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  1. What? Who said this is what I do? You get angry when I correct you and then you go and make shit up. You are so toxic. Almost all of our employees are Canadian citizens. The two foreign workers that work for our company are making more than $20k over the median salary in Canada. Are they making more than you? Does it matter? No. You can't do what they do. If you can, send over your resume. We're desperate to find skilled tech workers! Are you not reading what is being shared here? Because of free market and the demand for skilled workers, the salaries ARE going up in Canada.
  2. Are you talking about Permanent Residency? Because that's not what I'm talking about and it's not what the discussion of foreign workers is about. We're talking about foreign workers. Understanding immigration matters.
  3. No. It's not because of immigration. If this was the case, how come the wages are higher in the States? Historically, they have relied heavily on foreign workers there as well, especially in the tech industry.
  4. Then the employer would not be able to sponsor the foreign worker. Part of the application is to show ads, where the salary is at or higher than the prevailing wage for the occupation, for that location. So these ads you're seeing is not for foreign workers. They are for Canadians.
  5. You seem to be against how the free market works. Supply and demand. You also seem to be clueless as to what is happening in the tech industry in Canada and around the world. Life doesn't stand still. Your idea of how things work are outdated and misinformed. There was a time when we didn't have a diverse market. We had the subsidized manufacturing industry in Ontario and Quebec and the subsidized energy industry in Alberta and BC. Time brings change and transition. The appetite to run a tech company in Canada is no longer scary. Our corporate taxes are actually very inviti
  6. Here is the information, on prevailing wage and the rules: If you want to learn more, go here.
  7. You can't work for half the wages. That's BS. I'm not sure what company you work for, but there are rules in place, where the Canadian entity must pay at the prevailing salary, for that position, in that location, if they want to hire a foreign worker. It's rare, but it happens, where the employer may have a contract to pay someone a certain wage, but once they arrive, they don't pay them that wage. This mostly happens when it comes to low or semi-skilled positions. Like plant or farm workers. Not when it comes to the tech industry. If the same employer wants to hire someone through
  8. The contempt you have for people from people outside of Europe is sad to witness. The truth is that an overwhelming majority of people who immigrate to Canada, from developing countries, are better educated and a lot more sophisticated than you are. LOL @ calling David Suzuki's nature shows, racist.
  9. Biden is as dirty a politician as you can get. Over 40 years in politics and he achieved nothing for the people. He's a shill for lobbyists. That's usually the case for majority of lifelong politicians. They're in it for themselves. Biden is another Clinton. On the other side, you have Trump. He is certainly different than the usual politician. But he is corrupt in his own way. He has business deals with corrupt governments. He has family involved in many of these. He has used his position to leverage these business deals. The sad and pathetic thing in front of us are the cheerleade
  10. You don't know what you're talking about. Historically, Canada's tech salaries has lagged behind not only the U.S. but the rest of the world as well. However, that has been changing rapidly, especially in the past 5 years. You need to accept this reality - This is from 2019: Average compensation within Toronto’s technology industry is higher than ever and increasing faster than any other major tech hub surveyed worldwide. According to a recent study by tech-job site Hired, the average salary of the city’s technology industry workers increased by 9 per cent in the past twelv
  11. As an employer, this is great news for me. It doesn't matter if I am offering a salary well above the median average salary for administration and tech positions, I have an extremely hard time finding employees. With all of the tech companies opening up offices in Canada, it's great to see that our immigration system, both under the Harper government and the Trudeau government, are responding to the need of skilled workers. I love the fact that Canada is starting to be known as the top destination for many sought after skilled workers who have numerous options around the world.
  12. There seems to be such resistance to Innovation + Technology. Once the bags are banned, we will continue to come up with better alternatives. Stop being so afraid of change.
  13. Out of a population of 80 million, 40,000 people demonstrated against wearing masks and other covid19 related restrictions.
  14. He was the High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago and later an ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Yugoslavia, Albania, and Bulgaria. All of this before the 1990's. You know how many immigration changes have been made since James Bissett, who is 89 now, retired in 1992? I didn't want to bring it up, but now that you're trying to flash his credentials, it's also important to note that James Bissett, (pictured below), has been a consistent defender of Serb leader Slobodan Milošević an authoritarian, who was complicit in the genocide of thousands. This is typica
  15. Oh man. We've been over this before. You keep regurgitating the same selective half truths and your bizarre way of looking at who comes into our country. If a family immigrates to Canada through the most common way, under a skilled worker program, the main applicant will be assessed to meet a minimum requirement, which allows him/her to compete in a pool with others. At the moment, there are 150,000 people in this pool (and growing) and once a month, between 7-9,000 people are selected to apply for permanent residency. This means that 95% of the people who are in this pool are not selecte
  16. You're reaching and you're being dramatic. You're also not able to stay on the topic you responded to originally. You have now gone on a tangent, and are outraged at "the sudden surge in crime, because Canada let in Syrian refugees." The problem is that these feelings you have are detached from reality. These feeling are most likely due to the fear of the unknown, which stems from being disconnected from the other people. I don't know why, but it could be because of your location and your lack of access to and communication with people from different cultures and background. You're a
  17. Our immigration system, for the most part, tries to sell itself as merritt based. Our most common program, under Express Entry is based on a point system. It depends on your language level, age, education and work experience. Nothing to do with your location. When it comes to temporary residency (study/visit/work), which can help you to become a permanent resident/citizen, is different. The Irish, for example, do not need to apply to get a visitor visa. They are visa exempt, as are most European countries. The Irish, and many other European countries also have an option that maj
  18. That was a short term decision after the refugee crisis. That has nothing to do with our immigration system and what Argus is alleging in regards to our immigration system favouring Muslim countries.
  19. Share where in our immigration system, there is any favour towards people who are applying from Muslim countries. I work in the immigration and you are spreading misinformation again.
  20. Really now. What if investing money to a specific group ends up giving a return? This is why they make these investments. It is to receive a positive return.
  21. Intergenerational trauma is usually seen within one family in which the parents or grandparents were traumatized, and each generation of that family continues to experience trauma in some form. In these cases the source can usually be traced back to a devastating event, and the trauma is unique to that family. What makes the intergenerational trauma in the case of First Nations people different is that it wasn't the result of a targeted event against an individual – it was a set of government policies that targeted and affected a whole generation. Children were traumatized when they were
  22. Did you (or do you) speak out when the former Conservative government was giving out billions in incentives to oil companies?
  23. Wrong. As statistics show, a white girl is born with a head start in life compared to a black girl or a First Nations girl.
  24. If your friend was black (ha-ha! imagine that), and he had a daughter going through the same thing, she would receive the same treatment as the white girl. Your argument has holes. Here is a video that describes privilege: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K5fbQ1-zps
  25. You refuse to look at any other media and solely rely on facebook memes for your information. This is wrong in my opinion and it makes me question your credibility. It is a reactionary action by the government, to respond to the emotional outrage many people are feeling. I'm not a fan of decisions made based on emotions. That said, I do believe that the black community, like many other groups, need support and a boost. I believe that if done correctly, it's a good investment. Whether it should be the federal government to make these decisions, that's another debate. Here is the br
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