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  1. My point is that Israel is being effected from different angles because of its occupation and treatment of the Palestinians. You may want to ignore these changes, but they are happening: Top Obama official blasts Israel for denying Palestinians sovereignty, security, dignity “Israel confronts an undeniable reality: It cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely. Doing so is not only wrong but a recipe for resentment and recurring instability,” Gordon said. “It will embolden extremists on both sides, tear at Israel’s democratic fabric and feed mutual dehumanization.” In c
  2. It's not a secret that Harper is one of the biggest Zionist lapdogs. What's your point? Several European countries have stopped doing business in Israel and with Israeli companies that do business in the settlements. Netanyahu will be gone in the next elections. His only supporters are now the uber racist Zionists. Change will come and I'm hopeful it will be in my lifetime.
  3. The apartheid South African government once enjoyed military and economic aid. They had a great relationship with U.S., U.K. and Israel who was one of their best friends. Look what happened to them. The current situation is not going to work. More and more of the Jewish population, mostly the ones living outside of Israel are speaking out against Israel. Something you didn't see in the past. Pressure on Israel is coming from every angle. Economically, they are also losing out. Just last week, 12 more EU countries put out warnings against doing deals with Israeli companies who are in the settl
  4. Yes. All of the plans would recognize Israel as a state (not "Jewish State") as it is not required by international law. There would also be peace and normalization of relations. It's in the Peace Initiative. Check out what the leaders of all Western countries have said about the peace plan. It's only Israel that does not accept the plan or even try to negotiate based on the plan. This is another indication that Israel is not interested in resolving this issue and would rather see the cycle continue. This will allow them to continue their illegal expansion and annexation of Palestinian land.
  5. No one would accept the "offered states" by Israel under the conditions that they have been offered. That said, the Palestinians have not only accepted Israel within the internationally recognized borders but they have also offered several plans to the Israelis which they have rejected. There have been plans by the Arab League, by GWB and several other offers, but Israel has refused all of them. Why? Because Israel wants to continue what it is doing, which is expansionism and the suppression of the Palestinians.
  6. Scapegoat. I appreciate the correction. Majority of Palestinians have been practicing non-violence. Non-violent protests are a norm in the Occupied Territories. Especially in the recent years and especially if you compare the violence from the Israeli side. One look at the number of deaths, injured and property damage and it's obvious who is practicing violence. It's just that you are either willingly or unwillingly following the Zionist propaganda in labeling the wrong side as the violent ones.
  7. Hamas is just a scape-goat. If it's not Hamas, it will be another boogyman to excuse the Zionist behaviour. South Africans were broke, but things changed there. You will soon learn that no matter how much money you throw at the military or propaganda, it is only a matter of time that human rights will win. The people of the world already acknowledge Israel's violations. The governments are next to follow: 12 more EU countries warn against trade with Israeli settlements - Diplomacy and Defense
  8. I think a better comparison would be to compare the Zionist regime to the South African Apartheid government. A racist government with no care for human rights and international law. Apartheid South Africa did not have the powerful lobby that heavily influences the biggest power in the world, U.S. which also has a mainstream media that practices self-censorship when describing the conflict. So that's why it's taking longer to change. But the momentum is strong and we will see the fall of Zionism.
  9. This is some amazing humour bcsapper! Here is some more funny stuff:
  10. Who has the right to defend themselves? Only the chosen people? State Dep’t says Israel has a right to defend itself, but can’t say the same of Palestinians Spokesperson Jen Psaki began by stating: “No country can accept rocket fire aimed at civilians, and we certainly support Israel’s right to defend itself against these attacks.” This exchange followed, at 9:25 in the video above: QUESTION: But you feel that sort of the Israeli air raids, like maybe hundreds of them so far this day, are proportionate to the rockets? MS. PSAKI: That’s not – I wouldn’t validate the accuracy of that nu
  11. I haven't defended the murdering of the teens. I am wondering about this strange outcry by Israelis and Jews who, for some reason, find it quite devastating that 3 teens have been killed, when hundreds of Palestinian children have been killed by Israel in the past several years. Not only that, but Palestinian children are regularly kidnapped and held without charge. Several human rights organizations have accused Israel of torturing these kids. Several weeks ago, two children were killed by the IDF. Both were caught on video. The kids were not doing anything but standing. When your sympath
  12. Israel has killed several Palestinian children in this so-called relative peace, where Israel continued to increase its settlements and annex land, going against past and present agreements to halt settlement activity.
  13. Israel is always looking for an excuse to create instability. Whether it's in the occupied territories or surrounding areas such as Lebanon and Syria. They feed on instability and division. This is how they can continue their occupation and expansion and prevent the other sides from gaining strength and a stronger voice through stability. It has been a while since their carnage in the Gaza strip and with the formation of a unified Palestinian government, it was time to release the fireworks.
  14. The U.S. supported Saddam with their use of chemical weapons against its own people and the Iranians. This is also out in the open, but not many people, especially the apologists, are able to acknowledge this dark truth. http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2013/08/25/secret_cia_files_prove_america_helped_saddam_as_he_gassed_iran
  15. Two former Israeli prime ministers were leaders of Zionist terrorist groups. Terrorist groups such as Lehi and Irgun. These are groups who massacred innocent people and burnt down homes to drive them out of their homes and villages. These are groups who blew up hotels, such as the King David hotel, where over 90 people were killed. This is how Israel was born. I'd continue, but first you need to learn about and acknowledge Zionism's terrorist roots before we can move forward to learn about how Israel and Zionism terrorize the Palestinians today.
  16. The Zionists kidnap Palestinians on a daily basis. They are kept in prisons, tortured and in some occasions, die as a result. Some of the kidnapped, who are held without charge and tortured are children. Zionism is terrorism. Zionism used terrorism to push its agenda just before Israel came to be and it continues to use terrorism in its occupation and expansionism.
  17. The Zionist policy against the Palestinians is terrorism.
  18. Israel is a racist state that has been terrorizing Palestinians for decades with the support of USA and the UK. The world is learning day by day, despite the distortions from the propaganda machine that depicts the victim as the aggressor and vise versa. Today's Zionists share the same fascist mentality of Germans who killed many Jews in the past. Now, thanks to videos and ease of communication, there is a backlash against the Zionist propaganda. Many progressive Jews too are denouncing the apartheid regime in Israel. History will treat Zionism in the same category with Fascism.  Here is the
  19. 16 year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair was found dead in East Jerusalem, the victim of what appears to be a price tag attack following the killing of three Israeli teenagers on the West Bank. He was the 10th Palestinian killed by the IDF or right-wing extremists in the last two weeks.
  20. I would take the Israeli and American General's opinion over yours and Netanyahu's. Of course the Western governments would not want any country to go to nuclear. Especially a country that doesn't sing the same political tunes as most of the West. Namely, its stance and criticism of Israel. I am glad to see that the U.S. is engaging Iran. This is the only way to go.
  21. I am not sure how your comments are a response to mine. I don't think you really understood my comments.
  22. I think Iran has more to lose than Israel since Iran does not have the top military in the world backing it up and protecting it. The U.S. has bases surrounding Iran, pointing its weapons at it. If Iran were to ever think about using nuclear weapons (after having the technology), they would be attacked right away. The notion that Israel should be able to get away with its aggressive military actions, undeclared nuclear weapons, unwillingness to sign the NPT, its continuous expansion in the Occupied Territories because it is "about its survival" or "about its security" is an old and tired excu
  23. Start owning, rather than denying. Not one comment about the role that the West has had in festering and nurturing these extremist groups with their actions around the world.
  24. Bibi's words have no weight or credibility. He is just a slimey salesman who has been crying about how Iran is a few months away from nuclear weapons since the early 90's. The rest of the quotes you have posted do not discount what I posted earlier, which is that the Iranians are not 'crazy' or irrational. The truth is that you cannot have a militarily aggressive country like Israel, who is not willing to sign the NPT or allow inspections of their nuclear weapons and expect its neighbours to sit silent. Threats and sanctions did not stop Iran's nuclear program. It increased it. We're now se
  25. Bush Jr. should apologize to Daddy. So should Cheney and Rumsfeld. He was right and they were wrong. Empires usually fall after they arrogantly expand and spread themselves thin. The short-sighted policy always prove to be unsustainable. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have weakened America.
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