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  1. Well I don't know if I would blame the son for the sins of the father, in general. That's a little too much Judging someone by what their fore-fathers did. It is in vogue these days however, as neo-liberal thing. Social warriors pride themselves in not being biased or racist. I for one am sick of their glaring hypocrisy. So are a lot of Canadians... We are here, get used to it.
  2. You make it sound like Canadians are looking for a party leader to save us from Justin Trudeau. They expected the same from Andy Scheer. Next up and bound to disappoint is Mr. O'Toole. Despite this desire to be saved, polls still show Trudeau will continue as PM, and with a possible majority. Why that is, is a good question...
  3. So you mean he worked hard all his life and was involved in lots of things? Any child-molestations?
  4. Plus he has that “Lawrence of Arabia” kinda swagger, eh?
  5. Of course, I havent had the shot yet nor do I care. You people fill yer boots...
  6. Which would you rather do, follow the advice of a non-political team of volunteers who are medical experts in the field, or a politician who never worked in his life other than a drama school teacher for one semester? That's the beauty of this country, you're free to choose. I would go with real medical advice, myself...
  7. Is that why the polls indicate a Liberal win if an election were to be held then? Because people don't like Justin. https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/elections/poll-tracker/canada/ See how easy it is? CBC.ca, can't be lying right? Right... sorry, nonsense. Garbage in, garbage out. Complete...Vaste...of Time
  8. Don't take it from me, taken it from the NACI. Just google it. Trudeau had to counter this and reassure Candians that they should take whatever is the first vaccine they are offered. Let me repeat that, whatever is the first vaccine offered! Or else...
  9. Pizza shop in town got closed down real fast. Health enforcement compliance officers are on the scene.

    You people got that? Health Enforcement Compliance Officers.


  10. Yes it's true that universities get a lot more money for foreign students tuition. There is a limit to how many foreign students they are allowed to enrol, not sure what though. But you can bet that means they fill it up to maximum that is possible. Tuition fees are high, as are living expenses. Certain things like education should be accessible without barriers like cost, considering how much Candians already pay in their taxes. Too "progressive" an idea, I guess.
  11. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/justin-trudeau-canada-objectifying-political-crushes-a7610016.html That took about 5 seconds. Once again your laziness in accessing the news cycle is duly noted! Everyone knows he is adored, even more outside of Canada where his cult of personality charming mystique still lingers, like a bad smell covered up by cheap perfume. You bought it, Alice...
  12. O'toole's an idiot already, though he hasn't done anything yet... Good thing your partisanship doesn't mislead you. Man, you are a piece of work...
  13. Site? Canadians? I see not all are well-informed here. Perhaps you are one who doesnt keep up with the news?
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