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  1. It is the lack of balance. The West, for the most part, allows foreign entities to purchase land and businesses and operate under very similar laws to the local companies and population. But when you look at most countries in Asia, including China, they rarely allow foreign ownership. It's an imbalance of power that should be confronted. I remember when China and the U.S. negotiated for Chinese credit card companies to operate in the U.S. and in turn, U.S. credit companies would be allowed to operate in China. China is operating in U.S. and Canada, the American card companies are not operating in China. Not that I'm a fan of credit card companies, but that's just an example of the type of relationship China has with the West. Protectionism may be the only way to battle the take over of assets belonging to our 1%. I guess we prefer that the assets remain with our 1%, instead of their 1%. . . . We need a revolution. We need to own ourselves and our data. We should be able to deal with anyone we want, for however much we believe it is worth and do transactions however way we want. Blockchain is our revolution.
  2. Would the Libs (Dems) or Cons (GOP) move away from the system? Of course not. Do other parties have a chance? It doesn't look that way. The reality is that human rights violations are on only a small percentage of the population's radar. How many people think about where their product is made when they add it to their Amazon cart? This whole experience has shocked the system and has made some people to look at the system from a different perspective and perhaps even question it. That's good. However, the push right now is to go back to the way we were. Then we'll be consumed with the same old again. Would it take a bigger shock to change that? Unfortunately, I believe, that's the only way.
  3. What is the threshold? Our biggest trade partner would not get a pass if we look at their connections to human rights violations. Heck, we wouldn't get a pass.
  4. I agree. It's greed. Milking the system for every last cent is the issue. Manufacturers set-up shop in China and other countries with cheap labour, just so they can make more money for the shareholders. We do need to be more self-reliant. But how do you do it? Create a protectionist system where we charge extra taxes on foreign goods coming in? Doesn't that go against the free market? Is there a balance?
  5. 3 points in response to that: 1) One thing to keep in mind is that those with weak immune systems, who have COVID-19 have a much higher chance of needing to go to the hospital to receive care. Our healthcare system cannot handle that. This is the biggest problem around the world. 2) Also, an average patient with COVID-19 stays at the hospital for almost 2 weeks. A common flu patient who goes to the hospital stays for just a 3 days. Again, this shows the strain on the healthcare system. 3) Another point: The rate of death increases dramatically within a short period of time. So it may be 1 or 2 on February 15th and then it jumps to over 100 close to its peak. It doesn't stay constant. So the five people per day average does not reflect the reality of how harmful this virus is.
  6. I was responding to Shady's anti-immigration comment.
  7. Singapore is a multi-ethnic society and they have a cohesive culture where they respect each other and the rule of law.
  8. Because of how your brain functions, you see any criticism of Trump as words coming from the enemy. Like everything is black and white. You're either with us or against us. It doesn't matter that I have critiqued Trudeau several times about his handling of the situation. Trump dropped the ball on the virus. Now that it's too late and we're seeing the results, he is finally admitting the enormity of the situation. He is contradicting what you are saying. So if you're not going to take the words of doctors and scientists, maybe you should listen to Trump. Yes. I have done research. Enough of it to know that hospitals are not able to handle the number of sick people, who have been hit by the coronavirus. You think that ALL hospitals, doctors, nurses, media, mayors, premiers, and country leaders are LYING? That they are part of some conspiracy to take over your freedom? C'mon. They are adding the seasonal flu to the list? WHERE do you get this information? How do you come up with these? No. I am responding to your ridiculous conspiracy theories.
  9. It's also highly contagious. Anyone with low immunity could end up very sick and possibly die.
  10. There are thousands more that need to be hospitalized. Our healthcare system cannot handle that. In Italy, they have gotten to the point where they had to choose between who to treat and keep alive and who to not due to lack of workers, facilities, beds, ventilators and other supplies.
  11. Look at what you're writing. You have such a hard-on for Trudeau, that you can't even think straight. Even when he is actually practicing social distancing, you are yelling and screaming and somehow have it in your head that he is not.
  12. You need to expand your thinking and the way you think. Are you still trying to compare the flu with the coronavirus? You realize that even Trump is not doing that anymore. Are countries and provinces lying about not being able to handle the coronavirus patients? Are we not running out of supplies? Are all of this a conspiracy theory? How is what is happening now as a result of the coronavirus anything remotely close to the flu? How do you expect people to respond to you, when you are not willing to or able to educate yourself on issues you have so much opinion about?
  13. Nothing comes close to what we've seen with this highly contagious virus. There is a big difference. True in other parts, like in China. In Japan, a place I lived in, people wore masks when they were sick. It's a sign of respect towards others and part of why Japan is able to function well as a society.
  14. I doubt that we will see something like this again. I believe if we have another virus, they will handle it better from the beginning. Borders and travel should be closed right away. Masks and patient tracking will become a priority. Before the pandemic, in Japan, you'd see people wearing masks often, to reduce the chances of passing viruses to others. There is a sense of respect for the people around you. Not sure if people are aware, but Sweden has taken a different approach than other countries in Europe. We'll see what will happen there:
  15. There is no way we'll be seeing things go back to normal overnight. This is going to be gradual and it's going to be a transition. Societies and the markets will adapt and are adapting. People will start traveling again, with, of course, extra layers of health check from the point of departure and at the destination. I can see the world coming to a unilateral agreement in regards to how traveling will be conducted. I'm sure faster and more immediate testing will be part of the equation. What the Canadian and many other Western governments have done in regards to wage subsidies was the right move. Our company is able to continue to function because of it. Our staff will be able to receive a salary and in turn, use a part of that to feed the supply and demand system. We're going to be okay.
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