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  1. Killary is the secret weapon soon to be unleashed. She is, in my opinion absolutely hands down the perfect VP pick, and would guarantee an election loss by Trump. All she needs to do now is say on Twitter "oh if only I had been your president, think of how different things might have been", will set the stage for a huge win.
  2. Why do you need to blame Trump for everything? Is it not clear that the world was a crap-hole prior to 3 years ago? The problem is not him alone. The problem is us. It was there under Obama, just not being shouted out in the papers against him daily. The problem will still exist after Trump too, as long as we have people with short-sightedness.
  3. Actually has a big chance. Drooling morons will vote for him.
  4. If someone doesn't understand once you give them a beating, you do it again, and even harder.
  5. Hmm, how about when civil law and order can still be maintained.
  6. Obama: "Yes we can!"

  7. I heard that some cops may do that, pin them down by their necks. It's a good way to keep a big man down but they're supposed to ease up and let them breath once in a while.
  8. Yes, I see you are very pleased. How many more people were killed?
  9. You've stopped making sense to me. Here you go Einstein, you figure it out:
  10. I could imagine it. We have re-elected Justin Trudeau. When Biden gets elected, the corruption will be silent and efficient. Yet the masses will be oblivious to it, and thus, more happy.
  11. You prove my point, precisely. Carry on deluding yourself... life will be easier that way for you.
  12. You do nothing of the kind. You are deluded as to the cause or motivation of a person such as me, so you project your own reasons for it. You simply do not understand.
  13. Which black Americans? The ones who are cops themselves... or how about the retired cop who was killed by looters at a pawn shop? "Black Lives Matter" - can a name be any more racist? It's the old adage, those who want to help are creating the greater harm. Road to hell, and stuff.
  14. Not every day all day, as depicted in the movies. But it is a responsibility they bear. Let's not forget "they" are humans beings.
  15. It's nice that you think the whole US is brought "to a standstill" by these riots. A few city blocks in the downtown cores of cities. Your evident glee at seeing wanton destruction of civility is duly noted. Once again Just because the media plasters big and awesome images of buildings on fire, and people cheering, that gets you to believe it is everywhere. The nation is on fire. Yup. You are utterly mesmerized by the media. You don't have to tell me anything.
  16. There are certain jobs that naturally attract sociopathic, or even psychopathic individuals. They seek positions where they have power over others. You might see a higher percentage of such people in police, security, and also in administration. HOWEVER, In regards to police, anyone resisting is essentially putting a gun to their own head. These people have to deal with the worst of human scum every day, on a moments notice if necessary, while the rest of us can run away. If a cop tells you to do something, you'd best do it and say, "Yes, sir." He's not going to wait around and try to figure out if you're really a criminal, or just having a bad day.
  17. It really seems like some of you are enjoying the spectacle. Let's have a poll and see if it's politically biased. You are a simpleton, you and your cohort. Nowhere did I mention Dems or conspiracy. Radical groups take advantage of a crisis to exploit it, by using the media whores against us. The more explicit and outrageous the spectacle, the better their chances are of getting air time. Then out come all the lemmings and usually it's the college kids, hoping to do something good for the world. They are duped into acting as a cover for the radical groups exploits. I have seen it myself first-hand, what kind of people there are at protests. Some of these are trained and they specialize in working a protest to get the most out of it. They have strategies, techniques, and equipment.
  18. Who said democrats? Feeling sensitive, are we? Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were not a liberal?
  19. They were waiting for an incident like this to happen and used it to trip the switch. Get the people outraged to the point they are furious. It was just a matter of time before the next black person got killed on video.
  20. Let's use a Danish fairly tale to determine national policy issues... Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo
  21. But for abject stupidity, there is no vaccine.
  22. Yeah, I guess you're right. Let's just stay home then. Too much work, forget it
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