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  1. I understand there are reserves without clean drinking water wondering why the government is not providing that infrastructure and service. How dare they? They're racist against whites.
  2. I recommend following up the information you got from facebook to see if it's true. Facebook memes don't have much credibility.
  3. You're getting distracted. Your original comment was that the whites will experience what the first nations did because of immigration. I argued against that. Now you're talking about "what if..." and "this would have happened.." and "white racial genocide". All anecdotal and assumptions, based on no proof or real information. We have laws that are the basis for a well-functioning society. Immigration didn't just happen. It has been ongoing since Canada was formed. There are always different waves of immigration from before you and I were born. And guess what: Canada continues to ev
  4. What do you mean by "And like the Indians of today the white people will soon become a minority just like them and we white people will also find ourselves in Indian minority shoes."? I have a hard time accepting your comparison between the white settlers and the first nations. What the European settlers did to the First Nations is something that will not be repeated in this day and age. Laws are different. Culturally and morally: So much of what was done in the past is unacceptable today. Like residential schools and forcing people to forget their language, customs and culture. Migr
  5. You mean you're going to resent racial minorities even more? I didn't know that was possible.
  6. Polievre is sharp, and would make a good lawyer. But I don't think he would be able to make it as a prime minister. Not right now anyway. Who knows, he may gain the PM qualities that voters look for in a decade or so. He is still quite young.
  7. How did you come to the conclusion that those are exec files being taken out of WE offices? Add a link. Bring some value to your posts. Please.
  8. No. There is nothing in there that shows that Trudeau intentionally spread COVID in Canada. I'll also put you down as a conspiracy theorist, who is unable to back up their claim.
  9. You didn't read the list, yet you have an opinion on it. This is an unhealthy and useless way to debate. Also, lots of unfounded, Alex Jones style conspiracy theories there. How can we debate when you are not backing any of the stuff you are posting? "Intentionally spreading COVID in our country" ? C'mon. @Nefarious Banana and @scribblet really agree with you?
  10. Unfortunately, this double standard is expected. Yes, Trudeau and co. have used their power for their own gain. They should be punished for it. Here is the problem: Many of the loudest critics of Trudeau were either silent or tried to make excuses when the Harper government abused their power during his reign. You guys want to know about these abuses by the Harper government? Take a look at this list. Some things on the list can be debated, but the majority of them cannot be. Here is just a taste:
  11. At the same time, I do wonder how Conservative supporters who are frustrated with Trudeau's abuse of power, were frustrated with Harper's abuse of power and the scandals that he was a part of.
  12. This is pretty serious. I think Trudeau should be punished by voters and I do hope that the same voters who criticized Harper's abuse of power during his reign, are applying the same standards to Trudeau.
  13. The "worst recession in generations", or the "Global Financial Crisis" happened in 2008-09. Harper was in power from 2006 to 2015, where he ran a deficit every single year. Thank you for showing an example of swarmy dishonesty.
  14. Trudeau is a fencesitter. He's not like his father or Chrétien. Two guys with big personalities who were combative and "stuck to their guns". Trudeau seized on Harper's unpopularity and managed to win votes from both the Cons and a weak NDP. At the end, Trudeau rejected some oil projects and fought for others. In BC, the left are not happy with Trudeau. In AB, the right are not happy with Trudeau. I think it's important to share that I have only voted once for the Liberals and that was in 2004 for Paul Martin. I'm not a supporter of Trudeau, and at the same time, I'm not a fan of the abs
  15. Paul Martin (Liberal) reduced the national debt by $90 billion and left a budgetary surplus of $14 billion. Harper's (Conservative) six deficits added $150 billion to the national debt.
  16. We have, what is referred to, as dirty oil. The cost of extracting sand oil is not worth the investment, unless oil is above $45. RIght now, it sits under $40. I've looked into why we're importing petro, instead of investing and refining our own and the conclusion I came to was that it costs too much for us to do this. Oil and Petro is being done at a much lower price by countries abroad. There are other factors involved as well. People like Argus want to blame Trudeau, because that's how they function, however, oil companies started pulling out of the Canadian market well before Trudeau
  17. I'll leave it up to you to look at the percentages for GDP. Historically, natural resources has been a large part of our GDP, but has been declining. We need to continue to promote technology, agrifood and other sustainable and emerging industries. The tech industry employs double the number of workers in oil+gas. The improvement for the tech industry is not something that Trudeau can take full credit for. Provincial policies, like for example, BC Provincial Nominee Program has a tech program, where it encourages growth in the tech sector has helped boost BCs economy. You also have f
  18. When information does not support your narrative, you become suspicious. Of course. Increase taxes? I would love to see your numbers. What you probably don't know, when comparing Harper and Trudeau: For 2014-2015 — the last full fiscal year of Stephen Harper's government — tax revenue as a share of GDP was 11.5 per cent. For 2018-2019 — after nearly four full years of Justin Trudeau's government — tax revenue as a share of GDP is projected to be 12.7 per cent. --- It's absolutely the right decision to wean ourselves away from oil and continue to nurture our t
  19. The economy has not been this good in Canada for some time. Not only that, but Trudeau has moved Canada away from being a petrol economy, where the biggest factor for the worth of our dollar was the price of oil, towards technology. Here is more: Unemployment fell faster than in any developed nation during the 40 months that ended in May, to its lowest level since 1976. Gross domestic product accelerated to a pace second only to the U.S. rate. The stock and bond markets proved world beaters with the best returns and most stability. Behind the robust health are data showing Canad
  20. If it's based on your fear of "the others", I understand that you have this fear. However, economically, it's not a good idea. You need to address the aging population and part of that can be through immigration: An aging population like Japan's poses numerous problems. The government will have to spend more on healthcare, and that, coupled with a shrinking workforce and tax base, is a recipe for economic stagnation. It also means, among other things, that there will not be enough young people to care for the elderly. Source Here is a good read in regards to our aging popula
  21. The immigrants that are coming to Canada, for the most part, are the cream of the crop. Educated, experienced, high language skills and they have money. Perhaps this is why you feel threatened? They are not disadvantaged like the indigenous in Canada. They have not gone through generations of trauma. Their children start ahead of the indigenous population.
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