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  1. marcus

    The Great Immigration Debate

    I'm not an Obama supporter. I'm, of course, not a Trump supporter either. That said, we need to get the context and information right when discussing these topics. As far as I have researched, under Obama, children were not separated from parents. This law, which has been in place for some time, was only followed under Trump. I love to be proven wrong. Back this up with links to information and these videos you're talking about. She's not the Governor. She is a house rep. Well, not officially, as her challenger has not officially accepted it. She won because of many of the reasons Trump won. They both beat the establishment. Also, dumb? blond?
  2. marcus

    The Great Immigration Debate

    I thought I'd pass this video of Joe Rogan, sharing his thoughts on the latest immigration topic:
  3. It's just not efficient to keep repeating something and then receive a response showing that the person did not pay attention to what was said. You don't comprehend posts very well. You also lack self-awareness. This is the reason you are a hypocrite.
  4. The point that you keep missing (you seem to be missing a lot of things) is that you are a hypocrite for showing emotions and concern for these children, when you advocate for actions that have killed many other children. These Thai kids just happen not to be Muslim. Would you show the same reaction if they were? Your history on here would suggest otherwise. It's well-documented on this forum in how you react whenever there is any news about the hardship that Muslims go through. Whether it's because of US/Israel military actions or the consequences of their actions. You have come out in defense of these military actions. You have even come out saying that the Rohingya refugee story is fake or made up. Talk about having decency. Not only that, but you go out of your way telling us about your Christianity. You fail at being a true Christian, with your hate filled heart. You are a hypocrite.
  5. marcus

    Maybe no Brexit exit.

    Boris Johnson is an opportunist clown. A clown who resigned because he saw a chance to run for leadership of the party as Theresa May is facing a revolt in the party. A party that never really wanted her there to begin with.
  6. marcus

    Iran needs some democracy

    Paid thugs. I saw a documentary on the Green Movement where busloads of these thugs were brought in to suppress the movement. Many of these people had family who lost their lives in the Iran/Iraq war and they were being paid money by the government for their loss. I also saw a video where one of them was trapped all alone in a corner of a street, and the protestors had him surrounded. As angry as they were from what these thugs had done to them, the protestors didn't beat him. It was an amazing video.
  7. marcus

    Iran needs some democracy

    What was their nationality/ethnicity?
  8. No betsy. I just repeated two times, in this thread, that I don't support Assad. But you can keep repeating the false claim that I support Assad. I couldn't make it any more clear that I am against all violations. You have picked a team and are covering for your team. Because that's how you role. You're a hypocrite and have double standards and can only find faults in those who you see as your enemies. I stated, in this thread: I do not support Assad You, on the other hand, stated in this thread: America is trying to save civilians. Once again, covering for them and excusing the killing of civilians (despite seeing the post about 1000 civilian casualties by the US, in just the month of March)
  9. I will only admit the truth, which is I'm not on the side of any tyrannical government, including Assad's. No one on this forum is covering for Assad or excusing Assad, so there is no debate to be had there. I think we all agree that he is a human rights violator. However, due to your hypocrisy and double standards, I have to speak out. Look at you now: "America for trying to help civilians". Yeah. Okay. Here is America trying to help out civilians: Civilian deaths from US-led airstrikes hit record high under Donald Trump "Almost 1,000 civilian non-combatant deaths have already been alleged from coalition actions across Iraq and Syria in March - a record claim," the statement said. "These reported casualty levels are comparable with some of the worst periods of Russian activity in Syria." Don't be afraid of the truth so much. It's OKAY to speak out against ALL wrongs. Stop having double standards. Stop being a hypocrite. Try being a real Christian. Jesus would be ashamed of your un-Christian behaviour.
  10. For a Christian who broadcasts her religion on here, you sure seem to have a lot of un-Christian thoughts and beliefs. What? Calm down. You're losing it again. I am against all tyrannical governments, including the Assad government and the Iranian government. Does this confuse you? Does it confuse you that I'm against ALL things bad, instead of how you approach life, where you're against just some bad things. This is where your hypocrisy comes in again.
  11. You are a fine example of a real Christian. What's next for you betsy? "SO?!!! Meh...... At least they weren't being thrown in gas chambers!!!" Also, you are a fine example of a mentally stable person.
  12. From hypocrisy to unintentional comedy.
  13. To be proud of receiving attention at any cause is nothing to gloat about. How can one not turn away from a man that allows something like this to actually be enforced?
  14. Hypocrisy. Something you are happily riding.
  15. He is commenting on you advocating for a post where BushCheney has called Syrians, terrorists. The fact that you're unable to comprehend that is telling. Such is the characteristic of a person who has selective moral values. Here is the comment you championed: The comedy just doesn't end. A person, who uses a handle named after two men who were part of a war that has caused so many deaths and paved the way for ISIS to flourish is trying to show emotions and empathy for people! Hilarious!