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  1. 9 hours ago, Dougie93 said:

    "Coloured people" ?  lol

    You really are a vacuous bubble head, Marcus.

    I would counter that you're a bubble head.

    You keep talking about how Canada is a shit country and I'm countering with facts.

    Do you disagree with these facts:

    In average, Canadians are making more money, living longer and are better educated.

  2. 11 hours ago, taxme said:

    That is not my shit? That is Bible shit. Probably, no one will find anything in the newly written bibles of today like where homosexuality was once written in the old bibles where God abhored homosexuality. Man must not lie down with another man. The preachers use to teach this before political correctness came along. Today, we will never hear any preacher dare say from the pulpit the words yellow race or the evils of homosexuality today. That is grounds for charging the poor preacher guy/gal with promoting hatred and being terribly offensive. Aw well.   

    Off topic, but who are you or me to tell two adults what they can or can't do?

  3. Just now, dialamah said:

    Yeah, I tend to think that how we're doing is less about the regime we're under than what's happening in the rest of the world.  I'm sure tax policies have some effect, but I've never experienced anything that's made my life significantly better or worse, and things seem to truck along more or less the same regardless of the claims, promises or accusations of politicians.

    I don't remember the East Coaster having the same "sky is falling" attitude when the fishing industry started to disappear. There wasn't that much of a blame game either. Same thing goes for the dwindling BC forest industry. 

    I'm dealing with two Albertan companies at the moment and their businesses have, for decades, been around the energy sector. They're adapting. They're transitioning to the tech sector and are doing well. 

    Just now, dialamah said:

    I think climate change fallout will result in considerable change, but how much can be controlled by Liberal or Conservative leadership is the question I think.

    For sure. It's already happening. The BC government does not have enough money allocated to the increasing forest fires. We also have many towns and cities near the rising waters and rivers and that's going to cost billions.

  4. 2 hours ago, taxme said:

    Do not ever try to underestimate Russia. Russia does have a big military, and is ready for NATO if they try to ever attack Russia. NATO will never take on Russia. They know better than to try that. Nobody wins if NATO and Russia tries to duke it out with one another. As i keep saying here? Russia is not the West's enemy. It is China.

    I would agree that China is more of an economic foe. But China should not be looked at as a threat. They would not survive if trade stopped happening with the west. They rely on the status quo and would not want to rock the boat. Of course, they will do what they can to have economic advantage over others. One of few things that I agree with Trump is that China has slowly created an unbalanced economic playing field with the protectionist policies. I would also be concerned about adopting their technology. But of course, as Snowden has confirmed, it's not only China who wants to spy on people. The U.S., through different tech companies, is doing the same thing.

    2 hours ago, taxme said:

    As the old bible says; beware of the yellow race. Today, we see that we must now be beware of the yellow race.

    C'mon! Stop that shit. 

  5. 5 hours ago, dialamah said:

    Yeah, and aren't the people who declare Canada "broken" generally the same ones claiming that immigrants want to come here because its so great?  Just because someone don't like the current governance doesn't mean the entire country is destroyed, what's up with that hyperbole anyway?  

    You'd think so. By the way, Canada is doing a lot better under the current regime than we were under the previous.

  6. 4 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    Look who their neighbors are and who their haters are. They shoot their own people in the back for peaceful protest. What do you think they would do to Israelis if they capture Israeli towns and cities.  As inhuman Israeli actions may be and I have criticize their actions many times against defenseless women and children, one looking at both sides of the conflict may see it as self defense.

    Who are you talking about when you say "neighbours"? The Palestinians? The Jordanians? The Egyptians? The Lebanese? 

    I don't see it as self-defense. Nothing about Israel's actions can be justified. To me, you're just falling for the bs talking points propagated by the Hasbara in order to manufacture consent of people.

    4 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    What would you do if you see very violent revengeful hateful gangsters or gang of people trying to enter your home (which may or may not belong to you resembling Israeli case) and wanting to massacre (and possibly much worse that I cannot say in details) you and your immediate family and you are armed. Will you defend yourself with full force or instead behave humane? I would do the former myself and defend my family with everything that I got throw at them to save my family and myself.

    Ask a Palestinian this question. Because they have been living under the conditions imposed on them by the Israeli gangsters.

    Anyway, take this into the other thread. 


  7. 4 hours ago, kactus said:

    Why is it a good thing? It shows lack of sportsmanship when Iranian authorities ban any competitor taking part in competing against an Israeli. 

    It took me a while to come to this conclusion but after seeing Israel refusing all pressures to follow international law and human rights laws for so long, I believe boycotting Israel in cultural and athletic activity is an integral part of the BDS movement, just like it was against Apartheid South Africa. Often, Israel tries to use sports as a way to brand itself and to sweep its actions against the Palestinians. 

    Here is a link to some other BDS activities regarding sports.

    I believe the same pressure should be used against Iran if it wants to continue to violate international and human rights laws. If we're going to put financial sanctions, why stop at sports?

  8. Try an experiment:

    1) Start a thread on China and see how many would argue what China is doing is okay.

    2) Start a thread on Israel's 60+ years of inhumane treatment of Palestinians and the ethnic cleansing from their land and see how many howling crusaders will come in to argue what Israel is doing is okay. 

    Giving a pass to a shitty country because there is another shitty country is like:


    R. Kelly arguing: "Guys, get it over it! Have you seen that Michael Jackson documentary?!"

  9. 2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    Now the internet has been partially restored, videos have been appearing on social media that paint a picture of a government crackdown more brutal and bloodier than many had feared. The identities and stories of the protesters who lost their lives have also emerged.


    What the West MUST do against such a brutal regime:

    1 - Break off diplomatic relations with the regime in Iran and close their embassies.

    U.S. and Canada have done this.

    Europe has not.

    2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    2 - Cut off all trades with this brutal regime and cut the regime off totally of export of oil and non-oil products.

    Pretty much there with the sanctions imposed by the U.S. Any company that does business with Iran could jeopardize their financial/trade relations with the U.S.

    2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    3 - Gather evidence against the criminals in various regime components and prosecute them in their absence for crime against humanity and freeze their assets.

    Already done.

    2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    4 - Send a strong message to the regime in Iran that all options including military options against the regime will be on table and likely if the regime does not change its behavior and continues to brutalize its citizens, the middle east and the world.

    Already done.

    2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    5 - Must form a united front and build a very strong military presence in Persian Gulf including aircraft carriers and submarines.

    Already done. Iran is surrounded by American military bases.

    2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    6 - Create an internet for Iran nation so that they will not be cut off from the world in the incoming uprisings.

    Agreed. The internet and flow of information is a key factor.

    2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    7 - All Iran sports, Football/soccer in particular must be banned from all international competitions for as long as women are not allowed into Iranian stadiums and the regime forces its athletes against their will not to compete against Israelis.

    Half done. I thought they finally allowed Iranian women to attend soccer matches.

    Not competing against Israel, another brutal state, is a good thing in my opinion.

    2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    The West stands for freedom and democracy. Therefore the West must not remain silent and indifference witnessing such brutalities..

    Europe needs to step up and give Iran an ultimatum, instead of sitting on the fence.

  10. 3 minutes ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    No but you start a thread about a Palestinian man being shot in the back BUT stay totally SILENT when over a hundred poor protesters are being shot from top and back and don't say a word about it. Btw, the thread title is "State of Denial" Not Israeli or Iran regime crimes specific and I pointed out that YOU are in that state of denial yourself.

    You are unstable and don't have the attention span to analyze things. Instead, you jump into conclusions without really thinking. 

  11. Iran's Green Movement was one of the first times the world was able to receive unfiltered information coming out of a country being oppressed and brutalized by the government. This was all due to internet. We saw something similar during the Arab Spring . 

    - The West should start with providing internet through satellite to bypass the Iranian government's control over internet.
    - There are thousands of family members of the Iranian government living in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. They need to increase and pinpoint sanctions against the corrupt Iranian officials and their families and the hundreds of companies they own outside of Iran

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  12. 2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    The OP is incredibly biased in his assessments. He forgets all the terror and bombing carried out by Arab terrorists against civilian Israelis and only concentrates on Israeli crimes. If you want people to give any credit to your posts or comments then be fair in your stories and don't just focus on ONE side of the facts.

    Where? Please let me know about these Arab terrorist bombings against civilians and I'll lead the condemnation. I just checked again and found nothing. 

    2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    It is incredibly saddening  that while many likely over a hundred of citizens of likely his own land getting shot in the back by islamic republic militia for a peaceful protest against regime induced poverty in their homeland for which he hasn't said a single word about, but has posted about a single Palestinian man being shot in the back by opening a thread about this. SHAME on you. 

    My land? 

    You have no idea what you're talking about. I try to have conversations with you, but you show nothing but instability. What does this have to do with Iran? An innocent kid was shot in the back and an innocent family was bombed. I am being biased??? I don't think you are mentally stable.

    2 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:


    Amnesty International said on Tuesday that more than 100 protesters had been killed in 21 cities in Iran during unrest that broke out   Either Snipers have shot into crowds of protesters from rooftops and, in one case, from a helicopter, Amnesty said..   

    Either YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS IN DENIAL OR YOU ARE a Coward to speak about it.                              


    Iran's crimes does not justify Israeli crimes. I invite you to share the information in the correct thread.

  13. Israel is an evil state.

    One of the most sophisticated intelligence organizations bombed a house and managed to kill a whole family. Their excuse: A year ago, they had intelligence that a member of a militant/terrorist group was there.

    What's the recourse? Oops. Our bad. Onto the next denial of a morally corrupt country:

    A man is shot in the back by Israeli soldiers, because it's funny. In North America, kids make videos of silly pranks. In Israel they make videos of shooting people in the back and laughing about it.


  14. 41 minutes ago, taxme said:

    If she were Muslim, no, I would not date her. If I did by chance did so, then she would have to convert back to sanity, and then start to dress up and start looking like a Canadian white woman. She can go to the beach and get a tan all over her pretty white sexy body. I am pretty sure that Don Cherry would agree with me.  :D

    Many Muslim women who live outside of Muslim countries do not wear the Muslim garments.

    Would you date a white Jewish woman?

  15. Just now, taxme said:

    Am I a racist because I have this thing for white women only? I am not saying that I have anything against non-white women, but I have to admit that I am quite partial towards white women. There was never and there will never be any mixing for me. ;)

    Would you date a Muslim who is white?

  16. 10 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    I mean,  this is all just Millennial shit, the Millennials live in a bubble of social media, it's the moral narcissism and addiction to conformity adulation of a failed generation.

    Because of technology, the barriers are being broken. There are definitely negatives as we go through a transition. We're learning to deal and adapt with technology and mass information. Narcissism is just being expressed differently. 

    Technology will continue to improve our world and suppress backwards ideas in other parts of the world. Many conservatives in other countries and cultures are complaining about how technology is taking children away from 'tradition'. In many cases, this is a good thing. It's changing the ideals and beliefs of young people around the world who are fed lies, hate and segregation.


  17. Just now, Dougie93 said:

    Woof, that is one ugly broad right thur.

    Not sure why she has to be put in her place tho, what did she do?

    Made people sad with her "white boy" comments. It's the culture of victimhood and the platforms like facebook, twitter and the comment sections where people share their grievances for the latest comment that has upset them.

    She triggered people like DC triggered people.

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