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  1. No of course not. It's in their policy. Not only do these people not have a job, they have no collateral. No reserves in the bank, no car, no home (they rent). All they have is their furniture and the clothes on their back. they can't even get the goddam pogey.
  2. You want insane? Stay tuned it's still coming. Here's one for today- People who were planning to receive medically assisted induced death are having it postponed by the hospitals, because of coronavirus. I guess those with a terminal illness will just have to wait until the virus passes before they're allowed to die.
  3. This isn't about conservatism or being adult. I'll reserve my judgement for now but what I heard today from Doug Ford substantiates my belief that the quarantine is going too far, is useless in some ways and also harmful in others. Like what I've been saying about the psychological impact. those of us who have reserve cash are not as scared as people who live paycheck to paycheck. A lot of young people struggle with part-time jobs, having two jobs or more, not structured permanentworkwe enjoyed and they have no reserves, not eligible for EI. To say people should have to suck it up is not good enough, not responsible leadership. I know they say they'll pony up the welfare money but its weeks away at a minimum. It won't be enough. In the meantime the problem many have is now, today. Not 6 weeks. They are told to go to the bank and ask for a loan. A loan would have to be at least five to ten grand to be useful, cover rent and and food for a few months for couple or small family. These people are in shock today. Not only fear of virus, no job. No rent money. No grocery money. And now you suddenly owe the bank ten grand. If you can wear those shoes sister go ahead, then tell me how this is all smart and good. And didn't your mom ever say, it's cold and flu season, go outside and get some fresh air? Or that doctors explain the reason influenza spreads is because people spend more time indoors in winter? Pretty sure I used to be told that but maybe the information has changed today. But I remember it. I have a memory.
  4. Sure you did. You knew all this would happen, which is why you celebrated the virus in your thread, cheering and making jokes about how good it is while people were dying. Have you no shame? It's not even funny anymore, I tell you.
  5. Apparently getting arrested just for breaking the quarantine can get you a year in prison. At least you wouldn't be in isolation, because the prisoners are still doing the same thing as ever. Can't get no social distancing in a jail. Planners are allowing this, or it wouldn't happen simple as that. Whatever happens, the planners have sanctioned it. Made it happen is more likely. Right now the bullionaires are moving their investments around. They've already got them somewhere safe out of the way while the market is being destroyed. Then they will make more money, so this works for them in some positive way. You can bet your food bank coupons on that.
  6. I think that's why they're calling in the army.
  7. Media down-playing Doug Ford's projected numbers as merely an estimate. Presumably this was a disappointment, only 3000 deaths over two years? Sorry about them, but it happens all the time, and even worse.

    Media follows this with a warning that if we do not continue the shutdown the number of deaths in Ontario might possibly rise to 100,000 in two years. Did Doug Ford mention that figure? I'd like to know, because he said he was going to be absolutely straight about it.

    Media now quoting number of deaths that were prevented as a statistic. Very interesting way to look at it. Is it because we need to move away from the "number of deaths will be extremely high" narrative?

    1. Shady


      Yep, the numbers were very underwhelming.  I think it should be time soon to open up the economy again.  I’d say definitely by the end of April.  Those that are high-risk can stay in self-isolation.

  8. Maybe they are not really leftists but squads of Russians sent to provoke and inflame us. Maybe you are one as well. You... supported the twitter bans up until now, did you not?
  9. Because many of those who are rich and of that persuasion, use their money to influence the agenda. Also there is inherent conservative-hating bias in the leadership. IT is a "progressive" field, after all.
  10. Now you now why they’re calling in the army, to “help fight the coronavirus”.
  11. All I remember from you a couple months ago was cheering that the virus is destroying our country. You were dancing giddy that you could get free beer and wine. Well, look at you now.
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