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  1. These are interesting questions, I dont think the topic is ridiculous. Just because they are spending money certainly doesnt mean its being spent wisely, and at these spending levels and minimal oversight, fraud and abuse is quite likely. Other countries have used a different model, and it appears to work for them, both financially and in terms of the virus.
  2. But it is an outdoor activity, should be very safe. Those are the kinds of fun you should continue doing. Around here hockey is life. We are allowed to have this fun, for now, and have been for the past 10 weeks. It makes a huge difference to quality of life, both mental and physical.
  3. The people who own restaurants have good reason to be pissed off. They invested money into upgrades as directed by the health authority. They implemented the safety protocols. Now they're told they have to shut down anyway. The reason? Those methods and techniques they force on people are ineffective. They gave themselves legal authority without competency. These health authorities do not seem to know much about health. They give no real health advice, just how to hide from the virus. The orders they give to businesses are useless instructions that just cost money, and waste time.
  4. So you will understand where the main problem is, and what negligence is. You have been taken for a walk down the garden path, you want to believe. I do not. What I said in March.
  5. We don't need a vaccine, if they make enough hydroxychloroquine.
  6. Im sure you are right. People are indeed wearing them, yet the virus prevails. I suspect the truth of the matter is that people trust the masks and it gives them a false sense of security. Absolutely false, for any paper or cloth masks. Likewise physical distancing does not work in the store lineups, because when you stand on the X right in the same location where the previous person was, you are breathing in their air. It now matters how long you wait before advancing, how long they were standing there before you, and ventilation. Therefor be advised. If you can smell her perf
  7. What a defeatist attitude. People should not roll over and take this, people are willing to take action. Work hard, to defeat the virus. Weve spent billions on welfare that could have better been used to combat the virus. China took the right actions when they used their military, trained people to do certain vital medical procedures, and built massive medical facilities, literally overnight. They created the extra infrastructure with their money, not shut diwn and hand out welfare, and die.
  8. Ive already given plenty of suggestions over the past many months. Dont expect me to solve your friends problems. Most people do not know how to properly protect themselves. If we were serious we would provide the public with better training. It isnt just the public, its the lack of leadership that hands respoonsibility down to local levels, which is fine but doesnt give enough guidance on what to do. Lack of training again. These local managers then are left to decide on various things for which they have little training. Thats why things are sometimes different depending on where
  9. There certainly are many things we could do better. More priority towards social services for people who are feeling anxiety about the virus and the isolation. Many are feeling the strain of this much worse than others who are better off. Its so easy to be dismissive when you dont need help.
  10. They flew to the moon? That sounds so... unsafe.
  11. I don't need to be told what I already know. So let's ask some intelligent questions, like why there is such a low capacity for spare beds in our health care system? Waiting for disaster, totally unprepared. Other models demonstrate how to deal with it, regardless of the current health system debacle. You build a goddamn compound like a hospital, and move all the sick and eldery in there. You isolate the people who are vulnerable. So in other words, you don't shut the whole country down, but you use that money, millions and billions, to make these facilities. As well as other, vital
  12. Oh well, you disagree. I guess you can take your argument to the people in the CBC link then, my dear!
  13. Next up, try on a Dem president, house and senate.

    Leftism, unrestrained! Absolute power.

    Now shall the people taste Roman steel. 

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      Zombie Joe is the undead president. 

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      Bela Lugosi is rising from his grave... Secretary of State!

  14. Depression, drug use, suicides up. Domestic violence up. Family separations. We hear about it, but not one of the fatheads in charge ever mentions anything about providing mental health services.
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