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  1. No need! Your honesty is refreshing around here.
  2. I beg to differ. You are not reading my information at all, but rather applying rabbit-morality. Mine is not a cavalier attitude. The cavalier attitude is the government that is not doing what people like CARP having been calling to be done since this all began. What I said should be done since this all began. I posted their link in the DoFo thread. To be clear, for about the dozenth time: I am not saying to let the old folks die. Our government is not saying it either, but they are doing it. Quietly, without any notice by rabbits who are snuggly in there safe warrens.
  3. He wouldnt know that. Hes a god dam immigrant.
  4. And I'm liken it! I'm liken it! oh yeaah. Down you all go, down down down
  5. Read the CARP link I posted. There's some useful ideas. Not like I haven't been saying the same thing myself since this whole mess started, back in Feb 2020. But, I'm used to being right and ignored by now. You people can just carry on. Here comes the abyss...
  6. Nope, didn't need to. Won't say anything I don't already know.
  7. Sweden proved you can control the virus. Not eliminate, but control as in reduce the deaths to levels of insignificance. Because they use a little thing called intellegences
  8. Furthermore, Who calls the shots in Ontario's COVID-19 response? Are we listening yet? Naaa
  9. I heard the Doung Ford's health advisors are not even doctors, they are lawyers. Is that true? Medical advisers’ names won’t be released for privacy reasons, Premier Doug Ford says Therefore their credentials cannot be verified.
  10. We are in control of our money and what we do with it. We are in control of decisions we make. We can choose to do the right or the wrong things.
  11. People are brought in through the ER, no? Especially if on a stretcher. That is the entrance.
  12. I think it is true, despite issues like data collection. We have to accept the data for what it is, it's the best we have. There is no compelling data to the contrary,
  13. Waiting for the chivatos to come

    1. DogOnPorch


      Batista was actually good for Cuba: discuss.

    2. OftenWrong
  14. You get nothing zero score. Go back and read, try again!
  15. I've already told you what could be done. These poeple have a useful suggestion. Very reputable organization representing retired persons. What will it take to wake up the bureaucrats at Ontario's Ministry of Long-term care? Etc.
  16. Yes we are to blame for leaving our system in tatters, then along came Covid-19. Those inefficiencies and shortfalls you are using to excuse this pandemic are nothing compared to the level of death, and suffering, that comes about by these government decisions. People are not getting life saving treatment. And just pray, that someone you love doesn't need to go to the hospital right now. You may never see them alive ever again.
  17. Say what you people want about Sweden. Mostly bullshit lies published by Neovirus fascists. Deaths have completely stop there. Well, almost to a total stop. Go check it out. Yeah they got the virus, but they did certain things to stop the most serious cases from dying. Now hopefully they can carry on living? But not us. We obsess on the death count that is 60% LTC holmes. The remaining 40% were elderly who live at home. People of advanced age. You get that? Whatever shall we do? Oh friggin my who knows.
  18. Good advice. This perhaps explains now why Fatso Arruda and Fatso Ford have issued their curfews and stay at home orders. Must not go outside... stay at home and continue to be brain-washed by the internet/ lying media and their corporate whores* at all times! * Reference to the late, great Sherman Skolnik
  19. Sedition is the favourite new buzzword, and favourite new offence to be charged against those who oppose the left. Democrats pressure Pelosi to expel Cawthorn "Mr. Cawthorn needs to be held accountable for his seditious behavior and for consequences resulting from said behavior," reads the letter, which was obtained and published by The Mountaineer. "We will not tolerate misinformation, conspiracy theories, and lies from our Representatives." Cawthorn is also not the only Republican facing threats of censure following the Capitol attacks. Next up they shall seek to eliminat
  20. I'm not much of a 'fan' for any team but I do love watching, and playing, the game. Want to see what Joe Thornton can do with the Leafs.
  21. I don't think it is the cause for these actions, rather I defer to human stupidity- the one constant we can hold onto and believe in, in most any circumstance. But that does not mean there are no "forces" who would take advantage of the situation for their own purpose, whether it be economics or environmental. That to me is not even a controversial idea. Yes they would. Mr. Trudeau let the cat out of the bag when he said- "Maybe it's an opportunity for 'The Great Reset'.
  22. It should be noted they didn't "sneak" on a plane. The leader knew they were going.
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