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  1. Israel would be nothing without the billions it receives each year and the political support it receives from a few countries.
  2. You are unstable and don't have the attention span to analyze things. Instead, you jump into conclusions without really thinking.
  3. Iran's Green Movement was one of the first times the world was able to receive unfiltered information coming out of a country being oppressed and brutalized by the government. This was all due to internet. We saw something similar during the Arab Spring . - The West should start with providing internet through satellite to bypass the Iranian government's control over internet. - There are thousands of family members of the Iranian government living in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. They need to increase and pinpoint sanctions against the corrupt Iranian officials and their families and the hundreds of companies they own outside of Iran
  4. Where? Please let me know about these Arab terrorist bombings against civilians and I'll lead the condemnation. I just checked again and found nothing. My land? You have no idea what you're talking about. I try to have conversations with you, but you show nothing but instability. What does this have to do with Iran? An innocent kid was shot in the back and an innocent family was bombed. I am being biased??? I don't think you are mentally stable. Iran's crimes does not justify Israeli crimes. I invite you to share the information in the correct thread.
  5. Israel is an evil state. One of the most sophisticated intelligence organizations bombed a house and managed to kill a whole family. Their excuse: A year ago, they had intelligence that a member of a militant/terrorist group was there. What's the recourse? Oops. Our bad. Onto the next denial of a morally corrupt country: A man is shot in the back by Israeli soldiers, because it's funny. In North America, kids make videos of silly pranks. In Israel they make videos of shooting people in the back and laughing about it.
  6. Ethnicity or religion or colour has never been a variable.
  7. Many Muslim women who live outside of Muslim countries do not wear the Muslim garments. Would you date a white Jewish woman?
  8. Would you date a Muslim who is white?
  9. Sorry. Not white. No mixing allowed.
  10. Because of technology, the barriers are being broken. There are definitely negatives as we go through a transition. We're learning to deal and adapt with technology and mass information. Narcissism is just being expressed differently. Technology will continue to improve our world and suppress backwards ideas in other parts of the world. Many conservatives in other countries and cultures are complaining about how technology is taking children away from 'tradition'. In many cases, this is a good thing. It's changing the ideals and beliefs of young people around the world who are fed lies, hate and segregation.
  11. Made people sad with her "white boy" comments. It's the culture of victimhood and the platforms like facebook, twitter and the comment sections where people share their grievances for the latest comment that has upset them. She triggered people like DC triggered people.
  12. I did that and it only shows the link. https://twitter.com/NathanCaranci/status/1195090217348345867
  13. No worky. Not after doing it from my desktop.
  14. The attack on DC is not in regards to his support for troops. It's because he's a stubborn old bigot. By the way, how did you post the twitter post like that?
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