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  1. You are missing the point. A SAM professional must have identified the plane as a commercial liner. The goal of downing a passenger plane can be not only pure terrorism. Just a sabotage. And do not forget, the Buk crew was Russian military, they might not care about immediate needs of the separatists. Downing a passenger jet is bad for Ukraine from their point of view. Actually the separatist have been caught in these actions. They shell residential area, kill civilians in the cities occupied by them. Isn't it terrorism? They don't claim responsibility though as you suggested.
  2. Not correct. There were no any military aircraft in the area. The shot plane in no way resembled a military aircraft and flew among other passengers jets on the dedicated route. The SAM operators must have known they were shooting on a passenger jet.
  3. One more reporter quits RT over the policy of lies. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/07/18/malaysia-airlines-russian-reporter-quits/12847251/?siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-IRPzVeJhx5csuhJtxZSJ2g
  4. I make no facts. I find them in first hand information. Then I report them here for the people who have no knowledge of actual events. Correct. That is, generally, how teachers do in elementary school. Why should I worry how uninformed people accept facts? The facts won't change whether you consider my credibility low or high. It's your problem, not mine. Please note, that you are discussing my personality and not responding to my questions to you. It seems to me, you are just speaking in slogans. Let me remind my question again, how can you marry the facts that there are only about f
  5. Don't confuse unhappiness with government with the desire to fight the government with arms. (Hint: look at Canada). How do you define your "large minority"? Should it correlate with the number of soldiers in the "rebel army"? I think it should. My accounts are correct because they are based on the first hand information. Contrary to yours... My accounts are facts, not opinions. It's objective reality. Regardless that uninformed people think about it.
  6. This is the problem. The crew was no doubt professionals (scored a hit with limited means). However they must have questioned the airplane flight parameters because Ukraine does not have military planes there flying so high and so fast. The parameters unequivocally belonged to a passenger jet. An expert has pointed out that this happened because the crew was not full and there was no guy who would look into optical sight (10 times magnification) to confirm the target.
  7. And all of them told (on public) " I cannot tolerate the BS they force me to announce"?!
  8. Russian-speaking internet is full of these numbers (and videos by the way). Do you imply that 80% of "people in Eastern and Southern Ukraine" are fighting against the government forces?! Do you realize how many hundreds of thousand of soldiers should be in the "rebel army" then? Do you know the real number? All the rest of accounts are garbage. Could you name the commanders of the "rebel army"? Who are they? ‚Äč
  9. How about high paid commentators leaving RT because they cannot tolerate lies and propaganda broadcasting by the channel?
  10. 1. There is no civil war in Ukraine now. So called separatist have very little popular support. All fighting on the separatist side is being done by mostly Russian forces with support of local marginal elements. 2. Partition solves no problem. Separated territories will be used by Russia (Putin) for further expansion. People of Ukraine understand that. That is why most fighting from government side id being done by Russian-speaking Ukrainians from the Eastern regions. Unfortunately, this conflict completely depends on Putin's will and thus has only a military solution. This is in fact a Ukra
  11. Not true. The rebels hadn't had and don't have the Buk AA system. That one was brought to the area at 1 am on July 17. The aircraft was shot down at 4 p.m. In the night the vehicle was moved back in Russia. This is a flat lie.
  12. Approximately 10 Ukrainian soldiers and 10 civilians. Numbers for separatist militants are not tracked.
  13. Because the case is treated as a crime and is under investigation. All records in Ukraine are seized by the Ukrainian police. It's a standard practice in the world. Usually, the ATC communication is leaked earlier by a third party.
  14. This is not true. Or I would like to see a confirmation of these fairy tales. And the most important question is: why would the Ukrainian army shoot on a civilian plane? On this particular plane, there are lots of them flying every day?
  15. This is a correct description. There are simply no "genuine" separatists left, it's a bloody fighting, people get killed and wounded. Now Putin has to send more and more Russians there as a cannon fodder. All commanders are officers of the Russian Army with a two-star general as a chief.
  16. "I wish I would have been now as wise as my wife will be tomorrow." Aviation is always a cost/benefit analysis, plus human errors are unavoidable. Every crash could have been "easily avoidable" when you know the chain of events post factum.
  17. Unfortunately this is too simplistic. Real life is more complicated. Planes do fly over conflict zones. Shit happens sometimes.
  18. Did you miss a scandal when Russian soldiers who participated in clearing crash site of the Polish President plane stole debit and credit cards from dead Poles and tried to use the cards afterward? This was confirmed by Russian court.
  19. Watch Ukrainian news about pro-Russian meetings. Per million of population those meeting can attract dozens of people.
  20. Not only. That the missile and crew are Russians was said by rebels in the telephone calls. You answer is wrong. Many military experts, including Russians have explained that the contingent comprising the rebel "army" are not capable to operate this equipment. You have no idea about conscripts in Ukrainian army. They cannot be professionals by definition. They serve 9 to 12 months, while basic training requires 6 to 12 months. In AA missile units conscripts perform secondary duty. Qualified job is done by professional officers, who are trained for 5 years and have periodic exercises. Without
  21. Here you are talking about dozens, maximum several hundred men. Strelkov many times complained that local people do not want to join rebel "army."
  22. This is not true. It has been a fact noted in Eastern Europe that the actual fighting is happening not between ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians, but between almost exclusively ethnic Russians. These are Russians from Central, Eastern and Southern Ukraine. One group is rebels, the other group is men defending their homes from the Russian plague. Ukrainian speech in the fighting area is extremely rare. There is, of course, a layer in the Ukrainian society that are nostalgic for the Soviet Union and would support joining Russia, but their number is very small.
  23. The keyword is "rebels". It is impossible for rebels. This can be done only by Russian professional personnel. I agree with you that they confused the plane.
  24. I gave you a link to a full explanation of the situation presented by the chief of the Ukrainian national security service (SBU). The time fragment contains excepts of four intercepted telephone calls where rebels discussed arriving the Buk vehicle and shooting down the plane. All in one place.
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