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  1. We have, what is referred to, as dirty oil. The cost of extracting sand oil is not worth the investment, unless oil is above $45. RIght now, it sits under $40. I've looked into why we're importing petro, instead of investing and refining our own and the conclusion I came to was that it costs too much for us to do this. Oil and Petro is being done at a much lower price by countries abroad. There are other factors involved as well. People like Argus want to blame Trudeau, because that's how they function, however, oil companies started pulling out of the Canadian market well before Trudeau
  2. I'll leave it up to you to look at the percentages for GDP. Historically, natural resources has been a large part of our GDP, but has been declining. We need to continue to promote technology, agrifood and other sustainable and emerging industries. The tech industry employs double the number of workers in oil+gas. The improvement for the tech industry is not something that Trudeau can take full credit for. Provincial policies, like for example, BC Provincial Nominee Program has a tech program, where it encourages growth in the tech sector has helped boost BCs economy. You also have f
  3. That's okay. I'm not here to be validated by you.
  4. When information does not support your narrative, you become suspicious. Of course. Increase taxes? I would love to see your numbers. What you probably don't know, when comparing Harper and Trudeau: For 2014-2015 — the last full fiscal year of Stephen Harper's government — tax revenue as a share of GDP was 11.5 per cent. For 2018-2019 — after nearly four full years of Justin Trudeau's government — tax revenue as a share of GDP is projected to be 12.7 per cent. --- It's absolutely the right decision to wean ourselves away from oil and continue to nurture our t
  5. The economy has not been this good in Canada for some time. Not only that, but Trudeau has moved Canada away from being a petrol economy, where the biggest factor for the worth of our dollar was the price of oil, towards technology. Here is more: Unemployment fell faster than in any developed nation during the 40 months that ended in May, to its lowest level since 1976. Gross domestic product accelerated to a pace second only to the U.S. rate. The stock and bond markets proved world beaters with the best returns and most stability. Behind the robust health are data showing Canad
  6. If it's based on your fear of "the others", I understand that you have this fear. However, economically, it's not a good idea. You need to address the aging population and part of that can be through immigration: An aging population like Japan's poses numerous problems. The government will have to spend more on healthcare, and that, coupled with a shrinking workforce and tax base, is a recipe for economic stagnation. It also means, among other things, that there will not be enough young people to care for the elderly. Source Here is a good read in regards to our aging popula
  7. The immigrants that are coming to Canada, for the most part, are the cream of the crop. Educated, experienced, high language skills and they have money. Perhaps this is why you feel threatened? They are not disadvantaged like the indigenous in Canada. They have not gone through generations of trauma. Their children start ahead of the indigenous population.
  8. Trump has not done better than Trudeau, just because he stopped flights from China a few days earlier. Japan closed its borders on March 15 to Chinese passport holders. They added most other countries on April 1st. United States issued its travel ban to China, Iran and some European countries on March 11th. Canada issued its travel ban on March 18th. Not much difference between the 3 countries. So you're holding on a view/opinion that lacks proper facts. --- One thing that seems to be lost on Dr. Tam’s harshest critics is the fact that this is a novel virus. We ha
  9. I appreciate you sharing that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you probably were not born into a family where your parents were absent, or with a parent who was an addict, with another in prison? Unfortunately, there is a high rate of children who start life in that setting.
  10. Your statement shows that you don't understand the disadvantage and the word priviledge. Here is a video that might help you understand: Only a very small percentage of people who are able to overcome the big disadvantage they have in starting life. You calling people "lazy and useless" is why we're not moving forward quick enough to have a better society.
  11. I am not in a position to create 'concrete solutions'. This needs to be done through proper channels with people who understand the situation better and deeper. It must be done in conjunction with the communities who are effected. We must show respect for how they function as societies and communities. We must abandon the engrained mindset that we know best. There are some initial steps we need to take in full. Step 1 - Accepting that there is a problem. Unfortunately, there are people who think the issues are not something we should waste our time on and that we should just leave th
  12. I get the criticism of the Canadian government's handling of the situation, especially at the very beginning. However, it's baffling that you somehow believe that Trump got it right. This is why I believe you have credibility issues.
  13. I don't think we need to spend more money. I am not sure why the mention of sympathy and empathy triggers screams of communism and taxes. There are children who start their lives at a big disadvantage. They start life in poverty and in insecurity and they are not random. Data shows there are specific ethnic/racial groups that have a higher chance of being in poverty. Data also shows that these specific groups have had experienced trauma for at least 1 generation. In the U.S., the traumatized group is mostly the African American population. In Canada, it's the First Nations. We know th
  14. What culture do I hold so dear? Whose history is deplorable? It matters what we have done in the past. Let's look at the First Nations population in Canada. Do you not see what our past actions has done to these people today? You think you can suddenly turn the switch and change a culture, because a law was changed? I don't know WTF you're talking about. When have I done that? ?
  15. Not sure what you're trying to get at it here. Are you calling me a communist? I believe we are quite fortunate to be where we are in the world. I am under no illusion that this is the case. This is a secure country with a good functioning system. However, this does not mean that I'm going to turn a blind eye to what has taken place in the past, in order for this country to be formed. I am also not going to turn a blind eye to the issues that our system has created today.
  16. Why are you setting the bar by using a backwards government in Iran? I don't get it. We need to continue to improve as a society and part of that is by looking at what is wrong with our society and try to improve it. I also don't get your comment above. What are you talking about?
  17. Sure racist. Try to explain away that one. I mean that racist trash will be singled out as our culture, in general, does not tolerate racists like you.
  18. Marcus said: This is the same guy who calls a segment of immigrants Goat Herders and he thinks there is nothing wrong with that. People like you are being flushed out. Change is happening, despite your resistence. In due time, you'll be another screaming racist in a parking lot, embarrassing your family with your views. If you have kids, there is a good chance that your racist views will be shunned by your kids. In most cases, this is what happens. There is a break in the cycle of racism.
  19. Despite your attempt, there is nothing romantic about how Canada was formed and what took place and continues to take place in order for Canada to be formed.
  20. Yeah, flushed out. Like these racists: And: And: And: And:
  21. Our society is always changing. This is how societies have always worked. Most changes that occur, when you look at our history, have been for the good. Things have obviously improved, but the playing field is not equal and there are still people (with different backgrounds) who will still make decisions and comments based on the ethnicity of another person. Unfortunately, in general, minorities in most sectors have a disadvantage, just because they are a minority. The Old Stock Canadians are being flushed out. Many are in denial, because they're too busy listening to their own voices or
  22. Of course Argus would deny that there is racism in Canada. This is the same guy who calls a segment of immigrants Goat Herders and he thinks there is nothing wrong with that.
  23. Rex is not a Liberal. Rex would not be able to get a job at NP if he was a Liberal commentator. He has definitely moved to the right even more, since his departure from CBC to NP. NP's commentators all sit somewhere from right of centre to full on advocates of the Conservative party. Here are Rex's last few NP articles - Anything but "Liberal": Rex Murphy – Was it code?: The PM's bizarre announcement on the carbon tax hike Rex Murphy: Now everyone's wearing masks! Pity the poor activists upstaged by COVID-19 Rex Murphy: COVID-19 and our new Government at the Bott
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