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  1. That's funny, I don't recall any testimony from either Trump or Mulvaney.
  2. It's hard to dispute a testimony that is all about opinion, feelings....and presumptions What the Reps did though was ask for facts and first hand knowledge, and none were given.
  3. Trump has been a real estate developer in New York. He has seen his share of shakedowns from building inspectors, land owners, politicians, unions and the mob to name a few. I'm sure he understands the concept of quid pro quo. I'll agree that a quid pro quo is up for interpretation, if fact, in politics they're almost implied, but a presumed quid pro quo is week at best. Sure, they might impeach, but with this testimony, it's dead in the senate. The Dems know it, they just want to use the "impeached president" "saved by a corrupt GOP" as headlines for the election. That's all we're seeing.
  4. What view would you call antiquated? Support for our troops, assimilation for immigrants? Surely not bigotry, because we see bigotry from the young left leaning liberals every day (Jess Allen). The views are the same, it's the target that is different.
  5. Well, if we all tune in and watch HNIC, then we're being complicit, we're accepting anything they put in front of us. The product is worse today than it was yesterday, plain and simple.
  6. All we can do is NOT tune in on Saturday night. The only reason I ever had the early game on, was to see Coaches Corner, now I wont bother with the late telecast either.
  7. There was nothing racist about his comments.
  8. Cherry called out all Torontonians, not just immigrants. I'm more disgusted by Ron McLeans tail between the legs apology. What a spineless weasel.
  9. Well, no nepotism is not illegal, you're exactly right. But, are you saying that because it's nepotism, that Biden Sr. helped Hunter get the job?
  10. Another hate crime hoax, but didn't we already know this?https://globalnews.ca/news/5970285/dreadlocks-cut-bullying-hoax/

  11. I've seen the interviews with protesters, they don't know why they are protesting, it's just part of the progressive manual.
  12. This round of climate change hysteria has been going on for at least the last 15 years (and even then, we only had 10 years to act) and what has been done about it? A couple marches...higher taxes - sure, but has even one single per come up with a solution?
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