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  1. We are in agreement. I think the first step in moving towards the right direction is to acknowledge and come to a consus on the enormity of the problem and agree that we need to make radical changes. We seem to still be trying to convince a loud minority and some people in power that climate change is happening. Although, the tone has now shifted from many of these loud minorities from "it's not happening" to "humans are not the cause" or "there is nothing we can do". We're wasting too much time trying to convince that group and this is a big problem. I agree that our policies should be well thought out and efficient.
  2. A car is in need of a few parts to be fixed, otherwise it can create more damage to the car in the long run. The owner decides to hold back on the upgrades because of the costs involved. A few months later, the car breaks down and now the engine needs to be replaced and the car owner now must pay thousands of dollars more than what he had to pay before. This is what is in front of us when it comes to climate change. What the policies are going to be and whether governments or companies want to take advantage of the situation in a negative way is a different question and discussion. The potential for bad policy should not stop us from realizing the urgent problem and finding an immediate solution. We cannot continue with business as usual.
  3. I don't understand you name dropping Nazis and Bolshies. I find your comparisons and analogies to try to defame a movement to have a better and cleaner world to be pure b.s. Your resistance to improving humanity, evolving our system is so sad to witness. I reject your defeatist shoulder shrug attitude. We have been able to reverse man-made disasters in the past. Remember the ozone layer? The ozone layer is showing signs of continuing recovery from man-made damage and is likely to heal fully by 2060, new evidence shows. The measures taken to repair the damage will also have an important beneficial effect on climate change, as some of the gases that caused the ozone layer to thin and in places disappear also contribute to warming the atmosphere. Phasing them out could avoid as much as 0.5C (0.9F) of warming this century. Recovery from the holes and thinning caused by aerosol chemicals has progressed at a rate of about 1% to 3% a decade since 2000, meaning the ozone layer over the northern hemisphere and mid-latitudes should heal completely by the 2030s, if current rates are sustained.
  4. Economic depressions are economical and they usually occur due to bad economic decisions, where we have a chance to end it. The climate discussion is about a non-reversal timeline. The world will not end in a decade and I haven't heard May say that it will (perhaps you need to pay attention to what is being said, instead of creating a false narrative), but according to overwhelming research, there is a window (this window/timeline is different according to various research) we have to dramatically decrease the amount of CO2 we're releasing into the air in order to not hit the tipping point. This tipping point is when changing how we do things will not stop the climate disasters, which will result in economical disasters., that are already happening, and will only increase in numbers and ferociousness.
  5. Of course DoP. Scared little boys have that type of logic. Mentally ill and marginalized individuals' religion who commit a crime only matters when they are Muslim. Here is a good article for scared little boys and everyone, in general: The random Muslim scare story generator: separating fact from fiction Halal meat is on every menu; sharia law is taking over; the niqab is undermining the nation. Ever noticed how often the same old stories keep appearing about Muslims in Britain? Here's the truth about these and other media myths.
  6. I don't accept your surrender to the illogical fear you have created in your head.
  7. Amazing way of thinking taxme! 1.5 billion people are what you are describing, because they are Muslim. My 6 year old seems to have a more advanced and logical way of thinking about people.
  8. I have a thing for libertarianism. I agree with the concept and I understand how the government shouldn't get into people's business. What the issue here is that the effects of continuing business as usual, there is going to be negative consequences. In fact, we are already seeing the consequences. When the actions of any industry is directly causing harm to people or their land, then the government must step in to stop them. It can be argued that the feds should stay out of this and instead the provincial or municipalities should be in charge of protecting its people. Re: Tobacco vs Fossil fuel industry I compared the two industries to demonstrate how the lobby groups manufacture consent and resist the science behind the findings. Anyway, what are you talking about in regards to "the tobacco industry was right"? You mean smoking does not cause the death of over 7 million people a year? That it does not costs over $300 billion dollars a year to the economy just in the United States?
  9. I'll give you that you're right. But you're also wrong. Depends on who you ask. It's your every right to feel threatened by a girl who is worried about the environmental disaster that is unfolding in front of us. It's your right to declare that she is the one who will hold back environmentalism. I rather focus on what I see is the obvious problem; The old industries who have accumulated a lot of money and power and who want to milk every last bit of the system that brings them wealth at the expense of others. There used to be a time when the tobacco lobby groups pulled the same shit the fossil industry has been pulling. From all out 'denial', to 'we can't do anything about it'. "In some ways, the face of climate denial in political rhetoric has shifted," said Matto Mildenberger, a Canadian climate policy researcher currently working at the University of California, Santa Barbara. "It tends to be much more either, 'We can't do anything about it' or 'It's not important enough to do right away.'" The researchers have also found evidence that climate misinformation is affecting public opinion about the nature of climate change and the efficacy of solutions. Link
  10. You seem to share a characteristic of an extremist. You have the same "you're either with us or against us" approach to discussions. Your threat to accept your view of who people are and how things work is unappealing. You, me, someone else may have a different view as to who the 'extremists' are and who the 'real environmentalists' are.
  11. Your aggressive characterization and one-dimensional view of people kills conversations.
  12. I start with myself and my family, then my community and so on. Reduce waste, drive less, bike more and take the train.
  13. Why are you so stuck on Al Gore? Guess what! The Arctic ice sheet IS MELTING at a record pace. It is REALLY happening. I am confused as to where you sit on the climate denial spectrum. Are you on the: Climate change is not happening Team, or; Climate change is happening but humans have nothing to do with it Team
  14. In your opinion, who will the smart progressives vote for? Or are there any smart progressives?
  15. Why is there such resistance to simple logic? It's sad watching the change in response to climate change deniers. 1) "Nope! It's not happening!" 2) "Okay. It's happening, but it's not caused by humans! It's a natural occurrence." Don't you people get sick of yourselves and the goal post you keep moving? Remember this guy?
  16. I'm not a fan of Trudeau and will not vote for his party. I will continue to enjoy pointing out your selective outrage. You are all such hacks.
  17. Yawn. Such selective heros! The lot of you. I am certain that there was no peep out of you when Harper was running the show. The Harper imprisonment is over. That might seem like a weird thing to say, coming from someone like me — a former Conservative staffer. But it fits. And I’m not the only Conservative who thinks so. Since he first became leader of the Canadian Alliance and then the new Conservative party, Stephen Harper insisted upon absolute caucus control and on absolutely getting his own way on every question. MPs who resisted this form of party discipline quickly discovered what life on the Parliamentary Library Committee was like. Though this rigid caucus control began when the party was in opposition, it intensified when the Conservatives became the government and Harper was able to take a Prime Minister’s Office that was already too large and too powerful and make it even more so. The tyranny of the PMO and the way that Harper’s minions — kids who went straight from grad school to high-priced and high-handed positions as extensions of Harper’s will — harassed and bullied MPs and cabinet ministers was a familiar tale by the time Harper was into his third term. As MPs left — or were booted from caucus, bruised and panting for air — they showed everyone what caucus solidarity meant to Stephen Harper. Link
  18. Many times more Muslims do not engage in the vile behaviour that you seem to only attribute to Muslims. So who represents Muslims? The small minority that you keep highlighting or the overwhelming majority that you don't like discussing?
  19. You are totally missing the point here. Finding some Muslims wearing the tshirt is TOTALLY different than what Goddess is trying to pass on here as fact. She is saying "the most popular Muslim tshirt...". It's absolutely wrong to make this disingenuous statement because it paints a whole group as believing what a few seem to believe. It's straight up defamation and a lie. Plain and simple. It's like taking a group of people who see themselves as true Christians and who are wearing tshirts saying: "Fags go to hell!" and then someone declaring that "the most popular tshirt worn by Christians believe "Fags go to hell!". Once confronted, Goddess, goes into deflection mode and declares that "it's true because she saw quotes in a book!". Seriously. Just stop already with this weak sauce way of debating.
  20. It's not nitpicking. It's encouraging honest discussions. You are not being honest. No. The point is that you shared a statement saying that "the most popular tshirt for Muslims is a shirt that says "2030 - then we take over" This is obviously a bullshxt statement. Now that you're being challenged, you want to pass the buck and blame it on some quote from a book, like a quote from a book are facts. Or pretend that it's not a big deal that you're trying to spread a lie. But it is. When you say the most popular tshirt worn by Muslims calls for a Muslim take over, it means that majority of Muslims want to take over. Hey. I'm not the one on here spreading bullshxt. Stop being an apologist for fake news.
  21. There is no proof by you or Dog or anyone here that proves your comment that "the most popular tshirt for Muslims is a shirt that says "2030 - then we take over". How can anyone quantify this? Is there some kind of registry of over 1 billion Muslims that measures the most popular shirt? This is why your comment is bullshxt. Your problem is that you want to label Muslims based on selective incidents, comments and videos. This was displayed by you when I pointed to a video you posted where you tried to label Iranians or Iranian men (Muslim men) as being like the two people who were harassing the Iranian woman who was filming them. Of course, you failed to point to the large number of Iranian men who came to her rescue. Isn't it curious that you take the bad and never the good when you want to label Muslims? This is your problem. You continuously label and stereotype a large number of people based on selective and limited information. You're wrong for doing that.
  22. I am challenging the tshirt comment. Yes, for something like that, you need to back up your comment. So-called Goddess doesn't miss an opportunity to defame Muslims. She continuously makes outrageous comments like "the most popular tshirt for Muslims is a shirt that says "2030 - then we take over" and you want me to just forget about it and just treat it as a passing comment. Maybe you're okay with living in this fake news world, but I'm not. I'm going to challenge them until "I'm blue in the face". Re: Bradford Have you or any of your friends who are afraid to go to the area been attacked by Muslims? Is it possible that their fears are based on the very same unfounded b.s. that Goddess is spreading? Maybe they too believe that the most popular tshirt for Muslims is one that says "2030 - then we take over". Maybe they also believe that the UK government is changing its laws to Shariah?
  23. What can I say little buddy? You're a victim of accepting everything that is fed to you. You need to go beyond the facebook memes. There is SO MUCH information out there, challenging with precision, how this "NO GO ZONE" is all bullshit. Check this link for example. There are many others as well. Like here and here. Here is an excerpt: Overall Conclusions When one delves beyond the realm of maps and dives into social media, there are clearly many other examples of claims of “no go zones” in London.Perhaps a future post can delve into these if there are sufficient interest. These examples cited above broadly cover the majority of the claims. Indeed, claims based on these maps are generally more detailed than many claims on Twitter, which often use vague terms like “East London” or absurd terms like “Eastern London” (nobody in London uses this term) or “Londonistan.” Several general trends emerge upon examination. While some claims are fabricated entirely out of whole cloth, others take actual events and either draw odd conclusions or twist them out of proportion. The fact that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets had a Muslim mayor for some years led to odd claims that the area was under Sharia law, deliberately muddling the religion of the mayor with the legal framework of governance. The election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of Greater London has furthered such claims. In addition, isolated examples have been taken out of context and purported to be representative of widespread circumstances. For example, three extremists formed an unsanctioned “Sharia patrol” and harrassed people in Bethnal Green, Stepney, and Shoreditch (all areas in East London). These individuals were arrested, tried, and jailed. In another incident, the so-called “Ginger Jihadi” was jailed for similar conduct. Videos of both are routinely circulated as evidence. The best way to debunk the “no go zone” phenomenon is to go to these areas and either observe or engage in conduct that is obviously not in accordance with strict application of Sharia laws. This author’s own efforts in this area have been well noted in the last year, as shown by this example and this one.
  24. You mean a comment like this, without citing, should go unchallenged? "the most popular tshirt for Muslims is a shirt that says "2030 - then we take over" You have a chance here to be noticed as a person with integrity by speaking out against bullshit and instead, you choose to apologize for it. Shame on you.
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