bought-and-sold politicians recite babble about immigration that isn't grounded in evidence. We don't monitor economic outcomes for refugees much less subject our broader immigration program to objective analysis. Why bother when politicians can just sell blithe assumptions as good policy?
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    The most powerless and smallest minority group of all is the individual. Any individual who has been assaulted deserves the same response from the justice system against the perpetrators of the crime, whatever the race or gender of either victim or perpetrator. Any ideas that do not fulfill this basic reality are fundamentally unjust, because crimes are fundamentally committed by and against individuals. The individual criminals did the crime, and the individual victims were the ones targeted. Period.
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    But wait, the euros are gonna start their own army - hahaha! They are overrun with migrants, refuse to pay their debt to NATO and now want to start an army to protect against....the americans - WoW! I'm sure Trump would love to see NATO disbanded and put the money back into the US military. This is like a "Little Rascals" episode where alfalfa starts a new club because he and Spanky have a falling out.
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    My country has plenty of violence and poverty....but I don't think I have the right to flee to another nation.
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    Justin Trudeau should do the honourable thing and resign. He’s a disgrace to the office he holds. #Impeach
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    I think Dialamah already said this elsewhere, but it doesn't matter a damn if climate change benefits Canada. The problem with climate change is not with what will eventually grow where, or where the water for it will come from. The problem with climate change is fitting all the people it doesn't benefit into the areas that it does. Because they ain't gonna want to stay outside.
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    If you have a penis you're male. End of story.
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    The Beer decisions are the correct ones. It should be sold in corner stores like in most of the rest of the world. The Beer Store sucks. And the Recycling program should be expanded to more than just the beer store. It's actually the only reason to ever go to a Beer Store. It's a shame that the crappy contract the Liberals signed is now being used as a weapon against the Conservatives. This is the 407 sell off in reverse. As for DoFos poll numbers. Dude is a putz and I'm not happy he's leading the PCs. I'm happy the Liberals are out, but a leader like Patrick Brown would have been much better, but he didn't appeal to the far right of the party. Conservatives in Canada have a similar problem to Liberals in the US. They occupy such a broad scope that it's tough to fit under the same tent.
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    1. Bilingualism: I agree that having official languages handled at the national level is wasteful and imprecise, especially in a country with the size and history of canada. Consider cases like the city of Gimli or ethnic enclaves like chinatowns in big cities; the government does not need to be involved, especially at such a broad scope. If a city or part of a city has a large proportion that uses a certain language then that area will naturally want to use that language on signs and such; no legislation necessary. Side note: I live in quebec and speak mainly english. 2. Multiculturalism: With communication being as easy as it is over the internet, a person's culture does not need to be geographically determined anymore. Of course, parts of a person's culture can still depend on location; a jamaican bobsled team (this was a movie!) or being a lumberjack in the desert will not go so well. Meanwhile other cultural limitations are lifted with greater ease of travel or communication; you can be interested in poetry or a great starcraft player from practically anywhere in the world. Overall, I agree that the government making rules to try to force this is a waste. 3. Foreign Aid: This is good in principle but so often drained or derailed by the middlemen. Unfortunately, many persons want to simply throw money at a problem rather than seeing it through. Even worse, those with money may only give charitably as a way to avoid taxes and not because of any desire to do good. Ultimately, the person giving is responsible for doing the research to determine that their efforts are not misused or corrupted. Giving money can often do more harm than good as it can create a dependancy on money rather than addressing the problem directly, which may be blankets or water, et cetera. Installing our own problematic currency systems elsewhere can be a form of economic warfare, which leads to the next point. 4. Immigration: Physical warfare isn't really cost-effective anymore (considering the world would learn about any sizeable aggressive action with the present day ease of reporting machinery (anybody with a cellphone can simply post something onto youtube) and there would be outcries to intervene). Also, Canada is cold ;p There are many alternative methods that have been used: economic warfare, cyber warfare, psychological warfare (mind control, for instance, through the media), information warfare, and more. Why physically attack someone when you can convince them to build a prison around themselves and pay for it out of their own pocket? In terms of a country encouraging immigration: it depends on the reason. Whether immigration is being encouraged to attract a cheaper labor force (and compete for the jobs of current citizens) or whether it is to attract talented thinkers who stimulate industry in the country are different scenarios. Citizens should, of course, have a say about such policies. I do think it's schizophrenic and financially wasteful to install tools to invade the privacy of those crossing something vaunted as an open border. 5. Minorities: I don't think it's the job of the government to encourage or punish being a minority. Everybody differs in many ways (too many to list). Some like certain books, some like certain foods, some like certain ideas. A variously skilled population provides a resilience. Again, I don't think it's the government's job to pay for (even less, to enforce) personal beliefs. 6. We have to stop waiting for others to fix our problems (this has not worked very well so far)! Nobody wants to rock the boat or see when it's sinking: this is a bad combination. Rising above a fearful survival-based way of thinking offers a greater perspective. I agree that to achieve this we must be skeptical of stories we're being told and verify them. Ignorance is bliss if it's not abused by others. Putting it another way: stupidity taxation has to end, one way or the other.
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    I was in Regina last fall. Had to spend 3 days at a hotel. Those running the hotel were white, that's fine. I go to the gas station - white, I walk along the street meeting mostly white. I see the Realtor's signs in front of a couple of properties - those had white names and faces. I see a nominate in the upcoming election - another white person. I go to Subway to take a bite and sure enough it is whites inside. While making my order I ask them if there is another restaurant down the road. 'Tim Hortons?" - they ask me.
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    Ben Franklin = alt-Right idiot. ...and the insanity continues.
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    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.---MLK Jr
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    Yeah, cuz that's EXACTLY the same.. Except NO, it's not. People get convicted for crimes they didn't commit all the time in every country - though less in the West where we're more careful. If you're looking for a comparable situation it would be if he was Muslim and complained about the sound a church bell made in the US, and consequently mobs of white people burned a bunch of mosques while the government arrested him and sentenced him to prison for blaspheming against Christianity. So no, there isn't any comparable situation.
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    This is patently false, easily demonstrated by significant jobs growth in U.S. manufacturing...far better than in Canada: https://thumbor.forbes.com/thumbor/960x0/https%3A%2F%2Fblogs-images.forbes.com%2Fchuckdevore%2Ffiles%2F2019%2F02%2FManufacturing-jobs2-1200x675.jpg
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    Wilson-Raybauld is the last person the Conservative Party needs as a candidate steeped as she is in the liberal ideology of minorities first and the majority can go hang themselves. Her politics in no way align with those of intelligent thinking Canadians. They do align well with those whose 'feeling's' govern their politics instead of logic.


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