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  1. Is that the one before the revolution in Kiev, the one after the revolution in Kiev, the one supported by the legitimate Ukrainian army, the one supported by the rogue right wing militias, or the one in charge of the Eastern oblasts?

    Stop dreaming. Get real. There was no revolution in Ukraine. There was the same democratically elected parliament "before" and "after". Until the recent election.

  2. My granny Paulina informed me today about the latest event: the price on bread has tripled!

    Your "granny Paulina" (a strange spelling for a Kievan) lied you. The price on basic sorts of bread (and it is really good bread) increased in Kiev by average 10% since the war began.


    Next time be more realistic, otherwise I will complain to your supervisor in Olgino.

  3. Further, there ARE no organized rebels doing much fighting. Virtually all the fighting has been conducted by the Russian military after Russian special forces started the 'rebellion' by seizing various government buildings in eastern Ukraine.

    No. That was true in August of the last year.

    The situation has changed drastically for the last five-six months. Now, according to Ukrainian reports from the front line, ratio of locals to Russian military among captured separatists is 7-8 to 3-2.

    "True" rebels who joined anti-Ukrainian military units in the beginning of the conflict are dead by now. The Russian army established relatively strict order among rebels group. Those who didn't want to subdue to the direct Russian command were dispersed or killed. There is practically no any economy on most of the rebel controlled territory. There is no income to dozens of thousands of men. Russia pays money for them to join "rebel's army". And they do join it. Plus, there is an influx of Russian volunteers. They become a disposable human material that continuously attack Ukrainian Army positions, wearing out the defence and finding weak spots.

    Russian army personnel constitute artillery, tank, anti-aircraft, reconnaissance and electronic countermeasure units. They normally do not have immediate contact with the Ukrainian Army. They act when a weak spot is found and a decisive blow is required, or when separatist infantry retreats under attack of the Ukrainian Army. Though, the latter situation is very rear as Ukraine obeys Minsk agreement of September 2014 and do not advance.

  4. Care to expand on this statement?

    In no way I am going to justify actions of Hitler. He's one of the biggest world's villain. What I meant is that Hitler was a product of the Western civilization. He had some principles. He never used WMD. He negotiated.

    Putin is a product of the unscrupulous bottom of the Russian society. He has mentality of a third-rate criminal. He's blackmailed the world with a nuclear strike. He has no mercy for its own people. He does not negotiate, he lies and takes advantage. He's a villain, blood-thirsty villain.

  5. Baloney. He wants the resources of eastern Ukraine, and now he has them.

    Sorry, pal, you are out of reality. There is no any resource in Donbass that Russia needs and can maintain. You probably never heard that Russia insists now that Donbass is a integral part of Ukraine. Russian commandos have even killed several warlords in Donbass who proclaimed independence of the rebel territory.

    Wrong tense. It WAS a war between the two, and Ukraine lost badly.

    Too late. In any case, Ukraine is much too weak to fight a proxy war even with Westerh weapons. And who would supply these magical weapons. Nobody in Europe stepped up- in fact they have sold out the Ukraine , and the US has no spine for what must be done.

    Ukraine is loosing but is far from being finished. Modern Russian weapons and unlimited supply of them take toll on Ukraine. Merkel and Hollande are not going to fight for Ukraine (it's completely understandable) but they haven't sold Ukraine at least yet. Please do not equate the US and Obama.

    The weapons can be supplied by:

    1. US,

    2. Poland,

    3. Lithuania,

    4. UK.

    No magical weapons are required just those that were used against Saddam Hussein. Really new western conventional weapons will finish the Russian Army very quickly.

  6. Fantasy. about 90% of that money has gone to the kleptocrats, which most definitely includes Putin himself.

    No. The poster says the truth. Russian people had a period of real prosperity (never seen before) during 2010s. The question is for how long and for what price.

    And the price is transformation of Russian economy into a service to pump oil and gas abroad. Enormous corruption. You are absolutely right about the thieves. Democracy has gone. A crisis was imminent. This is the reason behind Putin's spin of nationalism in Russia. But its wave will inevitably subside. If oil prices will be low, the Russian people prosperity will evaporate.

  7. Gentlemen,

    You are all smart guys, but sorry you have no idea what is going on in Ukraine (and Russia).


    1. Putin is a new czar of Russia. Right now Russia = Putin. His power is absolute. There is no any feedback from people.

    2. Putin does not want to annex any part of Ukraine other than Crimea.

    3. Putin does not want to start a new world war (he has no resources, his money is in the Western banks or real estate).

    4. Putin wants to remain a ruler of Russia until his last day. He is ready to sacrifice millions of lives to achieve his goal.

    5. Putin is not Hitler. Putin is much worse.

    6. Modern Russia is not a new Soviet Union, it is much weaker.

    7. There is no any significant separatist movement in mainland Ukraine. This is a war between Russia and Ukraine.

    That's it.

    It is very difficult to deal with Putin. However, it is still possible. If the West wants to bring Russia to some controllable condition, IMHO, two things are required:

    1. Do not allow Putin to crush Ukraine (by providing Ukraine with modern weapons, recce technology and communications, economical support).

    2. Mount economical and political pressure on Russia.

    Sooner or later, Russia will follow the path of the Soviet Union.

    No NATO troops are required.

  8. I too have tried to get more information. It appears that the NPP is located on the edge of the front in the fighting and very little information is coming from there. I would hope that both sides realize that the stability of that plant is beneficial for both sides.


    Since you are unable to get any real information about situation in Ukraine, I inform you:

    Russia Today was caught spreading forged "documents" again. They altered routine reports of the Ukrainian Emergency Situation Agency. There was no any concern of radioactivity level at that or any other Ukrainian NPP. By the way, as always you demonstrate complete ignorance of Ukrainian geography. The plant is pretty far from the front line.

  9. I've never heard anyone claim that the Levada Centre (which did the polling in the linked article) is anything but fully independent. Have you heard otherwise?

    Serious analysts in Russia do not believe those large numbers from polls despite the fact that the Levada Centre is independent and has good reputation. In totalitarian states people do not say that they think.

  10. Well, if you will not accept Kievpost, the principle paper of the Ukrainian regime as a reliable resource than I suggest you begin your own newspaper.

    I have no problems with the messenger. I state that your interpretation of the information in the message is not correct.

    By the way, today the Ukrainian Defence Council presented photographs of the cluster warhead rocket with the sender's address. And the address is "Russia".



    I don't think Kiev's side is great either. I happen to think that Putin is worse but both are pretty bad.

    This means the Putin's propaganda is successful.

    (The Ukrainian side are not angels, especially paramilitary units. A war is a war. Bad things happen. But you must understand the distinction: for the Ukrainian side (not army) violation of Geneva convention is exception, for Russian army and rebels in Ukraine - it's a way of doing business).

  11. Half of the truth is a lie.

    Ukrainian government denies using cluster bombs. Rockets with cluster warheads was certainly used by the Russian army against Ukrainian convoys.

    Though, it is possible Ukrainian army used these rockets too. The rockets do not have a sender's address.

    Amnesty International and OSCE don't do proper investigations. They collect fairy tales.

  12. Thank you for the references but after translating and looking through two of them I find nothing that substantiates your claims.


    Instead of pages of google hits of newspapers, please direct me to two impartial sources which back your claims like I have done in my previous posts..

    I made no claims requiring any proof. I just convey information. I do not need your agreement with my information.

    You may express your personal opinion. Sometimes your opinion matches the reality sometimes not, that's fine. I interfere only when you step beyond just an opinion and try to present a situation as a fact when reality is different.

  13. There is a reason for trying to find impartial news coming from a war zone. There is an ongoing battle for Donetsk.

    Where do you get your "news"???

    There is no any "battle for Donetsk" right now. The Ukrainian army obeys the Minsk accord and does not move forward. The rebels are using this and trying to grab more territory during this so called ceasefire. The Ukrainian army fires back.

    As for Donetsk itself? It is not clear what is going on inside the city. It is a strong indication that there are some anti-rebel guerrilla-type fighters sabotaging rebel ammunition warehouses.

    About the destiny of truth in war - I concur.

  14. I read both the Kiev media and the Russian media as well. I must have missed the information from those press releases and interviews. Please share the sources with me so that I may be enlightened and then be guaranteed that it is not something that you made up but is truly researched.



    Please note that I am not trying to prove something. I am just explaining to you what is going on.

  15. And what would an international court accomplish? The way it is set up at the moment if the issue in front of Russia and Ukraine is to be decided by say the International Court of Justice any ruling they make will not be binding for Russia unless they willingly accept that Ruling.

    I am not sure you follow the topic of our discussion with Big Guy. This is the price of the natural gas Russia had supplied to Ukraine before the cutoff.

    Under the international court I meant Stockholm arbitration.

    E.g., http://euromaidanpress.com/2014/10/14/naftogaz-ukraine-appeals-to-stockholm-court/

    It is a trade issue. Formally, Russia and Ukraine are not in a state of war.

  16. I have no idea where you are getting your information but I suggest that it is based on wishful thinking rather than factual reality.

    Is it difficult to understand that I am getting my information directly from press-releases of the Russian and Ukrainian governments and interviews of immediate participants of the negotiation? Do you realize that in Ukrainian media the situation is discussed little bit more thoroughly than Al-Jazeera does?

    Russia has agreements on gas supply with European countries. Limiting the supply does not serve well for the perception of Russia as a reliable supplier or that Russia doesn't use energy supply as a political weapon. Don't forget, supplying less (to Europe, not Ukraine) means less money coming to the budget. It's a stupid business model.

  17. Also looks like Russia is dealing from a position of strength.

    As usual, you demonstrate magnificent ignorance of the actual situation.

    Russia is in the corner in the gas question. It can, of course, shut off the valve, stopping gas supply to Europe, but it will be an act of desperation, not strength.

    The numbers of the Ukrainian debt for the supplied Russian gas you provided is a figment of Putin's imagination. That's why they are changed every week or so. Ukraine is ready to pay its debt, but calculated in accordance with negotiated contracts and not based on arbitrary ideas. The case is in the international court now.

  18. Here it is well into October with about 1,500 killed in Donetsk and the rebels or insurgents or revolutionaries or .... are firmly in control for the time being.

    Not true. The only force preventing Ukraine from taking control over its territory is the might of the regular Russian army located within Ukraine and around its borders.

    with an agreement between Russia and Ukraine to partition the Eastern part of Ukraine and create a buffer zone between the two countries.

    Not true. It's your pure fantasy. Just look at the map. What "Eastern part of Ukraine" ? It's only approx. half of two oblasts out of 24. What a buffer zone? 300 km of the border out of 2000 km? It physically cannot be a buffer zone.

    What the most important, there is no plan to partition Ukraine. All sides are talking about unified Ukraine.

    Obviously I am leaving the Crimea issue aside. But it is not a partition, it's just an aggressive annexation.

    The reality seems to be that the people in the area, mostly Russian speaking Ukrainians, do not want to stay with Kiev.

    You've never been there, you are not able to speak Russian or Ukrainian (to get first-hand information), but you are judging about "the reality" in that region... How familiar...

    Unfortunately, the conflict will not end soon.

  19. Putin's propagandists have no shame in their blatant lie.

    MisArt, you are pure provocateur, you don't follow latest news:


    Do you think your post

    Kiev cannot conceal hundreds of citizens killed atrociously by Ukrainian Army. Those bodies emerge here or there every time new mass graves are discovered. These guys keep their eye on the ball: https://www.facebook.com/novorossiya.cyber.riot.en?ref=hl

    is consistent with the rules of this forum?

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