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  1. Is there any down side to the US building a border wall?  

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    2. OftenWrong


      Only for illegal immigrants. This is being touted as "building a border wall" in the media, which has liberal heads spinning round and round. But the fact is, they want to build another section of wall.

    3. DogOnPorch


      Going viral...

      Jim Acosta: All in all, just another prick in the wall.


    4. Argus


      I don't see one except the cost. I think they could use one. The current hordes are manageable, but they're likely to get worse in the future.

  2. Hal 9000

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    Judging by your OP, and all the others since, I doubt it!
  3. Hal 9000

    The democrats

    Any good lawyer knows that if a client is guilty, they don't let them testify. If a client is innocent, they absolutely do not let them testify.
  4. I know this is your "happy place", but if Trump hasn't given in at this point, he's not going to.
  5. Hal 9000

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    In looking at your interests, i can see that you do write fine and have likely taken some political studies but I'm not convinced that you have a strong background in US history.
  6. Hal 9000

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    Then why are you showing a chart that indicates 400,000 apprehended at the US-Mexico border? That is over 1000 people per day, how many people make it over? And, if the boarder wall/fence really doesn't do anything, then why all the issue over building it?
  7. Hal 9000

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    I don't really want it both ways, however just because you don't want a stream of people flooding your borders doesn't mean that you care about them - that's a very juvenile stance. A country should have borders and if it takes a wall to protect that border, then so be it. The democrats shouldn't promise sanctuary for anyone willing to show up at the border - that's very irresponsible.
  8. Hal 9000

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    So, you're saying that these are untruths...or you just don't care?
  9. Can you explain how they "demand nothing"?
  10. Yes, that's why the low income people don't care about tax breaks or useless government spending. Low income people also like socialism, mainly because they don't really pay anything. I always have a laugh at low income people who complain that they are taxpayers, they're not.
  11. Hal 9000

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    The Dems sure seemed to liken it to a crisis when families were getting "torn apart" and children were getting "caged" at the border. But, you don't think 100's of thousands of people crashing the border is an emergency? You don't think people and kids dying in the desert is a crisis, women getting abducted and raped by coyotes? You don't think there is a financial crisis when that many people have to be sheltered and paid for by taxpayers? I wont mention drugs or criminals, for obvious reasons. Now, I would understand the democrats position somewhat if it wasn't for the fact that they've all agree in the past that a border barrier is essential. But to go from voting on a wall under Obama to "it's a non-starter" under Trump should indicate to anyone with an IQ over 70, that this is nothing but political games.
  12. Hal 9000

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    I don't understand how it's not a state of emergency.
  13. I used to think Ocasio-Cortez was just dumb, I was wrong, she's also crazy.


    1. DogOnPorch


      I'll tax your rear at 70%...but please stay and open a factory in my district.

    2. Truth Detector

      Truth Detector

      I watched her response to Trump’s speech last night.  Literally everything she said was wrong.  No wonder the Washington Post gives her 4 Pinocchio’s so often.

  14. Hal 9000

    The Jim Acosta Lawsuit.

    Obviously Hannity, Ingraham and Carlson are bias - they don't hide it. Bream, Baier and Wallace are somewhat down the middle - In fact Wallace is pretty tough on the president. The problem with CNN and MSNBC is that they claim a non-bias - all of them. They claim they're just asking the tough questions - right there is the first lie. CNN and MSNBC are full on operatives for the democrats.
  15. Hal 9000

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    The entire world has a collective freak out because Trump pulls out of the Iran deal, the world constantly asks what Trump is gonna do about Russia, the world expects Trump to solve the North Korea threats, the world expects Trump to remove ISIS and overthrow Syria and what does Trump do? He says, "sure, but can you guys give a little for the effort" and the euros recoil. If the US is becoming isolationist, maybe it's because the Euros expect the US to carry the entire load. And, to add a laugh, their solution is not to deal with any actual crisis, not to pay their share to NATO...No, their solution is to start their own army to protect AGAINST the Americans invading them...really? They actually think Trump wants anything to do with the mess that Europe has created for themselves? It's staggering just how stupid these people are.