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  1. I haven't seen "so many" comments like that myself. Trump does indeed troll them, and they do likewise. But around here, appreciation for that's not necessary. There is plenty more to talk about than simply trolling. What I see is a lot of useful information about what Donald Trump has accomplished against all the odds, being deliberately ignored by people who have taken a hard-core position. Never-Trumpers. Like yourself, I assume.
  2. The fact is these studies and tons of related information is being immediately seized upon by the media. There is no vetting process as is typically demanded by peer review, other supporting data. the process from data collection, analysis, conclusion takes years, not weeks. For safety- what we see today is exactly the reason why. It requires more responsibility for you, the media reader, to put in context. But of course for these scientific things, many of us have no background in it so we are vulnerable to believing misinformation. Add a little politics in the stew... and you got t
  3. I'm guessing she wanted to send the letter from Canada to make it harder to trace, and got busted heading back home. I wonder how they know it was her.
  4. As previously indicated, this thread isn't about prayers or demons. So no comment about the Henry Ford Clinic and Japanese researchers, or the other 15 people giving speeches, all providing the same informaton about covid-19? Oh well.
  5. I don't speak for anyone else, but as long as you're willing to share some of that goulash, I'm ok. I just don't think all these people do.
  6. I'll just keep posting factual information, thanks! I dont need your approval or acknowledgement. This is a discussion on a specific topic, not me. Dont like that link? Oh well. How about the Henry Ford clinic, which I opened this part of the discussion with? Or how about the Japanese guy. They sound legit to me, I didn't look into what they do or say on their private time. Henry Ford was a good guy, I think.
  7. You are attacking the person again, when i have given lots of links here in the past two days to show the research for this drug is valid. You can pick on the beliefs of one of those speakers if you want, up to you. I do not background check these people. There is nothing more I can say to your replies, since you are not addressing topic but me again, I am partisan hack, she is a witch doctor. Until you have something useful to say, and on topic, I wish to be on the ignore list a little longer please.
  8. She is not deciding on her own, independently, which drug regime to give a patient to treat coronavirus. To assume that she's a nutjob and shouldn't be trusted about the medical procedures she is performing every day, like she's a quack or something, just shows you are naive about the big picture. How does a hospital work. How do they authorize medical procedures for a person when they're admitted? These doctors are applying treatments that they are say are effective. I have reason to believe it's possible, yes. The number of infections continues to increase in Ontario and many
  9. I wasn't talking about any of those things, just the cornavirus please.
  10. No need to wait for a vaccine. No need to be so afraid for the children. See this video- front line doctors. Press Conference of America's Frontline Doctors The third doctor mentions how she uses drugs to cure the patients. Hydroxychloroquine is mentioned frequently.
  11. Restaurateurs expecting that 60% of restaurants will be closed in the next two months. Say buh-bye to their businesses and jobs! Federal government called upon to step up for Canada's restaurants
  12. Unfortunately our lockdown didn't kill off the virus as it's still here, and now as we enter the next "flu season", will still be with us throughout. Unless by some miracle it mutates and disappears on its own, which is possible. Yet in many cases, these viruses run rampant and die off completely before fall, in which case they're not a problem any more. Did we extend the life of the coronavirus into another season, by enforcing too wide a shutdown? Did that do more harm than doing as Sweden did, limited quarantine but more effectively focused? It is possible.
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