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  1. Hal 9000

    The Jim Acosta Lawsuit.

    Obviously Hannity, Ingraham and Carlson are bias - they don't hide it. Bream, Baier and Wallace are somewhat down the middle - In fact Wallace is pretty tough on the president. The problem with CNN and MSNBC is that they claim a non-bias - all of them. They claim they're just asking the tough questions - right there is the first lie. CNN and MSNBC are full on operatives for the democrats.
  2. Hal 9000

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    The entire world has a collective freak out because Trump pulls out of the Iran deal, the world constantly asks what Trump is gonna do about Russia, the world expects Trump to solve the North Korea threats, the world expects Trump to remove ISIS and overthrow Syria and what does Trump do? He says, "sure, but can you guys give a little for the effort" and the euros recoil. If the US is becoming isolationist, maybe it's because the Euros expect the US to carry the entire load. And, to add a laugh, their solution is not to deal with any actual crisis, not to pay their share to NATO...No, their solution is to start their own army to protect AGAINST the Americans invading them...really? They actually think Trump wants anything to do with the mess that Europe has created for themselves? It's staggering just how stupid these people are.
  3. Hal 9000

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    But...you know there is no chance of it happening right? Say what you will about the US, but they are the world's bodyguard. If the Euros want to go it alone, I'm sure Trump wont care. This is like the Patriots cutting Tom Brady because he asked his linemen to step up. It's like the members of Maroon 5 kicking out Adam Levine because he offended their senses. It's a joke!
  4. Hal 9000

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    But wait, the euros are gonna start their own army - hahaha! They are overrun with migrants, refuse to pay their debt to NATO and now want to start an army to protect against....the americans - WoW! I'm sure Trump would love to see NATO disbanded and put the money back into the US military. This is like a "Little Rascals" episode where alfalfa starts a new club because he and Spanky have a falling out.
  5. Hal 9000

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    You'd think a peace conference would be a bad time to start a petty little pissing match - but no, not for the leftists. Douche bags never miss an opportunity to take a poke at Trump. If Trump said anything close to what Macron said, he woulda been slagged for causing division at a peace conference. You people are so full of shit when it comes to recognizing divisive politics and I think you know it. BTW - Putin was there, why is Macron such a pussy that he wont call out Putin? The french make me sick!
  6. Hal 9000

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    Everyone was there to honour the WW1 veterans - of all sides. I don't care you say, they were standing on ground that the Americans fought and died on to help liberate France, no one including Trump and the Americans deserved to embarrassed by Macron on that day. Sure, slag Trump at the G20 or wherever, he can take it, but this was the absolute wrong venue - Macron should apologize - It was a dick move. This is how you acknowledge a country that liberated you.
  7. People always look for a higher purpose...or belief system if you choose. It's not just about living a good life, people who don't or wont look up to a higher "being" will look elsewhere to fill that gap - it's only nature.
  8. Without religion, what higher purpose will people believe in?
  9. Hal 9000

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    The whole Macron speech was cringe worthy. Team Canada was obviously the all-star team in WW1, but the Americans came in and did a good job near the end. It was the french (Foch) who put such harsh conditions through the treaty of Versailles and occupied Germany that many believe led to WW2 where Canada and the US had to rescue France for a second time in 25 years. And without the US, there would be no NATO to speak of. Macron stood there in front of Putin, Merkell and Trump and decided to take shots at Donald Trump....and by extension the Americans...WoW! I'm not gonna wave the US flag for them, but this was the absolute wrong venue for the French to school anyone about foreign policy.
  10. Hal 9000

    Trump vs. Obama for U.S. Mid-term Elections

    I think the repubs will win both house and senate. I think there is a hidden trump vote out there that equals about 3 points that the polls aren't picking up on.
  11. If we can assume that "nationalist" actually means "White Nationalist", can we also assume that "Socialist" actually means "National Socialist"?


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DogOnPorch


      None...except in the fevered minds of the socialists with a 'Have Marx, Will Travel' poster hanging on their walls.


    3. bcsapper


      Right.  I'm a populist nationalist.  I feel I should be in therapy or something.

    4. DogOnPorch


      Get a load of this: you used to be able to take pride in YOUR country rather than in everybody else's.

      Now let's get you that prescription to calm all those popular thoughts....


  12. Hal 9000

    Ending birthright citizenship

    You can mock all you like, but that doesn't change the facts.
  13. Hal 9000

    Ending birthright citizenship

    We've completely lost Vancouver to the Chinese. Even they'll tell you that.
  14. I think what we've come to know is that there are crazies on both sides - there always have been. However, as important as you think it is that "Trumpsters" want to disassociate themselves with this, you can clearly see how the left is relishing in the idea that he likely is a Trump supporter and not from the left. Of course he should be condemned, but the excitement in the media is just as sick and twisted as any defense of this guy from the right. Remember the media condemned the Scalise shooter, but also openly wondered if shooting Scalise wasn't a good thing. Just as you aren't worried about terrorists, i'm not worried about the lone crazy either. I worry more about the pack animals like Antifa, there the one who are on the flashpoint - not this psycho.
  15. Bull, this was ramping up well before Trump. There were even riots from Bernie people, BLM and Antifa groups before Trump.