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  1. They don't want to impeach him, because they cant. Impeachment talk is just that - talk, it's meant as nothing more than to keep the pot simmering come election time. Unfortunately, some of the more dingbat variety democrat, like AOC, Tlieb, Maxine and Bernie don't quite understand the game. Eventually, Nancy will proclaim that impeachment is just not in the best interest of americans.
  2. Muslims must wonder what they have to do to convince these idiot liberals of their intentions.
  3. People can hate on the US all they want, but they do keep some of these despotic countries from destroying other countries (Obama years notwithstanding). And without the US, western Europe would already be taken by somebody. That said, I think that if a world war were to happen, the western world would fold under their own guilt and it would come down to China/Russia (and alllies) VS. the Islams. And, without the US, UN, Geneva convention etc., The China/Russians would easily win.
  4. Did the french assimilate to Canada? No, Canada assimilated to the french in Quebec. The French even have some shared values as the english such as religion, sports, art and music etc. Have the Chinese assimilated in Vancouver? No, Vancouver/Canada has assimilated to the Chinese and the Chinese share very little (if any) common interests with the west. The East Indians have been able to somewhat assimilate, but given the opportunity, they'd prefer to keep to their own. Mexicans in the US have assimilated somewhat because they have some common values shared, but like the french, when given the opportunity, they'll keep to their own, carve out an area that is Mexican and speaking Spanish and leave it at that. Many parts of the southern US, have assimilated to a Mexican culture. Muslims have never assimilated anywhere...and they simply wont. In Europe, the muslims have their own muslim areas and as expected are pushing for self governance and have even gone the route of trying to annex parts of Paris. The muslim world has never brought a single thing of value to the modern world as a whole, not in science, technology, health, art, sport, food, culture, anthropology...nothing. They sell a shitload of oil and use that money to kill people - mostly their own people, that's about it. Muslims reject and destroy everything that we value. No, the more radically different a culture is, the less chance it will have to assimilate - and there is no culture farther from western values than Islam. They don't want to assimilate and they don't have to.
  5. Yes, that's why it's actually staggering just how many western women defend Muslim men.
  6. That's what I mean, you seem to think it's all men, but it's about the level of and the consistency of the cultural belief system that I'm talking about. No, Muslim men don't have a monopoly on misogyny, but this is beyond misogyny. Misogyny is a hatred towards women, and although I'm sure there are misogynistic Muslims, Muslims generally don't hate women, they just have a culture that shows very little value in them. I can disagree with a Muslim man and have an equal, even respectful relationship with one - as i do, you, however will always be a lower class of human...In their opinion.
  7. I've worked closely with many Muslim men and they all seemed alright, polite to me and my wife and their co-workers - even the females and behave somewhat typical. That said, these guys all had issues with respecting women - every one. If any of our female employees rechecked their work, questioned them or had to redo something, then you would see the Islam come out, "you are a woman, you don't disrespect me" and so forth. That's just the way it is. Now, Dialamah will pretend that that's the way every man is, but I'm sure she would get a very real awakening if she ever heard muslim men speaking to other men. It's shocking to even me. Coming to Canada will not change the way Muslims think, it just wont. We can claim they're more tolerant of women of gays, but they will never respect women or gays as equals. So, as Dialamah comes on here every day to defend them, I hope she realizes that every Muslim man (even her brother in law) thinks she's inferior to them...maybe she knows it too.
  8. No point, just thought it might give some levity....and no, it's not Moshe Dayan.
  9. Who cares, the rules are the rules and Trump campaigned according to what would make him victorious. Hillary, thought she had it wrapped up and instead of going to Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, she got greedy and went to places like Arizona expecting to not only win, but perhaps run the table. P.S - I think we're seeing the exact reasons why the EC works.
  10. If Trump beat Hillary without any sort of political record, I'm pretty confident that with his record so far as president, he'll easily beat any of the whack jobs in this group of democrats. When push comes to shove, I firmly believe that americans don't really want to go down the socialism trail. P.S - Watching Biden is really sad. I'm not being provocative, but he looks really old, tired and confused.
  11. Good grief people, do you really NOT see the point he was making?
  12. The whole story seems to have fallen out of the media news cycle rather quickly. Not a lot of tweets from democrats either.
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