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  1. An overwhelming majority of people infected end up surviving. Around 2% die and they are mostly the elderly and the weak. Just to give a perspective, at its peak, 50% of those who got Ebola died. The biggest problem with the coronavirus is that it's one of the most contagious and it spreads quickly. We're far away from hitting the peak. It's just getting started. Here is a comparison between coronavirus and others. Eat healthy, live healthy and stay safe.
  2. UK, Germany and 162 other countries also voted with Canada. You are such a hack.
  3. How about the USS Liberty incident? 'But Sir, It’s an American Ship.' 'Never Mind, Hit Her!' When Israel Attacked USS Liberty 'The Americans have findings that show our pilots were aware the ship was American,' a newly published document by the State Archives says Ofer Aderet
  4. I am a fortunate person to be where I am in the world. I am happy that I have this platform for myself and my children. But I'm not going to blind myself to the b.s. we put others through in other parts of the world. Life is about progressing and improving as individuals and as a society. We need to continue to better ourselves and challenge those who want to milk the status quo that harms others in order to benefit themselves selfishly. Reading a book doesn't have to cost money. Talking to someone who isn't in your circle doesn't have to cost money. As a military man, do you not weep for the lives lost for pointless and disastrous wars created by these fucktards, who will never risk to sacrifice themselves, or their families in these wars?
  5. I have a theory as to why Trump decided to take out Soleimani: John Bolton will most likely testify in the hearings. He was pushed out and left on bad terms. John Bolton, a neo-con, has been pushing for 'regime change' in the middle-east for over 2 decades. Apparently, he was too much of a hawk for Trump and that's why he was pushed out. Perhaps, killing Soleimani was a way to quench Bolton's thirst for military force, in order to, perhaps, stop him from giving damaging testimony in the impeachment hearings.
  6. Heh. You don't speak for all Canadians. Every Canadian has a voice and choice. You are free to be a good little peon who is told what to do and to give unconditional support for whatever his masters tells him to. That is your choice. However, you cannot tell me what to do. Feel free to pack up your shit and move, if you don't like that. I'm fine where I am. Instead of using your money to buy tickets, why don't you spend that money in getting some education and understanding of world politics, other cultures and international law. "This mad man". Sure. You need a bogeyman and a team to cheerlead to function and make sense of the narrative that simplifies how the world works. I get it.
  7. I have problems with it. U.S. has military bases all around Iran and flies a drone into Iranian airspace and nothing. The drone gets shot down by the Iranians and OMG OMG! Saudi Arabia has done numerous terrorist attacks inside Iran and nothing from you. An Iranian backed group attacks the Saudi oil field and OMG OMG! The U.S. is in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gulf States and nothing from you. Iran has groups in other countries, where they are mostly welcomed by the governments and OMG OMG! Your empty and superficial outrage is amusing.
  8. There is a difference between giving and giving back. The reality is that this money was already Iran's money.
  9. OMG! HOSTAGE TAKING SO SO BAD! That's a good boy. They tell you to be up in arms about a hostage taking from 40 years ago where no one was skilled, while totally ignoring the hundreds of thousands of people who have been killed, maimed and forced into living in misery because of U.S. actions. Things like shooting down a passenger airplane. Or directly assisting Saddam to attack Iran and working with him to hit the Iranians with WMD. Your ignorant outrage is comedic.
  10. In order for Will Ricciardella, et al to continue to share their consent of America's actions, all stories start with "Iran/Iraq/etc. did this and then U.S. did this..."
  11. Maybe that's the point. A president at war has a better chance of a re-election.
  12. Your question: In your opinion, are the native Indians in Canada better off today thanks to the British/Europeans coming to Canada, and bringing them into the modern world of the time? Moot point. Everyone's life today is better today than it was in the past. Gun powder may have been an advancement, but in many other aspects, I disagree that the European settlers brought many benefits to their lives. They brought the opposite. They weren't living great? According to who? You are comparing their living conditions then, to today? Like life pauses for everyone? Life wasn't great for the European settlers compared to today. This is a ridiculous argument to make. It sounds like that your understanding of the North Americans natives is really lacking. The John Wayne western movies don't really represent what their lives were like. You need to be educated in this regard. Because what happened in the past continues to affect the people today. It's like asking a person who was severely raped and abused as a child to get it together. You obviously have no understanding of what the European settlers did to the people and the generational effect it has on the people.
  13. Are you not aware of what the natives have gone through the last few centuries due to the European colonization? Everything from the killings, maiming, rape, diseases, land theft, residential schools and etc?
  14. I have no problem calling them bloodthirsty murderers as well. I just don't agree with excusing supporting Israel's blatant occupation and systematic theft of Palestinians' land and human rights violations because of the surrounding neighbours. Israel can defend itself from those outside forces without being total murderous asshole thugs towards the Palestinians.
  15. And probably a second term win. Especially if Biden wins the Democrat nomination.
  16. The First Nations could say the same thing about the white people who moved to this land. As a white person, I am certain that you're in the minority. This is how the world has been working since the beginning of our time. Human migration is natural. Even the First Nations migrated to this land thousands of years ago, through the north and Alaska, when modern day Russia was connected to what is now Alaska. More recently, the Italians, the Irish and the Jews, Indians and the Chinese were subject to discrimination as the mostly British settlers didn't see them as the same as them. Don't be afraid of the coloured people. It's normal for big urban centres to attract people from all over the world. Everywhere from London to Paris to Berlin to New York, to LA to San Fran, to Toronto to Vancouver. It's normal and it shouldn't be scary. You have two options: 1) Embrace it and take the good from the other cultures. 2) Move to Maple Ridge The Harper government had the exact same immigration policy as what Trudeau has now. I feel like you don't have real experience with others. You can't see beyond their colour and language. I hang out with people from a mix of ethnic groups. Our basic thoughts, desires and beliefs are very much the same. Beyond that, I learn and experience from their culture and I'm sure they from me. Not to mention that some of them, despite them being a different colour, are probably more "white" than some of my white friends. Because they have been here for many generations and have grown up in smaller towns before moving to Vancouver.
  17. Israel's actions against the Palestinians cannot be justified because of the incompetent and corrupt governments in other places. Neither the fact that Israel would not be able to do what it's doing to the Palestinians without the monetary and political support of the U.S., Canada and Europe. You are either ignorant about what is happening or you are confused about the principal you tell others you claim to have. I don't understand how you can sit there and (rightfully) criticize the European governments for not taking a principled stance against the Iranian government but then go and defend the Israeli government and their policies towards the Palestinians. The information is out there. The reports, the videos and the facts are right there for you to see. I do wonder about your double standards.
  18. It's difficult avoiding your opinions. All you do around here is try to shove your opinion down people's throats, which are based on nothing. You're full of loud noise. That's it. No facts. How is Australia kicking Canada's ass? Are you just talking about water sports? Because if you're talking about the economy and the GDP:
  19. I gotta go back to work now Dougie! Your internet bills won't pay themselves! All the best!
  20. Sometimes frustration in debating can lead a person to really reach. So are all of your friends part of the 6% of Americans that don't see Canada favourably? Or do you think that this poll is a left wing conspiracy?
  21. It's understandable that you might think your bubble of friends represents over 300mil people. What do the polls say? Americans! Gawsh!
  22. It's nice that you're speaking for others. Just like your announcement that someone is not working, even though you don't really know. As a Canadian taxpayer who works hard, I'm happy that my taxes are paying for you to have internet access so that you can sit here and share your frustrations about how Canada has lost its way and there are too many coloured people.
  23. I'm not butt hurt at all. I am questioning your way of thinking. I'm happy that part of my earnings that I work hard to make are going towards those who are vulnerable and in need of help.
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