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  1. He was the High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago and later an ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Yugoslavia, Albania, and Bulgaria. All of this before the 1990's. You know how many immigration changes have been made since James Bissett, who is 89 now, retired in 1992? I didn't want to bring it up, but now that you're trying to flash his credentials, it's also important to note that James Bissett, (pictured below), has been a consistent defender of Serb leader Slobodan Milošević an authoritarian, who was complicit in the genocide of thousands. This is typica
  2. Oh man. We've been over this before. You keep regurgitating the same selective half truths and your bizarre way of looking at who comes into our country. If a family immigrates to Canada through the most common way, under a skilled worker program, the main applicant will be assessed to meet a minimum requirement, which allows him/her to compete in a pool with others. At the moment, there are 150,000 people in this pool (and growing) and once a month, between 7-9,000 people are selected to apply for permanent residency. This means that 95% of the people who are in this pool are not selecte
  3. You're reaching and you're being dramatic. You're also not able to stay on the topic you responded to originally. You have now gone on a tangent, and are outraged at "the sudden surge in crime, because Canada let in Syrian refugees." The problem is that these feelings you have are detached from reality. These feeling are most likely due to the fear of the unknown, which stems from being disconnected from the other people. I don't know why, but it could be because of your location and your lack of access to and communication with people from different cultures and background. You're a
  4. Our immigration system, for the most part, tries to sell itself as merritt based. Our most common program, under Express Entry is based on a point system. It depends on your language level, age, education and work experience. Nothing to do with your location. When it comes to temporary residency (study/visit/work), which can help you to become a permanent resident/citizen, is different. The Irish, for example, do not need to apply to get a visitor visa. They are visa exempt, as are most European countries. The Irish, and many other European countries also have an option that maj
  5. That was a short term decision after the refugee crisis. That has nothing to do with our immigration system and what Argus is alleging in regards to our immigration system favouring Muslim countries.
  6. Share where in our immigration system, there is any favour towards people who are applying from Muslim countries. I work in the immigration and you are spreading misinformation again.
  7. Really now. What if investing money to a specific group ends up giving a return? This is why they make these investments. It is to receive a positive return.
  8. Intergenerational trauma is usually seen within one family in which the parents or grandparents were traumatized, and each generation of that family continues to experience trauma in some form. In these cases the source can usually be traced back to a devastating event, and the trauma is unique to that family. What makes the intergenerational trauma in the case of First Nations people different is that it wasn't the result of a targeted event against an individual – it was a set of government policies that targeted and affected a whole generation. Children were traumatized when they were
  9. Did you (or do you) speak out when the former Conservative government was giving out billions in incentives to oil companies?
  10. Wrong. As statistics show, a white girl is born with a head start in life compared to a black girl or a First Nations girl.
  11. If your friend was black (ha-ha! imagine that), and he had a daughter going through the same thing, she would receive the same treatment as the white girl. Your argument has holes. Here is a video that describes privilege: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K5fbQ1-zps
  12. You refuse to look at any other media and solely rely on facebook memes for your information. This is wrong in my opinion and it makes me question your credibility. It is a reactionary action by the government, to respond to the emotional outrage many people are feeling. I'm not a fan of decisions made based on emotions. That said, I do believe that the black community, like many other groups, need support and a boost. I believe that if done correctly, it's a good investment. Whether it should be the federal government to make these decisions, that's another debate. Here is the br
  13. I understand there are reserves without clean drinking water wondering why the government is not providing that infrastructure and service. How dare they? They're racist against whites.
  14. I recommend following up the information you got from facebook to see if it's true. Facebook memes don't have much credibility.
  15. You're getting distracted. Your original comment was that the whites will experience what the first nations did because of immigration. I argued against that. Now you're talking about "what if..." and "this would have happened.." and "white racial genocide". All anecdotal and assumptions, based on no proof or real information. We have laws that are the basis for a well-functioning society. Immigration didn't just happen. It has been ongoing since Canada was formed. There are always different waves of immigration from before you and I were born. And guess what: Canada continues to ev
  16. What do you mean by "And like the Indians of today the white people will soon become a minority just like them and we white people will also find ourselves in Indian minority shoes."? I have a hard time accepting your comparison between the white settlers and the first nations. What the European settlers did to the First Nations is something that will not be repeated in this day and age. Laws are different. Culturally and morally: So much of what was done in the past is unacceptable today. Like residential schools and forcing people to forget their language, customs and culture. Migr
  17. You mean you're going to resent racial minorities even more? I didn't know that was possible.
  18. Polievre is sharp, and would make a good lawyer. But I don't think he would be able to make it as a prime minister. Not right now anyway. Who knows, he may gain the PM qualities that voters look for in a decade or so. He is still quite young.
  19. How did you come to the conclusion that those are exec files being taken out of WE offices? Add a link. Bring some value to your posts. Please.
  20. No. There is nothing in there that shows that Trudeau intentionally spread COVID in Canada. I'll also put you down as a conspiracy theorist, who is unable to back up their claim.
  21. You didn't read the list, yet you have an opinion on it. This is an unhealthy and useless way to debate. Also, lots of unfounded, Alex Jones style conspiracy theories there. How can we debate when you are not backing any of the stuff you are posting? "Intentionally spreading COVID in our country" ? C'mon. @Nefarious Banana and @scribblet really agree with you?
  22. Unfortunately, this double standard is expected. Yes, Trudeau and co. have used their power for their own gain. They should be punished for it. Here is the problem: Many of the loudest critics of Trudeau were either silent or tried to make excuses when the Harper government abused their power during his reign. You guys want to know about these abuses by the Harper government? Take a look at this list. Some things on the list can be debated, but the majority of them cannot be. Here is just a taste:
  23. At the same time, I do wonder how Conservative supporters who are frustrated with Trudeau's abuse of power, were frustrated with Harper's abuse of power and the scandals that he was a part of.
  24. This is pretty serious. I think Trudeau should be punished by voters and I do hope that the same voters who criticized Harper's abuse of power during his reign, are applying the same standards to Trudeau.
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