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  1. Justin Trudeau, the big mouth high-school student who became PM couldn't behave himself at NATO dinner, or whatever. Always needs to be the centre of attention at parties, this boy.

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    2. Shady


      @OftenWrong I almost feel sorry for him.  He has exaggerated need to be liked.  I think that’s one of the reasons for his self inflicted massive deficits by choice.  He wants to play Santa Claus and have people like him.  I can only imagine what Chrétien and Martin think of his policy of debt.

    3. OftenWrong


      Attention whore is another word for it. Let's not sugar coat these things. And let's hope the boy hasn't done even more damage to Canada- US relations, with his ineloquent and contemptuous diatribes.

    4. OftenWrong


      Other world leader idiots you mean, BubberMiley. Mr. Harper was certainly out of their league.

  2. On the other hand, today we see what unbridled liberal progress has done to us.
  3. People are getting kind of tired of the daily shit-show. But what we're seeing now in the NHL is kind of like when you open the gates. Domino effect. Things are being dredged up from the past now, and people coming forward to complain that the coach was a bully, decades ago. Not that it matters, because the coach is still a bully today. Which is what he needs to be, for a Men's hockey team to be able to beat their competitors. Even, the Russians. Whole thing is a metaphor for what's happening on another scale.
  4. No kidding, I also heard that Bill Clinton went to Lolita Island at least 26 times or something. Don't tell BubberMiley, he may get upset.
  5. There is a tendency in certain media to downplay the negative aspects of communism, to say "yes the Chinese are bad, but they are not actually communists. What you see is not true communism." The same argument is used by commie apologists for Josef Stalin. Therefore leaving open the argument that "true communism" is still good and worthy of pursuit. Supreme BS. What we see today are the fruits of those political ideas. Both fascism and communism depend on totalitarianism to exist, and it is you people on the left who like to hide things behind your fancy words, who to deny that. Communism and fascism are already demonstrated great failures in history, but certain elements on the left, which supports authoritarianism by definition are spreading lies to our youth. They are targeting young people, who are not yet well versed in history to spread lies that western political and economic systems are evil and corrupt and should be replaced. Ask what they should be replaced with, and the veil of deception is quickly removed. US acknowledges victims of communism
  6. But I found it surprising they shitcanned him over this, unless they already had a few other reasons for wanting to issue said shit-canning.
  7. I would not advocate for republic, but the problem with a kingdom is inheritance. Family rule is pure bullshit, we cannot accept that. What we have now a parliamentary monarchy or variant thereof, is a pretty good compromise, in that there is a process to select the GG, and their powers are limited. But it could certainly be improved, made a more democratic process and given more authority, to keep the government in check.
  8. It hardly matters. I differentiate between the political idea of a monarch, and mere royal adulation. The idea is a metaphor, a tool to be used. The person behind it is, of course, the same vulnerable idiot as anyone else... as we see today. I swear no allegience to anyone's DNA.
  9. My question was loaded. I was only testing spanky to see if he was a royalist...
  10. I agree some reasonable impartiality is due, until a person is given due process. We may never know in this case. But I heard his mom kicked him out of the house after that, so,
  11. Yes they represent the very finest and the best of humanity, physically, mentally. Oh and let's not forget also, morally. The nobility, the ultimate achievement, homo superior. Personally I can't think of a better example.
  12. Americans would do well to remember that famous quote by George W. Bush-

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, uh......"

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