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  1. Media hysteria is a helluva drug.

  2. Say what you will but Trump rallies are fun to watch!   :D 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. BubberMiley


      Nobody bought your "Dems are pro-Iran" BS and now you cry? Awww.

    3. Shady


      They might not be pro-Iran, but they’re certainly using Iranian talking points.  Do the Mullahs have dirt on them?  What gives?

    4. BubberMiley


      Could you be so bold as to provide a couple of examples? 

  3. Good points Rue, like a breath of fresh air. Thank you!
  4. I know. Reality bites. Makes me want to cry in my rootbeer float.
  5. Which dictators would you put on your banned list? Probably all of them if I know you, in which case you would end up doing some people harm, not good. for you see eyeball, sometimes dictators are necessary. There is this thing called necessary evil. It occurs when stupid men cannot abide one another, and all they can think of doing is what you are thinking of doing right now. A few choice words then out comes the shovel, right? When that happens you can't have a democracy, you can't have a society at all, unless of course you kill everybody. let me know if that thought ever crosses your mind... Or better yet, get yourself a dictator. That's the way to go.
  6. Not confused much generally and yes I read Machiavelli. What's confusing you is, you think people can be persuaded to somehow give a hootin. But they won't
  7. Evidence? What next, you want me to start citing things with links? Just my opinion, no evidence is necessary. Says so right there in my third sentence. I've listened to the testimony of non-witnesses, heard the opinions of media panelists and that's where I'm at. We can argue over proving my opinion but... naa. I don't care enough to put the effort in. I'll simply say I've taken your input under advisement. Given the intense partisan debate I'm sure your definition of high crimes and misdemeanors will be promoted by the Dems and denounced by the Republicans. These are the lawmakers, but even they can't decide. Politics, you see. I would be easier to prove if it were a clear case, but it just ain't. Anyway why are you assuming any of what you've heard is fact? Yes the aid was held up, we know that. The reason for the hold was not given. You choose to believe Trump is guilty. By your own admission no one knows why it was held. Therefore, not guilty until proven, by evidence. That's where I'm at. Let the court (Senate) play it out.
  8. Republicans unilaterally voted no to impeachment. Dems did not unilaterally vote yes. In my opinion, the allegations were not 100% substantiated. In fact there was some doubt, some of the testimony appeared to show, fairly clearly, that the money was not being held up for this reason. And in the end the Ukraine received the transfer money on time, without having made any statements about Biden et al. I think at worst this was dirty politics, but not impeachable if I get the definition. Turning to the Biden part, I think it does look sleazy, and there's little reason to doubt that Biden gave his son a choice position, that it helped to grease the wheels within US government. That too is just ordinary, everyday dirty politics. Dems and their supporters are promoting a naive view that politics is conducted by honest people,and that we should judge anyone according to their double-standard. It's immature and stupid to think like that.
  9. Agreed, Iran is still looking for a way to remove the sanctions against them, and is willing to make some concessions. Question is how far are they really willing to go, and how credible. Looks like they were caught trying to set up some kind of covert ops to attack targets of interest, and the US stopped the attack from happening. Given their General had already been involved in other attacks against US interests in the past, I see no reason to doubt the US government's story.
  10. Maybe it's like Marshall McLuhan said, "The Missile is the Message". See, you get that? There is a reason his name was Marshall.
  11. I was talking about the shift in power in Iraq. Or was it about Iran... the two words just became even more interchangeable and confusing in our media dialogue than before.
  12. Team USA shut out of a chance for a medal in World Junior hockey.

    Blame Trump.   :ph34r:

    1. DogOnPorch



      Trump likes hockey.

    2. Cannucklehead


      And the gold goes to...:P

    3. OftenWrong


      Word has it that Trump policies are resulting in lower testosterone levels among US males. Could be why Team USA was out.

  13. It looks more like the cancer has spread, in Iraq. No doubt US diplomats are working overtime to persuade Iraqi parliamentarians to change their position. They will use all "political" means at their disposal of course. So for now, Shiites have the upper hand and are looking at their own manifest destiny.
  14. This guy's execution or whatever is the culmination of a crisis that's being brewing for a long time. The crisis in Iraq never stopped after the war, we just didn't hear about it very much anymore. Too busy in our media talking about other important things. US removed the dictator Saddam, and Iraq plunged into uncivil hell. However blessings of democracy were bestowed upon them, and the people voted. The people or Iraq being Shiites by majority... Shiites have risen in government, legally and fairly elected by a western democratic system, assisted in developing that electoral process by us, guided by us, managed, supported, financed, protected by military force even... to take power from the Sunni's and give it defacto to the Iranian Ayatollahs, whom to the Shiites revere literally as their pope. Hence today, the Iraq parliament is calling for the removal of all US troops from Iraq. What we see is the result of failed neocon foreign policy from the 1990's. Let's just hope this administration, and other world leadership knows what to do to avert a war and get things to settle down.
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