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  1. I mean at least you’re offering up some more progressive ideas. I heard about lotteries and such, for example. I’d consider it for money starting at say, $10,000.00 That might seem high, but no one had a problem handing out cerb to the tune of $2000 a month to practically anybody who applied. I’ve never received a penny of it. So, $10,000 per shot would seem fair. .... It’s interesting to see how various people react to this. I say it exposes our underlying modus operandi, who we are and what our politics really amounts to. In the woke tomorrow, people are imprisoned for crimes of drug evasion. How about the death penalty? Would that not be more humane than dying slowly in a prison and spreading covid? The bodies should be burned of course, at very high temperature.
  2. Yes, it does. I have my rights just as they have theirs. Bur it’s not even as black and white as you portray. There is a lot more to be considered than just what the reactionary public wants. They are whipped to beyond being reasonable. The most selfish are the ones who insist everyone either comply, or die.
  3. Now we know why there was no influenza A or B since covid. It is entirely sensible that this occurred. The mad rush to respond, react, respond without vetting the information has taken us over the brink. Let this be a warning. How many bad decisions were made because of mass collection of data that could be erroneous? Answer: All of them.
  4. Yeah but that is modern history. In colonial times which established english as the most common language, the english speaking whites were the oppressors. That is the question you asked.
  5. Shouldnt be. The principle is the same for both. The needs and rights of individuals should be protected, and that has to be spelled out now. Lest the mindless cattle stampede right over people with special needs.
  6. Conflict of the superpowers, british colonialism was supreme. Plus industrial revolution, winning the americas which spawned the next english speaking great power, USA. or something
  7. Terrible, in’t it. Undercounting is legion. Or something. Or what part of “I’ll go with a country that knows how to keep medical records” do you not understand?
  8. What that Eric guy said about the numbers. We should never have opened this pandora’s box the way we did. Now it’s too late. People are so afraid it’s like they’ve been hypnotized. Deer in the headlights.
  9. Cant find the original link but here is one. In the U.K., it was reported last week that 40%of confirmed Delta variant patients admitted to hospital had received at least one dose of vaccine. https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshuacohen/2021/07/22/among-fully-vaccinated-breakthrough-covid-19-infections-are-more-common-than-previously-thought-does-it-matter/?sh=7743d0615aef See, I shit you people not only ye of little faith do not believe in OftenWrong but come on back anytime you want and I’ll be more than happy to make your eyes water
  10. I’m assuming the numbers are bullshit. They try to make an ass out of you and me. I heard 40% of cases in the UK are either single or double vaccinated. That’s from a country that knows how to keep medical records.
  11. I heard in a lot of places it’s wide open, who gives a heck anymore let’s go three sheets to the wind. Places like Nashville. In Alberta they’ve said to heck with this shit, they are opening up now with all measures removed. I guess that makes them cowards to people like Argus.
  12. Trudeau caused problems for Canadians by encouraging our unorthodox approach to mixing and blending vaccines. Trudeau is a rich boy who wants to change the world and is using Canada as his sandbox. He likes what the pandemic is doing to this country in some ways, ans said so. He wouldnt mind if it continues even longer. Get it?
  13. Intelligent people who are experts in immunology and still practicing. There’s nothing conspiratorial about demanding more be done to protect elderly in LTC facilities. Or for demanding to build covid clinics to take pressure off ER’s. Stop giving money to keep people home, use it to build support infrastructure instead. But no... carry on masking and closing down whatever some government beaurocrat decides is non essential. Just that alone. Sorry, no russian bots, its boring old stupidity, incompetence and the usual manipulations.
  14. You mean Trudeau looking for his great reset is a russian now? Hos does that fit in? This is Canadas PM.
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