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  1. Of course Argus would deny that there is racism in Canada. This is the same guy who calls a segment of immigrants Goat Herders and he thinks there is nothing wrong with that.
  2. Rex is not a Liberal. Rex would not be able to get a job at NP if he was a Liberal commentator. He has definitely moved to the right even more, since his departure from CBC to NP. NP's commentators all sit somewhere from right of centre to full on advocates of the Conservative party. Here are Rex's last few NP articles - Anything but "Liberal": Rex Murphy – Was it code?: The PM's bizarre announcement on the carbon tax hike Rex Murphy: Now everyone's wearing masks! Pity the poor activists upstaged by COVID-19 Rex Murphy: COVID-19 and our new Government at the Bott
  3. He functions on emotion, which is triggered by the media he consumes himself with.
  4. 3 reasons why there is such a big difference between U.S. and Canada: 1) New York Take out NY, NJ and CT. If you take those out, the numbers are closer: 2) Health access and pre-existing conditions Obesity and pre-existing conditions. U.S. has the highest rate of obesity in the world. There is also the gaps in the U.S. health-care system that predated the pandemic. There's a persistent gap in access to care, for example, with visible minorities likelier to lack medical insurance. 3) Politics People in counties that voted predominately for Trump i
  5. What percentage? Of the 5 times more coverage of SNC, would you say that 3 of them were about their relationship with the Liberals? That's still 3 times more coverage of SNC than Duffy.. Again, what are you basing your comments on, when you say Duffy received more coverage on CBC than SNC + Liberals? I think we're done talking about this. I'm pretty sure I've made my point.
  6. What are you basing your information on? Do you have something to back up your comment? I do. According to the archives, CBC covered SNC 5 times more than Mike Duffy.
  7. You are going off on a tangent. You said Duffy was covered more than SNC. The internet archives all of this information. Whether it was video (tv) or articles. The simple truth is that Duffy was covered much less than SNC, by CBC with a ratio of 1:5. This is contrary to what you said in your original post about the differences in coverage by CBC. It shows that your perspective that CBC is a mouthpiece forTrudeau and an apologist for Trudeau goes against reality.
  8. The internet is an archive. So the articles and videos are an accumulation of coverage from CBC. It's not about coverage "now". Overall, the CBC, both in articles and in video coverage, covered SNC 5 times more than Duffy. This is significant and it is the opposite of what you have been thinking. I just wanted to show you that sometimes, what you think might be the truth, is not the truth. I believe that your mistaken thought that CBC covered Duffy more than SNC is a product of the limitations you have put on yourself in learning about certain stories. You've probably surrounded yourself
  9. Please don't hide from the truth. Number of videos by CBC has the same ratio for coverage. 5:1 SNC over Duffy.
  10. Going back to your original comments about this: I showed you, through the number of news links, that CBC covered SNC by a count of 5:1, in both article links and video links, when compared to their coverage of Mike Duffy. The Rebel, on the other hand, covered Mike Duffy more than SNC.
  11. It's not about now or before. CBC's coverage of SNC was higher than Duffy's coverage. Much higher. In fact, in ratio, they talked about SNC a lot more than other news outlets. Ever looked at The Rebel's coverage of SNC vs Duffy? I'll leave your strawman searches to you. The point is not about a name. The point is that you said CBC covered SNC much less than Duffy. I showed you that CBC had MUCH HIGHER coverage of SNC than Duffy. In ratio, higher than The National Post and The Rebel Media. The only outlet who had a higher coverage of Duffy than SNC? The Rebel Media.
  12. Video Coverage Comparison: CBC Similar coverage. 5:1 coverage in favour of SNC. The National Post The National Post has a similar ratio to CBC video. 5:1 coverage in favour of SNC.
  13. I'll look for video coverage stats later. It might be a fun project to look into. But to give you an idea of CBC's coverage of SNC vs Mike Duffy, here is some information: The National Post, known as a right of centre outlet and historically, a pro-conservative media outlet, at least when you look at editorials and opinion pieces. Here is their coverage of SNC vs Mike Duffy: Note the difference in coverage. The National Post, the difference in coverage is approximately 2:1 in favour of SNC. Whereas CBC, the difference in coverage is approximately 5:
  14. Not sure what you're talking about. Here is the google video search for SNC on CBC. SNC was all over CBC. Their coverage pounded the Liberals.
  15. I don't think you've looked carefully enough. There are more articles and news regarding SNC from CBC than any other media outlet in Canada. There were awards that CBC journalists won who covered the SNC scandal. Look at all of the articles on it here.
  16. It was news, but not the way CNN obsessed over it. They did this for ratings. This is a result of the absolutism, left vs right mentality that has overtaken U.S. and to some extent in Canada. It is a problem. Unfortunately you're part of that problem as well. Look at the way you react to everything Trudeau. Not to mention your immediate apologies for anything "the other side" does.
  17. Majority of what CNN and MSNBC says about Trump and the GOP is true. I don't think that's their problem. The problem is that they don't show the same scruitany when they talk about the Democrats. Especially the Democrats who are part of the establishment (Biden, Clinton, Obama).
  18. So Sweden's relaxed method vs Canada's method Not going to compare the numbers due to population. What I'm curious about is the decline. Too early to tell now, but in a week or two, we'll be able to compare and question whether the measures taken in Canada were necessary. Source
  19. Does she smoke, have any conditions and a weak immune?
  20. Let me explain how and why your forum title is "fake news". By saying: BREAKING NEWS: it appears a Chinese scientist is coming clean about how COVID 19 was launched onto Mankind You are insinuating that the Chinese government knowingly released a virus and they had some ill intention to bring other countries to their knees. This is obviously not true. Even if the Chinese government covered up 'how' the virus started, it is still not what your forum post title implies.
  21. His family was there, at the chalet, which was 30 minutes drive from the Ottawa residences where he was previously quarantined. I'm not a Trudeau fan, but don't you think some of you are overdoing it with your criticism?
  22. Unfortunately, I have to stop responding to you. I have tried engaging in conversations with you, but I believe you're not able to have a mature conversation. You're stuck in this absolute world that works against how I feel how the world works.
  23. Just to fight against the generalizations that seem to happen in these political discussions, I have repeated several times that I believe the Trudeau government's initial response was terrible and should be scrutinized. Also, I am not a supporter of Trudeau. I only support what I think are good policies.
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