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  1. Globalists maneuvering us towards a recession... because Trump.

  2. Well people have killed themselves over bullying, which was just mean words. The problem with your OP, which you appear to have edited, is you seem to think that absolute ideas can stand, and you lament that they cannot. Welcome to reality.
  3. In that case, no freedom from harrassment or bullying. I can say the mean words all I want.
  4. Exactly, Canadians have no choice. Trust that I have explained it well enough for you... You're welcome.
  5. And yet here you are, still playing along as well. All your life you've supported and paid them with your taxes, and cast your ballot in their elections. Somehow it seems even more incorrigible when you have people who claim they know about the problem, but keep supporting it anyway. Those people are the worst scum there is.
  6. I'm in the thread on page one and you come in on page 2. I could not find any specific example in the 41 page thread were you explicitly complain about Trudeau. Rather, what I do see is that when it involves Trudeau, his supporters revert to the "let's not be a bunch of partisan hacks" stance, that after all, all governments are corrupt.
  7. This just in: Justin Trudeau to be hoisted by his own petard.

    1. OftenWrong


      Sounds good, whatever a petard is...

  8. Well at least its something to do. We should at least have a contingency plan. I mean, if it were the end of the world and we had like half an hour, what would you suggest we do?
  9. You make it seem like Canadian liberals are desperately looking to spread the blame away from the PM. "But, but, but, Stephen Harper!"... more or less. Come on, Harper may have known things or heard reports that may or may not have yet been substantiated. What matters is that an investigation was started, and found evidence of a crime. That alone is enough for me. The system works through due process, not by gossip, rumour, or emotional gut reaction. Once there's evidence, and certainly once charges are laid, the PM has to back off and allow due process to continue. Mr. Trudeau did not want due process to continue.
  10. All that's left is hoping for miracles. Pray to Jesus. Pray for at least once in your life, you miserable blighter.
  11. RIP Peter Fonda. You have gone on to meet your maker...


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    2. bcsapper


      The rednecks were Antifa then?

    3. OftenWrong


      Can't say for sure since I don't know any dirty bikers myself, BubberMiley. We rural folks try to live a clean life.

    4. BubberMiley


      You sounded so confident that you knew what you were talking about.

  12. Note date. They're not in jail yet, but the story is getting weirder. Things are getting curiouser and curioser in America under President Trump, you might say. Today we found out about a strange work of art discovered at Epstein's residence in New York. A portrait of Bill Clinton in a blue dress. One observer mentioned it's very similar to the notorious dress Monica Lewinski wore. Warning, this image is not for sensitive viewers. To spare your tender eyes I've posted it as a link only! Link I doubt this one will ever get put up on a wall in the White House.
  13. No need to buy with your own money when you can take out a loan. I'm sure that was Trump's idea here. Then there is also the option of leasing...
  14. I've been learning to play the fiddle. Maybe you can join in for a chorus or two?
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