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  1. This is not a flu. There is a big difference between the everyday flu. One of the biggest differences between the flu and covid-19 is the rate of hospitalization. About 20% of those who have covid-19, will be hospitalized. For the flu, it's been between 1-2%. That's around 20 times more. Once a patient with a serious case of the covid-19 is hospitalized, the average stay is 11 days - about twice as long as the five- to six-day average stay for flu. Once the numbers go beyond a certain point and if it's not contained, then we will see a situation like what we're witnessing i
  2. Look at the number of infected. It's surging and these measures have to be taken. The governments, both at the federal and provincial levels seem to be learning as time goes forward. They should have closed the borders ages ago. If something like this happens again and the governments don't learn from the mistakes made this time, then we should be asking for their heads. I really don't understand why anyone, except for the conspiracy theorists, would complain about the measures being taken by the feds/provinces in order to stop the transmission and movement of the people.
  3. Can you point to these sell offs of shares before the pandemic started? Why don't you invest your money now into buying shares? It's a great time to buy.
  4. What if you're carrying the virus? Or do you not believe there is a virus going around? Do you have anyone who is an elderly or has weak lungs? Are you worried for them at all?
  5. Who can benefit from manufacturing this situation?
  6. How do you think Trump's handling of COVID-19 has been better than Trudeau?
  7. I don't think I have ever seen you say anything positive about Trudeau. I see you try to blame Trudeau for everything negative that happens. I do wonder what your thoughts are on Trump and his response to COVID-19.
  8. Our government failed like most other governments did. Definitely not as bad as the governments down South. Our government had the benefit of seeing other countries experiencing the epidemic ahead of them. They didn't move fast enough. At the same time, other variables should also be noted, like: The citizens of countries like China, Taiwan, The Koreas, Japan and Singapore are for the most part, obedient to their government. They are less individualistic and more collective. Mass testing and masks for everyone are essential to control the spread. We still lack those and so we will
  9. You are wrong. Any Canadian entity who hires a foreign worker, must pay the employee, at minimum, the median average salary for that position. They must also show that they've gone through a recruitment process to find Canadian PR/Citizens, before they can hire a foreign worker. Stop listening to anyone and look at the rules and regulations. Just because there are job openings and unemployed Canadians, they can be a match. If a Canadian sees that a job is open, its their responsibility to apply for the job and/or become qualified to do the job. There are many provincial and fede
  10. So much misinformation and so many uneducated comments. I mean, I can go through every point and show you are wrong, but I just don't care to repeat to you any more. At least not today. For today, I will respond to one of your misinformation: Of course, the assessment is based entirely on paperwork supplied by the immigrants, and the assessing officer has all of THREE MINUTES to go through the file to determine if they qualify. Not much opportunity to verify if that 'degree' is real or a fake, or if the paper attesting to their language skills is real either. Stop typing like t
  11. Canadian employers are more than willing to take a Canadian who is qualified over a foreign national who is not. How many of these 2 million unemployed are qualified or are willing to be qualified to be a programmer? How many are qualified to be a doctor? How many are qualified to be an engineer? How many graphics artist? Etc. Etc. It's not just about dying vs birth. Think about it. It's about how many are retiring and how many people we have in the workforce. Death is just a part of not being able to be in the workforce. The increasing number of people who are retired and not enough p
  12. There is a 20 years undertaking period. First, if you want to sponsor your parents/grandparents, you must show that you are making enough income to sponsor them. If your parents and your parents go on welfare, the government has every right to go after you just like the CRA goes after people. More info. From what I have seen from our clients, many of these sponsored parents that come into Canada end up supporting their children by taking care of their grandchildren. This allows the mothers, who are usually the caretakers, go to work to make money and pay more taxes. I refuse to
  13. Perhaps Argus will quote you as a response to the statistics I have shared about our immigration numbers.
  14. Self-serving racists and bigots do what they can to scapegoat the immigrants. Including finding fake news in the opinion section of The Sun. I give recent numbers and stats and share information. You give out-dated numbers, The Sun opinion pieces and and funny looking calculations.
  15. The baby boomers are retiring and not enough people are taking their place in the workforce. This means that we're not going to have enough workers and tax payers. Families are not having enough children. This is happening in almost all Western countries.
  16. Potentially, even though each individual must pass a medical test before coming into Canada. So if they have any pre-existing conditions that will cost a lot, then they could become medically inadmissible. I don't think 20K is a lot of people. It's a drop in the bucket. Especially when you take into consideration that majority of the 300K who are coming to Canada are young, educated, skilled and will bring a lot of productivity into Canada.
  17. The number of refugees are also very low, compared to the skilled workers coming in. I don't have the stats, but based on our firm's experience, the number of elderly refugees coming in, as compared to families with young kids, is much lower. Seniors have no other way besides parents sponsorship and refugee to gain permanent residency. The only people who can sponsor the elderly are children or grandchildren and those are capped at 20K a year. If you want to learn more about the numbers, go here. If you have any questions about immigration, I'd be happy to answer them.
  18. Holy crap! 10% of the parliament?! Hopefully that's not a reflection of the numbers in general.
  19. What a shit show in Iran. I can't believe how much they've gone through in just the past year. The corruption and incompetence of the Iranian government is what will end them. Not the sanctions and economic pressure. Perhaps this virus will bring the majority to the boiling point.
  20. Good on you in doing this Hussain! It is important to get younger people involved. To me, the top 5 issues are: The Environment, which ties into: Use of our natural resources Nurturing our other industries Monopoly of industries (telecom / insurance / health / etc) The aging population
  21. Unfortunately I see a lot of fake news coming out of you and I let most of it slide. But as someone who works in the private immigration field, I feel that I need to step in and correct you on this one. We actually have a very ageist immigration system. Majority of our immigrants are skilled workers and all skilled workers go through a competitive points system. One loses points if they are above 29 years old. The number of people coming in through parents sponsorships per year is 20,000. A small percentage of our immigrants and compared to most other Western countries, it's a very low nu
  22. An overwhelming majority of people infected end up surviving. Around 2% die and they are mostly the elderly and the weak. Just to give a perspective, at its peak, 50% of those who got Ebola died. The biggest problem with the coronavirus is that it's one of the most contagious and it spreads quickly. We're far away from hitting the peak. It's just getting started. Here is a comparison between coronavirus and others. Eat healthy, live healthy and stay safe.
  23. UK, Germany and 162 other countries also voted with Canada. You are such a hack.
  24. How about the USS Liberty incident? 'But Sir, It’s an American Ship.' 'Never Mind, Hit Her!' When Israel Attacked USS Liberty 'The Americans have findings that show our pilots were aware the ship was American,' a newly published document by the State Archives says Ofer Aderet
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