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  1. OftenWrong

    Compensating Khadr

    Be interesting to see how this turns out. I suspect little Omar will be hailed as a hero when he returns. A rich man who beat the odds, and beat the West at their game. Whether intentional or not, his situation is what it is. Actually good that Omar should remain in the news as much as possible, to shock the Canadian conscience.
  2. Confuscious say: "When international law conflict with international trade, may you live in interesting times..."

  3. OftenWrong

    Bernier's Party at 13% in the polls

    The Liberal guy, Stephane Dion.
  4. OftenWrong

    Bernier's Party at 13% in the polls

    I would like to see a coalition, if necessary, to defeat Justin Trudeau. Scheer and Bernier running things is better than Scheer alone, and far better than another Trudeau government. Bernier should have a voice.
  5. I doubt it. Most likely the request has to be honoured under the extradition treaty agreement.
  6. OftenWrong

    The transgender insanity movement

    You tough guys are really something. What if there was no bathroom? Then you'd have no place to sit down and go pee.
  7. OftenWrong

    Conservatives Silent on Homosexuality

    Conservatives have spoken up, and quite eloquently. They elected Doug Ford.
  8. OftenWrong

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    I never voted that.
  9. The best way to deal with post-feminist sexual prudery is to bite it right in the ass.


  10. OftenWrong

    Maybe no Brexit exit.

    Now at least they don't have to comply with refugee levels imposed upon them by an outside organization, over whom they have no say. Britons chose more autonomy and with it, economic uncertainty, and even the prospect of increased poverty, over being ruled by a council they have no influence over. I cannot see any other sensible choice. The Brits have made their decision and now must live in it, but they are a pretty tough lot. They can and will endure. God save the Queen!
  11. CBC on the price of vegetables going up, the price of meat going down next year- 

    "It's all supply and demand, isn't it Jim?" Yuk yuk yuk...

    No, it's called getting reamed.

  12. Beware the Red man.

    1. OftenWrong


      (not skin colour)

  13. OftenWrong

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    @Greg Other boards/ software are equally plagued by hacker attacks, so for all the work it takes to migrate, and for users to adjust etc. still won't guarantee this problem is solved. In fact these problems are never completely solved. You could, for example devise policies that limit the number of new posts a new account can make, to one per day, or perhaps one per forum, per day... etc. This would continue for a short time until the member is considered legit. Technology is not the only thing. Another option is to use human beings to patrol the forum. Members could be encouraged to report any spam, or strange posts. (The latter being rather subjective for some around here...)