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  1. 8 hours ago, bush_cheney2004 said:


    Mexico was eating Canada's lunch long before China for automotive manufacturing.   Canada managed to make itself the most expensive place in North America for automotive with union wages, energy costs, and regulation.  Canada became less competitive while scoffing at Mexico, U.S. right-to-work states, and China.   Magna now has more plants and employees in Mexico than in Canada.




    We don't need to lower our standards in order to appease low standards around the world.

    Manufacturing jobs are going to be obsolete anyway, as automation is taking over. Canada should continue to promote high skilled workers and fight harder to bring in high skilled workers from around the world. We will reach a point where manufacturing plants will only have engineers and technicians, sitting behind computers, making sure that the robots are doing their jobs.

    We must embrace technology and the emerging markets and industries, instead of trying to hold onto dying ones.

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  2. Christmas doesn't have to be a religious celebration, if you're not religious. It's an opportunity to spend time with your family and take a break.

    It's interesting seeing immigrants and non-Christians saying "Merry Christmas", whereas, many who regularly celebrate Xmas, say "Happy Holidays", in order not to offend non-Christians.


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  3. 3 hours ago, taxme said:

    I calls it as I sees it. Most members here are supporters of the leftist liberal lying media. If they do not like being challenged themselves well too bloody bad for them. I ask many here to give me some proof of what they are saying here and I never hear back from them again. No doubt they are leftist liberals themselves alright. I gotcha them!! 

    I will carry on a conversation with anyone here and I am not afraid of anyone here. If someone here says something that needs to be challenged or questioned then they will be hearing from me. Many times here I have been called a racist and bigot and anti-something. So, what's your point here? I can't call others here names but they can call me names? 

    Event 201 says it all. How many times do I have to keep pointing this out to people like you here? Have you bothered to even go check it out on the internet website Event 201 yet? No, you have not. If you did there can be no way that you cannot see that this was a planned plandemic. Is it just a coincidence that when Bill Gates and other deep state billionaires got together in Oct. 2019 to discuss a possible pandemic and low and behold six months later we have ourselves a plandemic. Hello????? Can you not add two and two together yet? Which is four, btw. ;)

    Are you still not getting as to what is going on in this country as far as this Convid hoax is going? We have all pretty much all of our freedoms that we had just nine months ago. It's not about the virus anymore. It's about the globalist deep state billionaires trying to force there will on we the people and enslave us all. 

    Go to websites like Action4Canada, Naturalnews, AmazingPolly.net, Dr, Shiva's website, The Epoch Times are but a few websites for you to go visit and get the other side of the story. Bill Gates is in the vaccine big pharma business and stands to make hundreds of billions from getting the buffoons out there to take his vaccines and whatever he has put in his vaccines. Those websites will explain and show what the steps and plans are out there for you to view. ENJOY!!

    There have been many pandemics in our history. There were a few outbreaks of different viruses just in the past 20 years. This is not something new. 

    COVID-19 happened to be more difficult to control and easier to transmit. It also attacks the lungs, which can effect the elderly, the obese and those with weak immune systems. Something like what we have experienced was bound to happen. Just because they have talked about it, it doesn't mean that they are behind it.

    They have even made movies about viruses. Here is a really good one:

    There is no hoax. I ask you again: If this is all a hoax, HOW are there so many people behind it? HOW are all these doctors and nurses faking this?!

  4. 21 hours ago, taxme said:

    Well, it is not hard to see that you are a subscriber to the leftist liberal lying media machine alright.


    I would recommend examine your own view. Someone disagrees with you and challenges you, then you come back with the tired old: "leftist liberal lying media..."

    Examine what your approach is. Are you willing to engage in a healthy conversation or close yourself off and label people?


    This China virus is not as bad as they make it out to be. It is just your average seasonal flu bug that comes around every year where thousands of people will get sick and many will die.

    I ask you again: How is this a hoax? How are the doctors faking this? Are all these doctors and nurses "in" on it?


    Event 201 told us all this was going to happen back in Oct. 2019 but yet the millions of fools out there still refuse to believe it. Check it out on the internet for yourself all knowing one and let me know what your opinion is on that Event. I bet that you will not. Will I be right? 

    And what is going on here according to the conspiracy crowd is that this Convid 19 hoax is now being used by the globalists to try and set up a communist globalist world where scum bags like Kiss"ass"inger and B. Gates to hell will reap the rewards at your peril. This has never been about the virus. This has always been about the communist globalists taken over the world. Conspiracy's do exist. Believe it or not. ;)

    How will they change things into communism? Kissinger is gone. Bill Gates.. how will he profit from this? Explain the process to me. What are the steps?


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  5. 4 hours ago, oops said:

    People are getting their information from the government and the media. They believe what these two pillars of honesty tell us without questioning it. Question it. You say that the say that ICU wards are filling up with covid cases, I say they are not. Why don't you google the number of covid cases in our hospitals and the number of hospitals and then tell me I am wrong. You talk about the large number of seniors dying. This is true and unacceptable. I believe that the lockdowns forcing our seniors  to be isolated and sedentary is causing huge numbers to die. Show me where that is not true. I believe that if the government had spent $5B to $10B on bringing long term care homes up to world class standards, instead of $300B on paying  people not to work we could have saved many more lives. Prove me wrong.

    The government and the mainstream media should be questioned. Everything should be questioned.

    There is a capacity in hospitals when it comes to certain types of patients. There is a limited number of ventilators. Wards need to be closed off for COVID patients. These are issues that I feel comfortable validating as I have nurses and doctors who are relatives and friends of mine. There is a limit and many times, we have reached capacity in different areas of Canada. Alberta hospitals, for example, are reaching the red line as far as being able to treat COVID patients.

    I do believe we need to learn from what happened. I don't agree that the same approach should be taken. At the same time, I'm not going to pretend that I know all of the layers and information that are involved in making decisions like this.

    From my limited knowledge, I do question the approach of shutting everything down. Why not isolate/quarantine only those who are vulnerable or who work with the vulnerable? I absolutely agree that, instead of spending so much money on everyone, perhaps it's best to focus on those who need to be shielded.

    The most important thing here is that we learn from all of this and better ourselves, if this were to happen again.

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  6. 1 hour ago, taxme said:

    H. Kissinger once said that military men are "dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign wars". It cannot be much clearer than that that all men and now women who join the military are just cannon fodder for the globalist corporate elite like Kissinger. Punch in and look it up yourself. It is still on the internet for all to see. Soldiers get no thanks for doing what they do. They just go get themselves maimed and killed. Kissinger is oh so right. ;)

    Kissinger was a piece of shit.

    Most, if not all wars are fought for selfish gains of a select few.

    Young men are sacrificed around the world because of these selfish few, who profit from the cycles of war.

    I agree with that.

    All said, the extent that a lot of some of the conspiracy theories (that have been around, but are now being magnified because of the echo chambers of social media), have gone too far.

    Like this whole COVID19 being a big, globalist hoax. For this to work, many people, at many levels need to be in on it. It is just not possible for so many people to be on a hoax like this.

    The virus is real. People are dying. The ICU wards cannot handle beyond a number of people, who, because of COVID and their health, must be taken to the ICU. The large number of seniors dying is not like anything we have seen before. COVID19 is real.

    Perhaps, we can argue that a different approach needs to be taken to respond... but to say that this is all a hoax, I find to be outrageous. I put this theory right there with people who believe the earth is flat.

    Plus, besides Amazon and a few other companies, who does the lockdown benefit? If anything, the top 1% do not want disruptions in the system and the rat race that has been created. They want business as usual.

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  7. On 12/11/2020 at 4:23 PM, cannuck said:

    I once manufactured some equipment that used an engine and gearbox sourced from Yurp.  They rose to the top of their game in that market and became too expensive, so I started to look at Japanese and American made alternatives.  The Yankee one was made in a small town in upstate MN, and I came to know the owner quite well.  He was showing me once a military contract and the prototype, and said he could add a third shift when he was ready to start production.   This was in a shopping area of 25,000 people.  I asked him where and how he could get at least 200 more people who could pick up tools and make engines when he had over 400 already.  He said: easy, the whole area is full of people (then in their 30s) who were drafted in Vietnam days.

    The idea of compulsory military service is foreign to Canadian values, but I also have a close Swedish friend (another social democracy, but with conscription and lifetime obligation to serve as a reserve) and can tell you drafting a teen - EVERY able bodied teen - is one of the smartest things you can do as a nation.  They end up with some sense of duty, some sense of responsibility, a trade and some discipline.  Fantastic way to start into adult life.

    The Germans did this as well and I like how it was done.

    During the last year when conscription was active in Germany, men were obliged to serve six months either in the military, which they could refuse, and do alternative civilian service, or honorary service (like any volunteer) for at least six months in a civil protection organization.

  8. 2 hours ago, Nefarious Banana said:

    Why are you so worried about what other people think . . . . . try thinking for yourself.  You expect everyone to think like you do, then publicly whine about it when there's a different opinion than yours.

    Your leader will tell you what to do.  Don't vary from his plan.  Be happy  . . . if that's possible.

    I don't have time for these kinds of conspiracy theories. This is why I want to know whether or not you subscribe to taxme's "The Great Hoax" theories. 

    Why are you so bothered with this question? 

    Re: The rest of your comments: You're being predictable, boring and divisive. I have no time for that. So if I don't respond to them from hereon, I hope you'll be able to move on.

  9. 5 hours ago, OftenWrong said:

    I dunno. I ask myself why all the time for things. But I do notice things, whether that makes any difference. Whenever there's a catastrophe you'll get some people piling on, to make profit. Or to use the crisis to further their ideology. So there is a real crisis, and then there are forces that want to manipulate it, to take advantage of it for their own ends. They exacerbate the problem and redirect it, by careful messaging.

    I think there is always a real danger that the situation will be misused for selfish gains.

    Not enough information is out yet, but from what I have seen from the market crisis 10 years ago, I'm sure this occasion has been used to put money into the pockets of 'friends'. 

    We're already seeing companies who have received millions to help towards the pandemic, and then the company giving their CEOs large bonuses. 

    CBC has started investigations into the money that has been handed out. This is just a start.



    I do know Mr. Trudeau is enjoying the crisis. He is quite pleased at the prospects. Said so himself, it's an opportunity for a Great Reset. Get it? Great reset.

    I'm not so worried about that comment as some seem to be.

    We have a lot of inefficiencies in how our systems work. We are seeing how this pandemic has motivated and pushed companies and systems to use technology to become more efficient.

    I do think that this is an opportunity to better our system. We just have to make sure that we know how what is being changed and to hold the government accountable.


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  10. @oops

    What are you arguing? You mentioned information that doesn't respond to the problem that the province has with the rising cases.

    What is the solution? Kenney is finally responding. He has put in restrictions that he vowed not to do, just a few months ago. He understands that it needs to be done, in order to be able to have control over the spiraling numbers.

  11. 1 minute ago, cannuck said:

    I think you need to read what I have posted on this subject.  What I have against masks is not wearing them, but believing they give you some reasonable level of protection - that results in people entering excessive closed space gatherings.

    Yes, a mask will catch a hoarked up monster luggie when you cough or sneeze, but it is the finely aerosolized droplets down a vapour size that carry virus into the atmosphere, where it can linger for many hours if no vigorous ventillation.  This leaks horribly around the perimeter of any mask that is not fitted and fit tested.  Worse than that, a DIY or low buck Chinese mask doesn't have the filtration required to eliminate SARS CoV 2 virus on its own.  An actual M95 mask (and that means one that has been manufactured to and proven to meet the ASTM standard for that label) catches 95% of particles 3.0 micron and over.  The virus is considerably under 1 micron.  Do the math.

    Then, there is the problem of re-used masks and of clothing.  Let's say you are in an infection rich area, but your magic mask catches the micro droplets as it was fit tested and proven not to leak (that eliminates 99.9% of masks from this discussion).  If you don't discard the mask, WTF do you think happens to the virus trapped in the mask?   When the moisture dries, as it will, you now have a sub micron particle that will easily pass the filtration level of even the best of conventional protection.  Remember being in that room?  Did you have clothes on?   What happens to the virus on your clothing?  Didn't discard it, or touch it by removing and putting into the wash?

    THIS is why I discourage the idea that masks are somehow helping this very real problem.  STAY THE FUCK OUT OF ENCLOSED SPACES AND AWAY FROM PEOPLE EVEN OUTSIDE, and 2 meters is by no means the magic solution.

    Yes, doing so would and will result in a lot of economic damage, but I would much prefer to be around to try and solve that problem than simply let my children bask in the glory of their inheritance.

    Those are fair comments with masks and I agree with some of them. Although, wearing a mask that is not 100% full proof is much better than not wearing one.

    Do you agree with taxme and his conspiracy theories in regards to COVID being a hoax?

  12. 31 minutes ago, Nefarious Banana said:

    You said I 'thanked' the post you quoted . . . .  It would be safe to assume that was the post you were referring to.  Side note:  It's none of your concern what I 'thank' . . . . just as it's none of my concern what you 'think'.

    The whole premise of Taxme's argument is that this is all a hoax. 

    You supported a post from him in a thread, where he is repeatedly repeating conspiracy theories. So I questioned you. If you want to refuse to answer why you support a conspiracy theorist, go for it.

  13. 6 hours ago, oops said:




    There are 161 hospitals on Alberta and 685 covid cases, on average 4.3 per hospital. Of these 121 are in intensive care, an average of close to one per hospital. If the hospitals are allowed to remain open they should be able to handle this load, this is no excuse to continue measures that compromise our children's future.

    That's not how things work.

    From November 21, 2020 - According to Alberta Health Services (AHS):

    ICU Beds:



  14. On 12/7/2020 at 10:48 AM, taxme said:

    That is the same question that I keep asking myself about a trained seal like you all the time. Arf-arf!! So, how are you able to use a computer? What tricks are you using? Just asking. ;)

    Even Jason Kenney has realized that things will get out of control, unless there are restrictions.

    Alberta's hospitals have reached their capacity and if the current trend continues, COVID patients will need to be put into hallways. There aren't enough nurses and doctors to handle the major overload.

    Do you think that this is all a hoax? That every single politician, including Jason Kenney is out to get you?

    How can there be so many people, at different levels, from different parties, all around the world, be part of some elaborate hoax? How does this make sense in your brain?

    Look at Alberta's cases: They have as many cases as Ontario, and their population is 1/4 of Ontario. Seriously? Do you think this is all a hoax? @Nefarious Banana? @cannuck? You two have "thanked" his post. Do you two also think this is all a hoax?

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  15. @cannuck

    Not sure how much you know about our immigration system, but it's quite dynamic. It has evolved into what it is today. Our system today cherry picks individuals from other countries. What it was like even 10 years ago is different than what it is today.


    but we continue to solicit and welcome immigration from those sources.  WHY would you do such a thing??????

    Do I facilitate or condone bringing in criminals? Of course not. That's an aggressive and unreasonable question to ask.

    Do bad people come through the cracks? Yes. Even through today's strict immigration system? Of course. Is there a high rate of criminality created due to immigration? No. 

    In fact, a research study that looks at property crime shows that immigration has reduced crime:

    This paper identifies the causal linkages between immigration and crime using panel data constructed from the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey and the master files of the Census of Canada. This paper distinguishes immigrants by their years in Canada and defines three groups: new immigrants, recent immigrants and established immigrants. An instrumental variable strategy based on the historical ethnic distribution is used to correct for the endogenous location choice of immigrants. Two robust patterns emerge. First, new immigrants do not have a significant impact on the property crime rate, but with time spent in Canada, a 10% increase in the recent-immigrant share or established-immigrant share decreases the property crime rate by 2% to 3%.

    Gangs are formed due to opportunities (or lack of). Hell's Angels are not an immigrant gang. Successive Italian mafias are not considered immigrant gangs.


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  16. 9 hours ago, cannuck said:


    Sorry to have to be very brief, but in the middle of being a WASP capitalist pig at the moment so pushed for time.

    I prefer capitalism over any other form of cliche economical/political system. I believe in conscious, ethical capitalism, which we practice. If you are against bribery and dishonesty, we are on the same page on that. 

    9 hours ago, cannuck said:

    The 50 drivers and one license was not hearsay or second hand, he showed me the documentation.  This was probably 10 years ago, and the problem now is far worse than it was then. 

    And then what? Why didn't you report this? This is a pretty big deal.

    If you think it's still happening, you should get in touch with the police.

    9 hours ago, cannuck said:


    Yanks have a similar problem in some areas with Eastern Europeans (many of who operate dispatch from offshore, and use let's say "more than a little violence" in helping their business succeed from thousands of kms away.

    The engineering problem is really big in resource sector out West, and especially bad with SNC - who have been thrown off of many jobsites due to both incompetence and dishonesty.

    No, India doesn't hold the monopoly on lack of ethics and outright criminality with level of dishonesty (once again, SNC and the LPC are vying with small countries to reach that level all by themselves).  But to involve a culture that is STEEPED in such dishonesty is irresponsible at the very least.  Again, I am not just making assumptions, I have a company in India - that we don't operate because it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to do an honest deal there.

    I have actually looked at the criminal "most wanted" lists and have noticed especially in major urban centers how immigrant-intense the most wanted lists are vs. the general prison population across Canada that is disproportionately aboriginal in content.   Long subject that would deserve a thread of its own, but the Asian, Carribean and Russian gangs all got here by easily passing what you describe as some kind of difficult barrier to coming to Canada.

    There is a direct correlation between crime and poverty.

    I have a big problem with blaming "immigrants".

    If you look at history, crime and corruption has continued to decrease. This is because Canada already has a good base in its system, adopted from the British. Continue to adopt technology and automation, cut out the middle "man" and it will continue to decrease.

    There are bad apples in all cultures and corruption is weeded out as time goes by.

    Children of immigrants are flourishing in Canada. They are outperforming the children of non-immigrants. This simple fact should resonate with anyone who wants the best for Canada.

    9 hours ago, cannuck said:

    BTW: let me thank you for conducting this discussion from a reasonable and logical point of view.  We really don't need partisan, ideological and emotional ranting - we need good exchanges to solve what is a genuine very large problem for this country.  While you and I may differ on what we believe to be the magnitude and causes, that shouldn't - and hasn't - prevent us from presenting and arguing our positions.  Just sorry I am short on time to really give the attention it and you deserve.

    Agreed. Thanks, I appreciate that. I am a fair person. I am not one-dimensional. 

  17. 17 hours ago, cannuck said:

    All fair questions.

    Let's just leave it at the point of where the tax man and I know each other too well - in several countries.

    Consequences in Canada?  Simple: I must pay for the massive cost of uncontrolled immigration.

    What do you mean "uncontrolled immigration"?

    Canada has some of the strictest immigration rules as compared to other major Western countries. 


      Not only the tax side, but in business, the influx of totally unqualified people (most of whom CLAIMED to be qualified or capable when they sent the documentation the "immigration consultant" wrote for them and provided the references for) take up employment and simply don't perform or communicate at the level that I expect and need to conduct business effectively and profitably in Canada.  To give you an example let's just look at one country:  in engineering jobs in Western Canada (mostly resource sector) employers tend to hire a disproportionate number of "engineers" from India.  Since most have an education and come from a culture that has zero respect for integrity, they are a total disaster on the job and one simply dismisses 99% of what they say or do because it is totally incompetent.   The second bit of suffering from that is some percentage (maybe 1% to 3% actually ARE good engineers) and their work and credibility is destroyed by their compatriates' ineptitude. 

    I don't know how you are qualifying 1-3% . That looks more like an opinion. 

    I would agree that some people from certain countries don't measure up to others in some sectors, as far as knowledge and capabilities. This is apparent in the engineering and tech sector. Indians are a good example of this. If they are educated in India (many are educated in England / U.S. / Canada), then the chances that they won't measure to the average worker increases.

    The results are clear: Employers in Canada, in the engineer and technology sectors, do avoid hiring Indians who have had education in India. 

    That is a reality.


    A senior engineer that does a lot of work for me in BC resource sector related how as a large company employer, "inclusiveness" at HR results in hiring a large number of low cost engineers who are Indian immigrants.  The reality of the Peter Principle is that a department gets stuck with one or more, and to get rid of them, recommend them for promotion.  End result after a few years is the salaries offered in engineering overall have been whored into the basement.  Union tradesmen with OT are earning far more that the senior engineers who designed and supervise the work they are doing.   

    Yet, salaries in both engineering and tech sectors are going up across the board. So this doesn't match with your opinion. 


    Obvious one of the largest offenders is the LPCs own good buddies at SNC.   Remember the blowup when they got caught with their extremely criminal involvement with Libya?   When the heads rolled, I watched a very senior (and very capable, very honest and very WASP) engineer get tossed out of the door as a sacrificial lamb.  It happened because a few junior engineers under his watch (let's be more specific, a few INDIAN immigrant junior engineers) had been bribing officials in Bangladesh for projects.   The damage done to the reputation, trustworthiness and technical quality of engineering in Canada has been destroyed by careless immigration of people CULTURALLY UNSUITED to do business to the professional standards we have come to expect form our traditional immigrant makeup.

    If you think bribery and unethical behaviour happens by only non-whites, then you're mistaken. We have come across hundreds of cases, where "white" company owners have only cared about the "bottom line". 

    This doesn't mean that in some cultures, unethical behaviour may not be more acceptable, than others. I would agree, that, in the Indian culture, shortcuts and unethical behaviour is more widely accepted.

    How much is that having an effect on the Canadian culture? Probably a bit. Is it widespread and urgent? From my experience, I don't see it.

    Just to note: We work with many engineering and technology firms in Canada. We assist companies at different levels, including recruitment. Majority of the recruitment is done domestically. However, due to the shortage of skilled Canadian workers, employers do look outside of Canada. This is where we assist employers as well. In almost all cases, if an employer has the option of hiring a qualified Canadian and pay them above the median average salary, vs an employee from outside of Canada, with a wage at the median average salary (all programs require this), they would easily choose the Canadian. The steps a Canadian employer would have to take to hire a foreign worker, the costs involved and the risk that the employee may not work out after going through the process is a big reason why Canadian employers would rather hire a Canadian.


    Let's go on to trucking: in your position, you SHOULD be aware that Sikhs have literally taken over the trucking business in Canada.  The dead bodies along the way should tell you a bit about their cultural and professional fit into the Canadian transportation industry.  Many of the drivers are illegal immigrants working within criminal organizations.   I had a unit on a long assignment in ON a few years ago.  It's safety inspection ran out while I was nearby, so I took it to a repair shop (owned and operated by one of the "old school" immigrant families that have been here 30+ years and fit VERY WELL into this country).  He squeezed my equipment into a long lineup of gravel trucks from the GTA needing safety inspections.  When I came on Saturday to collect the equipment, I sat down with the owner.  He said:  "look at this - 50 different trucks, 50 different drivers but only ONE DRIVING LICENSE"

    I acknowledge and agree that there are some problems in the trucking industry, but this 50 : 1 license ratio you are throwing around is ridiculous. It's all hearsay. This is not possible. Not at all.

    I am disappointed that you are throwing around such blatant misinformation. The trucking industry is in need of drivers. There is a HUGE shortage. This is why you see a higher percentage of immigrant drivers in the industry. Just like the tech and the health industry, if you cannot find workers locally, then you look elsewhere. This is why you see large number of Eastern European and Indian drivers. 

    Did you know that there was a shortage of 60,000 truck drivers in Canada in 2019?

    There are issues on the road. You can blame the immigrants, which seems to be a theme with you, but the real reasons are the following:

    1. Long working hours, due to lack of drivers. Many drivers are forced to drive longer than they are supposed to.
    2. Canadian truck drivers are not officially recognized as having a skilled trade, as they are in other countries. While unionized workers in the building trades are paid quite well on the basis of their acknowledged abilities, Canadian truck drivers are still treated as untrained industrial labourers, and paid as such. (The province of Ontario, to its credit, is in the process of elevating truck driving to the status of a skilled trade, but no such initiative is evident elsewhere in the country and clearly not at the federal level.)
    3. The training of truck drivers in Canada still lacks the required level of proficiency. Truck driving is considered an entry level position and entry-level driver training is still not mandatory in Canada, either federally or provincially.

    Bear in mind, I live and work with immigrants from several countries and in several countries.  Most of those in Canada came in under immigration programmes that require investment to get on the "fast track" to landed immigrant/resident status.  THOSE immigrants contribute significantly to Canada and their second generation usually contributes far above some average.  I can tell you with absolute certainty: immigrants who went through the trouble of bringing investment to Canada are disgusted by the "economic refugees" who pour over the border at government's invitation only and take up residence with little hope of ever working productively.

    How many are "pouring over the borders"? Do you have statistics? It's irresponsible of you to just throw comments, without, obviously doing some research first.


    The roving gangs of drug gangs in GTA, Vancouver, etc. are a great example of immigration gone horribly wrong.  The current policies and practices of the Liberal government (and not JUST the Liberals) are setting up for a second wave.

    No. Look at the prison system and tell me who populates them. Tell me which groups are rising in numbers. I can tell you that it's not the immigrants. 

    Black Canadians make up 3 per cent of the country’s total population but represent 10 per cent of the federal prison population.

    The indigenous people make up 5 per cent of the population but account for 30 per cent of federal prison populations – a number that has been steadily rising for years. 

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