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  1. "Most Republicans usually stand with him, but not all of them this time."   

    What a great media quote!   :D 

  2. OftenWrong

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    Ah, you must mean from "Old Europe".
  3. OftenWrong

    Womens only swimming day at public pool.

    Liberals should be quite happy with that, as long as they have an audience so everyone can watch. Whether they want to, or not.
  4. OftenWrong

    Should trudeau resign?

    Yes, so she said what what happened, years ago. And after denying he remembered anything about it, Trudeau conceded that something happened. I find his recent comments bordering on outright chauvenism. "Often a man experiences an interaction as being benign or not inappropriate, and a woman, particularly in a professional context, can experience it differently." Trudeau acknowledges he apologized to woman after music festival interaction in 2000 Bubber, what happened here is not that complicated.
  5. OftenWrong

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    Says you. As a non-fan in soccer I thought it was still fairly boring, most of the time. A few of the goals were alright, the others, shit. Generally in this sport the embellishment stunts turn me off. There's a penalty for that sort of crap in the NHL. It seems to me the real draw here is a strong appeal to one's nationalism. There is a high level of emotional attachment to ones country, team and ultimately self, to the point that one even "takes the game home", consequences depending on the outcome. I suspect that English fans are not the only ones who beat their wives after a bad game, repressed masculinity being practically a hallmark of European society. Somehow those aspects of the sport are more interesting to me than the guys kicking the ball around.
  6. OftenWrong

    Your views on Russia?

    I suggest that Russian citizens are ok with what their government is doing, generally. They see no need to change it. Exceptionalism. Yep.
  7. OftenWrong

    Should trudeau resign?

    She already said what happened years ago, this story is old. I think this occurred back in the '90's before "the internet' became mainstream but it was published in newspapers at the time. Someone with a good memory resurrected the story after Trudeau made his categorical imperative- whenever a woman accuses a man of sexual misconduct we must believe them. He has foolishly set himself up for a fall.
  8. OftenWrong

    What Are You Listening To?

    Obscure jazz from a Canadian trio back in the '80's. Only two tracks I can find. Funny little tunes!
  9. OftenWrong

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    The replay I saw showed his arm in vertical motion, rising up to meet the ball just as it comes. Accident perhaps, but that is up to one's interpretation. If I were a professional player I would make all my errors look like they were unintentional, to take advantage of these "soft" rules.
  10. OftenWrong

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    Floodgates open now!
  11. OftenWrong

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    How do we know his intention? See this is where I have issue with this sport- rules should be rules, regardless of the intention.
  12. OftenWrong

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    Somebody call that guy's Mom!
  13. OftenWrong

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    Interesting comment on the penalty kick... "For Presidents and Prime Ministers, these moments are of prime importance..."
  14. OftenWrong

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    Or a golden penis.