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  1. BubberMiley is constantly complaining about why he cannot expose himself in public. I understand there is a school less than 100m away from his home.
  2. Its not about what Im happy with. There is more at stake here than the environment. Its a matter of national security now more than ever. Safety be damned.
  3. It certainly would make things easier if we just base things entirely on class, instead of race as we have done up until now. What an unfair world we have made.
  4. That's why there's still weed. Magic mushrooms are coming out soon too now, apparently. My take on the covid 19 response- Let them have alcohol and drugs. .... "Opium is the new opium for the masses..." - J. Trudeau
  5. Yet they remain safe at liquor stores. One should not need a god... here is your liquor.
  6. I looked it up and NZ has had a total of 26 deaths since this began. That's 26 people over one year. A lot of people die from things each day. In fact, everyone who is born dies.
  7. Seven days is not what I am seeing. One guy put in jail for 16 months, another for one month, several women for two weeks. Thats a quick google search. People are trying to speak out about what's happening to them there, and it's being suppressed.
  8. Can't find how many viewers there were for the cpac speech. I caught the about the last 30 minutes of it, sounded pretty reasonable to me. Google search engine just returns stupidity of the kind that sounds like what certain members here regurgitate daily. IE Felgercarb.
  9. What they are also doing is putting anyone who has a different idea, in prison.
  10. Is that what they told you? Until the week after. Whatever they say, master.
  11. Everything has a price. Windmills and solar panels are unreliable and they have their own harms. What matters in the here and now is energy security, and these tinker-toys are not going to cut it. While we play with them our enemies are building reactors one-two-three.
  12. Now you went from snows storms to cooling systems to earthquakes. Move the goal posts much? I am not in a position to assess the geographic stability of fault lines in that region.
  13. These are not RBMK's. They have safety interlocks up the yin-yang, and enough reserve capacity to wind themselves down. Good science and engineering.
  14. For all things we do there is the benefit and there is the price to pay. My take on Covid 19- The remedy is worse than the disease.
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