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  1. C'mon, they didn't even miss the deadline for giving them money. Just because money was approved, doesn't mean it needed to be released that day.
  2. I think homosexuality is more natural than transgenderism. What's funny is that when I was very young, you knew the boys that just didn't fit, you didn't know why, but you knew there was something off. In my teens, we knew who the gay guys (and some girls) were - especially if you spent a lot of time with them in sports or clubs etc. And, despite how history is being told, we never made a big deal of it.
  3. It's all about nuclear weapons - that's all. We can talk about sanctions and overthrows or anything else you want, it doesn't matter. Iran has been actively seeking nuclear weapons for 40+ years and at every turn the USA has blocked them. Diplomacy won't help, leaving them alone won't help, a change in US government wont help, nothing will help except allowing Iran to possess nukes - and nobody wants that, not even China and Russia. I'm not saying anything new or provocative, that's the reality - the want a nukes and no amount of appeasement or diplomacy is going to change that. And, if anyone thinks the "nuclear deal" was working - think again, they were at 20% enrichment when the deal was signed, now they're saying that they're inside of a year from developing nukes. Yeah, they didn't skip a beat - probably ramped it up after securing the $150B.
  4. ^^Sometimes I wish I could be this naive.
  5. Apparently there were 80 or so americans killed. https://www.dailysabah.com/mideast/2020/01/08/iran-says-80-americans-killed-in-missile-strikes
  6. It's staggering just how many people are here siding with Iran....Iran! I know you people hate Trump, but c'mon.
  7. I said "modern butterfly". And, Roy was doing it and winning Stanley cups before anyone ever heard of Hasek. You hate Patrick Roy, I get it. I don't care much for him either, but I'm not gonna let that interfere with reality.
  8. I'm not a huge Roy fan, but lets face it, the guy was a phenomenal goalie. He invented the modern "butterfly" style. Every goalie in the last 20 years is copying his style right now. The guy almost single handedly won 2 cups for Montreal and Trembley is gonna embarrass him and leave him in a game for 9 goals against...yeah, I don't think so.
  9. ^^Exactly, I don't think he's intentionally fascist. He is like most people and just following the leftist agenda put forth by others. Just doing what he's told by the UN, and EU.
  10. That's funny, I don't recall any testimony from either Trump or Mulvaney.
  11. It's hard to dispute a testimony that is all about opinion, feelings....and presumptions What the Reps did though was ask for facts and first hand knowledge, and none were given.
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