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  1. Some information, like how it was formed, the lifespan on surfaces and what kind of treatment may effect it best is an ongoing process. However, nothing has been changed when it comes to understanding the makeup of this virus. This is easy for scientists to figure out. An educated person just can't call it a flu. This is indisputable. Virology SARS-CoV-2 is closely related to the original SARS-CoV.[61] It is thought to have a zoonotic origin. Genetic analysis has revealed that the coronavirus genetically clusters with the genus Betacoronavirus, in subgenus Sarbecovirus (lineage t
  2. I'm pretty sure they (Canadian gov.) know they need the masks. The problem is that there is a shortage of them. Hospitals are desperate. Hopefully the government has a plan in place to either increase production and/or import them. Since there is a shortage all around the world at the moment, the best option is to manufacture our own. Perhaps this will be a lesson and after some more stumbling, the government will take steps to begin production of needed supplies, like masks and more testing kits, which are the major reasons why the successful countries are able to control the spreading.
  3. I don't think anyone is disputing the mistakes made with the initial response. Trudeau is self-isolating so the family had to go somewhere else. You're reaching. Since the Canadian government came to the understanding that this is more serious than they initially thought, I believe they have been quite consistent and adamant about their message to the Canadians. This is not the case for Trump. Trump, as recent as last week, was standing on stage, contradicting his own top health officials, standing with him on the stage. This is the difference. What I find curious a
  4. COVID-19 is not the flu. The major differences between the common flu and COVID-19 are: - The death rate is 20 times more. - A larger percentage of those who are infected end up going to the hospital and our healthcare systems (in the West) and the number of beds, ventilators, and other equipment cannot handle the surge. - This virus attacks the lungs and the lung, unlike, for example, the liver, does not recover. This means that the virus creates a strain on our healthcare system not only now but also in the future. - COVID-19 sufferer infects between two to three
  5. This is not a popularity contest. Look at the numbers. That's all you need to know.
  6. Trudeau and Trump messed up. They moved too slowly. No one can say otherwise. However, since then, who has done a better job at handling the situation? Why do you think Canada has had a much better response to the pandemic? It's because of better leadership from the federal, provincial and municipal governments. Trudeau has outperformed Trump, both in action and in words since the initial response.
  7. He acted sooner in what exactly? You tell me how the approaches of the Canadian government has been the same or how U.S. acted sooner.
  8. You haven't been following? Trump has been in denial of the effects of this pandemic until very recently. He is still contradicting the top health officials in his own administration. Here is a brief rundown of the differences in approach. But also, do look at the number of infected as well in each country and the trajectory of where they are going. This has very much to do with how each countries responded:
  9. You keep saying that but the proof shows that their approaches and actions (or inactions) have resulted in different outcomes in each country. I think we're finally seeing Trump succumb to reality and he's no longer promising "return to the usual by mid-April".
  10. Not everything Trump does is wrong. Just most. Like his handling of the pandemic. The USA, far and away, has the highest acceleration of new cases and will unfortunately blow by all others. Trump's reaction has resulted in poor outcomes. They will need to have lots of beds, ventilators and qualified personnel ready. Great Source: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
  11. It would be helpful if politicians remember the private sector is well-placed to help get us through this crisis--if politicians would recall that it is the private sector that innovates. An example from the U.S.: 'Walgreens has supplied people, facilities and parking lots so Americans can drive in for virus tests.' Philip Cross: Trudeau should take Trump's lead and rally the private sector to help fight COVID-19
  12. So you live near a Costco parking lot with planes going over your head all the time? With all the selfie posts about your wealth, I thought you had it better.
  13. Are you saying that hospitals and labs from around the world, in different countries, are in it together to put out fake statistics to somehow brainwash us into.... what?
  14. Wishful thinking. Canada seems to be ahead of what was expected, but we still have not hit the peak yet. Good news coming out of most locations in China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. They are about three months ahead of us. So if we manage to place the same measures, we could get there in a couple of months to three months.
  15. This is not a flu. There is a big difference between the everyday flu. One of the biggest differences between the flu and covid-19 is the rate of hospitalization. About 20% of those who have covid-19, will be hospitalized. For the flu, it's been between 1-2%. That's around 20 times more. Once a patient with a serious case of the covid-19 is hospitalized, the average stay is 11 days - about twice as long as the five- to six-day average stay for flu. Once the numbers go beyond a certain point and if it's not contained, then we will see a situation like what we're witnessing i
  16. Look at the number of infected. It's surging and these measures have to be taken. The governments, both at the federal and provincial levels seem to be learning as time goes forward. They should have closed the borders ages ago. If something like this happens again and the governments don't learn from the mistakes made this time, then we should be asking for their heads. I really don't understand why anyone, except for the conspiracy theorists, would complain about the measures being taken by the feds/provinces in order to stop the transmission and movement of the people.
  17. Can you point to these sell offs of shares before the pandemic started? Why don't you invest your money now into buying shares? It's a great time to buy.
  18. What if you're carrying the virus? Or do you not believe there is a virus going around? Do you have anyone who is an elderly or has weak lungs? Are you worried for them at all?
  19. Who can benefit from manufacturing this situation?
  20. How do you think Trump's handling of COVID-19 has been better than Trudeau?
  21. I don't think I have ever seen you say anything positive about Trudeau. I see you try to blame Trudeau for everything negative that happens. I do wonder what your thoughts are on Trump and his response to COVID-19.
  22. Our government failed like most other governments did. Definitely not as bad as the governments down South. Our government had the benefit of seeing other countries experiencing the epidemic ahead of them. They didn't move fast enough. At the same time, other variables should also be noted, like: The citizens of countries like China, Taiwan, The Koreas, Japan and Singapore are for the most part, obedient to their government. They are less individualistic and more collective. Mass testing and masks for everyone are essential to control the spread. We still lack those and so we will
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