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  1. The world is in a state of transition. Some systems and policies are stale, because it takes time for governments to go through these changes and adapt. Those in power don't like change, because they are gaining based on the system we have now. They are put into power, through financial incentives, by companies and organizations that hold a large piece of the pie, and who want to milk the system as much as they could. There are many variables involved in how we function. There are negatives and positives. It's important to note that we are, in many ways, better off now than we were in the past, when you take into consideration education, poverty and life expectancy. This doesn't mean that we should not note the negatives and try to improve. Immigration too has its positives and negatives. Canada's immigration system, for the most part, focuses on the highly educated and financially well off applicants. At the end, they will bring skills and $, that will be injected into the economy. Baby boomers are retiring and there are emerging markets, mostly in tech, that need to be responded to. We don't have the workforce to respond to that. We could create insentives to try to have more children in Canada. But that's not going to work. Ask the Japanese. At the end, I think we will end up abandoning the old working system, and materialism. We will finally see that 9-5, 5 days a week of work is not normal anymore. That it's no longer needed. We have enough resources and wealth, and technology (like A.I. and blockchain) is finally at a stage where we can get out of the stale, inefficient system.
  2. It's true that the adults have it tougher. But guess what; immigrant children outperform Canadian born children. Children who come to Canada more likely than those born here to enter post-secondary education In 2018, 70 per cent of 20-year-old immigrants who came to Canada before they turned 15 were in post-secondary education. This compares with 56 per cent of the overall population of 20-year-olds that same year. the most recent findings are in line with previous studies, such as those showing child refugees, in general, have a university completion rate higher than those born in Canada. Wilkinson said no one could discount the “immigrant drive effect,” which stems from families pushing to fight for a better life in a new country after overcoming barriers to get there. Link
  3. No. You're just ignorant. Were you ripped away from your parents, never to see them again, with your native language beaten out of you, and did you watch some of the people who looked like you, never experience adulthood? Canada's system broke generations of people. The first step towards fixing this situation is to listen, learn, and acknowledge what really happened, before coming to coclusions:
  4. Just in case you missed the question: What criticism of Israel do you have?
  5. No one here is defending Hamas. Your problem is that you have unconditional love for one side. This is how progress in humanity slows down. It's people like you who cannot admit the truth. Israel's decades long corrupt and sick ideology, theft of land, theft of human rights, and the millions who have suffered because of them is the issue that you are not willing to admit. That you are trying to excuse. Israel's actions is the elephant in the room. Israel's behaviour has created groups like Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and numerous other anti-occupation organizations. Doesn't matter where in the world, opposition groups will form if there is a racist occupying power controlling your life. The world agrees that this is really troubling: The world is finally agreeing that this is wrong as well: Anyone who tries to defend Israel's actions, while knowing what is really happening, is not a good person. “It is clearer than ever that the occupation is not temporary, and there is not the political will in the Israeli government to bring about its end” – By Ilan Baruch and Alon Liel. Link During our careers in the foreign service, we both served as Israel’s ambassador to South Africa. In this position, we learned firsthand about the reality of apartheid and the horrors it inflicted. But more than that – the experience and understanding we gained in South Africa helped us to understand the reality at home. For over half a century, Israel has ruled over the occupied Palestinian territories with a two-tiered legal system, in which, within the same tract of land in the West Bank, Israeli settlers live under Israeli civil law while Palestinians live under military law. The system is one of inherent inequality. In this context, Israel has worked to change both the geography and the demography of the West Bank through the construction of settlements, which are illegal under international law. Israel has advanced projects to connect these settlements to Israel proper through intensive investment in infrastructure development, and a vast network of highways and water and electricity infrastructure have turned the settlement enterprise into a comfortable version of suburbia. This has happened alongside the expropriation and takeover of massive amounts of Palestinian land, including Palestinian home evictions and demolitions. That is, settlements are built and expanded at the expense of Palestinian communities, which are forced onto smaller and smaller tracts of land.
  6. See. You can't be honest. Because you're a zealot, championing a racist ideology called Zionism. Israel is the provocateur. They rely on responses to try to squirm and explain away their continous criminal behaviour.
  7. BS. Just like all of the past flare ups, Israel started the predictable process. In this situation: 1) Israel begins to kick Palestinians families out of their homes in East Jerusalem to place rightwing zealots there. This is a war crime. 2) Palestinians begin to protest in Jerusalem. Israel prevents Palestinians from praying. 3) Israeli forces storm Al-Aqsa, during prayers. Over 180 Palestinians are badly injured. 4) Hamas gives an ultimatum for Israel to remove its security forces from Al-Aqsa compound and Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood 5) Israel does not. Hamas fires rockets. 6) Israel achieves its goal, and green lights carpet bombing Gazans and then go: 🤷‍♂️ 7) Moralless zealots begin defending Israel and try to control the narrative with BS that "they started it". Timeline More info: Jerusalem Tensions Led to Gaza Flare-up. They Could Boil Over Again A series of events in Jerusalem over the weekend show that conflict is still on the horizon. The evictions from East Jerusalem neighborhoods and the reopening of the Temple Mount to Jews could serve as the spark --- After Raid on Aqsa Mosque, Rockets From Gaza and Israeli Airstrikes
  8. I do wonder why you're making excuses for the clear criminal. I really don't have the patience to take you through countless reports and research that points to who starts these "flare ups". Because you're not interested in justice and the truth. You can be a mouthpiece for the violent aggressor. That's your decision. Just don't expect others, who are knowledgable about the situation, and want justice, to nod their heads to the BS PR stunts.
  9. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have reported that Israel who has used Palestinians as human shield. Even Israeli courts have had no choice but to acknowledge that Israeli soldiers have used Palestinians as human shields. Blaming the victim is another case of the aggressor trying to win the PR war. It's typical bs hasbara PR stunt, that you continously repeat. So you are either lacking knowledge, or you are no better than Infidel Dog, who lacks morality and ethics. If you want to learn: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/middle-east/israel-accused-of-war-crimes-in-gaza-by-amnesty-international-1.1988788 https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/israel-gaza-idf-used-palestinians-as-human-shields-1200-occasions-in-last-five-years-say-israeli-defence-officials-30483468.html https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2018/6/18/the-fallacy-of-israels-human-shields-claims-in-gaza https://www.btselem.org/topic/human_shields https://decolonizepalestine.com/myth/palestinians-use-human-shields/
  10. Due to evolution, people like you are disappearing. Despite the negative news we are bombarded with, overall, the world, continues to get better. The world's moral and ethical compass cannot stomach what you promote. Even if you have children, your backwards and racist view of the world, have little chance of being passed down.
  11. Cutting through the bs above, which is nothing more than Hasbara PR comments, the truth is that Israel is an apartheid state and an occupying force, that has continued to annex more and more of Palesitnian land. The zionists who prefer to not be honest and truthful about the situation, give the above bs. Like they are somehow the victims. Here is some reality: Israel no longer has the monopoly on information. Information travels easier, without the filteration. Here is more reality:
  12. Jews are not racist. The ideology of Zionism is racist. Kind of like how Muslims are not racist, but the ideology of ISIS is backwards, racist and bad for humans. There are a very large number of Jews who oppose Zionism, and some are leading the fight against Zionism. At least the ideology that controls Israel's policies.
  13. You too? Still repeating the same old bs? Why this severe dishonesty? You're really clinging to these diversions. What does someone like Desmond Tutu, a central figure in Apartheid South Africa think? Desmond Tutu: Israel guilty of apartheid in treatment of Palestinians Tutu, the Nobel Peace laureate, criticized Israeli policies toward the Palestinians in the territories as "humiliating." https://m.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/Desmond-Tutu-Israel-guilty-of-apartheid-in-treatment-of-Palestinians-344874 What about Nelson Mandela? I hope you take him seriously:
  14. Cut the crap with that narrative. No one informed about the situation, believes that bs. Hamas is just a symptom of the decades long occupation by a racist regime. They are insignificant in the story of this brutal, lying sack of racist ideology, that has deprived a group of people of basic human dignity. Hamas did not destroy over 500 Arab villages, in order to create their own state, and as Arab free as possible. Hamas does not have control over the borders, seas, and air, for over 50 years. Hamas does not engage in flattening blocks of residential neighborhoods, including schools and hospitals, killing thousands of people, every few years. Hamas does not justify this blatant aggression, in the name of self-defense.
  15. Curious to see if those who cheer on Israel's racist apartheid state think about South Africa's apartheid government's treatment of the blacks, and the latest news on the 215 first nations children who have been found to be murdered (with more to come). It's pretty consistent in how morally corrupt people try to explain away these world events, like people should not be outraged, and it is somehow okay to treat people this way.
  16. Why? You want people to believe that these two are self-loathing Jews, because they are against Israel's brutal and immoral acts? It has taken a while, but it's the beginning of the end. The world just doesn't have the stomach for Israel's blatant crimes against the people they occupy, and the enabler, the United States. Most people can no longer pretend that 4billion+ a year from the US taxpayers, and playing bodyguard in the political arena is okay to give to a rogue state. This includes Jews, who hate what Israel has done to the Palestinians.
  17. He has been directly impacted by the holocaust. He is Jewish. He was a Zionist. His perspective on Israel, Zionism and being Jewish has more weight than the rest of us.
  18. He is a holocaust survivor. I am not sure why you are trying to trivialize who he is. His comments about Israel's actions has much more weight than your comments, my comments and most others' comments. Zionism is a shitty ideology. It lacks morality and righteousness. It's not okay to walk all over a group of people, for your own gain. It's also not okay to try to normalize the shitty treatment of Palestinians, and make excuses for Israel, which continues its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. But that's okay. The tide is changing. More and more people know, that the Palestinians are the victims of a racist, apartheid occupying power. People are able to see, much easier than they used to, what is really happening. Blaming Hamas and Iran is another long list of trying to distract people from the reality that Zionism is nothing more than a violent, moralless ideology. It's at the same level as ISIS and wahabism.
  19. U.S. Relationship with Israel The U.S. government should stop giving Israel a blank cheque, then maybe they would do things differently. Then they might not have this mentality that they can get away with anything. Biden just recently showed that the relationship will not be changing any time soon. Just like many before him, Biden is too afraid of the right wing Israeli lobbies. This is what the establishment is like. That said, U.S. did recently change their tune with Saudi Arabia, by giving them an ultimatum, and now we're seeing them engaging and negotiating with Iran, which is part of the entangled dynamic in the Middle East. We are seeing more U.S. politician break away from the official line when it comes to Israel. Bernie is not a lone voice anymore: Iran's role Even though the crippling sanctions against Iran has hurt the government, it has hurt the Iranian people more. The Iranian government, as terrible as it is, knows that it needs trade and an agreement, eventually. Kind of like how the Jordanian and Egyptian governments were brought under control, through economic incentives, the same can happen in Iran. Through the market, can others grow strength and power. The power will continue to shift from the mullah's who, just like many politicians around the world, count on the status quo, and resist any change, in order to stay in power. Once you have access to different markets, you will see the emergence of individuals and companies, and a shift away from the old mullahs. The PR Battle Israel is losing support in the West. With information flowing easier, outside of the mainstream media, which has to adhere to parent companies and ad money, we are getting a lot more information coming from the occupied territories. Even the mainstream is starting to show balls, and speak against Israel's blatant violation of human rights:
  20. The are 2 main reasons they are doing this: 1) They need an injection of money into the economy. Immigrants bring money. In 2018, international students in Canada contributed around $21.6 billion to Canada’s GDP and supported almost 170,000 jobs for Canada’s middle class. These international students will eventually become Canadian PR. 2) There are gaps in the job market. There are sectors and industries that cannot fill positions. The competition is high for skilled workers in tech and healthcare. NZ, Australia and the U.S. are fighting for these skilled workers. It's unfortnate that not more Canadians are going to school for tech and healthcare. Because this is where we need workers. We also have the low-skilled jobs that Canadians are not willing to fill: Mainly food processing work, farm work and caregivers.
  21. You can't possibly use India/Pakistan as a comparison. India and Pakistan were occupied by the UK. That area of the world is thousands of years old and there are millions of different ethnicities. Countries and borders have been redrawn hundreds of times, especially after WW2. With all due respect, that is a bad comparison. Why can't we just rely on our constitution and remove b.s. symbols? Personally, I don't want a non-elected official as the head of our country. It goes against the rules of a real functioning democracy. It also costs too much money. Why is my tax money going to some archaeic symbol?
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