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  1. WTF! I agree with you on certain issues, others not so much, but at least I usually consider what you say. You're starting to sound like Bubber now! Yikes!
  2. If Trump were to be removed for something this trivial and obviously partisan, I truly believe there would be a violent revolution. Trump supporters have so far taken this in stride, and with certain amusement, but this would be viewed as a coup d'etat...a removal of their rights. In Canada, we would just ask if we still had healthcare and mosey on to work, I think the US would be in an all out right vs. left war.
  3. I like Shakira, but she basically put on the same show as she did 10 years ago. JLo was more updated in her performance, it was more Rhianna/ Beyonce style. They were both good though.
  4. Even if Trumps phone call wasn't perfect, it really isn't worthy of overthrowing the government. The media fear mongers are out in full force though.
  5. They heard 17 witnesses talk about hearsay and presumptions, Bolton giving his presumptions wouldn't have made a lick of difference. That said, I would've loved seeing each side call 4 or 5 witnesses (whoever that might be), but the dems chose to nix that idea because they didn't want to allow the repubs to call any witnesses at all.
  6. Those hundreds of lawyers in the democratic party and those they hired to find a crime really should've consulted with you on this one, because they couldn't find any actual crime.
  7. Wait, are we talking about climate change or "man made" climate change?
  8. The money was actually for the next years Ukraine budget. Nobody died because of Trump, at worst a few pencil pushers were inconvenienced.
  9. C'mon, they didn't even miss the deadline for giving them money. Just because money was approved, doesn't mean it needed to be released that day.
  10. I think homosexuality is more natural than transgenderism. What's funny is that when I was very young, you knew the boys that just didn't fit, you didn't know why, but you knew there was something off. In my teens, we knew who the gay guys (and some girls) were - especially if you spent a lot of time with them in sports or clubs etc. And, despite how history is being told, we never made a big deal of it.
  11. It's all about nuclear weapons - that's all. We can talk about sanctions and overthrows or anything else you want, it doesn't matter. Iran has been actively seeking nuclear weapons for 40+ years and at every turn the USA has blocked them. Diplomacy won't help, leaving them alone won't help, a change in US government wont help, nothing will help except allowing Iran to possess nukes - and nobody wants that, not even China and Russia. I'm not saying anything new or provocative, that's the reality - the want a nukes and no amount of appeasement or diplomacy is going to change that. And, if anyone thinks the "nuclear deal" was working - think again, they were at 20% enrichment when the deal was signed, now they're saying that they're inside of a year from developing nukes. Yeah, they didn't skip a beat - probably ramped it up after securing the $150B.
  12. ^^Sometimes I wish I could be this naive.
  13. Apparently there were 80 or so americans killed. https://www.dailysabah.com/mideast/2020/01/08/iran-says-80-americans-killed-in-missile-strikes
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