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  1. Gorgeous autumn afternoon here, and it's a long weekend! Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe we can barbecue that turkey...;) 


    1. OftenWrong


      Couldn't decide whether it would be steak or sausage on the barby tonight. 'Why not both?" says the wife.
      I concur, says I....

      <opens stout ale at picnic table>

      Good country, Canada

  2. Maybe markets was not quite the right word. Industries? For example when they threaten to ban imports of canola oil from us. Whole industries can be shut down because of political disagreement. Another reason why I say screw globalism. We need more sovereignty, more independence. Punish them the way they try to punish us. Mike Pompeo gave out a pretty clear warning today. Doing business with these people is not unlike doing business with criminals. What more do you expect.
  3. We knew this would happen if our markets were increasingly dependent on China, eventually your chickens come home to roost. China uses its economic muscle to call the shots, and silence the critics. But we didn't do anything, couldn't, as we were too drunk on the easy money, selling our souls by the pound. Donald Trump is the only man today standing up to China. We need to elect more leaders like president Trump. Because only a SOB like Trump can say to China what he says, and stay the course and not give in. That is the way to get their attention. In fact one of the Trump administrations demands is that China do something about stemming the export of fentanyl which is coming out of China and flooding the whole world. Not a single other country/ leader has the gall to stand up to them.
  4. Joe Biden is now politically un-dead, Zombie Joe Biden. He's been thrown overboard, kicked off the Democrat boat, his coffin set adrift at sea. An offering to the media shit-storm, may it please the gods and defeat the evil white cetacean, Moby Trump. It wants you too, Joe. It wants you too.
  5. Our PPC guy looks like he should be riding a Harley. It figures...
  6. Andrew Scheer himself is a problem. He looks uncomfortable in his own skin. Just can't get that grin off his face, neither. Stupid grinners make Hulk want to smash. And when he's asked a question that's off-script, he doesn't have an answer and ends up looking like a fool. Not exactly a leader that inspires confidence... So what's a poor conservative boy to do, vote for him anyway, because Trudeau? Hmm, maybe not. Maybe not vote for conservatives, to hell with them and Canada. Maybe vote for Trudeau instead!
  7. Biden is already a politically dead candidate, walking.
  8. Meanwhile in other news, some very bad things are happening that make all this seem like a sideshow.

    Seems, madam? Nay, it is.

  9. Hell no. I wouldn't even visit Queen and Spadina, when this are happening!
  10. Justin Trudeau: Whatever doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.

  11. Mr. Singh is unquestionably the only true leader on this stage. That doesn't mean I agree with his politics, but at least he is what he appears to be. Mr. Trudeau, not so much. That doesn't appear to stop his fanatical following though. So, fill yer boots.
  12. Morons in the sense they probably don't even understand what she's saying is false. It's the media here again. Mr. Trudeau was trying to get in on the action of course. Glad to see she told him where to go. +1 Greta Thunberg
  13. Apparently 500,000 people in Montreal completely disagree with you.
  14. After recent events with blackface etc., I'm inclined to think Mr. Trudeau will win with a majority as well. Prior to this I was more inclined to Liberal minority. So in a way, the blackface scandal has only solidified liberal love for Mr. Trudeau, the act of forgiveness providing them a perverted form of catharsis, soul healing, cleansing. He was black, but now he has repented. From now on he is and will always be white.
  15. I gotta laugh about media use of the word "Brownface" - as if it were somehow less harsh than the severe blackface.

    Brownface is a new word. You can use it in a sentence like this - "He was merely in brownface." 

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