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  1. If the web site is crap to you or whatever, I don't see how a thread like this helpful. I've seen where you yourself have posted back and forth with these guys many, many times. All of hat stuff, I would never read. And now you come up with this to complain about it? What exactly is the point of this thread anyway? Frankly it appears to be more of the same stupid back-and-forth that's out there. I can only assume you people are kidding. Want to improve forums? Post serious, intelligent stuff and not respond or interact with anyone you consider "idiots". Just my two cents here, fella.
  2. OftenWrong

    This week in Islam

    To the western women who went there to willingly become their chattel... who willingly subordinated themselves to a fantasy vision of Omar Sharif as a macho, bad-boy outlaw, and wife abuser. I suspect there is some kind of fetishism at work here.
  3. OftenWrong

    NHL General Thread

    Hey NHL, what's with all the Huawei shit? Can that Huawei sign be any bigger or brighter? The one that's always right in our face, front-row centre, throughout the intermission sportscast commentary- How about shut the damned advertizing off while the discussion is about hockey? Or go to hell.
  4. OftenWrong

    Abortion is a done deal

    Anything we say about God is false, including this statement.
  5. Ever notice the second part of the word, Environmental?

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    2. OftenWrong


      Yes, nothing wrong with a good tungsten filament vacuum bulb. Only made of good clean metal and glass. And their waste heat is not useless.

    3. OftenWrong


      Nother example- A young man and his wife go to the grocery store. They purchase their groceries, which the store packs for them into paper bags.

      Next week the young man and his wife go to the grocery store. They purchase their groceries, and are shocked that the store no longer has paper bags. All bags shall now be plastic, they are told. "What the? says wife. "I know, I don't get it, isn't that shit really bad for the environment?"

      "This is truly f-ed man. Can you imagine,in twenty or 30 years, all the plastic bags in the landfill?"


      Environ-Mentalist: "Trees are a valuable resource and should not be cut down. Cutting down trees for useless things such as grocery bags, is bad for the environment."


      The year is 2019. A young man and his wife go to the grocery store. They purchase their groceries, which the store packs for them into plastic bags. The store charges them a fee for each plastic bag. The young couple think nothing of paying for this and pay the fee. The them it is normal.

      Old man-
      "This is truly f-ed man. Why should I pay 5 cents for a plastic bag? Why not let me buy a paper bag?"

      Environ-Mentalist: "Paper bags cost far more energy to produce per bag. As long as the consumer pays a fee for each plastic bag, it goes toward purchasing carbon credits to offset our country's financial penalty, since we didn't meet our commitments."

      Normal person: "Ah, so" :wacko:

    4. OftenWrong


      Example # 3

      Trudeau Imposes Carbon Tax

      Each industry will have a certain emissions target relative to that sector’s current average -- companies can pay a tax if they go over the level, or they can buy credits from others that are above it.

      Paying a fee is all that's necessary?, and you can bet where that money comes from. Environmentalism.

  6. China has gotten a lot more wealthy over the past decades. I wonder what China does with all the money they make on trade agreements with countries like Canada?
  7. OftenWrong

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    Reports that the Chinese are levelling criticism at Trudeau over his hypocritical stance on SNC Lavalin, compared to his virtue signalling that "Canada is a nation of law."
  8. OftenWrong

    NHL General Thread

    As a player myself I can't say I enjoy the fights. Since it's obvious that fights are permitted to a point in the NHL game, refs stand back and watch until somebody falls down, only if it's an elite player they immediately step in and stop it. This cheapens the game for me, I don't need this staged bullshit entertainment. It has no place on the ice, but that is only my opinion. Not to worry however, you people shall remain well entertained. Love Tavares though!
  9. OftenWrong

    Hair or Dimples

    You're saying Canada needs its own strong-man. I agree, it is necessary in order to properly defend ourselves. But I don't see that person anywhere in the current political spectrum of rich people's kids who now run this country. Maybe it is not so much a partisan issue as it is about actual leadership capability. In a crisis, it comes down to the personal character, vision and communicating skills of the leader. We have no real leaders at the moment, left or right. Just a bunch of fancy lawyers and businessmen.
  10. OftenWrong

    Hair or Dimples

    I do not advocate keeping our mouths shut, just that stupid people should do so. Intelligent people who have something useful to contribute to the problem should be allowed to speak out. People who understand diplomacy, and know the Chinese. I gave McCallum as an example. Remember the bullies? Why yes. In fact, I was one. We used to go out to the yard at recess and seek out pencil-necked leftists, and give them their daily thrashing. Yeah, those were the days... Seriously though, it seems like you are looking to excuse the Liberals with this comment and cast blame on the Cons, yet you are ignoring the fact that Mr. Trudeau has a majority. He is running the show. The opposition can only yammer and wail, and roll their eyes while the Liberals runs the country into the ground. He doesn't need to be provoked, he's a fool all on his own. But anything that helps to get rid of him as soon as possible is good. Trust I have answered all your questions clearly
  11. OftenWrong

    Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

    Please try to show more sympathy, you are boggling eyeball's mind with too many facts! Boggle boggle
  12. OftenWrong

    Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

    Bingo. Give this man a cigar, beer, or whatever he likes! Things were moving in the right direction under George W Bush. "I looked into his eyes, I saw that he has a soul." Possibly the most hopeful statement to bridge US- Russia relations in decades. The administration that followed was far less kind, far less interested in thawing barriers.
  13. OftenWrong

    Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

    The comparison you are trying to make is ridiculous. Let me ask you a question, what is it that helps Mr. Putin? Would it help him if we made more nuclear weapons, and he did not? Again, I cannot help it if you refuse to understand, and are simply trying to be difficult. If that is the case you'll receive no answers from me. Only my sincere, heartfelt sympathy.
  14. OftenWrong

    Hair or Dimples

    I've already indicated the right approach. No need to repeat myself. Follow... If you and Mr. Trudeau don't want to understand, and just want be provocative, that is not my problem.
  15. OftenWrong

    Hair or Dimples

    Yes, and anyone else who has the keen ability to discern a bullshitter. Intelligent people in politics would have a plan, develop relationships. Then in the event of a problem they calmly consult with those who know things. Only a child lives day to day without a plan. A child, and a boy king.