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  1. Okie dokie then. Keep proving my point for me.
  2. I don't think you can win against him/her. Its not about exchanging ideas and intelligent debate-It's about something else. The anger he/she has is coming from somewhere else, an undisclosed place that cannot be revealed by said carrier. Its the dog whistle of politics. But, you can pick up the theme with a little bit of deft rhetorical analysis. Suffice it to say that his/her assumption that I moved to Canada due to unemployment when no where in my posts have I cited that as a reason for moving here is ample proof of his/her predisposition. In fact, if I had stayed on in the U.S., I would hav
  3. Interests:being self-righteousannoying people engaging in confrontations being opionated spewing off at the mouth talking on and on I would second the opinion you have of yourself.
  4. Most Canadians do not know that Harper is an evangelical Christian with neoconservative views. His administrative style reflects that. Would make Cheney proud.
  5. Exactly. There is a segment of the population that native and naturalized people are not aware of in terms of hwo their lives are impacted. It also impacts people like myself, who basically grew up in the West, but still fall under a category that is sometimes viewed suspiciously by both governments. I am an "American/Canadian" if you spoke to me. I love both countries. For the most part,I don't mind the little bit of extra scrutiny. If you compare my treatment in the U.S. and Canada to other places in the world, I am still very lucky. But, this whole leaving me hanging for immigration deal
  6. Plus, I am addicted to Tim Hortons. I really love Vancouver. Its a nice place. People are so nice. Weather's great. My wife's parents live her etc. She's happy here. When she's happy I'm happy. Man. I wish they would just give me an answer! yes or no!
  7. At the risk of offending Canadians on this forum, I have found American bureaucracy to be much faster and more responsive. Maybe that is a personal bias. As I stated at the beginning, my reasons for moving from America to Canada were based on a) my wife's desire to live in Canada and b> because I thought that Vancouver was a nice place to raise my kids. I just might end up moving back. The problem, though, is that is easier said than done. Uprooting after 5 years of having lived in Vancouver and moving back is very hard with two kids.
  8. Not only that, I think its something that adversely impacts those that think themselves free from such red tape. The structures put in place post 9/11 can often affect Americans/Canadians who think that they are above that kind of thing. I know that this is not directly related to foreign workers, but I'm mentioning it as part of the larger discussion. For example, the occupy wall street movement in the U.S. has been heavily targeted (its key leaders etc.) by tools that were bought into existence as part of the Patriot Act.
  9. Very disruptive to personal lives. Thank you for acknowledging that. There is something so deeply human when it comes to my need for acknowledgement. Your comment may seem trivial to you, but it makes a lot of difference to me. Thank you.
  10. Your tag: Economics trumps Virtue. Disclaimer: This post is certified as GMO, gluten, and troll free, but may invoke contemporary or past elements of popular culture and/or media as satire, sarcasm, or metaphor to respond, contrast, or compare topics and posts in a succinct manner. That is one of the coolest signatures i've seen in a while
  11. Man. As a Muslim I know that to be true already. Wish more Canadians could understand this as well as Europeans and Americans.
  12. Thank you. God bless. I'll probably end up moving back to the U.S. at some point. It is just very hard for me to move back right now. Unfortunately, I came to Canada with such a respect for Canada. I always thought of Canada as America's much more enlightened and intellectual cousin. I'm afraid that is no longer the case. However, there are many people like you that make me very grateful for the love and kindness I have received from a lot of well meaning people.
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