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  1. Why do you people put "Go Home" in quotations?
  2. But, you obviously misread the whole tweet.
  3. The race baiting from those 4 is getting intolerable - even by the left, it's becoming clear who is dividing the country. Trumps approval rating went up 4 points, that's a pretty good payoff. And, it's just another take on the old "love it or leave it" cliche. AOC used to look like the "hot chick" who was a little crazy, now that we're used to her, she's just a crazy bitch.
  4. The democrats make racist comments every day and never get called out.
  5. Prices ending in 7 is Walmart's thing. Maybe we should invent the .07c coin.
  6. I just wonder if we should introduce her to Jim Benning?
  7. Listening to what AOC will say, how utterly dense she is, how confident she is in her beliefs and the amount of people either in love with her or in fear of her, I gotta admit, I think she is the the most dangerous person in the USA right now.
  8. Now i want to party with her and Elizabeth May.
  9. She introduced herself, that was nice..
  10. Disgruntled fan - she says she gave him some "feedback" and seemed to be talking as a fan. She does seem to be speaking for her constituents...so there's that.
  11. It's not the racking up of the score that is offensive, the system almost demands that teams do that, It's the goal celebrations that were in poor taste. I've seen coaches coaching 8/9yo kids tell their players to stop celebrating when the score is way out of hand, yet these adults cheered the 13th goal just the same as the first goal. It was an appalling display.
  12. I didn't know how many people were fine with teen suicide until now. Personally, I think the system failed this young girl.
  13. That's the problem...and we all saw it coming. I generally have supported euthanasia in the past, but it is a slippery slope. Everyone is for it, scoffs at the idea that it will turn into this, but when you cant legally distinguish "pain", this is where it inevitably ends.
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