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  1. We don't need to lower our standards in order to appease low standards around the world. Manufacturing jobs are going to be obsolete anyway, as automation is taking over. Canada should continue to promote high skilled workers and fight harder to bring in high skilled workers from around the world. We will reach a point where manufacturing plants will only have engineers and technicians, sitting behind computers, making sure that the robots are doing their jobs. We must embrace technology and the emerging markets and industries, instead of trying to hold onto dying ones.
  2. Christmas doesn't have to be a religious celebration, if you're not religious. It's an opportunity to spend time with your family and take a break. It's interesting seeing immigrants and non-Christians saying "Merry Christmas", whereas, many who regularly celebrate Xmas, say "Happy Holidays", in order not to offend non-Christians.
  3. Here is a list of epidemics in the past 10 years. This is not some 'out of nowhere' circumstance. It was happening before Event 201 and it will continue to happen in the future. Link
  4. You can have an overwhelming majority of people following the social distancing guidelines and wearing masks, but you can also have a small number of people who ruin it for everyone. Link
  5. There have been many pandemics in our history. There were a few outbreaks of different viruses just in the past 20 years. This is not something new. COVID-19 happened to be more difficult to control and easier to transmit. It also attacks the lungs, which can effect the elderly, the obese and those with weak immune systems. Something like what we have experienced was bound to happen. Just because they have talked about it, it doesn't mean that they are behind it. They have even made movies about viruses. Here is a really good one: There is no hoax. I ask you again: If
  6. How can you validate that he was a "dictator"? Tell me how he abused his power. What laws did he manage to put into place that would define him as a dictator?
  7. I would recommend examine your own view. Someone disagrees with you and challenges you, then you come back with the tired old: "leftist liberal lying media..." Examine what your approach is. Are you willing to engage in a healthy conversation or close yourself off and label people? I ask you again: How is this a hoax? How are the doctors faking this? Are all these doctors and nurses "in" on it? How will they change things into communism? Kissinger is gone. Bill Gates.. how will he profit from this? Explain the process to me. What are the steps?
  8. The government and the mainstream media should be questioned. Everything should be questioned. There is a capacity in hospitals when it comes to certain types of patients. There is a limited number of ventilators. Wards need to be closed off for COVID patients. These are issues that I feel comfortable validating as I have nurses and doctors who are relatives and friends of mine. There is a limit and many times, we have reached capacity in different areas of Canada. Alberta hospitals, for example, are reaching the red line as far as being able to treat COVID patients. I do believe we
  9. Kissinger was a piece of shit. Most, if not all wars are fought for selfish gains of a select few. Young men are sacrificed around the world because of these selfish few, who profit from the cycles of war. I agree with that. All said, the extent that a lot of some of the conspiracy theories (that have been around, but are now being magnified because of the echo chambers of social media), have gone too far. Like this whole COVID19 being a big, globalist hoax. For this to work, many people, at many levels need to be in on it. It is just not possible for so many people to
  10. This is very interesting - repurposing drugs that have shown to work well, but are not being approved to use on COVID:
  11. The Germans did this as well and I like how it was done. During the last year when conscription was active in Germany, men were obliged to serve six months either in the military, which they could refuse, and do alternative civilian service, or honorary service (like any volunteer) for at least six months in a civil protection organization.
  12. I don't have time for these kinds of conspiracy theories. This is why I want to know whether or not you subscribe to taxme's "The Great Hoax" theories. Why are you so bothered with this question? Re: The rest of your comments: You're being predictable, boring and divisive. I have no time for that. So if I don't respond to them from hereon, I hope you'll be able to move on.
  13. I think there is always a real danger that the situation will be misused for selfish gains. Not enough information is out yet, but from what I have seen from the market crisis 10 years ago, I'm sure this occasion has been used to put money into the pockets of 'friends'. We're already seeing companies who have received millions to help towards the pandemic, and then the company giving their CEOs large bonuses. CBC has started investigations into the money that has been handed out. This is just a start. I'm not so worried about that comment as some seem to be.
  14. This is quite interesting. This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic Link Who are these super spreaders? - Healthcare workers - People who do not accept and do not want to follow the guidelines
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