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  1. Trudeau confronts woman at Town Hall over her use of the word "Mankind"-

    (Young woman)'We came here today to ask you to also look into the policies that religious charitable organizations have in our legislations so that it can also be changed because maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind.' At this point, Trudeau interrupted her and said: 'We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind because it's more inclusive.'


    Mr.Trudeau. "peoplekind" is not a real word.

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    2. Omni


      Touche. I will quickly add that her ad nausea attermpt at framing a question that went on and on would have tried any ones patience unless of course you like that drivel. He certainly didn't embarrass her anywhere I saw. She was happy to take up a lot of time trying to make statements rather than asking a question.    

    3. AngusThermopyle


      Really! You accuse her of going on and on while you defend Trudeau, the master of endlessly spouting irrelevancies in order to avoid answering questions! That's rich indeed. How about his non answer to the question about returning ISIS fighters? He rambled on endlessly while he compared them to Italian immigrants, but he never actually answered the question. He never does, just goes off on some demented tangent instead. It's exactly what I've said before, Trudeau is a master of the art of being an international laughing stock, it's all he can do well.

    4. Omni


      Take a look at Trump if you want to see a real international laughing stock.

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