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  1. Can you tell propaganda from a lie? The guy didn't tell that. Though, the Russian propaganda is a big and only lie.
  2. Indians desperately want a stealth fighter. And as usual, they want technology. For India there is no choice between Rafale or F-35, they are simply in different categories. Rafale is in no way a substitution for a fifth generation fighter. When reason will dominate minds of Indian military, they can buy F-35.
  3. Russian Central Bank (100% government owned) currency interventions to keep Ruble afloat are widely discussed in Russian Internet. E.g, http://bankir.ru/novosti/s/tsentrobank-rf-prodal-v-ponedelnik-do-10-mlrd-dlya-podderzhki-rublya-10069069 $10 Bln a day. Russia can afford it.
  4. Ruble is low now. What keeps it from falling is interventions of Russia Central Bank. They spend large amounts of currency to keep Ruble within good looking "corridor". It's a matter of principle for Putin. They have large reserves.
  5. Anybody with normal logic would find a building in Ukraine that is an equivalent to the White House. Dates of "storming" are also known. After that it is obvious that you and dre have no idea about the real events in Ukraine.
  6. Time to time, protesters "storm" something in every democratic country. It has nothing to do with overthrowing government. Only taking over a presidential residence can pose a risk to the president. Please list dates and "government" buildings that protesters took over. Argus's arguments are absolutely logical. There were no any risk to Yanukovich life. He signed the agreement after negotiations brokered by the European Union. Nether EU nor UN saw any legitimacy issue with the interim Ukrainian president. If you know something that the world-class diplomats didn't, please, tell us. If you a
  7. What facts give you a reason to call him a SOB? What wrong things did he do?
  8. This is a lie. There is no any direct evidence a Ukrainian plane shot at the city center. The explosions obviously cannot be caused even by 50-mm rockets (UkrAF use 82-mm ones). It is obviously a gun fire. Not a single piece of the rockets was found. A separatist AA gun (23-mm) was recently installed exactly within the sector of the fire. Most of the civilians were killed by falling debris from the explosion on the building wall that is not located on the axis of fire. Conclusion: Theoretically, the series of explosions can be from an aircraft gun, but there is no evidence. The explosio
  9. Please don't be a demagogue. I've just pointed out that within every nation you will find a wide variation of attitudes to any particular issue. You, it seems, see everything national as uniform. Difference between us is that you has never lived Russian people life. I did that for 40 years. I call things how they are. You speak your dreams. I do not insist on my point of view. However without fluent speaking (even not reading) and preferably Ukrainian you won't be able to find " impartiality on this topic." So, if you have any question, I would be glad to give you an answer. I see sincere
  10. You don't know how lucky you are, boy, back in Canada.
  11. I see, you get your knowledge from internet... In real life this is DND gives sometimes not friendly reminder to contractors how its aircraft should be referred to.
  12. This a reminder that there is no CF-188 designation in Canadian Forces. Officially Canadian military aircraft are designated with two letters and three digits with not dash between them. For dilettantes ("Canada refers") using CF-18 is normal, as it is a jargon of professionals.
  13. 1. Officially government do not control them. The name of their commander is known. It seems they are going to join the government controlled National Guard. 2. They wear that black uniform. This is a strict rule. There is no any other irregular unit. Thus your first sentence is senseless. Oh, please, don't be pathetic. First of all, I didn't mention all 150 mln people. I was talking about Russian national mentality. Consider that as a part of the national culture. Would you refuse to accept that such a thing as a national culture exists? They are politicians, it's their business. They
  14. Sure, but it shows that you have no idea what you pretend you do... It was just a friendly reminder.
  15. Do not flatter yourself. Use either CF-18 or CF188 identification.
  16. All forces fighting for Ukrainian government wear uniforms. Most of pro-Russian wear military-like fatigues. You cannot imagine intensity of brainwashing Russian people are subjected to 24/7. It is a well documented phenomenon now: approx 3/4 of Russian population are not like us in regard to critical thinking. And to lie in everyday life is normal for Russian mentality. This is another drastic difference from, say, Canadian people.
  17. It is easier to list who do not consider Crimea a part of Ukraine. That Crimea belongs to Ukraine was confirmed by the newly elected Ukrainian president Mr. Poroshenko immediately upon receiving news that he has decisive lead in votes. If it is not enough for you, how about, Canada, USA, EU, NATO, UN... I have explained you, several thousand Ukrainian citizens who live in Crimea voted in mainland Ukraine. Certainly, it's a purely symbolical act, however, in legal sense numbers don't matter.
  18. You are only partially correct. Poling stations did not work in Crimea. People voted in mainland country.
  19. You are wrong. Is it really difficult to find facts? The separatist and Russian mercenaries do not control entire area of the two affected oblasts. Despite their (and Russia's) best efforts, 15% of voters there did vote (preliminary data). Thus, people from all 24 oblasts plus Crimea have voted.
  20. And we know that this time China will dominate in this alliance.
  21. Not really. He's the organizer of the Donetsk People Republic. In this way he tried to blackmail the Ukrainian central government to get some big privileges in the region. But his puppets established contacts and were overtaken by pro-Russian military group in Slavyansk/Kramatorsk. The guy started loosing control over the situation along with mounting business losses. Thus he has to act, he has to do something to save his empire. It may be too late. BTW, the central government did not allow him to have "an army", i.e. to have weapons. It is not clear why you have any doubt about validity of
  22. Irony of the situation is that now Russia spends relatively little money. The main spender now is Yanukovich (in order of $1 mln a day, rates are known.). These money were stolen from Ukraine in February .1. No such groups have been detected so far. There is no any serious Nazi groups in Ukraine. 2. Russian propaganda calls all Ukrainian part of the country "Nazi " any way. 3. Formally,the government initiates criminal investigations in all cases where a criminal acts are suspected.
  23. Yes, there is such a phenomenon there right now. However, the reason is not in the East/West division, but rather government forces are strictly limited in their modus operandi or ROE, while separatists use all variety of terrorist actions. Appearance of the pro-government paramilitary units is a popular reaction on inability of the government police forces to fight separatists. The government is not encouraging creation of these groups, however, is not precluding it. The incident described in your link was discussed in Ukrainian forums. No certain conclusions about the unit were made.
  24. Sorry, this mental exercise can be respected for the number of letters the author typed, but it has little to do to the background of the current situation in Ukraine. My exclusively personal opinion is that the author lives in alternate reality. It is not a big deal to list names. There are no relevant facts in this article. There are lots of wrong statements. P.S. I've just looked at tweets on the left hand side. The author is a typical leftist. Garbage in - garbage out.
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