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  1. Not those with smarts,who also know economics is just as important,something they won't see in the Greens,NDP and especially the Liberals. The Conservatives are doing something, unlike Dion who just moves his mouth and talks a lot about how bad Harper is doing(much like you) but never actually having a plan or a solution that solves any problems(just like you). Dion is done,the next election will show it. Time for the Liberals to put in a leader who knows how to get it done(unlike you).
  2. Typical Dobbin bull. Always trying to put people on the defensive about Harper,but never telling us and supporting what the Liberal plan actually is. Try for once defending Dion's stance, and tell us what he intends to do,we can see what Harper is doing(and he is doing something),I don't see a game plan from Dion or the Liberal party,only attacks at what they claim is wrong with what Harper is doing. Give us an Liberal solution, in concept, and the dollars and cents as to what the Liberals will do for the nation.In terms of environment and the economy. Maybe this is the strategy of the Liberals,because they don't have an answer. Nor do they want Canadians to know they actually don't have a plan.
  3. Many more lefties stuck in the middle and really concerned about the environment, will see this as a chance to vote for a party that actually made a move for their environment cause, and will say forget the green guy who couldn't(Dion) because with him it was all talk.
  4. So now it's Canada that has agreed(not the Tories),along with ALL countries.Did I mention ALL countries? Sorry, you did too. What does the green guy who couldn't (Dion) of the Liberal party say about Canada's signing, and signing with the United States on side? How is this environmental advancement going to help the green guy who couldn't (Dion) win the next election?
  5. Stephane Dion-tried real hard to be a leader but just didn't get it done.
  6. Still unable to answer questions,only ask them,.....you're right , in this case "we" (as in) Canada came on board and "we"(as in Canada) brought along the United States.
  7. Answering a question, with a question.....with all the questions you ask,you must be writing all the questions for the CBC/Liberal party? Since you stated "we know for certain" you gotta be pollster,+/_ 3.9%,19 times out of 20?
  8. Don't worry about it Ignatieff will figure out how to get more support.
  9. Yeh,bet do you have 22 honourary ones, like Suzuki?
  10. Perfect candidate for Dion and the Liberals,would help reduce their share of men MPs.
  11. The U.S. is involved as Baird and Harper insisted. The whole process at Bali involved negotiations and give and take by everyone there. It got signed. The polls will show the Canadian public will approve. The big losers are the Liberals and only the Liberals,because they didn't expect the agreement to get signed. The Conservatives win this one,the Liberals lose. Dions plan failed. Say goodbye to Dion.
  12. Typical Liberal reaction,Bali ends in a positve note with an agreement the Liberals claim they wanted(but one that the Liberals were hoping wouldn't happen ) Please tell me why Bairds "ducking out of meetings" had anything to do with the agreement or how it "obstructed things." It got signed.Too bad for the Liberals. The Liberal plan for the event failed,the Conservatives once again have one up on Dion. The polls will show it. Time for the Liberals to go to plan B, and that's getting a new leader.
  13. Other cities have been recycling electronics for years.The Maritimes just now woke up on this issue.
  14. Stupid is right. The Canadian Car industry had a slogan years ago in trying to help to encourage buyers to buy their cars, "Buy the car your neighbour builds." If the consumer would pay attention to what they buy, and follow this creed in everything they buy,especially the big ticket items, more manufacturers would be around. We've already seen what Chinese toys are like and should think again about anything we buy that comes from outside of Canada. But you are totally right, we as consumers are stupid.
  15. I'll add to Capricorn's statement. 22 Honorary degrees? woh hoh! even George Stroumboulopoulos has an honorary degree, and anyone and everyone can get an honorary degree, what's the big deal. and just because it's science .....some people just can't tell the important difference between a degree in Climatology and Zoology. Not saying he's not knowledgeable about the subject,but he not an academic type expert because he has a "fruitfly science" degree.
  16. Hey,you're the guy on with all the CBC market share stats earlier,I don't see any 25% or 50% market share in any of the cities you mentioned. You tell me where the total in all of Canada the CBC has a massive share by the public. August is right,mickey mouse numbers don't quality for 100% participation of tax dollars. Let them earn their money like all the others stations in what ever way they want. CBC is not required spending.
  17. The CBC always shows it again.......and again.....and again.Then again the next year and the year after....and then the decade after and then sometimes two decades after and.....
  18. So CBC radio is in reality supported by at the most-10% of the public in Canada. Therefore to be on equal footing with the stations that have more than 10% of the audience they should have to get their funds the same way as these stations,without government help. Why should 100% of the public pay for an entertainment of which less than 10% listen? Non-commercial radio should only be supported by those that listen to it and not by those that don't. The Liberal Party should be paying their share of CBC.....which of course have to be 100% of the CBC budget,after all they are using the CBC reporters to do their work.
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