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  1. Ontario government to exempt Sikhs from wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand how a law can be applied differently based on one's religion. Secular law is for all people. So is there actually law anymore?

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    2. bcsapper


      Some religious accommodation is fine, and some isn't.  And some is ridiculous.  This falls in the latter category.  There is no human right to ride a bike.

    3. OftenWrong


      The solution should have been to offer a helmet exemption to anyone who applies for it, but they have to pay an extra fee and their insurance will go sky high. That to me is acceptable.

    4. scribblet
  2. Sounds very interesting, and the book looks like it'll make a great Christmas present for Dad. I think Harper spoke very boldly, he said a few surprising things there. But hats off to him for being honest. After seeing that I think, man, I wish we could re-elect him as Prime Minister! Some of the things he said about populism are exactly what I said, further up in this thread. Harper implies that if the Right fails in its quest to reform international trade, the backlash from the left will plunge us into dystopian animal farm. The future of democracy, and indeed, civil society in the West, is all up to us now guys.
  3. Hillary Clinton's security clearance has been withdrawn, at her request? What?

    Hillary Clinton's security clearance withdrawn at her request amid State Department investigation

    1. scribblet


      Weird - but then  it's the Clintons, wonder what they are up to

    2. OftenWrong


      Here's what it says on Washington Times:

      Hillary Clinton has given up her security clearance in the wake of the scandal over her handling of secret information on her email server, the Senate Judiciary Committee revealed Friday.


  4. OftenWrong

    Meet the new report

    Obviously we're not going to change anything, I think that much should be clear now. So, may as well party on!
  5. OftenWrong

    USA Sinks into Authoritarinism

    Agreed. Message to chicken littles: sky not falling.
  6. Politics pervading through all aspects of normal daily life, as in theatre, marketing, sports, is a form of totalitarianism. 

  7. OftenWrong

    USA Sinks into Authoritarinism

    The article you linked to is ridiculous, and now that you were called out on the stupidity of Hitler comparisons, you are backpedalling on your own claims. Well that's progress I suppose. The whole thread is designed as an inflammatory, joke. What's funnier is those who took it seriously!
  8. OftenWrong

    USA Sinks into Authoritarinism

    People should work for their living, yes. Right wingers and their families work hard, so that left wingers can sit under a bridge and smoke dope all day, then whine about the need for a "living wage."
  9. OftenWrong

    USA Sinks into Authoritarinism

    That is the leftist counter-argument, "But but but, these jobs are no good!" Lies. A broader measure of labour market slack that includes people working part-time because they cannot find a full-time post edged up to 7.5 per cent in September from 7.4 per cent the prior month. Still, that gauge is down from 8.3 per cent a year earlier. Link
  10. OftenWrong

    USA Sinks into Authoritarinism

    Exactly what part of "I read some of that link..." do you not understand? Have you been sipping that old bong water again... Yes, I actually bothered to read the drivel you posted, just to have a look at whatever it is that sets you people off. Trump is the next Hitler... Brilliant. Yes I see it now. No doubt he'll get around to overthrowing the American Republic between his rounds of golf, binging on TV, and tweeting curses at Don Lemon.
  11. OftenWrong

    USA Sinks into Authoritarinism

    No, "we" don't. Many Canadians do not. Many Canadians feel that a symbolic position having no authority, should not require a $23M annual budget. Even if it makes you feel sentimental about Merry Olde England.
  12. Not necessarily. And all parties of guilty of this offense, the appeal to emotion. Do that, you get at least half the crowd. But populists also know what the issues are that resonate with the public. They are pressing those buttons. Is that not also a valid form of leadership? Yes it is, especially if they follow through on their promises. If by "lowest common denominator" you mean to say "Deplorables", you're committing an offense to about half the population. That sweeping dismissal towards the "lowest common denominator" reinforces them as a group. That same disregard also perpetuates their existence. It sets the stage for the populist leader, who knows how to say the right things. Trump is their Emperor-Demagogue. And don't forget, he also did reality TV. In a way, still doing it.
  13. OftenWrong

    USA Sinks into Authoritarinism

    The more the left pushes out this kind of drivel - Trump is Hitler, Republicans are Nazis, America becoming Nazi Germany - the less credible their arguments become.
  14. More hard-right politicians gaining positions of power. This is the outcome of an increasingly volatile, polarized political debate. 

    Hard-right Jair Bolsonaro leads polls as Brazil votes in election marked by anger at ruling class