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  1. Yeah they're even more stretched in small rural communities. As in, non existent. Dumping immigrants in small towns cannot work, unless more resources are provided. There's no jobs either. Wherever they go, more is needed. So this "experiment" is just another stupid Liberal exercise.
  2. Those stats are questionable, but even if they do indicate a real increase, I do not see how you can credit Mr. Trudeau for that. Liberals have no magic formula. If anything, an increase in production and work with our biggest trading partner has a spill-over effect towards us, and that means more jobs right there. So in other words, thanks again to Donald Trump. - No people in the world like to have strangers come into their community, especially if the newcomers don't/ won't or cannot integrate. Small towns are mono-cultures, atomic units of rural Canadian culture. They are like squares in the mosaic. At what point do squares have a right to be protected.
  3. For the same reason the world continues to support and will not attack the United States of America.
  4. We all get the DoFo we deserve.

  5. It is profitable do more business with your allies and less with your enemies... in America under President Trump.
  6. Totally not. My impression of this is that the Queen really likes Donald Trump.
  7. Agreed, back to the topic... I think Kamala Harris has a nice smile. She would probably be a nice person as president.
  8. Message to liberals:
  9. Why did you say they were martyred? I thought martyr means they died for a religious reason, like in the name of Allah or something. These soldiers died in service to their country, to protect the people of Turkiye. Since the PKK terrorists also believe in Allah, I am asking why you call it martyrdom.
  10. Another option is not to be so extreme one way or another, but to use wisdom and intelligence to make more moderate judgements. That's not a liberal trait these days.
  11. No, it does not. It comes down to a question of discriminating between degrees of things, which seems to be problem that liberals have. Equating one thing to another, different thing is not always the best way to decide on a matter.
  12. There's little doubt that Mueller's presentation was intentionally staged to muddy the waters. He must have been well paid. At this point he is saying he never wants to talk about the report again.
  13. Great ideas, that our enemies Russia and China would agree with. We should investigate ourselves to the point that we become dysfunctional, as the crimes inherent to our human nature are exposed. Then we should condemn ourselves, while our enemies applaud our self-loathing virtue.
  14. Liberal media din approaching pure screaming.

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