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  1. To me yes, if the christian leadership, in other words those who speak for Christinity, those who have "followers", sanction violence themselves. Do any christian leaders sanction, call for, preach to their followers to carry out terrorist violence?
  2. Oh, spitting on the street. I thought you meant spitting on the women. I guess so fella, if that's what you really want to do. I mean, if that what help you get over it, good for you. Fill yer boots
  3. No it would not. It is assault plain and simple, and it would accomplish nothing useful at all.
  4. I don't believe it is as black and white as you wish it was. There are certain realities you can't ignore. Every culture has a spectrum of people with differing opinions, good and bad. For example, who are all the people cheering online about the church fires? Islam has been overtaken by violent religious zealots, who commit their acts in the name of Islam. It appears to be a growing problem, fed by use of modern media to reach out and spread a hateful message, same technics of prpoganda as anyone would use. It is intended to attract youth to a cause. We need to save the world. Question is, is this becoming a culture, is it taking hold and spreading? Clearly yes, if troops need to be sent to foreign countries to stop the spread of a caliphate. This is a culture.
  5. Already a media backlash happening. Apparently, a vast amount of cash has been donated, on the order of $1B.
  6. I know right, evidence of criminality will soon be at hand. Impeachment any day now. Real soon, real soon.
  7. What, No Collusion??? No Obstruction??? WAAAAHHH!!!
  8. Excellent suggestion, but I believe these kind of initiatives can only really come from the Feds. Unfortunately, liberal governments are notoriously reluctant to promote anything nuclear, as it conflicts with their rigidly ideological views. Nuclear weapons bad, nuclear power bad. In the US, the government has recently made substantial financial commitments to the research and development of new nuclear technologies. This was provided under the wise oversight of Rick Perry, Secretary of ... Energy. This Liberal government is not making the same kind of ambitious investment in nuclear. There's not much hope for an initiative as you suggest here for Albertans, or anyone in Canada for that matter, until this goverment is replaced.
  9. OftenWrong


    Well, that sounds like a fine deal. Plus, you get to support your local criminal organization.
  10. Liberal spin-masters are practically going mad. Their heads now spinning round and round...
    They must somehow save the movement before the public finds out that this has been nothing more than a Punch-and-Judy puppet show.

    Now ask yourself, who are the puppet masters, and who are the ones pulling your strings.

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