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  1. Back to ignore I guess, because it hurts.


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    2. bcsapper


      They are a little obsessed with this site, it is true.  They even have a thread!

      You should give it another shot.  I'm sure it would be okay now.

    3. betsy


      Just ignore that forum, OftenWrong. 

      Why would anyone want to be there like as if that forum isn't crap! It doesn't even pretend to be anything but! :lol:


      I took a peek just now!  Hahahaha who's there but Michael Hardner and Waldo! Yesterday and today!  :lol: Hahahaha 


      Lol - that it's an echo chamber is one thing - but when you've got only two people making all the echoing is pathetic - lol   Hahahahahaha :D



    4. BubberMiley


      "Just ignore them! Just ignore them!....I just looked!" :lol:

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