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  1. Unfortunately there are some who hold an arrogant and bigoted view that everyone has to learn from their culture and beliefs. I believe there are a lot of things all cultures can learn from each other. There is always room for improvement.
  2. You pay the bills for what? What consequences are you suffering? Immigrants don't pay bills? What are the gaping holes in immigration? Unwanted by who? Why are they unwanted to you?
  3. I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion. You sound very defensive. I am trying to respond to the negativity and flat out misinformation that some here are spewing in regards to immigrants. As a whole, immigrants are good for Canada.
  4. I am trying to balance out your constant negativity towards immigrants.
  5. The reality is that research after research shows that immigrants have a positive impact on Canada. When you look at education and compare children of immigrants vs children of Canadian-born parents, this is what we get: Immigrants play an important role in bridging gaps in the labour market, both short and long-term. Statistics now confirm that the children of immigrants outperform children from Canadian-born parents in educational attainment thus adding another important benefit that immigrants bring to Canada. These findings are outlined in a Statistics Canada paper entitle
  6. So you are okay with people who cheered the 911 attack, or other attacks, who were, one way or another effected by West's attack on their country and people. Obviously that is ridiculous. I have no time for idiots who whine about and get so angry about cartoons. Then you have some fxckhead who are willing to kill someone because of it... damn... Please fxck off. People are easily insulted and are looking for excuses to feel insulted. I'm going to stop talking about this topic. We're derailing the subject. Sort of.
  7. Who said I don't? I don't have to pick a side. I am just trying to show you that you are no different than the person who cheers on a terrorist attack. At the end, you are both justifying the death of innocent people. I condemn the cycle of violence.
  8. In one breath, you justify attacks committed by the West, like drone attacks, where a large number of those killed are civilians, as "oh well, collateral damage", and then you turn around and condemn a family member/countryman of those killed in the drone attack, who cheers a terrorist attack on the West. That's called double standard. I believe majority of the wars we have seen in our lifetime did not have to happen and they are inhuman. Pretty much all of these conflicts are not based on altruistic reasons. I believe using collateral damage is an excuse to give your support a
  9. What is inhuman to you? Many find bombing a country indiscriminately where thousands of civilians are killed as collateral damage as inhuman. Are those who have supported military actions in other countries inhuman?
  10. We have a mix of immigrants. Canada, when compared to other Western countries, is renowned for having an extremely difficult immigration system to go through. This has been the case since Harper/Kenney implemented major changes into our system. Skilled worker applications, which make up a majority of our applications, go through a point system where people who are young, have post secondary education and have high English skills are able to make it through the competitive system. Step 1 - Meet the minimum requirement of one of the skilled worker programs and go into a pool called Express
  11. How is that an attack? I'm just in awe of your consistency. You have been warning everyone about how evil Islam and Muslims are and how our society is in danger ever since I started on this forum. Every time I see a Muslim, your warnings of them reverberate in my thoughts. I have to be careful though, as sometimes I get them FOBs and goat-herders mixed up. I don't want to get a hindu Indian-Canadian mixed up with a Muslim Indian-Canadian. Also, sometimes I'm not really sure if one of those FOB women is a Muslim or not, because, now get this... only half of Muslim-Canadian women wear the h
  12. Here is an example of two provinces, who are experiencing different economic growth: New Brunswick vs PEI Statistics Canada reported its latest estimates show New Brunswick's economy grew by 1.2 per cent in 2019. It was the slowest growth in any province east of Manitoba, and the tenth year in a row New Brunswick's economy has expanded at a rate below the national average. Several thousand metres across the Northumberland Strait, however, it has been a completely different decade. Prince Edward Island's economy has grown 25.2 per cent over the last 10 years, slight
  13. As an expert on Islam and Muslims, glad to have your input. I love it when you come in these threads and with high confidence announce the dangers of Islam and Muslims. I mean, take a look at the issues we have right here in Canada, where Muslims are pushing their veils onto our women! You have been warning everyone for years. One Muslim terrorist attack after another in Canada. Glad to have you here! Could you tell us more about the FOBs? A man with your class and the love for the finer things in life must enjoy whoppers at least twice a week?
  14. No. I don't think wanting to know the ethnicity of a person is being racist. I was going to make a joke about bland food experience. But I won't. There is nothing wrong with your ethnic background. What I do find wrong is making a snap judgement on someone based on their ethnic background, without really knowing them. Sometimes I catch myself doing that from time to time. Sometimes I apply stereotypes, which I don't think is right. But overall, I think, because I meet people from all over the world in my line of work and because of where I live, I've had a lot of experiences
  15. So you're saying that the value of his comments is contingent on his ethnicity? Weird.
  16. The East Coast provinces are a good example of what would happen if the population declines and jobs are not replaced. When dying industries, like fishing and natural resource industries, can no longer support families. When people retire and the young people move away to other parts of the country/world. This is why the eastern provinces have put into place aggressive immigration programs, to draw would-be immigrants to their provinces, instead of them always going to the usual: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary.
  17. No. I don't. That's what YOU say I do. You lack knowledge and understanding in how our immigration system works and the dynamics in employment. You believing that a Canadian citizen born in Canada should be treated differently than a Canadian citizen born outside of Canada is absurd. Keep digging. You're not here to have a debate or to learn. You're here to spread your racist views. Your views and debating skills are toxic and un-Canadian. I'm going to turn you off for now. Enjoy your echo chamber of bigotry.
  18. It makes a counter argument to those who suggest that our immigration system is open doors to anyone and everyone.
  19. How do these inevitable changes (transition) make you feel?
  20. I didn't. I never "defended bringing in desperate third world people to keep wages low." You lie. I don't care. A citizen is a citizen. How recent? Are you digging into your archive of old news again? Your problem is that you cannot comprehend that things are always in a state of flux. There are many more tech companies in Canada this year, then there were even 3 years ago. My company doesn't focus on technology, but we do have tech roles in our company. Despite offering very competitive salaries to hire programmers and software engineers, it's very dif
  21. They are rising. Are you not reading the wealth of information being shared here? The number of tech companies, jobs and salaries are rising. The wage gap is getting closer.
  22. This is what the latest discussion is about. The tide is changing. Tech companies, jobs and salaries in Canada are increasing. The movement is reversing.
  23. This is true. It still happens. Despite the gap getting closer, U.S. companies are still paying engineers and tech workers more money. Do you blame anyone who wants to be paid more?
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