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  1. On 9/20/2020 at 12:26 PM, Argus said:

    Yeah, but it's not.

    And yet only about 17% of immigrants come in because of their skills. I should say alleged skills since they're rarely verified. And most of our immigrants come from countries where fraud and fake degrees are a way of life.

    Oh man. We've been over this before. You keep regurgitating the same selective half truths and your bizarre way of looking at who comes into our country.

    If a family immigrates to Canada through the most common way, under a skilled worker program, the main applicant will be assessed to meet a minimum requirement, which allows him/her to compete in a pool with others. At the moment, there are 150,000 people in this pool (and growing) and once a month, between 7-9,000 people are selected to apply for permanent residency. This means that 95% of the people who are in this pool are not selected. You receive points in from Age, Work Experience and:

    In order to get into the pool, a person's education must be verified. This means, that a few handpicked organizations, first, check to see if your school falls on an internationally recognized list of post secondary institutions. Then, they contact the school to verify that the person is on their registry. The pool has become so competitive, that a person applying from outside of Canada, now must have at least 2 post secondary credential.

    Each main applicant must also take an internationally recognized English or French test and achieve a minimum score of 6 out of 9. However, if you want to have a real chance of being in the top 5%, and be picked from the pool, you cannot score less than 7.5 out of 9. Not simple.

    Dependents of the Main applicant
    The principal applicant's spouse and dependent children under 22, can be part of the application. 

    The problem with your article
    ---> """ And yet only about 17% of immigrants come in because of their skills. """
    -------> """ And yet only about 17% of immigrants come in because of their skills. """
    ----------> """ And yet only about 17% of immigrants come in because of their skills. """

    The article (and you) are outraged that the rest of the family of the principal applicant is not being assessed for their skill.

    How can you try to make this argument?

    Are you expecting for the 2 children of Dr. Muhammed Ghaboollah, 5 year old Muhammed Reza Ghaboollah and his sister, 7 year old Zahra Ghaboollah to be assessed for skills? What if their mother is a stay at home mom? She should not be allowed in because of that?


    On 9/20/2020 at 12:26 PM, Argus said:

    And to repeat, the number of immigrants who can come in from various countries is entirely reliant on how many visas that local area is granted.

    Which hardly matters since they still have to apply in London and London has very few immigration visas to give out and they're divided among multiple countries.


    Oh yeah. It's about demand.

    The Europeans, people who you feel comfortable being around, are not that interested in coming to Canada. No more than a once every 15 years, as a tourist.

    You're wrong about the quota. That's if you're talking about permanent residency. Regardless, for temporary residency, you'd be wrong as well.

    Permanent Residency
    When it comes to Permanent Residency, outside of spousal sponsorship and refugee claimants, which are a very small portion of our immigrants, the applications are merit-based and location is not considered. That said, due to the advantage Temporary Residents from certain areas of the world receive, the end result is that there is favouritism based on the origin of the applicant.

    Temporary Residency
    These are international workers, students and visitors. Before they come to Canada, they need to file an application. Except for those wanting to come to Canada as a visitor, from visa-exempt countries (Europe/US/Aus/etc.); They simply submit an online registration to receive an eTA. The rest of applicants, regardless if you're from a visa exempt or non-visa exempt country, must file an application. By simply looking at the numbers, the origin of the applicant does make a difference in the outcome. There is a heavy tilt towards the Europeans, Aussies/Kiwis, Americans, Japanese, Koreans and Taiwanese, as far as the acceptance rate. Even though, the qualification of the applicants remained the same, frequently, you don't see consistent results between different visa offices. It's more than blatant, the favouritism you see towards those from Western countries.

    An example of a usual outcome
    From my experience in the industry and from studying case laws, I can give you a comparison of two general cases based on the origin of the applicants:

    1) You have Helen, from Austria. She is 23 and has received an acceptance to a mid-tier college, for a diploma program. As required, she is able to show that she has access to enough money for the tuition and living expenses for 1 year. 

    2) You have Zainab, from Pakistan. She is 23 and has just received her bachelor degree in computer science. Now she wants to pursue her Masters in Canada, after receiving an acceptance to a mid-tier university. She has paid the tuition and can show access to more than the cost of living expenses for 1 year. 

    Helen receives a positive response and Zainab receives a negative response.
    Helen from Austria is now able to come to Canada, to pursue education. Once she completes her education, options open up to apply for Permanent Residency. Zainab from Pakistan will not.

    There is your favouritism.

    Why you gotta hate?


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  2. On 9/20/2020 at 6:44 PM, WestCanMan said:

    It was favouritism. That's what it was. 

    Not just a bit of favouritism mind you, it was a lot of favouritism, to a lot of people, and it came at the cost of our safety. People have been assaulted and killed as a result of this mere "favouritism".

    That's why it's a real topic

    You're reaching and you're being dramatic.

    You're also not able to stay on the topic you responded to originally.

    You have now gone on a tangent, and are outraged at "the sudden surge in crime, because Canada let in Syrian refugees." The problem is that these feelings you have are detached from reality. These feeling are most likely due to the fear of the unknown, which stems from being disconnected from the other people. I don't know why, but it could be because of your location and your lack of access to and communication with people from different cultures and background. You're also being influenced by social media memes that feed on your fears in, what is, an echo chamber. That's how most search engines and social media platforms' algorithm work. Like facebook, where you have indicated, you get most of your information from.

    I just can't relate to your fears.

    One of the main reasons is because, for most of my life, I have lived in communities with a mix of different cultures and ethnicities. There is a lot we can all learn from each other. One thing that I've learned is that pretty much everyone, regardless of religious or ethnic background, is looking for the same thing: A healthy, happy and secure future for our families and fellow people.

    Why you gotta hate?


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  3. 17 hours ago, Argus said:

    The immigration system is designed to benefit the party in power. It serves almost no other purpose. Because the vast majority of Muslims vote Liberal the Liberals want more Muslims. How do you do that? Well, the system is deliberately opaque, of course. But in reality the number of immigrants we get from certain areas of the world is governed by how many immigration visas various visa application centres are granted by the department that year. Thus if you say 1000 people want to immigrate from Ireland but there are only 500 visa applications available there, then that's all that come.

    Thus it's easy to decide what parts of the world you want to get more immigrants from by simply granting that area more visas. You and I have discussed this previously so you know very well what I'm talking about.

    Our immigration system, for the most part, tries to sell itself as merritt based.

    Our most common program, under Express Entry is based on a point system. It depends on your language level, age, education and work experience. Nothing to do with your location.

    When it comes to temporary residency (study/visit/work), which can help you to become a permanent resident/citizen, is different. The Irish, for example, do not need to apply to get a visitor visa. They are visa exempt, as are most European countries.

    The Irish, and many other European countries also have an option that majority other countries, including muslim countries, do not have. That's called International Experience Canada: An open work permit given to you if you are under 35, and from Europe (and NZ, Australia, Japan and South Korea). Gain 1 year of work experience in Canada and that gives you extra points if you want to apply for permanent residency.

    Study permit/visa refusal rates are multiple times higher from those applying from non-european countries.

    If anything, it's the western country citizens who have the upper hand and have a better shot at immigrating to Canada. You are spreading misinformation again. I'm not sure if it's on purpose or if you're just ignorant.

    The reason why you see more people coming from countries you feel uncomfortable about, is because there are a much larger number of people from those countries that apply and want to move to Canada.

  4. On 9/19/2020 at 9:22 AM, WestCanMan said:




    it took me two minutes to prove you're the one spreading misinformation.

    How can you possibly work in immigration services and not be aware of this?

    Ensuring the safety of Canadians is one of the main jobs of that department. We don't even bring people here from Australia without vetting them, and Australia doesn't have a terrorist population that's large enough to overwhelm their government.

    That was a short term decision after the refugee crisis. That has nothing to do with our immigration system and what Argus is alleging in regards to our immigration system favouring Muslim countries.

  5. 4 minutes ago, WestCanMan said:

    This 'headstart' that you're talking about isn't the fault of white people Marcus. It's completely racist of you to blame the disadvantages of black girls on some imaginary thing that white people are doing to them. That's completely false. 

    Intergenerational trauma is usually seen within one family in which the parents or grandparents were traumatized, and each generation of that family continues to experience trauma in some form. In these cases the source can usually be traced back to a devastating event, and the trauma is unique to that family.

    What makes the intergenerational trauma in the case of First Nations people different is that it wasn't the result of a targeted event against an individual – it was a set of government policies that targeted and affected a whole generation. Children were traumatized when they were taken from their parents and placed into either government-funded, church-controlled, residential learning institutions or into foster homes. Many children suffered horrific abuse while in these homes and institutions. And parents and communities were traumatized when their children were taken away from them with little or no idea if or when they would return.

    Direct survivors of these experiences often transmit the trauma they experienced to later generations when they don't recognize or have the opportunity to address their issues. Over the course of time these behaviours, often destructive, become normalized within the family and their community, leading to the next generation suffering the same problems.

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  6. 4 hours ago, WestCanMan said:

    Lol, I don't ONLY look at FB memes, but I don't watch CBC or CTV at all. I skim through Global only to see what they're taking about in my community because I have to find out what they're talking about. 

    Not to be rude, but it's actually this debate. 

    I think that there are lots of people that could use government help, but I also think that there was a point in time when they could have helped themselves but didn't. 

    The whole Liberal/Democratic shtick of 'black people need to be babied' isn't true. Black people are no weaker than any other group of people. Instead of focusing on the bogeyman, they need to do what the asians and the white people do, and that's put the time and money into their children so that they have a real chance at a good life. Make sure that they get good grades, and that they are polite, hard-working, and that's it. It's just that easy. 

    Failing that, it's a roll of the dice. It's not a question of 'who will pony up the dough for the kids that I was to lazy or too stupid to raise properly.

    That's $93M too much, and it's literally just pandering.

    The problems that black people here think they face are the same problems that grade 8 kids think that they face: COPS ARE BAD!

    It's grown up time. 


    Did you (or do you) speak out when the former Conservative government was giving out billions in incentives to oil companies?


  7. On 9/16/2020 at 12:25 PM, Argus said:

    Every group has mental health issues, and none of them have anything remotely like the amount of medical/health care resources they need. A friend of mine's teenage daughter was having suicidal thoughts, enough that the hospital admitted her and kept her for a week. Then they sent her home with a prescription. The wait for a psychiatrist is over two years.

    So why should blacks get special treatment?

    If your friend was black (ha-ha! imagine that), and he had a daughter going through the same thing, she would receive the same treatment as the white girl.

    Your argument has holes.

    Here is a video that describes privilege:


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  8. 12 hours ago, WestCanMan said:

    1) In a country where our main MSM sources are CBC, Global and CTV news, FB memes are an extremely important source of news. There are a lot of important stories that those guys would rather we remain unaware of. I don't actually watch CBC, Global or CTV at all anymore, it's a complete waste of time.

    You refuse to look at any other media and solely rely on facebook memes for your information. This is wrong in my opinion and it makes me question your credibility.

    12 hours ago, WestCanMan said:

    2) Here's a video of Trudeau saying it himself. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/column-3/trudeau-announces-220m-black-entrepreneurship-program/ Is it old or something? Seems legit to me.

    It is a reactionary action by the government, to respond to the emotional outrage many people are feeling. I'm not a fan of decisions made based on emotions. That said, I do believe that the black community, like many other groups, need support and a boost. I believe that if done correctly, it's a good investment. Whether it should be the federal government to make these decisions, that's another debate.

    Here is the breakdown of how the money will be distributed:

    Ottawa is putting up $93 million over the next four years for the Black Entrepreneurship Program, while banks are contributing up to $128 million for loans between $25,000 and $250,000 for Black business owners. The participating banks are RBC, BMO Financial Group, Scotiabank, CIBC, National Bank, TD, Vancity, and Alterna Savings.

    The federal cash will include $33 million towards the loans, $6.5 million to collect data on the barriers preventing Black Canadians from succeeding in business, and $53 million for Black business organizations to provide mentorship, financial planning and business training.


    Here are just some news sources that cover this information - contrary to your comments about Canadian media not covering something like this:






  9. 48 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:


    Pretty ridiculous if a group that has problems can't get resources... and then is accused by whites of racism IMO.

    "Why doesn't my town in the desert get any flood relief from the government.  THAT'S RACIST !" :lol:

    I understand there are reserves without clean drinking water wondering why the government is not providing that infrastructure and service. How dare they? They're racist against whites.

  10. On 9/10/2020 at 7:26 AM, WestCanMan said:

    On FB I've seen quite a few posts saying that Trudeau is giving $220M to "black entrepreneurs" now lol.

    Just how dark does your skin need to be to qualify? I can get darker than a brown paper bag, can I get some loot? I mean, it's 2020, can't we all just identify as who/whatever we want now? 

    I recommend following up the information you got from facebook to see if it's true.

    Facebook memes don't have much credibility.

  11. On 9/12/2020 at 3:15 PM, taxme said:

    Well spoken by a true multiculturalist and diversity spokes thingy. I call those two mentioned white racial genocide or white racial suicide. If the native Indians thinks that things are bad for them today thanks to old whitey coming along just wait until old whitey becomes a minority like they are in Canada. Do you honestly believe that non-whites will give a chit about native Indians if old whitey goes minority in Canada? Not very likely. The native Indians better hope that old whitey does not go minority. Then they will really have something to cry about. There will be no more free tax dollars for them. That I can pretty much guarantee. All just my opinion of course. ;)

    You're getting distracted. Your original comment was that the whites will experience what the first nations did because of immigration. I argued against that. 

    Now you're talking about "what if..." and "this would have happened.." and "white racial genocide". All anecdotal and assumptions, based on no proof or real information.

    We have laws that are the basis for a well-functioning society. Immigration didn't just happen. It has been ongoing since Canada was formed. There are always different waves of immigration from before you and I were born. And guess what: Canada continues to evolve and continues to become better, overall.

    As much as I understand there are challenges when different cultures come together, I love multiculturalism. I love learning about other cultures and adopting better ways of doing things. I love new food. New music and new perspectives. I am not afraid of it. I don't see it as a threat to the well-being of me or my family or to our country.


  12. 18 hours ago, taxme said:

    Well, according to the native Indians of Canada who do appear to belong to a racial group has pretty much always told us that this country was/is still their owned and operated native Indian land and they occupied Canada long before the white people ever came along. And like the Indians of today the white people will soon become a minority just like them and we white people will also find ourselves in Indian minority shoes. The government creates racism and then tries to pretend that they are going to fix that racism. Government has always been the problem, and never the solution. When the government touches anything like racism they will totally screw things up. Help create a racist problem and you are going to be the party to fight that racism. That may well just get that party to win the next election. Just saying. ;)

    What do you mean by "And like the Indians of today the white people will soon become a minority just like them and we white people will also find ourselves in Indian minority shoes."?

    I have a hard time accepting your comparison between the white settlers and the first nations. What the European settlers did to the First Nations is something that will not be repeated in this day and age. Laws are different. Culturally and morally: So much of what was done in the past is unacceptable today. Like residential schools and forcing people to forget their language, customs and culture.

    Migration has been around since humans have been around. There is potential that those who are descendant of European migrants might become a minority in Canada, as people from the rest of the world immigrate here. No one ethnic group will be the majority. We're already seeing this in the big cities. The big cities have their own problems, like any other city would. This will not be a bad thing. Even though we have a mix of ethnicities in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, they have been recognized as top cities in the world, as far as quality of life. Not sure why you're so scared. Mixing people, at the end of the day, works. We have proof of this.

  13. On 8/28/2020 at 9:17 AM, Argus said:

    The federal government apparently doesn't feel there's enough racism and is looking to create more by encouraging resentment towards racial minorities. Now every time a senior public servant is non-white everyone will simply assume they've got the job solely due to skin colour.

    You mean you're going to resent racial minorities even more? I didn't know that was possible.


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  14. 24 minutes ago, SpankyMcFarland said:

    Polievre is excellent at this kind of thing. 

    Polievre is sharp, and would make a good lawyer. But I don't think he would be able to make it as a prime minister. Not right now anyway. 

    Who knows, he may gain the PM qualities that voters look for in a decade or so. He is still quite young.

  15. 4 hours ago, scribblet said:

    Partnership and exec files being taken out of WE offices early this morning as per Joe Warmngton


    How did you come to the conclusion that those are exec files being taken out of WE offices?

    Add a link. Bring some value to your posts. Please.

  16. 28 minutes ago, scribblet said:

    All of the above is true,  no conspiracy theories,  you can search yourself you know.  He told us banning flights was a 'knee jerk reaction' and https://toronto.citynews.ca/2020/02/02/trudeau-cautions-against-anti-chinese-sentiments-as-fears-over-new-coronavirus-grow/


    There is nothing in there that shows that Trudeau intentionally spread COVID in Canada.

    I'll also put you down as a conspiracy theorist, who is unable to back up their claim.

  17. 1 hour ago, WestCanMan said:

    I didn't read the whole list but all of those things are several orders of magnitude below Trudeau's laundry list of actual scandals. 

    You didn't read the list, yet you have an opinion on it. This is an unhealthy and useless way to debate.

    1 hour ago, WestCanMan said:

    Things Trudeau did that weren't even considered 'scandals' because no laws were actually broken are: ceasing the fight against isis, denying that islamic state was committing genocide, allowing terrorists to come back to Canada and re-branding them as 'fighters', intentionally spreading covid in our country (let's face it, anyone knows better than to leave the flights open from a pandemic zone - even the gov't of China restricted travel from Wuhan to the rest of their country), telling Canadians that our budget would eventually balance but racking up debts of $10B or more every year, giving away billions while telling our vets to kiss his ass, constantly denigrating Canadians and creating culture where it's ok to discriminate against police, 'white folk' and Jews,  covering up for muslim terrorists attacks in Canada (the Danforth shooter was an 'incel' lol), attacking Canadian gun owners by using events which had nothing to do with our gun laws, etc. 

    Also, lots of unfounded, Alex Jones style conspiracy theories there. How can we debate when you are not backing any of the stuff you are posting?

    "Intentionally spreading COVID in our country" ?


    @Nefarious Banana and @scribblet really agree with you?

  18. Unfortunately, this double standard is expected. 

    Yes, Trudeau and co. have used their power for their own gain. They should be punished for it.

    Here is the problem: Many of the loudest critics of Trudeau were either silent or tried to make excuses when the Harper government abused their power during his reign. 

    You guys want to know about these abuses by the Harper government? Take a look at this list. Some things on the list can be debated, but the majority of them cannot be. Here is just a taste:


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  19. This is pretty serious.

    I think Trudeau should be punished by voters and I do hope that the same voters who criticized Harper's abuse of power during his reign, are applying the same standards to Trudeau.


  20. 1 hour ago, Argus said:

    This is the kind of smarmy dishonesty I've come to expect.....

    .... unlike Harper, who faced the worst recession in generations. Complaining about him running up a deficit then, at the shrill insistence by all opposition parties, is flatly dishonest.

    The "worst recession in generations", or the "Global Financial Crisis" happened in 2008-09. Harper was in power from 2006 to 2015, where he ran a deficit every single year. Thank you for showing an example of swarmy dishonesty

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