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  1. I think many things are becoming unclear because we bring in too many unsubstantiated claims, too quickly. This is not how science and medicine gets done. It is how a lot of people can get killed and a lot of money wasted.
  2. I back up many of my posts with links when I use a quote, in my opinion more so than many other members here. Many do not bother with it and sometimes I don't either. But when I don't, am more than happy to provide it if someone asks. If they ask, not if they essentially call me a lying asshole, then ask. Then they come across like they meant to have a real point, when it's easy to pretend and do that anytime, use it as a vehicle for spewing inane invectives.
  3. I am serious especially on certain things like when it comes to matters of life and death, or liberty. I can take a joke or insult, but I prefer to keep things funny and informative. re 2. Thank you. The simple answer is to ignore people, which I do. Inflammatory dialogue is a waste of time and is also boring.
  4. Remarkable fellow, he really has a ton of experience. Too bad he cannot post here, although from what I hear, that may be just as well...
  5. Black Judas is the name being used lately.
  6. This was posted by me in the wrong thread. I just wanted to post in an "anything goes" forum. I have no issue with the moderator as the title indicates.
  7. I don't see that in the rules, and pretty sure if I break them the moderator will let me know. Don't need you to tell me anything about the rules. The rules state one should be prepared to give a cite. That doesn't mean you HAVE to. The material I posted has nothing to do with trivia. You are off base here, and I wasn't interested in discussing it with you since you don't know what I am even referring to.
  8. No, that is not what i have been saying. I am not at this point going to rehash all that i have been saying here either.
  9. I suspect this is the most common attitude you would get in a poll. Our city didn't run any fireworks show, but I heard plenty of em going off in the night. The silent majority hath spoken. "Canadians are generally a quiet people. They don`t need much to be satisfied with life. A hockey game, a bottle of beer..." - To paraphrase PET
  10. I think the argument today is not denying there is some overt and hidden racism, it`s whether or not it is systemic. If it is, that should be quickly changed. But there has been a lot of progress over the past decades, and so if there is systemic racism that is widespread and overlooked I would be pretty surprised. The cultural problem is grassroots and cannot be easily eradicated. Nor is cultural racism one-sided.
  11. I provided a quote from a web site. If you want to know where its from because you doubt the information, use google. In a later post on similar I provided a CNN link, so that anyone who trusts CNN would have to admit it's true. As I have told you before, go get your own information, I certainly don`t owe you anything. Nor do I come here to do stupid back-and-forths with some little silly bitch, or someone who is bored and gets their jollies belittling strangers on a forum. It's just not for me. Don't expect a response from me if you act like an idiot all the time.
  12. Misguided and inappropriate efforts to beat the coronoavirus could cause 1 million extra deaths. In case you people don't get what I've been talking about here for months, this is the outcome of idiotic complete shutdown of all social support systems. The whole article is worth reading- Link The magnitude of health care issues resulting from the worldwide stoppage has not yet fully come out. This is only one part of the problem, relating to these specific diseases.
  13. Actually it’s a great story, 3000 people held in indefinite detention, fencing, armed guards. The tenants organized themselves and gathered makeshift weaponry, to try and break out and escape. Police were ready and responded in pretty brutal fashion. You wouldn’t have even known this was going on unless I posted it here You shut up. I will say what I like, as it’s on topic. Meanwhile your content is about as interesting as one might hear at special-ed class...
  14. That’s not a prison you’re describing, is it.
  15. Maybe they are too busy dodging bullets from MS-13, while their preferred liberal leaders sip pina coladas behind their secure, gated compound. Ahh, me public.
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