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  1. Over 50% of visible minority immigrants, when asked in a survey if they were going to get the vaccine responded "No." StatCan says Black, Latin Canadians least willing to take COVID-19 shot These are people who don't feel connected to a community. It's a kind of culture that persists in big urban areas. So, what are we gonna do.
  2. WestCanMan, perhaps you don't appreciate the issue. Blacks need our help. Without us giving them a boost they simply will not make it. We need to teach our children these things...
  3. Sorry sir, I didn't mean to interrupt. Of course you were talking about hourly workers who are not eligible for CRB. I wanted to show it's not even just essential workers. But you're right, back to thread. I still look at our grocery clerks, they've always been heroes to me, but has there been major outbreaks among them? Nope. Same old dude is still putting the romaine out. Same nice old broads at the checkout. And if there was ever a place that was gonna get some, that would be it. Literally everyone has to go in there sometime. Now they're only allowing 25% capacity. One perso
  4. What would happen to the jurors, even just one juror, if they dared to vote nay. I mean can you imagine? Oy vatto.
  5. Thousands of people work under those conditions. They will not qualify for CRB because the rules are goofy. If you didn;t make much money in the past 12 months you won't qualify. That affects people who were already poor before covid, and now out of work because they only get called in rarely. If under covid you make 50% plus one dollar compared to the previous year, sorry. No qualification. Same goes for students who graduated from college or university in 2019. If they did not make more than 5000 dollars in the previous 12 months, not tickee, no shirtee. There are thousands of them as w
  6. I don't feel it necessary to be vaccinated. No thanks, I'll just go with what nature gave me. I have bone marrow, and white blood cells. In fact I might have been exposed already a little, who knoes. Funny thing about viruses, or viri as it were.. if you get small exposures over a period of time, but not enough for it to win, your immune system learns how to overcome the virii. You're then in much better shape to deal with it the next time it comes around. Thus it is only the free man who goes outside that shall endure. All else shall fade away, fade away.
  7. I don't feel a need for one for myself. I can certainly wait until later. In fact I intend to be, the last Canadian to be vaccinated for Covid-19.
  8. She says as she's typing on her Chinese commie made keyboard, which they make in factories sans any safety regulations, so the duped leftist enviros can pay only 29.99 for a piece of crap. And feel smug about it, no less. Carry on...
  9. I don't have time to go over your crazy math. Again if you dont like it you;l have to talk to authorititties. Not my words this is Hinshaw, I'm sure she knows what she's talking about. You are spreading information thats counter to our governments advisory. It is an offence to spread lies about Covid-19 on the internet, so you should stop.
  10. Would like to know how the imbeciles who vote these people in feel now. Are they satisfied? I say yes. It's not knew for her to be this level of bombast. Was she not recently re-elected? Yes she was. So it begs the question, who the hell. Really. Either that or somebody's getting loads of payola. Cause it ain't her talent or her looks that's getting her in, I tell you.
  11. I like their use of the phrase, "In a stark comparison...". Yes, 0.005 / 0.000004 equates to 1250 times the risk. Yes quite,, stark. Cept for one little old problem, you've got no magnitude worth a coon shit.
  12. Here is the official quote. This is from the lady who's doing Alberta. Alberta confirms country’s second blood clot after AstraZeneca vaccine dose Shooting you people down is just too easy. Just like taking candy from a baby.
  13. Worldometer? What's that. Sorry, you'll have to take up your issue with the Canadian authorititties.
  14. Interesting little tidbit came out in the fine print about lowering the age for vaccine in Ontario. Says "Only 1 person in a hundred thousand might die from blood clots. Compare this to getting covid, where 1 person in 200 might die." Noting that 1 in 200 is literally 0.5%. So another way to say this is, if you get covid you've got a 99.5% chance of living. Meanwhile in Ontario, we're being told that we are but food for the gods.
  15. Yeppers. But Ontarians deserve all the DoFo they get. They voted him in, after all. Majority. Provincial, never mind. It was written in the stars that PC would win, could have been anyone. Atilla the Hungarian could have been premier. And so, Doug Ford is what they gave us. Remember how that went? Quick little sex scandal, then bingo boffo, you're out Peter and in walks Doug. Interesting how that worked out. As if all the chess pieces were being put in place already...
  16. It may seem that way, but it isn't. Canada still suffers from US 'brain drain', meaning a lot of people who graduate from universities here, or work in medical operating rooms or what have you, get offered fancy paying jobs in the US. Naturally it is the finest and best who get invited there. Our top scientists, researchers, engineers and business men.
  17. "In a lengthy Zoom interview this past week, Paul Elias Alexander, Howard Tenenbaum and Harvey Risch — all PhDs working out of prominent universities — told me flat-out that lockdowns are a complete waste of time." Alexander, a PhD educated in epidemiology who recently worked for the Health and Human Services Department in Washington, D.C. as a senior advisor on COVID-19 pandemic policy, said they have a year’s worth of data showing there have been “crushing harms” from the “draconian” lockdowns. “The present lockdown and school closures are not sustainable, illogical, and often
  18. Mr. Trudeua seeks to leverage the pandemic to attain his goal of providing a universal basic income. Libtards are already working on it. Jagmeet will seal the deal, putting a final knife in our democracy.
  19. Do you have any idea why there is a delay? Like if something went wrong in making the latest batch, maybe. Or else, I think I smell a rat in the chemistry lab.
  20. Darn right. Sure you had better go and “pay your respects” because if you didnt, oy vatto, you dont wanna know what they’ll do.
  21. Again they arent mine. Youll have to take up your issue with the government of Canada. Try faxing if they dont respond to emails.
  22. Same with Mao in China. The commies have no god, they deify their leaders.
  23. Why, you want me to keep quiet about it? Or else, what? The moderator or forum owner are legally obligated to hand over information about anyone who commits a crime in these forums. Consider yourself duly advised.
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