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  1. Video Coverage Comparison: CBC Similar coverage. 5:1 coverage in favour of SNC. The National Post The National Post has a similar ratio to CBC video. 5:1 coverage in favour of SNC.
  2. I'll look for video coverage stats later. It might be a fun project to look into. But to give you an idea of CBC's coverage of SNC vs Mike Duffy, here is some information: The National Post, known as a right of centre outlet and historically, a pro-conservative media outlet, at least when you look at editorials and opinion pieces. Here is their coverage of SNC vs Mike Duffy: Note the difference in coverage. The National Post, the difference in coverage is approximately 2:1 in favour of SNC. Whereas CBC, the difference in coverage is approximately 5:
  3. Not sure what you're talking about. Here is the google video search for SNC on CBC. SNC was all over CBC. Their coverage pounded the Liberals.
  4. I don't think you've looked carefully enough. There are more articles and news regarding SNC from CBC than any other media outlet in Canada. There were awards that CBC journalists won who covered the SNC scandal. Look at all of the articles on it here.
  5. It was news, but not the way CNN obsessed over it. They did this for ratings. This is a result of the absolutism, left vs right mentality that has overtaken U.S. and to some extent in Canada. It is a problem. Unfortunately you're part of that problem as well. Look at the way you react to everything Trudeau. Not to mention your immediate apologies for anything "the other side" does.
  6. Majority of what CNN and MSNBC says about Trump and the GOP is true. I don't think that's their problem. The problem is that they don't show the same scruitany when they talk about the Democrats. Especially the Democrats who are part of the establishment (Biden, Clinton, Obama).
  7. So Sweden's relaxed method vs Canada's method Not going to compare the numbers due to population. What I'm curious about is the decline. Too early to tell now, but in a week or two, we'll be able to compare and question whether the measures taken in Canada were necessary. Source
  8. Does she smoke, have any conditions and a weak immune?
  9. Let me explain how and why your forum title is "fake news". By saying: BREAKING NEWS: it appears a Chinese scientist is coming clean about how COVID 19 was launched onto Mankind You are insinuating that the Chinese government knowingly released a virus and they had some ill intention to bring other countries to their knees. This is obviously not true. Even if the Chinese government covered up 'how' the virus started, it is still not what your forum post title implies.
  10. His family was there, at the chalet, which was 30 minutes drive from the Ottawa residences where he was previously quarantined. I'm not a Trudeau fan, but don't you think some of you are overdoing it with your criticism?
  11. Unfortunately, I have to stop responding to you. I have tried engaging in conversations with you, but I believe you're not able to have a mature conversation. You're stuck in this absolute world that works against how I feel how the world works.
  12. Just to fight against the generalizations that seem to happen in these political discussions, I have repeated several times that I believe the Trudeau government's initial response was terrible and should be scrutinized. Also, I am not a supporter of Trudeau. I only support what I think are good policies.
  13. Find the link. Share what you are basing your comments on, instead of just your feelings. That is the wrong way of dealing with situations. Viruses do not understand borders. In order to make the right decision, one should be informed and should look at how it is effecting other countries. This is why Trudeau has been critiqued. Instead of reacting sooner to the virus and close the flights into Canada sooner or imposing a stricter health checkup at the port of entry (airport/land border), he waited to see what WHO advised. The spread into Canada could have, potentially, been slowed dow
  14. I'm keeping it real and refuse to enter your absolute world. If all you want to do is to slam Trudeau, while praising Trump, then I will respond to your dishonesty. But then again, unfortunately, you have put yourself at a different level than those people. You are denying there is even a pandemic. Why are their numbers are suddenly going up? Because that's how a heavily contagious virus works. It spikes rather quickly, which we saw happen in parts of Canada as well. People get together, people pass on the virus. It's quite simple how it works. Sweden experimented with relaxe
  15. Seriously? If the words they share can't convince you and if the numbers can't convince you. What will?
  16. I have and I acknowledge that the numbers, per capita, are nowhere close to the U.S. I also acknowledge that the federal and provincial leaders are doing a better job than the U.S' leaders. When will you? You seem to be stuck on this false sense of equivalency.
  17. Looks like you're trying to make excuses for Trump again. What Trump says and does, as the leader of the country, has a huge impact on what the country does. If Trump is downplaying the urgency of the coronavirus, without a doubt, the people in the country will downplay it. Especially in locations where Trump is most popular. Just look at the rate of infection, per capita, in states outside of NY. Source
  18. Not really. According to data, Sweden, with a population double of Denmark's has 3 times ore deaths and they still have a big spike coming. While Denmark, who went into a full lockdown, is planning a gradual loosening of the rules. Since the start of the outbreak in the country, Sweden, with a population of 10 million, registered 919 deaths as of April 13, while neighbouring Denmark, with 5.8 million people, has 273 deaths. Mr Tegnell said that Swedes should expect to see a further jump in cases and fatalities on Tuesday as official statistics catch up with the situation in the c
  19. What about his message from the beginning? From "this is nothing" to "We'll be back to work in 2 weeks" to "We have magic pills." to "Sure, my health officials says it's good to wear masks, but I won't" to "We'll be back to work in a couple of more weeks" to "We're winning" to "I've handled all of this so well!" to "Why are you being so negative". As the leader of a country, he has failed with his communication to his country.
  20. You can't compare the two. U.S. has failed miserably from the president to the governors, to the mayors. Canada had failures at the beginning, but they pulled it together. This is the reality:
  21. Can you list some things Trump has done wrong? Give me at least 5 things.
  22. Total failure! It should be so easy to get this money out! It's been WEEKS! OMG! No need to go through a process to see who is applying! You get thousands of dollars! And you get thousands of dollars! Everyone gets thousands of dollars!
  23. You keep hanging onto the travel ban that Trump ordered for the Chinese coming in. Atta boy! Trump did nothing wrong! He has done everything right! It was them. It wasn't him. So what if Trump said that this is nothing. So what if Trump said that people should continue working. So what if Trump said that people will get back to work within a few weeks. So what if Trump continues to go against his own administration's health authorities' recommendations. Trump did nothing wrong! He has done everything right!
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