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  1. Media down-playing Doug Ford's projected numbers as merely an estimate. Presumably this was a disappointment, only 3000 deaths over two years? Sorry about them, but it happens all the time, and even worse.

    Media follows this with a warning that if we do not continue the shutdown the number of deaths in Ontario might possibly rise to 100,000 in two years. Did Doug Ford mention that figure? I'd like to know, because he said he was going to be absolutely straight about it.

    Media now quoting number of deaths that were prevented as a statistic. Very interesting way to look at it. Is it because we need to move away from the "number of deaths will be extremely high" narrative?

    1. Shady


      Yep, the numbers were very underwhelming.  I think it should be time soon to open up the economy again.  I’d say definitely by the end of April.  Those that are high-risk can stay in self-isolation.

    2. betsy


      Yes.  We've got to do something with the economy.....the consequences will be so devastating!  It's not the coronavirus that spooks me now - it's the devastating effect on the economy!

    3. bcsapper


      It certainly would be interesting.  Here in Alberta we don't have rats, so I think I would be okay.

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