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  1. You mean some sandpaper. You can have both skill and power. St. Louis showed this and Washington showed it the year before. Cherry's type, the enforcers (by the way: he called Chris Nilan, Stu Grimson and Jim Thompson “pukes” after they spoke out about the dangers of drugs and alcohol following the deaths of Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien and Wade Belak.), can no longer survive in the NHL. There are too many players who have skill. Fillers are on their way out. The world is changing (just like it always has) and hockey is changing, and that's a good thing. As much as it was refreshing seeing someone (Cherry) speaking without any filter in a land where we're hit with constant scripted dialogue, there were too many times that Cherry made cringe-worthy, outdated comments. The 85 year man's time was up a few years ago. If he wants to feed his narcissism and show off his suits, I'm sure there is a place for him in the Toronto Sun or The Rebel can create a hockey department to continue to attract the disgruntled "old stock Canadians" who whine about other people whining. Bring on Brian Burke and complete the step forward.
  2. You mean it's professional suicide to side with xenophobic and bigoted comments. Who would have thought?
  3. Pomeroy said it’s “virtually certain” flooding will continue to get worse across Canada. “Every indication from the coming climate models is that our floods are going to get larger, more frequent and more destructive in the future.” There is no doubt flooding is worse here in New Brunswick. Towns in the lower Saint John River basin have flooded in each of the last three years, and three of the four worst floods in the province’s history have occurred since 2008. Looking at Maugerville specifically, the village officially flooded just three times between 1962 and 2004, according to the province’s historic flood data (which goes back to 1962). It has flooded eight times since then. Link
  4. Of course the area has been flooding for years, but it's getting worse. Much worse. Many say it's due to climate change and urbanization and they have statistics to back up their opinion. The world is warmer due to human activity and a warmer atmosphere holds more moisture, which leads to heavier rain and snowfall events in shorter periods of time. These people will need to move. So will many millions of people who are experiencing an unprecedented levels of flooding in Canada and around the world. This is going to cost billions of dollars.
  5. Why are you people so hurt with Cherry being fired? Such sensitive little snowflakes. You people are just looking to be offended by other people being offended. Not happy? Simple. Don't watch SN anymore and continue to complain and whine about others complaining and whining.
  6. JT apologized and described how it was wrong over and over. Cherry didn't and is not going to. Cannot be compared.
  7. There you go again applying your own feels as facts. Apparently, to many people, including immigrants, it was offensive to single out, stereotype, generalize, like a caricature of an old bigot guy would, is not cool on that platform given to him. They complained, SN noticed that it will hurt their pocket books, especially if he's not going to apologize, and now he's gone. SN made this decision and they had every right to do so. You don't agree with it, don't watch SN anymore and post frantically about how your feelings is the set standard of how everyone should feel.
  8. Is this how you formulate your opinion? That's kind of sad. In case you were interested in real information: Link
  9. Don Cherry being fired by SN on Rememberance Day - that's tough to watch. Despite an obvious shortsightedness on an issue he should have been better educated about - he's done so much for Canadian veterans. Fact this came out on November 11t is sad. Right decision, wrong day. It is sad seeing Cherry go down in flames. There are ways to have difficult conversations about our society and what we should value without sowing divisiness. --- Here is an article from a brown sportswriter which I believe shows an interesting angle and perspective: https://theathletic.com/1369550/2019/11/11/basu-don-cherry-was-always-a-problem-why-it-took-canada-so-long-to-see-it/ Here is a part of it: The reason I decided to express an opinion on this man I spend most of my time trying to forget is that I felt an important nuance of what he said Saturday night was being lost. And it was being lost because in order to hear it, you need a bit of a trained ear. And frankly, in the Canadian sports media, there is a decided lack of trained ears. When Ron MacLean began Sunday night’s “Hometown Hockey” broadcast with an apology, one I took as sincere, he said something that sums up the problem. If you watch the segment of “Coach’s Corner” in question (I will not link to it, you can find it yourself at this point), you will note that MacLean did not even flinch when Cherry mentioned the words “you people” in reference to people who are new to Canada. There are all sorts of reasons why MacLean should not only have flinched, but pounced. How did Cherry know the people he saw walking around downtown Toronto and Mississauga without poppies were immigrants? Were they wearing signs? Or did they look a certain way and he, in his infinite wisdom, assumed that to be the case?
  10. There is a reason why they have punjabi commentary. There is a huge fanbase. I live in Vancouver and I see Indians, Filipinos, Middle Easterns, Chinese, etc. Canucks fans everywhere. Hopefully this won't make your head blow up:
  11. "You people love.. you come here. whatever it is..you love our way of life...." at 10 seconds: He went on to talk about people in Mississauga and Downtown Toronto. C'mon. It's more than obvious he was talking about immigrants.
  12. I can't find that information in any actual statistics. Just some opinion piece with nothing to cite his numbers. Have you looked into the validity of this information? Also, the writer wants the rest of the family of the principal applicant to be qualified the same way? Like the children of the principal applicant should be assessed on their skills, education and experience? You know how ridiculous that sounds?
  13. Climate change has really hit you guys in that area. Looks like many people were feeling the effects of climate change firsthand and it explains why it was their priority and how it effected their voting.
  14. Those brown people eh? From your own article, you scared little person: And, though Brampton may seem worse than other cities in regards to crime, that may not be the case. According to Statistics Canada, Peel's violent crime rate is at a rate of 620 per 100,000; however, this falls below the provincial rate of 899 and the national rate of 1,144. Peel continues to show a violent crime rate below a number of other Canadian cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton.
  15. You should check the dates of your articles and surveys: November 2018. The survey in the OP is from October of 2019, right in the middle of the elections. The results show why the party with immigration as its central issue won 0 seats and very little support countrywide. I think you're lazy by not paying attention to what you're sharing and reading.
  16. I'm not sure what rock you are living under, but yes, I definitely believe that 24% of Canadians see the environment as a top priority.
  17. You should pay attention to what you are responding to. The number 1 priority for 24% of Canadians is the environment.
  18. As according to the most recent surveys, majority of Canadians are in favour of our current immigration system. You guys are part of a small minority who seem so threatened by our immigration system.
  19. A growing majority of Canadians reject the idea that their country is accepting too many immigrants. This view is due in part because eight in ten believe that immigration is helping Canada’s economy. According to a recent survey by Environics Institute, done in October 2019 on Canadians' attitude towards immigration, there are some interesting findings, which I thought was important to post considering that it contradicts some of the participants on this forum. Here are some of the findings: --- Most important issues facing Canada today Environment: 24 Economy: 22 Healthcare: 9 Poor Government/Leadership: 8 Unemployment: 4 Taxes: 4 Crime/law and order: 2 Immigration/Refugees: 2 --- Agree-Disagree: “Overall, there is too much immigration in Canada.” Agree: 34% Disagree: 63% A positive view of current immigration levels is most widely expressed by Liberal Party (74%) and NDP (79%) supporters, followed by those who say they will vote for the Green Party (69%) or Bloc Quebecois (64%). Conservative Party supporters are more divided, with 51 percent agreeing that immigration levels are too high, compared with 45 percent who disagree. --- Agree-Disagree: “Overall, immigration has a positive impact on the economy of Canada.” Agree: 80% Disagree: 16% As on past surveys, attitudes about immigration and refugees differ across the population. Positive sentiments are most prevalent among younger Canadians and those with a university education. Negative views are most evident in Alberta, among Canadians ages 60 and older, and those without a high school diploma. In Quebec, despite the recent controversy over its new legislation banning religious dress, public opinion about immigrants is as positive if not more so than in other parts of the country. --- Agree-Disagree: “There are too many immigrants coming into this country who are not adopting Canadian values.” Agree: 50% Disagree: 43% --- Agree-Disagree: “Canada accepts too many immigrants from racial minority groups.” Agree: 29% Disagree: 64% Some portion of public resistance to immigration stems from negative attitudes towards newcomers with specific racial and ethnic backgrounds (predominantly non-white or racialized). This continues to be evident in current public sentiment, but much less so than in previous generations. Agreement with the statement is the minority view across the country, but most notably among Canadians 18 to 29 (21%), those with a university degree (19%) and supporters of the Federal NDP (13%). The view that Canada accepts too many immigrants from racial minorities is most evident among Canadians without a high school diploma (42%) and household incomes of less than $30,000 (40%).
  20. I want to understand the person behind your comments better.
  21. How often do you see a white parent and a non-white parent with children? Does it bother you when you see that?
  22. Canada would not be doing it alone. There are many European countries who are taking major steps in curbing their fossil fuel footprints and they are way ahead of Canada. Change doesn't happen suddenly and if you want to see change happen, then you should take the step, instead of waiting for everyone to do it first.
  23. So you would want Canada to continue to use asbestos if other countries were? Why this follower mentality, instead of a leader mentality? Canada, under a Conservative government, took lead in major environmental steps in the late 80s. It was Canada that kickstarted the push to reduce aerosol use, which ended up fixing the ozone layer. A success story that is not talked about.
  24. Not sure why the so-called free-market proponents are not speaking out against the corporate welfare system OR are flat out in denial. Here are some of the largest current subsidies in Canada: Subsidy name Who gives it? Who gets it? How much is it worth?* Flow-through shares** Canada Oil and gas companies CAD 265 million Direct spending & budgetary transfers*** Canada Oil and gas companies CAD 112 million Crown royalty reductions Alberta Oil and gas companies CAD 1.162 billion Tax exemptions for certain fuels & uses in industry Alberta Industry CAD 298 million Royalty reductions, including deep drilling and infrastructure credits† British Columbia Oil and gas companies CAD 631 million Reduced tax for aviation fuel Ontario Aviation Industry CAD 292 million Tax exemption for coloured fuels used in agriculture Ontario Agricultural industry CAD 248 million Fuel tax exemptions and reductions ‡ Quebec Industry and other consumers CAD 301 million
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