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  1. That's true. So mine is not a partisan rant.
  2. At no time did the moderator assume control of the debate. He just stumbled on to the next question. He should have stopped the dialogue altogether, and gave them both a good berating to follow the rules. 1. One person at a time. 2. No one speaks when I speak. In short, he should have embarrased them. Hopefully next debate will be moderated by someone more of the Drill-Sargeant kind.
  3. Sure... but if it has to be, so be it. I'll take Russian women... ;0
  4. Trump has plenty of important achievements that he can call upon in a debate. Instead he approached the debate more as a reality-politics style, going low. Biden could then go high. Trump would do well to distance himself from the likes of Rudy Guiliani as his coach. He shouldn't have him in his corner. I agree, Trump MUST win, for the sake of the future of the free world. Else we shall all quickly become face-mask wearing virus slaves, who must kneel before China.
  5. Here's my round-one scorecard. Trump and Biden both exchanged some heavy blows, and landed some dirty shots too. Trump seemed frustrated throughout the first round. He didn't get to land much cleanly. Biden held his ground well, and was able to get his message across a number of times. Biden 10, Trump 9 (in the ten-point must system...)
  6. I noticed this several times as well. Did Chris Wallace think he was doing an interview, or something? He really blew it, man!
  7. Brave Canada sent some tweets, then deleted them and bravely ran away.
  8. The biggest failure of the night was the moderator, IMO. He should have anticipated this. You don't open the debate the way he did, with these guys. You lay out the law right at the beginning, and then you enforce it.
  9. I watched for a while, then had to shut it off. Watched cartoons instead.
  10. There is no other real alternative. We cant trust the authority when an incompetent goon has majority rule!
  11. I think everybody should be able to do whatever they want, without orders from some authority. they should only provide guidelines. That way the virus-slaves can maintain their facemask-wearing lifestyle with great diligence, and I won't be bothered. Everybody wins!
  12. An Australian group has nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel peace prize. That's rather timely.
  13. But this is about Doug Ford now. And so what, pPeople die every day by the thousands. In fact almost as many die in a given day, worldwide, as are born. When CDC tells us there is now a 99.5 % chance of survival for anyone who gets it below the age of 70, it's hard to get excited about this virus any more. It is time to move on. Just waiting for the frightened leadership to come to terms with the realization.
  14. Not paying taxes, legally, is fine. If a crime was committed, its a different matter. But finding legal ways to defer from paying the government their undeserved cut, thats not bad at all. Thats being smart.
  15. Hi ho, hi ho,

    it’s back on ignore I go..!

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      Who'd do that to you?!?

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      Only certain leftist crybabies who cannot give a good answer to my posts, other than their usual dismissive ad hominems.

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  16. Yes “clearly”, because he made some emotional noises and a long sad face. Then defers all decision making to the lower ranks. Does that sound like a leader who cares? Because if it does, you have absolutely no concept of what leadership is. That you now like this ignorant monkey is testimony that all it takes to make a fool out of a liberal, is pull their little heart-strings.
  17. As long as the thousands we see being counted as infected feel nothing more than a little discomfort, theres no problem at all. For reference, CDC data has been presented here on this site. There is not much room to argue with the science.
  18. The right-honerible Doug Ford needs to take a page from Governor DeSantis in Florida. Place an order to cease and desist all quarantine measures and suspend legal actions against any persons charged with disobeying covid-19 restrictions, such as not wearing a face mask. It's not enough to say "We leave it up to the municipalities", because certain mayors like John Tory need to be kept in check. We the governed never gave that kind of authority to mayors, nor do they know how to handle it. It's a failure of leadership.
  19. It truly is fitting somehow, that she chose that country as her example of the idea of justice- Revenge! She wants to see people getting punished. It reminds me how Nazis reportedly forced the Roma, to dig their own graves before they were mass-executed by firing squad. These are the people they want to emulate...
  20. In regards to voicing publicly support for Donald Trump, it is a perilous thing to do in many settings. I'm not going on a link expedition for you, even that is becoming more and more impossible, and useless as a resource. Which might be a good thing, if enough people learn to distrust the media. Your linear thinking is too simple. I don't like polls, I hang up on them. 2. Define things any way you want. I work with statistical analysis for a living, so I only get to use real mathematics. 3. Dont tell me what I love. What I don't love is sanctimonious big-city liberals acti
  21. 1. Because people feel they are not allowed to give vocal support for Donald Trump, in most social and business settings. 2. If the margin of error could cut either way, then it's unpredictable... 3. Exciting today means, let's go have fun at the liberal-condoned riots. Hi Mom, we're in TV. I think it would be exciting to see these liberals punted right out of the political football stadium.
  22. I can go back to April where I said this approach is entirely misguided, the issue is to protect the elderly. There is no need to quarantine society. Even if it were not in that age group, this would still be true, but for other reasons. So that's why I told you people, all you who condemned me, who called me stupid and accused me of being a Nazi. I DONT NEED TO ARGUE WITH YOU. I can just sit back and wait for the truth to come out, and watch you people come around.
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