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  1. There is no proof by you or Dog or anyone here that proves your comment that "the most popular tshirt for Muslims is a shirt that says "2030 - then we take over". How can anyone quantify this? Is there some kind of registry of over 1 billion Muslims that measures the most popular shirt? This is why your comment is bullshxt. Your problem is that you want to label Muslims based on selective incidents, comments and videos. This was displayed by you when I pointed to a video you posted where you tried to label Iranians or Iranian men (Muslim men) as being like the two people who were harassing the Iranian woman who was filming them. Of course, you failed to point to the large number of Iranian men who came to her rescue. Isn't it curious that you take the bad and never the good when you want to label Muslims? This is your problem. You continuously label and stereotype a large number of people based on selective and limited information. You're wrong for doing that.
  2. I am challenging the tshirt comment. Yes, for something like that, you need to back up your comment. So-called Goddess doesn't miss an opportunity to defame Muslims. She continuously makes outrageous comments like "the most popular tshirt for Muslims is a shirt that says "2030 - then we take over" and you want me to just forget about it and just treat it as a passing comment. Maybe you're okay with living in this fake news world, but I'm not. I'm going to challenge them until "I'm blue in the face". Re: Bradford Have you or any of your friends who are afraid to go to the area been attacked by Muslims? Is it possible that their fears are based on the very same unfounded b.s. that Goddess is spreading? Maybe they too believe that the most popular tshirt for Muslims is one that says "2030 - then we take over". Maybe they also believe that the UK government is changing its laws to Shariah?
  3. What can I say little buddy? You're a victim of accepting everything that is fed to you. You need to go beyond the facebook memes. There is SO MUCH information out there, challenging with precision, how this "NO GO ZONE" is all bullshit. Check this link for example. There are many others as well. Like here and here. Here is an excerpt: Overall Conclusions When one delves beyond the realm of maps and dives into social media, there are clearly many other examples of claims of “no go zones” in London.Perhaps a future post can delve into these if there are sufficient interest. These examples cited above broadly cover the majority of the claims. Indeed, claims based on these maps are generally more detailed than many claims on Twitter, which often use vague terms like “East London” or absurd terms like “Eastern London” (nobody in London uses this term) or “Londonistan.” Several general trends emerge upon examination. While some claims are fabricated entirely out of whole cloth, others take actual events and either draw odd conclusions or twist them out of proportion. The fact that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets had a Muslim mayor for some years led to odd claims that the area was under Sharia law, deliberately muddling the religion of the mayor with the legal framework of governance. The election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of Greater London has furthered such claims. In addition, isolated examples have been taken out of context and purported to be representative of widespread circumstances. For example, three extremists formed an unsanctioned “Sharia patrol” and harrassed people in Bethnal Green, Stepney, and Shoreditch (all areas in East London). These individuals were arrested, tried, and jailed. In another incident, the so-called “Ginger Jihadi” was jailed for similar conduct. Videos of both are routinely circulated as evidence. The best way to debunk the “no go zone” phenomenon is to go to these areas and either observe or engage in conduct that is obviously not in accordance with strict application of Sharia laws. This author’s own efforts in this area have been well noted in the last year, as shown by this example and this one.
  4. You mean a comment like this, without citing, should go unchallenged? "the most popular tshirt for Muslims is a shirt that says "2030 - then we take over" You have a chance here to be noticed as a person with integrity by speaking out against bullshit and instead, you choose to apologize for it. Shame on you.
  5. Copycats! How dare they! Taking a page out of the Israeli propaganda notebook. No. Wait. I forgot. Zionists are above others. It's okay for Israel to try to sway opinion through propaganda and Hasbara. It's okay for them to try to shut down NGO's. It's okay for them to spy on every country, including its so-called best friend, the U.S. It's okay for Israel to go into other countries' airspace and continuously break international law. Anyone else? Not okay.
  6. Youth being radicalized is a symptom of poverty and despair. Not religion. But you go on with your The Rebel and Trump talking points. Go on spreading your thoughts in the hopes that others will join you in seeing the world from your scared little boy perspective.
  7. You're a disappointment Dougie. I've showed you statistics in regards to the education level of those brown and yellow immigrants that are moving to Canada. I've responded to your talking points about Palestinians. Instead of responding to the valuable information, you've decided to double down on your fondness for colonization and racism. What else is there to say here?
  8. Always trying to blame Islam. You poor scared little boys. These are ghettos. Kind of like what South Central L.A. was in the 80s and 90s. Or the Bronx in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Issues in the ghettos are all about poverty and economics and not about religion.
  9. Lock your doors Argus! They're coming! They now have a leader in Ireland, Sinead! This paranoid mentality triggers people to pick up guns and go on a rampage, shooting up mosques. A big part of this paranoid behaviour is the lack of education and the failure of parents to educate their children. The oversimplifying of who people are, the stereotypes, the brushstrokes are a symptom of the loud minority whining about the Muslim takeover. You guys are not far off from this degenerate: Suspect in Kansas bar shooting of Indians apparently thought they were Iranians Link
  10. Palestinian is more of an ethnicity than Israeli since the inhabitants of the area, the Arabs, were there before the mass immigration of Jews from Russia and Europe in the early 1900's. There was no Israel there. The important factor here is that there were people living in that area. While the Arab Muslim, Christian and a small percentage of Jews lived side by side. Whatever you want to call them, these people lived there and then they were forced out from their homes through colonization. Over 500 Palestinian villages were burnt down by Jewish terrorist groups. Lead by the future prime minister of Israel, Jewish terrorist, Menachem Begin. The same guy who blew up King David hotel, killing innocent civilians and British soldiers. Where is your defense of your Queen, Dougie? A cheerleader of colonization would, understandably, cheer for colonization. I'll try not to jump the gun, but I have a feeling what your feelings are towards the apartheid in South Africa.
  11. OMG! They got Sinead! Who is next? Bono?!
  12. You really think that will happen? That these western countries will "cave" into extremist practices? That's a mighty big fear you have that you continue to try to spread. One of the biggest problems with you and your presentation of Islam/Muslims is that you continuously generalize. Like Muslims are all the same. They think the same. They dress the same. I remember you posted a video of an Iranian woman in the streets of Iran, being followed by two 'religious police'. You tried to portray how Iranian men treat women. Of course, you never commented or acknowledged the end of the video when a large number of Iranian people, including men, came to the rescue of the woman who was being harassed by the religious police. For you, the worst of the worst who practice Islam is your take of who all Muslims are. This is what you continue to try to push. I have come to accept that you're nothing but a hack who is only here to spread hate through generalizations and stereotypes.
  13. Reaching your potential does not have to include stepping on others.
  14. I love that Trump image! It's good comedy by the desperate who are trying to find meaning in their empty lives by glorifying a tragic past through the clown who is selling it to them. Here is another good Trump photo:
  15. You're not a member of global ruling elite. Why do you bother with this theatre?
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