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  1. The muslim population is at 3.5% (or so). With a growth rate of 3:1 while ours is 1.1:1, and the fact that they reproduce at an earlier age, their population will be higher that 7.2%...guaranteed. But, lets say it is only 7%, Belguim is ruled by muslims and they have a mere 6.5% muslim population, France - about 7-8%, Sweden (the new rape capital of the world) 8%, Germany 6% and England 5%. One can look at the populations in other countries and see how the trend follows the population growth by single percentage points. We'll start seeing drastic change to Canada when they settle in, and have a solid 5% of the population - that will be less than 10 years. As an edit: The muslim population in Toronto is now over 7% and in Montreal 6%. These 2 places will see a muslim population of over 10% in just a few years. The Chinese have a stranglehold on Vancouver, so I don't see a major islamic uprising happening there, but check out Montreal and Toronto in a about 5-10 years.
  2. That's great! I still think I'd choose freedom though.
  3. I'll ask you, do you know what a DH is?
  4. You can see movies, Tv shows and TV commercials TODAY where a man gets kicked in the nuts or punched in the face by a woman, and it's all meant to make us laugh.
  5. The fact that it's put into a 2 minute ad campaign is implication enough.
  6. I'll tell you that without a doubt I know a lot more relationships where the wife/woman is calling the shots than the man, and it's not even close. Most men I know don't even see the money that they - or either of them earn. I see a vast majority of women driving the newer/safer vehicle while the man drives the older pick-up, I see women going out to sushi night with the girls way more often than any guy will go out for a hockey and beer night. Men nowadays have very little control over their own lives. I get that your father -in-law had his belief system, but believe me, that pretty much died out about 30 years ago for all but a tiny group of people. This isn't a Don Draper world and hasn't been for quite some time. I don't take issue with the message of the ad, I take issue with the presumptions that the ad reaches.
  7. Is that really what "manly men" means to you, someone who beats their woman? Wow! This is the caricature/stereotype that Gillette has put into their ad, and people are buying it up. I work in a predominately male oriented industry, I know many many men and I don't know any wife beaters, nor do I know any man who would be accepting of a wife beater. I'm sure it happens, but I think it's pretty rare. I actually know more men who are afraid of their wives than anything else. I know that those "yo, baby" dudes get laughed at by us regular guys. I know very very few men will allow their son to bully another person. This ad shows the behaviour of about 1% of the men in the western world. P.S - I've been in a number of street fights and I'll be honest when I say that at least 50% were directly caused by women getting in some guys face..."Ummm, can you cool it dear, I'm the one that'll have to go outside with guy - not you". Yeah, that's how many fights happen.
  8. Is there any down side to the US building a border wall?  

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. OftenWrong


      Only for illegal immigrants. This is being touted as "building a border wall" in the media, which has liberal heads spinning round and round. But the fact is, they want to build another section of wall.

    3. DogOnPorch


      Going viral...

      Jim Acosta: All in all, just another prick in the wall.


    4. Argus


      I don't see one except the cost. I think they could use one. The current hordes are manageable, but they're likely to get worse in the future.

  9. Judging by your OP, and all the others since, I doubt it!
  10. Any good lawyer knows that if a client is guilty, they don't let them testify. If a client is innocent, they absolutely do not let them testify.
  11. I know this is your "happy place", but if Trump hasn't given in at this point, he's not going to.
  12. In looking at your interests, i can see that you do write fine and have likely taken some political studies but I'm not convinced that you have a strong background in US history.
  13. Then why are you showing a chart that indicates 400,000 apprehended at the US-Mexico border? That is over 1000 people per day, how many people make it over? And, if the boarder wall/fence really doesn't do anything, then why all the issue over building it?
  14. I don't really want it both ways, however just because you don't want a stream of people flooding your borders doesn't mean that you care about them - that's a very juvenile stance. A country should have borders and if it takes a wall to protect that border, then so be it. The democrats shouldn't promise sanctuary for anyone willing to show up at the border - that's very irresponsible.
  15. So, you're saying that these are untruths...or you just don't care?
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