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  1. Yes it’s possible. Doesn’t mean it’s for sure. Evidence? Mr. Trudeau - “opportunity for a great reset.” In my opinion it’s either intentionally being manipulated or due to global human stupidity. I tend to default to the latter in most cases. Still, it’s possible. And remember, it isnt even what this shit is doing to you and me. We are smart and strong. It’s the next generation, children and youth. They deserve the same freedoms we had as children. Virus be damned. Or else, what is life? We know the shutdowns also kill, yet do they take concrete steps toward alleviating the burden on hospital ER’s? Did the nursing homes get the air conditioning was promised yet? Answers nay, nay and again, nay. Now ask yourself, intentional or stupidity? You just ask.
  2. "Papers, please."


  3. Logic behind the vaccine seems circular to me. Let’s step back a bit.

    - Majority of people survive covid, but they are still vectors or carriers that might transmit to others who are weaker.

    - The vaccines reduce level of illness for the individual, but they are still possible vectors.

    So vaccine is helpful, but don’t see why they should be mandatory, or why a vaccine passport is needed.

    Vaccinate the sick and elderly, and anyone who wants it.

    Leave others the heck alone!

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    2. OftenWrong


      It seems we are all vectors for the virus whether vaccinated or not. The majority of people are silent carriers showing little or no symptoms, and this is without the vaccine.

      We are told we will still need masks even with the  vaccine. So it seems that the vaccine reduces the severity of illness for the individual, but transmission still occurs.

      Given these facts I dont see how making the vaccine mandatory by the use of certificates is justified.

    3. BubberMiley


      It's not mandatory.

    4. OftenWrong


      I read Macron has implemented the requirement to carry a vaccine certificate nation-wide, necessary to do pretty much anything. Technically not mandatory unless you want to go to school, work, see a show or buy groceries. Big protests against it in France.

      This is being implemented in a few other countries, and some Canadian provinces are planning for this as well.

  4. All is not lost however, as long as we maintain a clear vision of what is Canada. I’m for being more accommodating. Just build more washrooms and ensure they’re safe for anyone to use. Walking around naked in a washroom is generally considered uncool, no matter who it is or what genitalia they may have. I have never seen nor heard of it in my life. I like the “Family” washroom concept. Let it be for people with children. In other words the child and their caretaker. Private stalls, Hopefully no one will take offence to that. All other adults whether they be male, female, trans, etc. have to use a different room.
  5. 1. You have answered the question, at least in part. The media should report on important things and not inflate stories. The media is also biased toward leftism and their causes du jour. It is interesting to consider why that is. Perhaps the business model for media companies is unfair. By fair I mean without political bias. Media is the most important tool and is more like a weapon. The pen is mightier than the sword or gun. 2. I like it when people find their niche.
  6. Perhaps it’s more of a personal issue. Perhaps some people abhor them and consider them as mentally unstable, as a person who has made a bad choice and has sexual hangups. IE perverted. It’s not a hot news item. I only hear about it around here.
  7. I’m sure many will sleep better at night. Just one question- do your feet not touch the ground when you walk?
  8. He wants to send federal health officers to knock on people’s doors. You are free to believe they are doing a milk run. fill yer boots
  9. Pushback for Biden after he said he would send agents door to door to inject them, whether they like it or not.
  10. Use water as fuel you say? Sure why not. We consumed an ocean's worth of oil in about 200 years. Surely we can do likewise with water oceans. So much better for the environment.
  11. I didn't hear any cheering about failing to meet vaccine targets except from people trying to make the virus a political issue. People like you. Incorrigible, I tell you
  12. This week we are told a litany of lies by the CBC with headlines such as “WORLD ON FIRE” and “Salmon are getting cooked by climate change”. Also that the haze over Toronto and Southern ON is smoke from forest fires as the Boreal forest incinerates all around us. Supreme BS says I. That was just summer haze and industrial pollution. Two days later the air is cleaned up. Where did all the smoke go? What you’re hearing is the ramping up of climate-hysteria messaging. The sky is literally falling. But not so fast ye climate crusaders. Take a closer look at the reasons behind these forest fires. “Although the fires have become an emblem around the world of the destructive effects of climate change, many of the province’s forestry experts are pointing out that while climate change makes fires more likely, it’s poor forestry management that is helping to make them more destructive.” -National Post I have mentioned it before. Human greed and exploitation. The governments messaging program amounts to environmentalist propaganda.
  13. Thats what you see, but its all too obvious. You people are like a donkey when you put a carrot before its nose. I see a system that has not responded properly. Has not done the important things that could shield us from having to shut down our cities. We could do a lot better and spare people some misery. I guess the fact our government is not proactively doing these things says, they dont want to. But then I am just a crazy, bad man.
  14. You want to follow the lemming over cluff, fill ones boots I say. all typos are intentional, you just dint get it. here read about drug safety. Learn something please. Explains how and why drug safety laws came to be in the united states, and why multi-generational studies are needed. https://theconversation.com/could-thalidomide-happen-again-46813
  15. I’ll go with the top doctor in Ontario when it comes to his advice on vaccine passports: not required and not even recommended. I’ll go with the top doctor at WHO who stated it’s not recommended to mix vaccine types, because in her words there has been no formal research on it. Just anecdotal research. That of course means dont follow an Astrazenica with a Moderna. But then, dont repeat Astrazenica with a second dose, either. Ok. Sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen. Some of us do know about history and other “wonder drugs” created to save us, that ended in disaster. Google thalidomide, in case you dint habla
  16. For the record I’m no antivaxer. I believe in the science of real and proven vaccines, where safety rules are in place and are actually followed. Forcing people to take the controversial potions by law, along with introducing legislation to bypass the vaccine safety laws is unconscionable. In my opinion That doesnt mean they cant force me to take the shot, as chivatos rule the day.
  17. I busted the attempt at making HIV an analogy. There is no analogy to what we are doing to ourselves now. Don’t even try. I’m faced with the notion I may have to drop out of society. Not because I left it; it has left me.
  18. No thanks. At this point I need do neither, Sire. And I intend to keep it that way. I have the clout to do it.
  19. Why no blackface though, I wonder. That would have been a nice touch, to include blacks in the native ceremony. Really summarizing what Mr. Trudeau stands for. Right?
  20. Evidence that vaccination actually enhances the virus ability to mutate and makes you more of a threat, should you still get covid. “If you’re vaccinated and have a breakthrough positive case, you want to limit your exposure to others so that we can limit the capacity that the viral variants have both to spread and to continue to mutate,” Gonsenhauser says. What you should do if you or someone you know is fully vaccinated but tests positive for Covid anyway ,and to substantiate my outlandish claims, still available from the before-time, 2018: Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve But hey, you people go right ahead and fill yer boots, fill yer boots...
  21. Since I don't have to prove I do not have HIV, I should not have to prove I do not have covid-19.
  22. But they are not allowed to be otherwise discriminated against and may go about freely. You need not worry about getting HIV from them, unless you want to get REAL close. No one needs to present any ID indicating they don't have HIV, nor do they need to take a test for HIV every time they want to have sex to prove they do not have it.
  23. Oh oh look out, the washroom police are gonna get you for that comment. Some brutal 280 pound perv can go in wearing a miniskirt and a curly wig, but not you Dad. You're just being a problem right now!
  24. It isn't God against us so much as all the people who think they know what God wants, and use that as an excuse to carry out their BS. Or like my Grandpappy, old Pee-paw OftenWrong, said "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Which brings us round to thread topic. Mr. Trudeau shall help the natives, alright. Any excuse to wear one of those feathered head-dress the Chiefs get to wear on is head, and some makeup, he is in. Look how happy-
  25. Good work, glad you are now well educated on the matter. But rest assured, no matter how much you hardcore lefties natter on, I will exercise my human rights as a male, and stand up to go pee.
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