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  1. The internet is now a big liability when there is an emergency, as we see today. Not only does it spread false information without controls, inciting panic in some cases, apparently it has the ability to sway the out come of elections. If we depend on the internet as a medium for communicating vital information in an emergency, it becomes difficult to do so when traffic itself is incredibly high, as it most certainly will be. The increased volume of information leads to an overload that "swamps out" any urgent messages that need to be sent.

    Simple example- Charity groups and many other organizations that depend on donations are seeing complete downturn in financial support. Yet the problems they deal with continue, the virus does not give our society a break when it comes to these problems.

    There is no way in the current media frenzy for them to get a message out. The same would apply to other types of urgent situations.

    1. BubberMiley


      Now the guy who spread some of the worst, most dangerous false information here is blaming the Internet. Taking the lead from Trump and FoxNews, who are also trying to walk back their statements and to pretend they never happened and to blame others for them? Such character among Trumpers.

    2. OftenWrong


      This has nothing to do with Trump of course, but for those with mainstream-media induced TDS, everything does. Same as the virus, you people are all infected.

      They hooked you, with your movies and video games, and phone apps. Social media took away interpersonal relationships. The result is people like you, BubberMiley.

    3. OftenWrong


      Buncha spineless reactive jellyfish. You people are really stupid. No stamina, moral fortitude. No depth of knowledge about anything.

      Ahh well, nothing a good war won't solve, eh BubberMiley?

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