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    https://www.spencerfernando.com/2018/02/26/report-justin-trudeau-appoints-former-omar-khadr-lawyer-canadas-federal-court/ What is wrong with our leader, he just loves anyone or anything that deals with his buddies the terrorists. This is sickening.
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    Do you have to bring politics to everything???!!!!. Can we just wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving without being blamed for the mess that these Arabs have been creating for themselves past many centuries? And for eveyone else by their invasions and exporting terrorism. Happy Thanksgiving.
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    About a dozen Moroccans were involved in the mass murders in Spain last week. Now police in Finland have arrested more Moroccans. Which brings to my mind the question of why all these Moroccans are in Europe in the first place. Why are they not returned to Morocco? And why are they murdering people in Europe? The liberal narrative with regard to refugees is one of hand-wringing guilt that we are so much better off than they are combined with a desperate need to prove how much they love diversity and hate racism. So the definition of what constitutes a 'refugee' continually expands in order to assuage western liberals' sense of ideological guilt. Canada, like Europe accepts tens of thousands of so-called refugees each year who are nothing of the sort. They're simply poor migrants, most from the Middle East and North Africa. Even if we know they're not refugees we're too busy wringing our hands and too guilty to actually get rid of them. The Germans and Swedes say they will get rid of migrants who are not legitimate but no one believes that. The first task of a government is to, in essence, protect the people, to keep the barbarians from getting over the wall, so to speak. We are the first generation which has put in place a political class without much interest in protecting the people. Indeed, who are more than willing to accept a certain number of casualties in pursuit of their diversity agenda and to assuage their self-loathing and guilt. The European people overwhelmingly disapprove of how their governments are handling the migrants, but, as in Canada, the liberal press heaps scorn and abuse on anyone who questions the government on this issue, accusing them of racism and heartlessness while streaming cheery pictures of happy, smiling refugees (and ignoring the sullen, violent ones). But make no mistake, those people who died in Spain, and in Finland were murdered by Muslim terrorists, but the Finnish and Spanish governments were complicit in their deaths. The government of Finland and Spain most certainly knew that the more Muslims you bring in the higher the certainty of terrorist incidents killing some of their people. They simply did not care. Any more than Canada's government, which knows terrorism and social disorder is inevitably going to come of bringing in massive numbers of Muslims. The idea that this won't happen in Canada, despite it happening in every single country which has accepted Muslim migrants is absurd and no serious person believes it. Therefore, we know the Canadian government is aware it is no more immune from terrorism than Spain or Finland or France. But if a few Canadians, or a few dozen, or a few hundred die because of bringing in massive numbers of religious fanatics, well, that's something the Left is more than willing to accept. The victims are only Canadian, after all, and the Left feels no particular national attachment to them. Besides, they can simply replace them by bringing in more immigrants and refugees...
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    Trudeau skipping QP today, needs a personal day to consider the meaning of friend. Also cos he doesn't have the gonads to stand up & be accountable for his actions, including sending out a bureaucrat to lie for him.
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    This PM is such a loser. A terrorist loving cos-play actor. What else is there to say?
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    On the other hand it could be great for the country. If he goes too far down that particular rabbit hole he could be removed. That would be a win win for Canada.
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    It seems unusual that out of all those potential jurors, the defense was able to find 12 racists and the prosecution agreed to all of them.
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    True, he may not have been drunk. Inebriated is another story. Lately he does seem to be losing the thread, even more so than his usual state of confusion.
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    Maybe if governments weren't always so blatantly wasting tax money by the hundreds of billions, people would be less inclined to avoid tax. I don't mind paying towards useful spending done well.. infrastructure, education, scientific research, national defense, etc. I'm sure many people feel the same way, in fact, many of the "rich" give extensively to various charitable causes. The problem is that the government does not spend money wisely or well, funds are wasted in massive corruption, bureaucracy, wasteful programs, and bad decisions. When people feel that their hard earned tax dollars are being wasted or, worse, being used to fund the lavish lifestyles of politicians, of course avoiding taxes will be foremost on their minds. To address tax evasion, what the government needs to do is not to go after tax evaders, but to go after its own corruption and wasteful spending. Make people believe in their leaders and governments again, make people trust their institutions.
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    BREAKING NEWS: The Chicago Police Dept has replaced all sirens with the National Anthem, to force suspects to stop running and take a knee.
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    See now my view last night when I was reading that stuff was, assuming the person was real, here is someone from India or whatever and he wants to speak out. He should be allowed to say what he has been feeling. That way we can all hear it. Besides, it could be useful to have some Muslims on here to give their voice. Real Muslims, not a pretender who might be from another board, which the name shall not be revealed, who came here to flame us because he is banned and cannot log in anymore, because he tried to delete all his posts.
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    I don't consider it racist but it was wrong posting the picture of a girl (or a boy), you know they will be harassed and demeaned.
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    I think you should run on over to Smallc's new website and report on this in a thread titled "thread drift". That would be a scoop. As you are well aware (since you post there) not so kind comments are made about a number of MLW posters. And to think you and members on that site would not be aware that those insults would get back to MLW members. Now I ask you, who are the children and the "mentally challenged", as you put it?
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    "Like as if I have to be apologetic or feel shamed in any way for being what I am." You go Girl.
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    The Second Amendment has merely created a means through which violent people can obtain lethal ordnance and act on their dark intentions. The Second Amendment is a failed amendment – a hopelessly entrenched piece of legislation that has continually fallen short of its expectations and has contributed more to depriving Americans of the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness than to protecting those same rights.
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    Once again the simpletons response, the common low brow insult. You know absolutely nothing of me. Your attempts to inpugn my character merely reflect poorly on you. I have noticed that you never address a point, you just insult. I think I'm done with you now. If you should grow up a little I might lower myself to engage you further.
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    Trudeau is clearly unglued right now. Just heard him on a radio clip in remarks to some audience in India that Canada has just celebrated its 100th anniversary as a country. He's losing it.
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    This is an interesting idea. The concern I have is I do not have the time to study legislation to determine how I would vote. Neither do I have the legal training. I don't have the financial background to appreciate the intricacies of tax legislation. I don't know many people who do. Those I do know are people who I would support to run for Parliament. MP's have the time and resources to deal with issues. Many of them work 18 hour days 6 1/2 days a week. Parliament is not that expensive when you consider what they do. We hire them to do what we cannot. My experience with online discussion groups is that they tend to be taken over by people I would never trust to govern (myself included).
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    @Greg and @Charles Anthony Thanks for allowing Hot Enough the freedom of speech to troll every thread on this site. Not saying he's totally responsible for screwing it up, just the major reason. Hot Enough, job well done kid.
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    I just see you using the victims to try to make you look more human, bot. If the shooter had a muslim name, would you be telling people calling for travel bans to shut up? No, it would be a time for you to "overshadow" the victims by stirring up as much hatred against your neighbors as you could. You're a hypocritical ass. Go whine some more about all the posters who've left this forum because of trash like you.
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    Well to the author "the left" is an imaginary construct that exists only in his own mind. I mean, just the fact someone would post something with that title would suggest they are either in grade 3, or a bit deranged.
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    Nothing in what you provided proves your point if anything the opposite. As well what Ghost stated does not address the issue yo. The fact that third and fourth world migrants can now move about does not increase their economic value-they simply go where they think they have the best chance to eat and get shelter but they remain marginalized and without value in their new society. Cycles of poverty are not broken without gradual change thorough education and training to make people self sufficient and able to sustain themselves. If you don't provide programs that equip people with skills to adapt and survive, you simply set them up for failure. For years we threw food at third world countries. It never got to the starving. It was intercepted by corrupt governments and the black market (organized crime). We need to find a way to assure third and fourth world countries have an intelligentsia that remains behind to build the infrastructure of their nations and create self sufficiency at a grass roots level. The third and fourth world countries have no intelligentsia that remains or returns to build these countries. Placing people in tents in Canada to appease one's guilt solves nothing. It creates a social problem. The winter comes, such people need warm shelter and food and they have no way to be self sufficient and necessarily get caught in dependent cycles on social benefits. Such people are better off in their homelands rebuilding their countries, i.e., the roads, the homes, the schools-in their homeland there is work to be done and no one to do it which is the case with Haiti. We are not talking about people who can not go home, we are talking about people who do NOT WANT to go home. Why would I return to hard work when Trudeau is telling me to come to Canada and collect welfare? If I am a poor person sitting on my as collecting welfare is the lottery compared to returning home and having to work. Enough with using the marginalized to appease the guilt of liberals, it is not helping them-its using them to assuage guilt. You want to help Haitiend, send them home, send them tents and temporary shelters in their homeland and food and tools and send people to help them rebuild. Turning them into welfare recipients or taxi drivers or fast food servers in Canada helps no one. Its one thing to help people to help themselves, its another to trap them in never ending cycles of poverty we impose upon them under the assumption living in Canada on welfare is better than going home to rebuild the country. I have ben to Haiti-I do note some people call it a shithole. That same shithole is a country and the future for many. Its only a shithole to arrogant people in Canada who look down on it. Yes they cut down trees and made it vulnerable to erosion. Yes it has had numerous corrupt violent governments. It has to be the Master of its own destiny but feeling guilty for Haitiens having to rebuild their country won't help it. Guilt is horseshit. Guilt is what liberals act on after they feel someone is inferior to them. Guilt is a result of colonialist elitist racist horse shit. There is nothing to feel guilty about. Haitiens are not victims. We define them as victims by giving them welfare. Stop calling them victims. Give them a shovel, a pick axe, a drill, tools, construction materials and stop calling them victims. Empowerment comes from pride of work, of overcoming obstacles, of having hope and pursuing that hope through positive actions. Yesterday I watched Justin Trudeau complete with eye make up, mascara and new eye lashes, preening before the cameras. How the hell could he possibly understand digging a ditch is nothing to be ashamed of, rebuilding a country is hard work. For phack's sake the man was wearing mascara and actally had someone curl his eyelashes for the photo ops. There is no limit to this popinjay's tenure. The only thing missing is a kerchief, a beauty mole on his cheek and a white powder wig.
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    I just love it when someone white as snow acts like a wannabee black. Whiteys. Lol. Rappin Rue and dee Albino Crew bring you dis rap: oooo eeee y'all can see itz brudda Hot eeeee playing down white man decorum on dis political forum oh he be mighty uzin daht word whitey woweee and yipes he's now wesley snipes oy what a white boy rap dah funk come on he'z jess a lil pink punk
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    Indeed, some people here in Finland say that we must get rid of the EU in order to restore sanity but unfortunately the problem is far wider than that. I wish it were so simple as that but it isn't Take Norway or Canada. Neither are in the EU but both are infected with the same cultural-marxist disease as any EU-country. I hate tin-foil hat theories but what is going on is too consistent to be co-incidental. Here in Europe there is clearly going on the implementation of the Coudenhove-Kalergi-plan which aims to destroy all the nation-states and build a European superstate.