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  1. Artificial intelligence has been used by governments for many years now to study what would happen in the event of a global pandemic. AI predictive models would be used to forecast everything from public behaviour to economic response, projected deaths, projected costs. All this information has been analyzed by government researchers.

    For the WHO guy to say "We are in uncharted territory" was patently false.

    AI would also consider use of pandemic as a means to disrupt and eventually overthrow a society. Would the Chinese have their own AI models? Of course they have. AI is the new warfare.

    AI for Global Disease Surveillance
    (Magazine, 2009)
    In this time of increasing concern over the deadly and costly threats of infectious diseases, preparation for, early detection of, and timely response to emerging infectious diseases and epidemic outbreaks are key public-health priorities and are driving an emerging field of multidisciplinary research. The four essays in this installment of Trends & Controversies discuss uses of AI in global disease surveillance.

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