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  1. Hal 9000

    Ford-Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegation

    My dad always told me that you can tell a liar by how their story is being sold. This is total bullshit. I suspect she (and the dems) will try to find a way out of testifying and still blame it on the republicans.
  2. Hal 9000

    Ford-Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegation

    If they can't guilt certain republicans to vote against Kavanaugh, then they can all claim victim status and use it to try to turn women voters against the republicans for the mid-terms. I'd say Ford is a patsy, but as every day progresses, I think she has a political agenda she's trying to fulfill too. Whatever the details, it's all a load of manipulation.
  3. Hal 9000

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    Well, yes you do know. These are all subcategories, but it comes down to marginalization. School shootings are almost entirely young white men who have been marginalized by society as a whole. After every school shooting we talk about bullying, why? Because we know that has a major effect. Now, when a muslim shoots up people on the street or drives over them in a truck, it's not because of being marginalized by society, they couldn't care less about that. It's about Islam, plain and simple. We can talk about upbringing, political and western policy and mental illness all day long, but those ideas just lead to the real reason - Islam. Not all muslims pull off these attacks, just as not all young men shoot up schools, but when an attack is described on the TV, one can guess the gender, race and age span of the killer before the news announces it. It's not rocket science.
  4. Hal 9000

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    What makes young white guys shoot up a school? Does anyone know that?
  5. Hal 9000

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    Different types of people kill for different reasons. You can call it profiling...or write it off as stereotyping
  6. Hal 9000

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    We all know what it was - it was a terrorist attack. We know it, the police know it, Trudeau knows it and Dailamah knows it. They don't want the truth, they want plausible deniability, and "mental illness" gives them that. I suppose mental illness has an effect in so much as any terrorist is mentally ill, but that's not gonna be enough, it will be sold as "mental illness and too many guns, Islam...no way"! "I believe that what you say is the undisputed truth, but I have to have things my own way...to keep me in my youth" - Roger Hodgson
  7. Hal 9000

    Should assisted suicide be expanded?

    Of course it will expand, it has in every country that allows it. That is the actual problem with assisted suicide.
  8. Hal 9000

    What's so hard about the King and I?

    So, If Daniel Dae Kim (a Korean) is playing a Thai, are we now allowed (or even required) to use the "they all look alike" stereotype? It's all just too confusing!
  9. Hal 9000

    Should trudeau resign?

    Losing an eyebrow during a speech is about all I can take from this idiot.
  10. They don't need to swim. There are harnesses and tethers, all they have to do is breathe. They could have stage people at each dry section guiding them by lifeline. It's not as daunting as they make it seem. I suspect they'll all get out just fine.
  11. Hal 9000

    How do you know what media/sources to trust?

    The first thing is to be able to separate the news shows from the opinion shows. Unfortunately, prime time is all a game between CNN (Lemon/Cooper) Vs MSNBC (Maddow, Lawrence ?and Matthews - and the other Chris guy) Vs. Fox (Hannity, Carlson, and Laura). Get rid of all these people and get back to news.
  12. Diving is no big deal. Too often people make a bigger thing of it than need be - there are no worries about DCS or embolism, just have to breathe. Give each boy a mask and a long regulator hose (8-10 feet) and have them pulled out one by one. It's just cave diving, dangerous but the best chance they have. In Fact, if they can get long enough hoses, they can use Hookah or surface supply and not worry about stage tanks.
  13. Hal 9000

    Ford's meeting with Trudeau

    It's all true, just ask Glen Clark!